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5 måneder siden

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Steve Lietzow
Steve Lietzow 7 dager siden
Where’s the rolls Royce headliner at tj
Lou Davis
Lou Davis 28 dager siden
Star roof the R8 u have 45k likes
UNC FAN 1202
UNC FAN 1202 2 måneder siden
That whole computer screen unboxing was a big TWSS lmao
Steve Lietzow
Steve Lietzow 3 måneder siden
40k plus tj u gotta do it
Madern 3 måneder siden
Denny Roho
Denny Roho 4 måneder siden
alex mendoza
alex mendoza 4 måneder siden
45,000 likes lol you gotta do it now
Marcus Blackman
Marcus Blackman 4 måneder siden
45k likes DO IT
Andrew Castillo
Andrew Castillo 4 måneder siden
For some reason I was thinking it would be actual nozz 🎈🥺
Rajdeep Singh
Rajdeep Singh 4 måneder siden
Don’t back out the starlight’s now !!!
Brayden Borgardt
Brayden Borgardt 4 måneder siden
Calvin at 8:30 I see you with the blink 182
Austinhunt17 4 måneder siden
40k likes tj u have to do the star lights now
Chris Broadbridge
Chris Broadbridge 4 måneder siden
Gaming guys: what's this kind of "rig" cost to build? Including PC..I can imagine a pretty penny.😲😳
Chris Broadbridge
Chris Broadbridge 4 måneder siden
Now we need a shirt with #NutBag on it teej 😂
Josue Sanitize your
Josue Sanitize your 4 måneder siden
team kuya
Andrew D
Andrew D 5 måneder siden
40 thousand likes rolls roof
carlos delgado
carlos delgado 5 måneder siden
My buddy did the star roof in his f350
NEROJAN Ravichandran
NEROJAN Ravichandran 5 måneder siden
44K likes - I guess we're seeing a Rolls Royce headliner soon boys :D
やんちゃる前田 5 måneder siden
Luiz Hernandez
Luiz Hernandez 5 måneder siden
40k+ likes👀 it’s time for the roll royce headliner install👀👀🔥
SimFlow 24
SimFlow 24 5 måneder siden
He ain't used that speaker in the garage, it's too clean 😂
Willie Fontaine
Willie Fontaine 5 måneder siden
you can hook a computer to the UB2 and see if the bags will explode before hooking up the battery so you know for sure
Lucas Watts
Lucas Watts 5 måneder siden
Nut sacks
Max Mickelson
Max Mickelson 5 måneder siden
12:55 that's what she said😂
Max Mickelson
Max Mickelson 5 måneder siden
Ooo someone just got 44k likes baeba😂 do a unique design on the headliner lights. Team Tgoose!
Blake Denney
Blake Denney 5 måneder siden
Welp, 44k likes
Austin Broussard
Austin Broussard 5 måneder siden
yup, 44k likes
郭宥辰 5 måneder siden
I think 3 monitors is better than 1 curve one...
Lizardtim 5 måneder siden
I’ve noticed with newer Audi’s like mine when something goes wrong and you have errors in the electronic system the push to start doesn’t immediately start the car instead it wants to show you all the warnings and things wrong with it first before fully turning on the car. I have good faith once you fix and recalibrate the rest of the electric issues it will start up no problem!
Robert Belnap
Robert Belnap 5 måneder siden
44k likes u gotta do the starlight headliner now
Diogo Ramos
Diogo Ramos 5 måneder siden
Ben Pease
Ben Pease 5 måneder siden
T goose sorry cal and do the rolls head liner
Scott Music
Scott Music 5 måneder siden
ブルームアイシーホワイト 5 måneder siden
STAR ROOF R8, garage day fan
LebronJames 101
LebronJames 101 5 måneder siden
twin turbo corvette
Jacob Molton
Jacob Molton 5 måneder siden
What is Calvin wearing around his shoulders?
Taxic 5 måneder siden
That fucking thigh slap lol. Kuya stooooooop.
Preston O'Neal
Preston O'Neal 5 måneder siden
Roean van Dolderen
Roean van Dolderen 5 måneder siden
This video has 40k likes so... Rolls Royce star roof liner.
Darren Butland
Darren Butland 5 måneder siden
Starlight headliner? That's just dumb!
Mike Piluso
Mike Piluso 5 måneder siden
So the video has over 40000 likes so whats up with the star light head liner?!?!?!?
Saquib Ismail
Saquib Ismail 5 måneder siden
check the pyro fuse
Don Jr.
Don Jr. 5 måneder siden
Tom Rockholm- Timeless_Morphs
Tom Rockholm- Timeless_Morphs 5 måneder siden
You boys got a lot of amazing stuff but every time I see those sponsored MVMT watches I cringe. You gotta step your wrist game up and grab some nice microbrand pieces, or better yet build a custom Seiko Mod watch like I do. I mean you mod everything else so might as well match a watch with each car hahaha.
Noah Leatherman
Noah Leatherman 5 måneder siden
Looks like star light time you boizz!!
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck 5 måneder siden
That monitor is sick but it seems like it's not tall enough to get a good view of the interior of the car and track/road
Coady Mier
Coady Mier 5 måneder siden
*liked video at 43k likes* STAR ROOF BOIIIIIIIISSS
Timothy G. Guth
Timothy G. Guth 5 måneder siden
So, you get the car back together, get on the freeway and it turns right into the wall again. Did you ever figure out what caused the accident in the first place?
Redbull Lover
Redbull Lover 5 måneder siden
star roof !
Colton Sharp
Colton Sharp 5 måneder siden
Here comes starlight headliner boiz
Steven Royal
Steven Royal 5 måneder siden
Kuya gang !!!
DynastyCC 5 måneder siden
Oh hey 2 days late at 8:00 min marker 42k likes what a coincidence 🥴
Bryan Edward
Bryan Edward 5 måneder siden
Video got 42k likes lol
Spedracer55 5 måneder siden
destroyed 40k likes lol
Boi walker
Boi walker 5 måneder siden
How did you start doing this
THE KING 5 måneder siden
Video is at 42k teej
Zedfromsauga 5 måneder siden
Haha star roof coming 😂😂
Pedro Alonzo
Pedro Alonzo 5 måneder siden
40k baby take it back out
Rydnorth 5 måneder siden
40k likes bud! Looks like you are doing the starlight headliner 🔥
Tanner Mahre
Tanner Mahre 5 måneder siden
NightMahre77 from twitch fam (aka me lol) takes full responsibility of making you do the starlight mod cause I said to do it before you bought it lol. 😂
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 5 måneder siden
Audi is a very finicky car. It’s entire computer systems whole purpose is to protect the drivetrain and other internals. Like you said, it’s prolly still sensing it’s in a accident. You’ll probably need a dealer scan tool to clear some codes and reset it’s driving history. Also, after driving the car for a while it will map itself to your driving habits to best suit you. I bought a new S3 after owning a A3. I beat the crap out of my a3 and it ran amazing compared to my S3 at first. Then after a few days of breaking in my S3 it finally opened up to its true stock power. Just a fun fact.
Hqzza 5 måneder siden
TJ you can’t be asking us goal likes for cool shit, we always show out
Makarios Gamil
Makarios Gamil 5 måneder siden
We got 42k like do the stars!
Cars of Pennsylvania
Cars of Pennsylvania 5 måneder siden
*puts 49" $900 monitor on it's side*
Brandon Wiebe
Brandon Wiebe 5 måneder siden
oONoChanc3Oo 5 måneder siden
Team Kuya
Ohh2beaGooner 5 måneder siden
Soon as it’s done, drive it to SheepeyRace for the some twin turbskis!!! #BecauseRacecar
Akyra Mckenzie
Akyra Mckenzie 5 måneder siden
You got more than 40k likes which means you gotta do the Rolls Royce headliner 😎
Jack Rozema
Jack Rozema 5 måneder siden
42000 likes get them stars!
Psychic Pineapple
Psychic Pineapple 5 måneder siden
42k likes tho
Pepinocochino 5 måneder siden
Looking like you are doing the rolls Royce headliner star lights
BreAdloaaf _
BreAdloaaf _ 5 måneder siden
Best star roof tip: Get some stickers.
E Eller
E Eller 5 måneder siden
Looks like your doing the Optic fiber headliner it will look dope when it's done it's just alot of work
Allen Lord
Allen Lord 5 måneder siden
Why not ask Alex at Sheepy they know the Audi R8 inside and out.
Sam Jennings
Sam Jennings 5 måneder siden
Driver seats and passenger seats. Two seats per yooooooo
Andrews Tran
Andrews Tran 5 måneder siden
Ahh shit. Looks like y’all are going to be removing that headliner again lol cars coming together well tj 👍
Jake Dietrich
Jake Dietrich 5 måneder siden
You’re gonna love the roof boys
Michael Benson
Michael Benson 5 måneder siden
the sim is looking super legit with that screen
Morten A
Morten A 5 måneder siden
yes we made it 41k
Mat Donnelly
Mat Donnelly 5 måneder siden
40k likes here we go star roof
Jeff Garro
Jeff Garro 5 måneder siden
This build is really coming along. Cannot wait to see this finished alongside the wrapped Aventador.
Jxbba on YT
Jxbba on YT 5 måneder siden
Team Cuya
Dayne Rampersad
Dayne Rampersad 5 måneder siden
team T-GOOSE chaches
Chris Allen
Chris Allen 5 måneder siden
41k teej I wanna see stars
Lukaz 7oh7
Lukaz 7oh7 5 måneder siden
41k likes Star Roof coming 🤓😁
Michael Orrego
Michael Orrego 5 måneder siden
idk if its just on video, but the monitor looks really thin from bottom to top
Justin Kim
Justin Kim 5 måneder siden
well, 41k likes, time for the STARS IN THE ROOF!
H.D 3878
H.D 3878 5 måneder siden
40k it
gassykiller3 5 måneder siden
not only have i learned how to fix parts on my car watching you guys, i can finally learn how to do the stars on my Audi S4 after you guys drop the video :)
Brian Philip
Brian Philip 5 måneder siden
Damn I guess star roof incoming TJ!
galaxy s10plus
galaxy s10plus 5 måneder siden
Don't choke On your aspirations director
Don't choke On your aspirations director 5 måneder siden
Welp time to rip out that head liner teej 😂😂
Luiz Burgos
Luiz Burgos 5 måneder siden
41k likesssss !!!!!
ivan jusi
ivan jusi 5 måneder siden
Kuya Calvin mag-tagalog ka namn HAHAHAHAHA SALAMAT! 😁
ivan jusi
ivan jusi 5 måneder siden
NOTICE THIS PLSSSSS!!! Salamaaaaat!! Thank you!!!!
UrMumGey 5 måneder siden
41k likes, looks like you're doing the Rolls roof in the R8
Kevin Quiazon
Kevin Quiazon 5 måneder siden
Is calvin filipino guy?
Simeon RF
Simeon RF 5 måneder siden
40k likes teej you better deliver.
Ahusam Irufan
Ahusam Irufan 5 måneder siden
TJ. Whens the RX7 coming up?
thenic123 5 måneder siden
41K Likes, Headliner is coming out again!
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life 5 måneder siden
Imagine if Hunt & Co, Throtl, Premium Auto Styling & SOS were all in one building bruh! It would be crazy! I have seen it done before here in MD. The building that had was freaking huge!
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