Forced To Sell My Lamborghini

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Tj Hunt

2 måneder siden

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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Jacob Shahan
Jacob Shahan Måned siden
damn tj is pale lmao
Oh BoiPrdse
Oh BoiPrdse Måned siden
Rydnorth Måned siden
On a side note the drop looks 🔥🔥🔥 as always!
super star
super star Måned siden
Why do i see stradman even the dog😱😱
B Lucky
B Lucky Måned siden
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MitsuGarage 2 måneder siden
That’s exactly how escrow works. Someone can definitely come in last minute and offer higher and the seller can back out of your deal. I know because every time we find a house this happens. It’s bullshit lol
Jake Palacios
Jake Palacios 2 måneder siden
Sabrina is just wonder for you Teej. Love the intimacy in your videos. I feel like we’re friends haha
Walter FJK
Walter FJK 2 måneder siden
Those Christmas outfits at the end👌👌😂🤣😂🤣😭😭😭
my friend
my friend 2 måneder siden
Thats His car at the end of the day nun yall gon say is gon change the vision TJ got with HIS CAR just saying it how it is
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion 2 måneder siden
9:18 hahaha
Ziyaad 2 måneder siden
Lambo giverway or c8 giverway
Ziyaad 2 måneder siden
Didnt have to pay rent at a shop you could just pay your house
Darkside 6Ven6om6
Darkside 6Ven6om6 2 måneder siden
id rock that hunt& Co teal sweater
Victor Schofield
Victor Schofield 2 måneder siden
Don't sell the LAMBO! or get a 911 maybe instead?
W 2 måneder siden
Thanks but I just don't care
Noe Diaz
Noe Diaz 2 måneder siden
Sell it to DDE 🔥
Braxton Westbrook
Braxton Westbrook 2 måneder siden
This shit lookin like somethin id make on gta😂
Phil 2 måneder siden
Nice to see Sabrina so excited 👍✌️❤️🇬🇧
Christopher 2 måneder siden
Couldn’t take TJ seriously with that costume at the end
xspower mando
xspower mando 2 måneder siden
Don't get rid of the car get rid of her truck
Unknown 2 måneder siden
Your lambo is sick bro don’t listen to these haters
BanditBlu 1776
BanditBlu 1776 2 måneder siden
5 acres ain’t much
OblongOne G
OblongOne G 2 måneder siden
The money you make you shouldn't have to sell anything...
Nate Carpenter
Nate Carpenter 2 måneder siden
Just closed on my first house a week ago, the whole process is a fucking nightmare man lol. But it is so worth it! Good luck man. Remember everything happens for a reason, if this house falls through the next one will be even better
Alexs WReX
Alexs WReX 2 måneder siden
I mean it is his car. He can put whatever mods he wants to. I think the wing looks cool, it's unique and definitely makes his Lamborghini stand out from others.
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 2 måneder siden
December 1 is my birthday!!! Yaya!!
Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad 2 måneder siden
i hat you tj if you sell the lamborghini or we gana an subcrice
Rowan Snell
Rowan Snell 2 måneder siden
don't tell the lambo :((
David Jeffries
David Jeffries 2 måneder siden
they can't legally back out for a higher offer once contingencies & contract is signed.. if they do, you can sue & the judge will most likely award the property to you, or a money/ fine, if that's what you want instead of the property
jose garcia
jose garcia 2 måneder siden
Sheepy is trying to buy your car
dylan t
dylan t 2 måneder siden
Bro can you credit me for your outro please
Jacob Blair
Jacob Blair 2 måneder siden
Where is the Ferrari
Enzo Ardovino
Enzo Ardovino 2 måneder siden
You should make a backyard bike trail at the new house
PaFur Garage
PaFur Garage 2 måneder siden
I knew I recognized you from somewhere!! You used to make Paintball videos! If you're ever in MN and wanna play or detail cars hit me up! - Cnoddings / Pafur Garage
Cookiez Monster
Cookiez Monster 2 måneder siden
Buck it get a CT’s V tj
yovani arellano
yovani arellano 2 måneder siden
Sale the toy and get a actual bad boy a 69 charger I promise you won’t regret it and it will be good content!🔥
Jake Lucas
Jake Lucas 2 måneder siden
WHEELIE 2 måneder siden
biggest drop on my bday huh
GaMe Swift
GaMe Swift 2 måneder siden
Hey tj, vlogmas coming up?
The Limey
The Limey 2 måneder siden
TJ. Are you gonna put a ring on "it" if you get the new house?
Anthony Gudiel
Anthony Gudiel 2 måneder siden
Hopefully ma mans ends up gettin his dream home 🙏🏾
alexandre comeau
alexandre comeau 2 måneder siden
i mean you had fun with it but you have all those cars you dont use so much any more just sell some cars you dont use as much
Taufik Hidayat
Taufik Hidayat 2 måneder siden
Minta satu mobil gt 86 nya untuk saya
Lil Usef
Lil Usef 2 måneder siden
Plz don’t sell it
1992Hoffman 2 måneder siden
I believe I sell the RX 7 seems like it more of a pain in the ass then a joy to have and go from there. Lol y'all pajamas cracked me up 😂 good luck with your house 🏡 I hope it all works out for you!!!
Sharpie Boi
Sharpie Boi 2 måneder siden
Are you okay teej? You seemed kinda down in one part.
Nelson Silva
Nelson Silva 2 måneder siden
Sell the mk4 fr, that’ll get you some cash
etoomey2 2 måneder siden
I am married to a “manager” and it SAVED my finances, listen to her, and trust her. And just marry that girl already
ChristOpher DaNiel
ChristOpher DaNiel 2 måneder siden
986 widebody vibes
Howee 2 måneder siden
Goodluck guys!!
Bucks RC World
Bucks RC World 2 måneder siden
you will get another lambo, sell it and take care of the house!!!!
Jared Lawrence
Jared Lawrence 2 måneder siden
Not true. Seller can’t boot you out of escrow once you have an accepted offer.
Matt B
Matt B 2 måneder siden
The lambo looks like something outta gta
dave 2 måneder siden
u mean like Sabrina is in charge!! They cant back out when ur in escrow my man its illegal
Alan 2 måneder siden
Tj you could sell your lambo plus your launch edition toytoa. As you can always do mods on calvins car or give him your and sell his.
Andrew Castillo
Andrew Castillo 2 måneder siden
Lmao nobody said the wing was good....
solo starion
solo starion 2 måneder siden
Even talking about it lmao it’s already sold. Do what You have to do bud
JCL C 2 måneder siden
Sabrina is secretly hinting on d svj. She wants it more. Hmmmm... Careful there Teej. 😭 i thought this was a car sale vid...
Ambitious vibes only
Ambitious vibes only 2 måneder siden
Anybody know the vendor for the clothes I’m looking to make some merchandise
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez 2 måneder siden
Good for you guys moving up never down bro
Harrison Criss
Harrison Criss 2 måneder siden
I feel like vlogmas was a month ago can’t wait for this years
Romestamo The Blue
Romestamo The Blue 2 måneder siden
so im curious, why is it youre not participating in the 2.4 hours of lemullets?
E Contreras
E Contreras 2 måneder siden
If you cant afford the house without the need to get rid of your cars then you dont need a house
Buildinup6 2 måneder siden
id tell her if you want a nice house you make more money. I aint selling my car
Car Glory
Car Glory 2 måneder siden
Im not here to see new houses. I want cars.
Jaden Jones (Student)
Jaden Jones (Student) 2 måneder siden
hendrik jan
hendrik jan 2 måneder siden
The Lambo is **** awsome. Would look even better in teal =p. HotWheels where are you, make this car in diecast form
jerry lambert
jerry lambert 2 måneder siden
The disappointment in his face was literally my vibe .... don't give away your dream
john efford
john efford 2 måneder siden
Sell the lambo if you get new house then gives you a reason to up grade and get a svj that you want
Doug Howting
Doug Howting 2 måneder siden
VOOOOR-STINE-ERRRRR.......NOT voystoner lol
Nuckingfuts 2 måneder siden
Not spice add on it’s a small bit of chilli add on to your spice boiiiii
Alex Pham
Alex Pham 2 måneder siden
Don’t sell it. How would she feel if you sold her Porsche ?
antonie jackson
antonie jackson 2 måneder siden
No more .. ranch :/ I enjoyed seein you guys drive I walk my dog. ( not to sound like a creeper)
RM C 2 måneder siden
The house is nice and all but what about that ring? 💍
MANKAI - 2 måneder siden
Gabargeee not garrbarge
William Wyn
William Wyn 2 måneder siden
250k lambo $10 target wing 👀
Neil542 2 måneder siden
That thick asian ting 😍
Brent Conley
Brent Conley 2 måneder siden
She's making serious moves with you. It's not about you, it's not about her. It's about building shit together.
Omar Rascoe
Omar Rascoe 2 måneder siden
the joker car
Charles Galloway
Charles Galloway 2 måneder siden
if you sell the venty return it to stock so when you get another you can instantly put all the current mods on it
Dylan Me1234
Dylan Me1234 2 måneder siden
Why do I always have to turn my brightness up for TJ’s videos?
Mitch Oakley
Mitch Oakley 2 måneder siden
i dig the skirtss
Security Security
Security Security 2 måneder siden
tj is definitely not 6 feet tall
matt bishop
matt bishop 2 måneder siden
love all the super car stuff... but im lowkey missing the old builds like buying clapped out cars and rebuilding them, like the rx7. Been following ever since the BRZ exhaust, keep up the good work teeg!!! Congrats on the possible new house.
Alieu Faal
Alieu Faal 2 måneder siden
Sabrina seems to be happy! Love to see it!
Mikey George
Mikey George 2 måneder siden
The lambo is a special car. Sell 4 of your regular degular cars instead
Corey Howard
Corey Howard 2 måneder siden
You two are playing house why not put a ring on it bro?
Turbo Mike
Turbo Mike 2 måneder siden
Don’t buy the new house yet, houses prices in CA will be coming down soon, but then
Chasing Chasers
Chasing Chasers 2 måneder siden
Ok the wing looks good when it’s down ngl
static browz
static browz 2 måneder siden
What video shows the house?
housecizm 2 måneder siden
Not hating, but with all the add ons to the lambo, I’m not feeling the purple.. at all. No match.
dlp2600 2 måneder siden
If you sell Lambo not big deal you can purchase another one down the road.
KnightDriveTV 2 måneder siden
Ya think that did that furry dry hump move after the vlog ended?
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 2 måneder siden
If you sign for the house at that asking price then they can’t sell the house to someone else unless YOU back out
Harry Wills
Harry Wills 2 måneder siden
why is the one time TJ talks about something this serious, like buying a house, hes in a christmas onesie
Tribal Memes
Tribal Memes 2 måneder siden
I honestly prefer the r8 over the aventador
toyspeed71 2 måneder siden
Sabrina! You just dodged a bullet with your brain and you intentionally not wear your seat belt correctly? Discomfort is not worth your life.
I SEE YOU 2 måneder siden
My Christmas tree is up already
John Poppen
John Poppen 2 måneder siden
If we all buy the merch u should have enough money to keep the lambo
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