I Owe You an Explanation...
I Got Scammed.
Måned siden
Picking Up My New BRZ!
Lawsyy 1
Lawsyy 1 20 timer siden
Forget a side by side, get a rally car and rip it round there!
Sam Walling
Sam Walling 20 timer siden
This is why I picked Razer over another car. Epic shit, literally living the dream
Jared Simson
Jared Simson 20 timer siden
Do it
Teagon Kelsey
Teagon Kelsey 20 timer siden
TJ makes me so inspired to start NOpost but 😂 I just don’t have enough time
E Clifton
E Clifton 20 timer siden
I hope you got a permit to grade. Cali is Nazi like when it comes to brush/habitat destruction and proximity to waterways. I hope you fare ok but watch out for an inspector or city official.
Carl oskar Humstad
Carl oskar Humstad 20 timer siden
You should paint the e92, morametallic 359. It’s a induvidual bmw color.
david sanchez
david sanchez 20 timer siden
Fishing vlog sounds dope
Matt Mayer
Matt Mayer 21 time siden
Lol I was hoping for a car race track
Teagon Kelsey
Teagon Kelsey 21 time siden
Ride you’re big bike more
Jesse Garza
Jesse Garza 21 time siden
Lol those damn squares, don't know why you gotta snitch a brother out, plus I'm here for a cool fishing vlog
Brandon Wong
Brandon Wong 21 time siden
fishing fab!!!!!!!
Edwin Martinez
Edwin Martinez 21 time siden
Tj is like the California version of Flair
Alex Stava
Alex Stava 21 time siden
bro, let's go with the fishing vlog
peepee poopoo
peepee poopoo 21 time siden
Brooo why did you wrap it it looked way better when it was still red
Timbo 22 timer siden
you got a whole ass water truck for a pitbike track????
Franco Franco
Franco Franco 22 timer siden
no pillow talk....
Filbazz87_ 22 timer siden
TEEJ YOU SHOULD GET A SANDRAIL FOR THE TRACK!! Hit up @sandrailfab to get you hooked up
Ali Akkanbayatli
Ali Akkanbayatli 22 timer siden
I think they are talking about “Dakar Yellow”
USMC MSgt 22 timer siden
Living the life.... Watching you grow, I finally envy you. 😁
matthew warren
matthew warren 22 timer siden
Would love to see some upgrades to the pond
kevin 22 timer siden
today was just a dudes day
Patrick Mitchell
Patrick Mitchell 22 timer siden
Yellow calipers 👌
Stewart Kirk
Stewart Kirk 22 timer siden
Put a boat in the pond!
Stewart Kirk
Stewart Kirk 22 timer siden
I want to see it!
e30Birdy 22 timer siden
the yellow is Phoenix Gold
Zachary Foust
Zachary Foust 22 timer siden
Dude I’ll give you some money to send me some cactus coolers! Those are the best sodas ever!!
DefinitelyNotNeal 22 timer siden
Get a scuba set up, and see what’s at the bottom
Austin Moon
Austin Moon 22 timer siden
Go fish
Pistol 23 timer siden
the drone shot, holy the land you have
Blake Tinsley
Blake Tinsley 23 timer siden
Fishing next video?
Krabby Patties
Krabby Patties 23 timer siden
Do the boat
Adam Barton
Adam Barton 23 timer siden
Love the fact you like mgk🤙🏼
Jojo Palacios
Jojo Palacios 23 timer siden
Broke so many “ brones “ 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison 23 timer siden
Hell yes ftb
Stephon Dean
Stephon Dean 23 timer siden
Getting sprayed with water will turn a grown man into a little kid faster then anything
Jack Stokes
Jack Stokes 23 timer siden
Do da boat
Brad J Turyna
Brad J Turyna 23 timer siden
FNS 23 timer siden
Car is looking great. Reminds me so much to the GT3 kit. Hope you set this beauty up for track and not for stance!
Ricardo Valdez
Ricardo Valdez 23 timer siden
Definitely have to put up a video of you guys fishing!
jacob harrington
jacob harrington 23 timer siden
Yessssss plz boat and fish a spro frog
Matthew ❶
Matthew ❶ Dag siden
With both spoilers on the C8 looks like crap 💩
KCars Dag siden
Get Cleetus Mcfarlands jet boat in that pond
yung schlaama
yung schlaama Dag siden
more more more more
Evan Kamaris
Evan Kamaris Dag siden
wait if there is a huge track being put in where is the garage being built
Mike Zila
Mike Zila Dag siden
how you dont fixed the supra ? XD So dumb i think ..... Gz for the lambo
Itskevinbruhh KR
Itskevinbruhh KR Dag siden
Tj got that dad bid without being a dad
Evil Beaver
Evil Beaver Dag siden
Enjoyed this one Tj. Thanks.
Ce Jay
Ce Jay Dag siden
so jealous
Flite Bang
Flite Bang Dag siden
Finally, a NOpostr not building a shop in the back of his house
TJ get a go pro and put it on ur helmet so easier to shoot while ur riding
Brian Reed
Brian Reed Dag siden
Hell yea get the boat boys!!!
rhys stafford
rhys stafford Dag siden
Boat and fish for the win
Jarrett Wolfe
Jarrett Wolfe Dag siden
Thumbs up for the boat idea
devin Speenburgh
devin Speenburgh Dag siden
There was squares
Brandon Leamer
Brandon Leamer Dag siden
Will you still have room to build the garage on your property???
Roadhouse Osorio
Roadhouse Osorio Dag siden
Do get a like boat and have a fishing day heck yea
F1LIP Dag siden
thats not tractor...
Ivan Ow
Ivan Ow Dag siden
Keep this long video style going 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
BWolf Gaming
BWolf Gaming Dag siden
I wanna see tj catch some fish😂
Media Dag siden
Go fishing for a vlog tj
J C A Dag siden
bryant6917 Dag siden
Fishy fishyyy
TURN tv Dag siden
I think you should do Dakar yellow
TURN tv Dag siden
Josiah Hein
Josiah Hein Dag siden
Gone Fish'n!!!
mainely rollers
mainely rollers Dag siden
Buttery x tjhunt pit bike race
Steven Gagnon
Steven Gagnon Dag siden
Go fishing
Sosa Mendoza
Sosa Mendoza Dag siden
this was one of the best videos tj has ever made
Scott Halstead
Scott Halstead Dag siden
neighbors prob love that lol
J Petro
J Petro Dag siden
Holy this what having no HOA allows you to do! So jelly!
Adam Piercy
Adam Piercy Dag siden
That 2 stroke sounds THE NUTS!!🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Dalton Dag siden
Just guys bein dudes
NICK Edwards
NICK Edwards Dag siden
the drone shot with the house in the back😫 just omg such a good shot.
Racer Dag siden
You could use salt to help with the dust. Some people use salt on dirt roads
Papa Franku
Papa Franku Dag siden
Shoulda had @sonny leonti build the track 😏
SPENT Dag siden
Tj stop trying to do red everytime u givin blood vibes
Adso k
Adso k Dag siden
Mgk is so gay im a poet and didn’t know it
William Sanchez
William Sanchez Dag siden
I want to see them try to fish, I bet they will fall in quick
rjwlax Dag siden
Les go phishing
K J Dag siden
Turneddd out sooo siccccckkk!!! Inspiring man