Building a $20,000 Motion Sim! Part 1 - Assembly

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Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

Parts are finally here! Its time to assembly the simulator and get ready for our computer build!
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Poway, CA

Mohamed Osman
Mohamed Osman 2 måneder siden
you may want to change the cpu cooler this i9 get soo hot at games
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie 4 måneder siden
Why is this in the 1966 Ford mustang Playlist by vtuned
Anthony Fennell
Anthony Fennell 5 måneder siden
I don't even have adjustable dampening on my actual cars suspension, but Tj got it on his car simulator 😂
3man 5 måneder siden
This makes me want to speed up my sim build so bad
Timothy Shanahan
Timothy Shanahan 5 måneder siden
My birthday today tj hunt please read I am 25
doubleoazn03 5 måneder siden
Is it pronounced fana-tec or is TJ reading it wrong and its made to sound like fanatic?
Charlie Wells
Charlie Wells 5 måneder siden
OSHA was screaming when you were drilling that seat rail lol
Redamancy Films
Redamancy Films 5 måneder siden
This is no where near 20k.
Ryan T
Ryan T 5 måneder siden
You should partner with Forza so we can drive your guys cars
Alexander Luteijn
Alexander Luteijn 5 måneder siden
What was that first song?
Shift One Photo
Shift One Photo 5 måneder siden
Up next : Widebodied the race Sim
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life 5 måneder siden
Oh, shit son!
ianmbowR32 5 måneder siden
B r u H why does he need a $20,000 steering wheel setup when he owns 20 cars in real life B R U H
Sebastian Correa
Sebastian Correa 5 måneder siden
That sim the dof cost like 3k new your whole set up might cost 20k but not just the rig.
hendrik jan
hendrik jan 5 måneder siden
The real child dream of racing you favo car in gt in this setup
Andy O
Andy O 5 måneder siden
Damn tj has the drip with the 900 dollar Chicago
Christian Hill
Christian Hill 5 måneder siden
TJ please be careful when starting up that direct drive wheel, it could rip those supports straight off
Andy Vela
Andy Vela 5 måneder siden
Who’s watching this in 2021?
Greg Baron
Greg Baron 5 måneder siden
Im excited to see this complete ma man 🤓
Tuners Underground
Tuners Underground 5 måneder siden
tj: buy 20k race car sim also tj: have multiple race cars collecting dust lmao
IncisionWorks 5 måneder siden
I love seeing Audi ads during the video breaks keep it up Teej can't wait to see what you do next❤
TED_ 5 måneder siden
Why do you need sim with you have a ton of cars that you can crash anytime
Doba 5 måneder siden
week or two for a PC?? OMG I couldn't wait that long.. Build it yourself, its sooo ez
J K 5 måneder siden
I love watching your videos. Just have a couple questions on my mind doe. Is Calvin a Filipino? I wonder where the C8 is. Hmmm
Supreme Nate
Supreme Nate 5 måneder siden
This really cost 20k ?
matthew klien
matthew klien 5 måneder siden
Hey tj you need to update the video descriptions to include the r8 in the lineup of cars
Alexis Montealegre
Alexis Montealegre 5 måneder siden
1:48 why is there a dead body??
Kenny 5 måneder siden
nice J's
Nickolas Gutierrez
Nickolas Gutierrez 5 måneder siden
I'm just proud of Tjs consistency on not leaving anything stock. Even the racing sim gets modded... nice
Marco García
Marco García 5 måneder siden
11:07 Feet, POG
USPATRIOT99 5 måneder siden
Don't buy MVMT watches. They make garbage products at crazy high prices. You can do minimal research and get an actual quality watch for less then MVMT.
seppe 36
seppe 36 5 måneder siden
Why didn't you buy the H6 version?
whosDori 5 måneder siden
It took me so long to get this thing setup. I had to keep moving stuff around cause of the labeling. But once it's together, you are good.Btw you don't need that stick that pokes out in the front unless you have a VR headset that has a camera. If you get the oculus rift S you don't need it.
Dadinirt mendoza
Dadinirt mendoza 5 måneder siden please fix up this 911
soulstice 5 måneder siden
Major L come on , put together a whole crazy sim with no PC. Typical TJ Hunt fashion now we gotta wait a week or 2 to see the thing actually used
Mike Scott
Mike Scott 5 måneder siden
No nos before 8AM? I’m usually on my second or third one by then 😂
Martin Martinez
Martin Martinez 5 måneder siden
Gonna play f1?😬
A5000A 5 måneder siden
thankgod for not wearing shoe inside house like the most of the savages
Garrett Reed
Garrett Reed 5 måneder siden
DUUUDE! Whatever you’re doing differently from the last few blogs is crazyyyy! These vids are going hardddd🤙🏽
nuckleheadz garage
nuckleheadz garage 5 måneder siden
Relativity cheap. Lol Because a video game is like driving a real car. Dont crash
Tom Spratt
Tom Spratt 5 måneder siden
Most of your fellow NOpostrs use the McLaren GT3 wheel and love it.
Zach Hendle
Zach Hendle 5 måneder siden
I love my MVMT blue light glasses and My MVMT sunglasses
iIVI INSTiiNCT 5 måneder siden
Someone been watching slaptrain 😂
N1S_MOE 5 måneder siden
Yeah 20k is not affordable Lmfaoooo what a fool
iameldestroyer 5 måneder siden
It’s been 2 months already??!!
Jared Doolin
Jared Doolin 5 måneder siden
I love how Kevin was just sleeping and then teeg woke him up
rjwlax 5 måneder siden
Can I come over and play racing games?
Low Widow
Low Widow 5 måneder siden
Can’t wait for the rest of this series!
Jason cooch
Jason cooch 5 måneder siden
To much fkn money...
Markusa M
Markusa M 5 måneder siden
9:28 when you forgot to bring some LECHUGAS
James Joab Carado
James Joab Carado 5 måneder siden
wtf isthis content we wanna see the rx7 not this
Simple Ideas For You!!
Simple Ideas For You!! 5 måneder siden
Hey TJ Great video but what is that Ice cream van in the background at the beginning of the video? That is a new build? haha
Jiaji Tao
Jiaji Tao 5 måneder siden
Great vlog! Except Movement watches are garbage. Pick up a Seiko
Joe Trevino
Joe Trevino 5 måneder siden
I'm in trouble! Need one of those!
Anton McCoy
Anton McCoy 5 måneder siden
A DD2 on that wobbly stand may aswell be a G29 😅, you will be losing so much of the detail and feedback with the legs bending and flexing everywhere. Dope build though 👌
Anthony Siewert
Anthony Siewert 5 måneder siden
Why do you need a racing simulator when you have like 8 cars that make over 500 whp. Just go to the track for the real thing 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Ishaiah Smith
Ishaiah Smith 5 måneder siden
Your gonna have so much fun bruh. Wide body everything.
Akeem Gayle
Akeem Gayle 5 måneder siden
do a garage tour
Xbox Clips
Xbox Clips 5 måneder siden
I feel like having so many cars is not fun look at those supras they look sad 😔 they need usage lol
FC 3S 5 måneder siden
tj builds a racing sim* TJ: plays NFS heat $20,000 Racing sim : am I joke to you?
Connor Tulloch
Connor Tulloch 5 måneder siden
Tj: costs just around $4000 Everyone else: looks at title
Мкртич Айвазян
Мкртич Айвазян 5 måneder siden
Mom, its for homework
ssantos010287 5 måneder siden
Looks pretty cool
Blitz Apex
Blitz Apex 5 måneder siden
TJ: Building a $20k sim racing setup Me: saving up for 3 years to get a G29
AutomobileHeaven 5 måneder siden
I go on my first car meet and drive in my recent video on my channel!! GO CHECK IT OUT!!! ft a loud mk4 supra!
Michel Brival
Michel Brival 5 måneder siden
Prayers for your loved ones and family 💪 gambare!
5dmc1 5 måneder siden
TJ: *has entire garage full of Race Cars and goes to track often* Also TJ: *buys 20k dollar racing simulator* seems legit
Jordan Shoultes
Jordan Shoultes 5 måneder siden
Cool vlog
Richard Almaraz
Richard Almaraz 5 måneder siden
just for the authentic feeling/safety you should add a racing harness.
Dayne Laidely
Dayne Laidely 5 måneder siden
1:27 teeg holding the door open with his Chicago 1s 😬😬😬
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia 5 måneder siden
I feel like TJ needs a house. Not bashing but it looks crowded.
killachief187 5 måneder siden
Great sim, You can buy a better butkicker which will fit under the seat i modded mine with a bit of messing around 😀 👍
Isai Lopez
Isai Lopez 5 måneder siden
Haha tj needs asians to assemble everything 😂😂😂😂😂
Isai Lopez
Isai Lopez 5 måneder siden
Those watches look very cheapmade...
Dakota 5 måneder siden
is it me or does it not feel like we waited 2 months for this
Joseph Di Benedetto
Joseph Di Benedetto 5 måneder siden
I literally just bought all the same fanatec stuff last weekend with my uncle it’s so nice. I think it’s well worth the money.
PA Car Culture
PA Car Culture 5 måneder siden
His girl bout to be on it every day day dreaming she could drive
Mohamad Shahmi
Mohamad Shahmi 5 måneder siden
in Malaysia, if you purchase this, the dealer will send their worker to setup for us, if it too complicated
Akamjot Singh
Akamjot Singh 5 måneder siden
yo play assetto corsa with us
Colyn Potter
Colyn Potter 5 måneder siden
Literally just watched Taylor Ray install the same setup but he did it better 🤫
Gavin Ho
Gavin Ho 5 måneder siden
Hammad Ahsan
Hammad Ahsan 5 måneder siden
Bro you were like 1.3 or 1.5 million subs 2months before and now by the grace Of God you are on 1.78subs congrats Update on c8 and rx7
Bilal Amin
Bilal Amin 5 måneder siden
0:22 (came too early) That's what she said lol😁sorry🙏😂
Jake H.
Jake H. 5 måneder siden
Does anyone know if he’ll be doing sim games with Taylor Ray? I think I remember him say he asked Taylor about it but I also don’t remember if that was just in my head😂 if anyone knows please let me know, thank you🤘🏻
mk2vrt 5 måneder siden
You copied Taylor day to the T lol. Not surprised
Dawson P
Dawson P 5 måneder siden
Bag and widebody on the way for the simulator
Lone star state 4x4 lifted life
Lone star state 4x4 lifted life 5 måneder siden
Quit flexing. We are in a pandemic. 😭😭😭
Christopher Blake
Christopher Blake 5 måneder siden
Sssssspreead that hole baby
kemmet B
kemmet B 5 måneder siden
yo tj does the rx7 have a turbo goochcooler9000?
HP Mike Reed
HP Mike Reed 5 måneder siden
Is that a v-neck tank top @ 1:47 ? 🤔😂
Gabe Camberos
Gabe Camberos 5 måneder siden
Here I am struggling to have a meal to eat and here’s TJ with a 20k+ sim 😳
____ 5 måneder siden
Why did u get that just drive your cars 😂
thenic123 5 måneder siden
That steering wheel mount is so flex, need some bracing.
Dave Mcmasters
Dave Mcmasters 5 måneder siden
Was waiting for the seat bracket to swing around and take out Calvin's kneecap. Some wd40 or oil would help drilling thru and center punching it would help the drill not walk.
Jordan Rahman
Jordan Rahman 5 måneder siden
wish i could help you set that up i wanna get into doing more game rooms
Mk7ey _
Mk7ey _ 5 måneder siden
When we gonna tell Teej that it's pronounced "fanatic" and not "fana-tech"...
Alex Savvideis
Alex Savvideis 5 måneder siden
I feel like tj is a sneakerhead
Roger Deoliveira
Roger Deoliveira 5 måneder siden
If I pay $20,000 for a product, they better send a technician over to put it together lol.
Maverrick Metzler
Maverrick Metzler 5 måneder siden
Why didn’t you pet that sweet doggy?
Julian 5 måneder siden
I see you with those Chicago 1s 🔥 creasing the fuck out of them 😂 I respect it
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