My 450 Horsepower Subaru BRZ BLEW UP...I Can't Believe it

  Ganger 420,283

Tj Hunt

4 måneder siden

I guess all Subaru's are ticking time bombs. Now what...Build a build boxer motor or swap?
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Elmerson Contreras
Elmerson Contreras 23 dager siden
You should reach out to me so you can super charge my brz 🤗
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 29 dager siden
kg the great one
kg the great one Måned siden
Flows Måned siden
Full rebuild the fa-20
Quinton Daniels
Quinton Daniels Måned siden
Rod knock at its finest 😭
Brandon Turton
Brandon Turton Måned siden
Full Rebuild on the FA20
Midnight G35
Midnight G35 Måned siden
Its a Subaru thang
Jan Camp
Jan Camp Måned siden
Audi 5 Zylinder engine would be nice as it sounds almost as good as a rb26
David Oh
David Oh Måned siden
Sounds like your broken rod is slapping against your cylinder walls. Hurts to hear
Denny Medeiros
Denny Medeiros Måned siden
We need the BRZ back
Denny Medeiros
Denny Medeiros Måned siden
Hemi hellcat engine never been done ..ever
Антониус Казаков
Антониус Казаков Måned siden
Even with a built motor these rod bearing spin all the time. Happened to me in the mountains 300 miles from home... You should be getting a Brickstone oil analysis every once and a while .
Joey Good
Joey Good Måned siden
Put a VQ37HR (it can handle 600 TQ stock block/internals) easy 1000hp with turbo/built internals and it sounds amazing. Different, yes. Worth it? Yes.
A786S 2 måneder siden
A786S 2 måneder siden
Plz read this
:o 2 måneder siden
V8 Swap the BRZ!!
christian cantu
christian cantu 2 måneder siden
Yo is that a phone holster 😳
FireLordCanti 2 måneder siden
Miley's not dead, she just needs a heart transplant. Maybe 2 or 4 more cylinders. Or if she's feeling adventurous, rotary... And if you can wing it, a billet EJ25!
Colin D'Avril
Colin D'Avril 2 måneder siden
4bt Cummins?
Carts, Bikes and the Boys
Carts, Bikes and the Boys 2 måneder siden
Put a quad turbo rb35 that would be sick as hell
Justin McKee
Justin McKee 2 måneder siden
Rebuild that boxer!
young cheddar
young cheddar 2 måneder siden
cade Williams
cade Williams 2 måneder siden
deiseal swap it
Zander Grobler
Zander Grobler 2 måneder siden
Barra swap. It'll be rad as hell👌
Alfonso Gabriel Kaede Lapie
Alfonso Gabriel Kaede Lapie 2 måneder siden
Rebuild the engine if you do engine swap its not Miley anymore
DayQuil 2 måneder siden
Twin turbo anything 👀
Alpine619 2 måneder siden
Mine just blew up as well I’m so sad 😞
Dustin Bearden
Dustin Bearden 2 måneder siden
Ferrari swap😂
BOLT ON SUBIE reviews 3 måneder siden
Fa build all the way. Swaps are done all the time. Not many fa builds in detail. So would be nice to watch a build
Pete Bernhagen
Pete Bernhagen 3 måneder siden
It's a subaru... junk it now. Watches are gay, they went out of style in the eighties. You don't own a cell phone? They display the time. No really, they do. Like the current time in all zones. Even in CA. Btw: the car is far from legal. Good luck with a short CHIP officer on a motorcycle. NOT LEGAL
93sk8rguy 3 måneder siden
FA20 build for sure. Miley is what got this channel started, keep her "original". Would like to see more BRZ content again also.
Timothy Sherrer
Timothy Sherrer 3 måneder siden
v12 lambo engine
an anarchist
an anarchist 3 måneder siden
FA24 turbo from a forester xt
Michael Graham
Michael Graham 3 måneder siden
Hell cat engine
Lorenzo Dimeco
Lorenzo Dimeco 3 måneder siden
Put an STi motor
D0M1NIX 3 måneder siden
Hellephant swap 🤷‍♂️
Josue Sanitize your
Josue Sanitize your 3 måneder siden
I think you should just rebuild it
Gucci 3 måneder siden
Anthony’s Automotive
Anthony’s Automotive 3 måneder siden
V12 swap
Mad Yariel
Mad Yariel 3 måneder siden
Put a 426 hemi in it
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor 3 måneder siden
Sasha 3 måneder siden
bridge ported 4 rotor twin turbo
TheOGSSoieRR 3 måneder siden
Austin Evans
Austin Evans 3 måneder siden
do a 2j
Charles Espinoza
Charles Espinoza 3 måneder siden
When the wastegate opens.... LOL it does nothing. You build the "engine" and the "engine" blew... the motor is your alternator, unless you drive a tesla.
DriftTezz 3 måneder siden
A 1UZ or 3UZ Lexus/Toyota V8
Thicok45 3 måneder siden
Doesn’t mean anything that you were not on it could be anything build a 700 hp boxerrrrrr
Ali YNWA 3 måneder siden
2jz swap🔥🔥🔥🔥
Samir Bukvić
Samir Bukvić 3 måneder siden
Do a nissan v6 with twin turbo ooooor a supercharger but a v6 would be nice and something different
truck fix boyz
truck fix boyz 3 måneder siden
12 v Cummins swap
Mitchell Wade
Mitchell Wade 3 måneder siden
LS or 2JZ/1JZ!!! Haha, you wanna do something SUPER crazy, ALL OUT TESLA MOTOR.
Chase WRX
Chase WRX 3 måneder siden
do an sti swap
Mario Schneller
Mario Schneller 3 måneder siden
Go LS7. You'll be sitting at around 505hp at the lowest. The ls v8 lines are all amazing engines and have been around in several chevys for years for a reason. Please dont go back to a boxer motor! PLEASE!!!!!!!
Kyle Hicks
Kyle Hicks 3 måneder siden
I can't find it in the comments anywhere; but what kind of oil were you running in Miley at the time I only ask because I was contemplating putting VR1; but this kind of scares me...
Hanif Black
Hanif Black 3 måneder siden
Thus Marshal
Thus Marshal 3 måneder siden
Put an ej25 in it broooo
xxmobstrxx 853
xxmobstrxx 853 3 måneder siden
Put a 1GZ FE in it 👀
DALI DRUMS 3 måneder siden
either keep the boxer.... or do a Ferrari engine
Robert Swanepoel
Robert Swanepoel 3 måneder siden
Ooooiiiii Bro......KEEP THE BOXER PLEASE!!!!
TheGoonSquad 3 måneder siden
Twin turbo coyote?
Liam K
Liam K 3 måneder siden
Fa20 has great potential. Keep an fa20 setup cuase swaps are just unoriginal and boring now
CrispyCam 3 måneder siden
Do the Ferrari engine swap
Logan Burdett
Logan Burdett 3 måneder siden
Rb26dett baby!!
R3aper 3 måneder siden
Like this for an RB26 swap
Daniel Menjivar
Daniel Menjivar 3 måneder siden
Bigger N Faster Bro....👍👍👍👍👍💙💙💙💙💙💙
James Scott
James Scott 3 måneder siden
We gotta go stout with the boxer motor
xXxAxsthxticxXx Misty
xXxAxsthxticxXx Misty 3 måneder siden
I'll be glad to take it LOL
sku242 3 måneder siden
amg, imagine a c63 sounding brz lol
Eli Adams
Eli Adams 3 måneder siden
TESLA MOTOR!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Gallentine
Joseph Gallentine 3 måneder siden
Full FA-20 rebuild!
C Squared
C Squared 3 måneder siden
first lambo swap?
Justin Ceresini
Justin Ceresini 3 måneder siden
W211 supercharged v8
El Angel
El Angel 3 måneder siden
Rebuild fa-20
SAM JOHNSON 3 måneder siden
As a cop myself... we don’t care about little things like y’all are worried about 😂... have fun!... be respectful and we (I would) leave you alone
Cj Arentsen
Cj Arentsen 3 måneder siden
Jeremiah Salhay
Jeremiah Salhay 3 måneder siden
Just swap fam keep her alive for all of us :C
ron damri
ron damri 3 måneder siden
maybe try a 370z engine(3.7L VQ37VHR V6) its a pretty good strong and reliable one
Unplanned_Future 3 måneder siden
I'm late but I wanna see a BEEFY EJ built
Nate Cameron
Nate Cameron 3 måneder siden
Its always sounded "knocky" to me. LS swap it.
JukkaCSGO 3 måneder siden
give that FA-20 another shot!
rfl 3 måneder siden
Jacob Molton
Jacob Molton 3 måneder siden
Full send, put a Diesel in it
Joshua Goncalves
Joshua Goncalves 3 måneder siden
Honda k20
Gray Taylor
Gray Taylor 3 måneder siden
EG33 TEEEEGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ericmartinproductions 3 måneder siden
Something different, but also reliable, the 2gr-fe would be never done before in that
mike m
mike m 3 måneder siden
in put a Honda s2000 engine in it
michael morales
michael morales 3 måneder siden
kimmikko1 3 måneder siden
Cossworth v6 swap c:
flori511 3 måneder siden
There are many swaps haven't been done with the BRZ. (Porsche) 6 cylinder boxer, Audi V10, Audi inline 5 (07k) and others.
Lui Chi
Lui Chi 3 måneder siden
S2000 engine
Aaron Latimer
Aaron Latimer 3 måneder siden
Do a built LS build! PLEASE!
evo endo
evo endo 3 måneder siden
Bryce Moore
Bryce Moore 3 måneder siden
Hellephant swap
Sahil Akshay
Sahil Akshay 3 måneder siden
kingleo16 3 måneder siden
Option B Teeg. New, full rebuilt FA20.
David McWhite
David McWhite 3 måneder siden
A built K20-k24 swap with a turbo!!
GOD GIVEN STI 3 måneder siden
Eg33 twin turbo would be nice 👌
Alex Zhornitskiy
Alex Zhornitskiy 3 måneder siden
Chris Sharp
Chris Sharp 3 måneder siden
Those black Gucci slides though...
Jack Merrifield
Jack Merrifield 3 måneder siden
H6 swap
Ernesto Espinoza
Ernesto Espinoza 3 måneder siden
It’s okay I’m blew last week too🥺🥺
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