Turning a 300HP BMW 335i into a 700HP BMW!

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

Another episode of polishing kevins turd! This thing is started to come together! Big thank you to Mashimarho for helping us gather all the parts! Use code 'kevin_trxn' for discounted pricing at mashimarho.com/collections/bmw/chassis_e92
Also want to give a BIG thank you to the boys at precision dynamics for helping with kevins car! If you live in the socal area, we 100% recommend their services! precisiondynamicsms.com/
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Nathan Bautista
Nathan Bautista 14 timer siden
7:02 anyone know where I can get that headlamp
Travis Huber
Travis Huber 4 dager siden
damn bro I just made an order to mashimarho for my e92 m3 why did I have to watch these vods late! SMH
The CRISPY 4 dager siden
Wait why not single turbo?
ripppking 5 dager siden
kevin needs to hit a sweat lodge and lay off the msg dudes bloated as fuck lol
Dennis Wagner
Dennis Wagner 8 dager siden
You guys talk too fucking much.
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter 11 dager siden
ST is the only way tittle should be how to make 700hp the worst way lmao
Humble 1
Humble 1 15 dager siden
Whaaaat!!!! Internal waste gate actuators???? INSANE!!!!! HOLLY COW! LOVE IT.
Rob B
Rob B 16 dager siden
GDM for G’s 👌
Emil Aby
Emil Aby 23 dager siden
If you liked this you'll love vehicle virals
F30 Dane
F30 Dane 25 dager siden
Not even gonna think how much this costed.
zeroblackdeath 13
zeroblackdeath 13 27 dager siden
I prefer dominos pizza, but I do like that papa John's gives you garlic butter
Aviisway 28 dager siden
I want to catch a lane with it!!!
Rydnorth Måned siden
Precision coming clutch 🔥
Drayton Williams
Drayton Williams Måned siden
If you watch closely you can spot Bigfoot around 8:30 ..
Lowrenzo SC
Lowrenzo SC Måned siden
Pizza Rosa the Best sadly no longer in CA but highly Reccomend
The Whites
The Whites Måned siden
i want you to work on my g35 🔥🔥
matthew pounders
matthew pounders Måned siden
Almost stopped watching when you said dominos was garbage. Get it together man
Logan Mitchell
Logan Mitchell Måned siden
Sabrina is like Pinocchio. But instead of her nose it’s her feet. I swear they get longer. You know she’s not falling forwards. 😂
Yezzus Aguilar
Yezzus Aguilar Måned siden
Bro you went upgraded twins on a 335i 🤦🏽‍♂️, should have gone single papo
Tito Warjanto
Tito Warjanto Måned siden
Agree papa johns
Brandon Roman
Brandon Roman Måned siden
These vlogs bring back Vibes from back in the day. Happy vlogmas everyone!
Carefree. Måned siden
Sorry bro, its well known that papa johns is an L
Jonte K.Z
Jonte K.Z Måned siden
7:00 YOO!
Future Boosted
Future Boosted Måned siden
Love when I fall behind a little on videos and there’s like 3 videos I need to watch to catch up on.
Tommy White
Tommy White Måned siden
I love watching videos like this on the more affordable cars as i feel it’s more achievable. #vlogmas
Thisguy Shorty
Thisguy Shorty Måned siden
I want to know how you guys removed the turbos without removing the sub frame.
the incredible kid
the incredible kid Måned siden
This video aint got adds at all🔥🔥
Liam Maddox
Liam Maddox Måned siden
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Bryan Richardson
Bryan Richardson Måned siden
Love the intro!!
Greimr XIII
Greimr XIII Måned siden
Been a long time since I watched any of your videos TJ. Been caught up watching Throtl and other random tubers.
Ivan Omar
Ivan Omar Måned siden
Sabrina got them feet from proud family 🤣🤣🤣🤣
papabeer Måned siden
just came back to watch sabrinas massive feet!and yeah damn new nickname bigfoot? jk love the both of you!
gamerW1zz Måned siden
You're going to have to get Sabrina a gaming PC soon... R.I.P Calvin's brz... Ffffffffffff
Jayden Coury
Jayden Coury Måned siden
Yo you ever ride that dirt bike I always be seeing it and wonder why you have it
alcantji Måned siden
What happened to Kevin’s white 340i?
MIKE BEHM Måned siden
take the r8 to sheepy!
Flacko Måned siden
Bro if y’all live in the Costa Mesa area don’t come to precision dynamics 💀 dudes aren’t good. My visit there sucked. Dudes didn’t wanna help me. They had me sitting in the waiting room for so long and multiple people saw me but just ignored me. Then when I got PPI they never sent me the list of things they found wrong and when I called them they said they would email me it but still never did and then they just ghosted me. They took my money and just ghosted me. Unless you got a insane build or are one of there friends they’ll treat you like shit.
Trillie Don
Trillie Don Måned siden
I really don’t like calvin or however his name is spelled
Jay Mainey
Jay Mainey Måned siden
Teej if u got an extra gfx card better than a 1660ti plz get back to me 😬
Mo Hussain
Mo Hussain Måned siden
U know how u put the track body kit on the 488.. there are available track kits for the new r8
Stev A
Stev A Måned siden
WTF, the video ended without any conclusion to the Bimmer. Don't you think we might want to see the before and after performance run, engine bay views or at least a rev or two????? You end the vid talking about playing video games with no information on the Bimmer... This video sucks ass.
Seth Allen
Seth Allen Måned siden
Papa Johns is the best. Good choice Teej 👊🏼
Tts Måned siden
how much was this
Project_Dusen_Spec Måned siden
Somebody tell teej to check his intake manifold on the mk5, he could have the cracking problem if his setup is pushing more than 600hp
Patrick 1986
Patrick 1986 Måned siden
Thats got suck were ur pizza choices are between papa johns an dominos lol..then to think papa johns is actually good lol
Syahmi Syaz
Syahmi Syaz Måned siden
Can you make a full documentary of your life Teej..its going to be lit
clayton burgin
clayton burgin Måned siden
St Peter Photography and Video
St Peter Photography and Video Måned siden
I missed a day of vlog miss so went back and watched some of it the end of the videos are always great 😂you just give Sabrina a hard time that's all
Jordan McDaniel
Jordan McDaniel Måned siden
All that and no cold start.. boi.
Andres Grijalva
Andres Grijalva Måned siden
I know a place that literally puts bay optics to shame...
Dylan Ybarra
Dylan Ybarra Måned siden
Hernes Jamil
Hernes Jamil Måned siden
Don’t forget Colorado N5X way better then mashimaro just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️ better deals and Prices...
Tej Bergin
Tej Bergin Måned siden
F for respect
Logan Cunningham
Logan Cunningham Måned siden
Reasons why dominos is better than Poppa johns 1. Poppa John is racist so that means you support the racist man 2. John is a stepdad bro ain’t no Poppa 3. I drive dominos so I’m biased
I’m a dog with a Japanese bandana
I’m a dog with a Japanese bandana Måned siden
Sabrina with the size 13s
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer Måned siden
Love the vlogmas
KINGDUM Media Måned siden
It is a hybrid turbo tho lol
Zach Bator
Zach Bator Måned siden
papa john’s is the most ass pizza i’ve ever ate. I would rather eat sand than a papa john’s pizza
AirDuerk420 Måned siden
I work for domino’s and I can indeed confirm: domino’s is trash and papa John’s is 100% better!
Mxkoala 12
Mxkoala 12 Måned siden
Mark G
Mark G Måned siden
You know what they say about girls with big feet 👀
Cameron Carmona
Cameron Carmona Måned siden
Almost disliked the video just because you dissed Dominos
Sam Williams
Sam Williams Måned siden
Does that KX in the corner of the workshop bring a tear to anybody else’s eye? every video it’s just sat there😭
rudy Rides
rudy Rides Måned siden
That intro 🔥🔥
Lexluthor4200 Måned siden
Bro checking every few mins for the daily
Boss Måned siden
Don't forget to show "Blue" some love too...
GvT GoodVibeTribe
GvT GoodVibeTribe Måned siden
daaang the OG pup Blue not getting no more love!!
Ricardo Reyes
Ricardo Reyes Måned siden
Sabrina got thumpers
Ziggy Ms6
Ziggy Ms6 Måned siden
That vlogmas outro just hit the spot👌🏻
Dismals Måned siden
Why are so many people starting to work on 335i’s?
memories. Måned siden
AudibleVisible Måned siden
AudibleVisible Måned siden
Parks Shattuck
Parks Shattuck Måned siden
New intro is tight
Richard Herman
Richard Herman Måned siden
Help at 8:42 look at your girl's feet in the video there so awkwardly huge🤣🤣🤣🤣
dyna bob
dyna bob Måned siden
Papa jons is garbage. Dominos not garbage lol
tyuki kiquinchi
tyuki kiquinchi Måned siden
i can still remember the vlogs with an outro there's a difference between being alone and lonely........ and the motivation is contagious. time flies......
Noah Ben-Haim
Noah Ben-Haim Måned siden
we should do this on my 04 sti
Bobby Edman
Bobby Edman Måned siden
Where is Big T! Can’t be VlogMas w/o the T!!!
N54 MN
N54 MN Måned siden
Steamspeeds aren't making 700 wheel and if they do have fun replacing them the pull after
Christopher Morales
Christopher Morales Måned siden
@precision i got 100 bucks lol. Come to Florida Love the vlog mas! Its that time of year!
Brian D
Brian D Måned siden
Super jealous of Kevin getting all those parts installed at once! It has taken me 3 years to do all that to my N54 335 lol
Dom Tabuzo
Dom Tabuzo Måned siden
Tbh i fall a sleep half of this Christmas vlog.
Julio Cueto
Julio Cueto Måned siden
Got dammm Bigfoot on the background
R Stone
R Stone Måned siden
If you’re doing all that at once it’s really not too bad on a n54
Steve S-T
Steve S-T Måned siden
Makes me feel very sad that I got rid of my 335i coupe!
Sav Måned siden
TJ are u going to get the new BRZ?!
Wes Baldwin
Wes Baldwin Måned siden
Where did Kevin get the carbon dash trim kit from?
TommyT408 Måned siden
Riparinoooo to calvins brz brooo
John Haile
John Haile Måned siden
Sabrina got some long/big feet TJ lol
Allen Lord
Allen Lord Måned siden
When TJ has no content it spills over to his friends getting cars built for content. Can't be mad at that.
Wille Berg
Wille Berg Måned siden
Jordan Roy
Jordan Roy Måned siden
Why don't you get Sabrina her own gaming pc?
Ali Magdy
Ali Magdy Måned siden
U should do more dirt bike content
Charlston Manning
Charlston Manning Måned siden
Vetle Østebø
Vetle Østebø Måned siden
Love the intro!
Raffy V
Raffy V Måned siden
don’t we all just wish we could have sponsors and help like this to make the build process faster 😞😂
AdamzLife Måned siden
But why?...
Joseph Hilsenbeck
Joseph Hilsenbeck Måned siden
Gold digger
Job Diaz
Job Diaz Måned siden
Tj, if you ever see this, PLEASE tell me what colored lights you used at the end of the video!!! Please!!!!!!!!
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