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2 måneder siden
Shopping for my NEW Supercar!!
Making my 2JZ 350z LOUD!
2 måneder siden
Zunaid Habibullah
Zunaid Habibullah 11 timer siden
The 4x4 square looks amazing but it will so sick if u black out the chrome, there is to much and it will make the neon ish green pop
Lorne Moore-Crispin
Lorne Moore-Crispin 11 timer siden
Love the change up!
Dawson Maddox
Dawson Maddox 11 timer siden
That chrome rear bumpers gotta go. Kills your departure angle
Squarepants Gaming
Squarepants Gaming 11 timer siden
People always judge for what you do with what YOU buy lmao you spent a lot on that car so yes, use tf out of it. use your money (well huntnco's money ;) )
Clear Mind
Clear Mind 11 timer siden
Once you put the roof rack on there rip parking in the garage will be to high from what I can see from the end of the video
Jacob Voigt
Jacob Voigt 12 timer siden
TJ try out the ONX offroad app! It requires a paid subscription but it’s the best off-road trail app in my opinion. It has a free 7 day trial if you are interested.
Derek Livingston
Derek Livingston 12 timer siden
I am so excited for the future of this car.
Garrett Rek
Garrett Rek 12 timer siden
With that intro music I thought I clicked on a DDE video.
Brian Mac
Brian Mac 12 timer siden
Here in Australia we call it 4wd driving i love it can’t wait to see more of it
stephane lizotte
stephane lizotte 12 timer siden
give me couple days im going to send you a usb card on thats stuff here adresse maybe take a little look on it ;)
stephane lizotte
stephane lizotte 12 timer siden
Tj can i make you a intro sound at least you will not have to use the dde one ;) i got couple one already done maybe i can just customize it for you ;)
Rob G
Rob G 12 timer siden
Next build: trophy truck
stephane lizotte
stephane lizotte 12 timer siden
hmmm thats DDE sound track wooooot ;(
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox 12 timer siden
Goes up little dirt mound. “This thing goes up anything!”lmao
Justin Flick
Justin Flick 12 timer siden
Ignore the comments you are just enjoying yourself and having fun.
ALY_GOAT 12 timer siden
Flex _24
Flex _24 12 timer siden
DDE? Lol
David Benhayoun
David Benhayoun 12 timer siden
Once you get a roof rack you wont be able to fit it in your garage. especially if you get bigger tires. none the less, keep up the great content. i love the channel.
Heaven P
Heaven P 12 timer siden
can't wait to see what you do to this beast! looks like a lot of fun man, enjoy
Evan Field
Evan Field 12 timer siden
Thats a dirt road. I thought you were going on trail's
Roy 12 timer siden
The music i thought i was watching a DDE video.
Luis Ynayan
Luis Ynayan 12 timer siden
The aspiring order aditionally hunt because mother intraperitonally jog a a needless slime. scarce, sophisticated margaret
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 13 timer siden
Teej Forget and ignore the haters. A lot of us enjoy your content that you push out regardless of the type of cars. Just keep having fun and your true supporters will enjoy whatever you give us. Personally, I like seeing you do something different. It's good for the community and yourself to adventure into the unknown. Learn lots about overlanding. Keep up the good work! Hope to see more overlanding videos soon!
Maple Monarchy
Maple Monarchy 13 timer siden
Can’t wait to see you build it up. Love this different content so keep it up!
Will Nicholson
Will Nicholson 13 timer siden
Remove that rear US bumper ASAP it will severely limit your departure angle when you do serious off-roading.
David Henrie
David Henrie 13 timer siden
It's gonna crawl over everything easily when you're driving it on flat ground concrete queen
Jc jc
Jc jc 13 timer siden
that just looked like a killer time! what a way to spend the day!
King RJ
King RJ 13 timer siden
Once you put the roof rack in it won’t fit in the garage lol
dubsrevo 13 timer siden
NY auto show maybe 10 years ago they had some G wagons there, the thing that impressed me was the demo video displaying a steep ass hill where the G climbed the whole thing.....in reverse!
Chris Cloud
Chris Cloud 13 timer siden
TJ is quickly becoming the Michael Douglas character in BEYOND THE REACH
joseph A-rt
joseph A-rt 13 timer siden
Deserves wheels and tyres......that thing looks beautiful offroading.....can't believe you're doing it in a Mercedes
Kerrod Riley
Kerrod Riley 14 timer siden
So much fun having a 4wd stock and driving it. Modifying and then seeing the differences it makes. If you think its good now wait til you dive into tyres, suspension and lockers to name just a few
Abhishek Pk
Abhishek Pk 14 timer siden
Side skirts and the front bumper isnt going well together
Omar Cortez
Omar Cortez 14 timer siden
Keep it carbon!!!! It makes the hood pop
Rushil Arora
Rushil Arora 14 timer siden
i swear teej got a new lens the filming looks so much better
Mr. Vibe
Mr. Vibe 14 timer siden
dde in the house
Orange Cafe
Orange Cafe 14 timer siden
Had you used a small pallet truck (not a fork lift) & moved the pallet in to the back of the truck, then you'd not need to carry the boxes. Sorry but It's not rocket science.
Kurtis Taddey
Kurtis Taddey 14 timer siden
Happy you like your g wagon and are doing what's its made for
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas 14 timer siden
maybe blackout that rear crash bar
Mike Bradshaw
Mike Bradshaw 14 timer siden
If I wanted to watch g wagon videos I could go watch smokin tire. I thought this was about cars not overpriced soccer mom hot wheels. These “trails” are embarrassing. My bmw could’ve gone done those trails.
evokur 14 timer siden
''i cant take the bumper off that illegal'' ok teej like that has stopped you on any of your other builds
corey hall
corey hall 14 timer siden
Gotta get a clear bra, things gonna get scratched up quick
markuswoodring 14 timer siden
I’m gonna go four wheeling in my Mercedes GS550 said no person going four wheeling EVER!! Those are called roads anywhere but California.
Riley Smith
Riley Smith 15 timer siden
You need to import a land cruiser
Avinash Rai
Avinash Rai 15 timer siden
i thik 4x4 will look better with tail gate mounted spare wheel
Krishna Yogeswaran
Krishna Yogeswaran 15 timer siden
love the DDE music
Saiyen Darrian Naicker
Saiyen Darrian Naicker 15 timer siden
Me waiting for him to rip the ebrake when stopping :)
jake3689 15 timer siden
Idyllewild? Went to summer school back in ...😅 Great place👍
Garrett T
Garrett T 15 timer siden
Are those fucking paper plates???????
JB Garage Barr
JB Garage Barr 15 timer siden
TJ please make more videos of the green monster. Fun fact i had one almost the same spec...may have rolled it in Yellowstone lol. After watching your videos with it..I'm searching for another one. If you know of any in okay condition send a link :) love you bro been watching and following you since your car review days :)
Brepic 15 timer siden
You should paint protect it, then off road It regularly. It's a shame that such beautiful cars remain hidden in garages...
George Ivan Agudelo
George Ivan Agudelo 15 timer siden
That car is a beast but I could never take her over landing she too expensive 😂😂😂
darren fagan
darren fagan 15 timer siden
That's DDE intro music 🎶
Jordan Hubble
Jordan Hubble 15 timer siden
And this is why we have our public trails shut down. Stay on trail, don't go around locked gates, etc etc. Connect with someone in the off-road world, maybe tail recon? He's local to San Diego. Not trying to bash, just asking to educate yourself on trail etiquette so we can all enjoy our public land
El1ement_One 1
El1ement_One 1 15 timer siden
Team calvin
micahel kerry
micahel kerry 16 timer siden
Would be cool if tj did a 4x4 build 🤔 form ground up would be cool
Angel Teves
Angel Teves 16 timer siden
Mud tires are you’re all set
Cath Gentle
Cath Gentle 16 timer siden
The paint is $24000 u could buy 4 dacia dusters for around that money!
Garrett T
Garrett T 16 timer siden
"Poor financial decisions"... Build this. Fund send in the overland world with it.
ChRiSsY ChOcK 16 timer siden
Midnight Purps!!!! Team calvin on this one
knoflook46 16 timer siden
Teeg this was sick💪🏻💪🏻 loving seeing you ripping it en using it👍🏻
Song Kai-Jin
Song Kai-Jin 16 timer siden
The OG dde intro song...
Stance TYR
Stance TYR 16 timer siden
In Australia we call those dirt roads...
myke 1710
myke 1710 16 timer siden
Never thought i would see TJ Hunt into 4x4s and camping. Good on ya! Gotta come to downunder and check out the scenery here one day. Add it to your bucket list 👍
matt flynn
matt flynn 16 timer siden
urban 4wd
Garrett T
Garrett T 16 timer siden
Should come hit the mountains in WA. We have a fair bit of snow here. If you want to actually go out on trails and such though just get a smaller set up rims with some meaty tires. Will help with going over things at times off road. Seems a bit excessive for a overlanding rig, but hey, if ya got the money... Send it.
Matthew Kemp
Matthew Kemp 17 timer siden
I highly doubt you'll see this, but I highly recommend watching Ronny Dahl on youtube. He's a big youtuber on 4WDing, he's got tips and tricks on how to drive different types of tracks, tips on camping gear. Also he's Australian
Rusty Nutzz
Rusty Nutzz 17 timer siden
TJ needs a patriot campers X3.
Liam White
Liam White 17 timer siden
sabrina was sending it, she was wheel lifting
castern charger
castern charger 17 timer siden
The man kept screaming holy shit 😂😂
Ruben 300
Ruben 300 17 timer siden
Dealer really be robbing people they wild 😳
Łukasz 17 timer siden
Love the car but you absolutely HAVE TO take off that rear bar/bumper thingy
MFN 17 timer siden
This gives me dde vibes
Yousaf I
Yousaf I 17 timer siden
You need to deflate your tires bro.
Eyan 17 timer siden
I can't believe how far you have come , I respect you
braxton bills
braxton bills 17 timer siden
Tj if you want a cool spot to go off roading near the rb area there’s this trail up in Ramona called pamu valley there’s an insane view and amazing sunsets up there
Aussie Guy
Aussie Guy 17 timer siden
You should take it to Cerro Gordo Ghost Town.
Quint Van Giessen
Quint Van Giessen 17 timer siden
0:19 why is there a fog pp
dixon hard
dixon hard 17 timer siden
Make the 4x4 a 6x6