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Tj Hunt

3 måneder siden

Kevin's BMW gets ready for Big Boost! PLUS we sneak into a $40 million bat cave!
Check out Precision Dynamics if you are near the costa mesa area!
Here's the podcast I did:
Wanna see more from the $40 million hypercar cave? click here:
Drone shots credited:
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Poway, CA

Paul Cinque
Paul Cinque 22 dager siden
So close to 50k likes! Kevin needs a M4!
Aryan Dwivedi
Aryan Dwivedi Måned siden
Tj admit you are lambo guy
Rydnorth 2 måneder siden
“TJ Hunts Pistachios imported all the way from Canada, has a nice ring to it” 😂
Rydnorth 2 måneder siden
M4!! Let’s get it!
TheNamDaBomb 2 måneder siden
Shoutouts to Arllan in the background at Precision Dynamics Motorsports
Richard A
Richard A 2 måneder siden
You mis-spelled "existence" on your video title. Please try a little harder when you label these videos.
Dumani Mjo
Dumani Mjo 2 måneder siden
Look...running your mouth, insulting people, stealing Verone's &*%#!?
Linkerdoodle 2 måneder siden
How much did all that engine work cost?
Nick Kregas
Nick Kregas 2 måneder siden
we gonna act like thats not asian teej?????
MooseWRX 2 måneder siden
that dudes n54 335 sounded awesome..
Jack Imjeen
Jack Imjeen 2 måneder siden
M4 for Jumba boiSSS!!!!!
m r
m r 2 måneder siden
Missed the perfect, "Pockets ain't empty cuh." Opportunity with those pistachios
Faaiz AliTV
Faaiz AliTV 2 måneder siden
SO CLOSE TO 50,000!!!
Gio Zmani
Gio Zmani 2 måneder siden
“I smell it” 😏😏😂💯
Jamy Hassan
Jamy Hassan 2 måneder siden
3k doesn't matter just send it!
Josue Sanitize your
Josue Sanitize your 2 måneder siden
I wish there was a Tj around MD to be able to know which shops to go to
Josue Sanitize your
Josue Sanitize your 2 måneder siden
Damn 47k likes almost 50
Supreme Media
Supreme Media 2 måneder siden
Squash air scent was big in the early 00’s with the Honda scene
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life 2 måneder siden
M4 baby, I like the E92 M3 better though! Bro I would love to see TJ Hunt and FindingNick collab. Kevin should start a channel.
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 2 måneder siden
4 more
Mark Cordero
Mark Cordero 2 måneder siden
M4 for the win. 50k! 👍
setha65 2 måneder siden
Chumba's like a fully upgraded Calvin 😂
Almost 50k likes share and share.
Andrew G.
Andrew G. 2 måneder siden
9:33 that supra in the back thoo!!
Gavin Ouhrabka
Gavin Ouhrabka 2 måneder siden
So close to 50k
Roller Koaster
Roller Koaster 2 måneder siden
come on guys, 4k like away from m4
Ace Nalley
Ace Nalley 2 måneder siden
So almost 50k
ThatModder 2 måneder siden
46k 4 from blessin kevin.
Harley Sinclair
Harley Sinclair 2 måneder siden
TJ out here offering to pay for Calvin's widebody and paint AND the difference so that Jumba can get an m4
Ar El
Ar El 2 måneder siden
What’s the colour of that street hunter supra?!?!
Dominic Bustamante
Dominic Bustamante 2 måneder siden
Kevin should do a Liberty Walk LB build on his e92.
Dominic Bustamante
Dominic Bustamante 2 måneder siden
Pepper Lunch is fire, i had that for the 1st in the Philippines and it was the best steak meal that i have ever tasted.
MrStreetballer5 2 måneder siden
4k Likes from kevin getting an M4 make it happen fam :D
Mugen Sohc2.2
Mugen Sohc2.2 2 måneder siden
Damn I miss mys I sold my m4 for a downpaymenT on my house 😔..
Nikolaos Sakellis
Nikolaos Sakellis 2 måneder siden
Cmon guysss 46k likes almost there
The Matrix Evolved
The Matrix Evolved 2 måneder siden
Let Manny drive one of your jdm cars
Derek Livingston
Derek Livingston 2 måneder siden
HEY! PD has been in a good amount of Spencer's videos. Great shop!
Derek Livingston
Derek Livingston 2 måneder siden
OH SHIT, the more I watch and there is Spencer! NICE
AutoHunter228 2 måneder siden
M4 is my future car i want to see more get to 50k
CallMeMrX 2 måneder siden
Ryan Phillips
Ryan Phillips 3 måneder siden
The feel of the vlog was really fun. I vote more Kevin Vlogs who's with me?
Seishie 3 måneder siden
John Ramon
John Ramon 3 måneder siden
So nobody's gonna mention the Airrack vibe he was going for?😂
The Tall Guy Z
The Tall Guy Z 3 måneder siden
Yeah just found this place on google maps 😐
The Tall Guy Z
The Tall Guy Z 3 måneder siden
Um plz like this to get tj to see it. You should probably remove this video or edit it because you completely showed the name of the building where there's millions of dollars worth of cars and they're security looks sub par 😐
Darnell 3 måneder siden
A little sneak peak at an upcoming video. It's always a good day when you get to work the MGK/Eminem feud into a thumbnail.
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 3 måneder siden
Y is the intro the same as the video of Kevin’s bmw ?
Well Oiled Machines
Well Oiled Machines 3 måneder siden
9:08 did I just spot a white mk3 supra parked..that just brings back memories of my mk3 turbo
Tony Hightower
Tony Hightower 3 måneder siden
5K to go
Hans Graeler
Hans Graeler 3 måneder siden
nooo keep the b58 haha
Pleasant Collision Motorsports
Pleasant Collision Motorsports 3 måneder siden
Pockets Ain’t Empty Cuz...😏
Nate Price
Nate Price 3 måneder siden
Ok I’m not a og sub but I been watching u for awhile now and your mad good with cars and making vids
Aric Leddy
Aric Leddy 3 måneder siden
Your boy always watches the whole video!
Joan Avilez
Joan Avilez 3 måneder siden
Another like so kev can get a new car
Zahid Khan
Zahid Khan 3 måneder siden
5k left
Azaria Heng
Azaria Heng 3 måneder siden
James Deane’s HGK E92 eurofighter bodywork inspired build with a matte sandstone wrap would be amazing, Kevin!
Turbo Foxbody
Turbo Foxbody 3 måneder siden
All I can think about when you put those in your pocket “ hey napoleon, gimme some of your tots”
Cruz 3 måneder siden
only 6k more likes to go!
Quinn Reed
Quinn Reed 3 måneder siden
umm... we need more likes... like how my medicine is cowbell... but tjs is likes... (to, u better get my joke)😡😡😂😂
Taylor Mcgregor
Taylor Mcgregor 3 måneder siden
its crazy that almost a year ago you first got your supra streethuntered
Supradrew™ 3 måneder siden
WHOA! Are those Embargoed Pistachios??? I haven’t had a good Pistachio since the Carter administration!
MadCat 3 måneder siden
I don't get bmw fans. To me the design is just so bland because it's just one of those "luxury" German sedans which have some fast variants which brings me to my second problem with bmw is the naming system. It's retarded and that's an understatement.
Randy Osborne
Randy Osborne 3 måneder siden
Really enjoyed the voice over and edited style vlog.
Jarvis Wagner
Jarvis Wagner 3 måneder siden
I wanna take my M3 to Precision Dynamics...
Striving with Steph
Striving with Steph 3 måneder siden
skrillexfan22 3 måneder siden
I thought tunercult gave that Supra away already
Ross Saunders
Ross Saunders 3 måneder siden
Jumba needs to put his center caps on his wheels!
Z2FAST 3 måneder siden
just 6k more likes!!!
Brian Guevara
Brian Guevara 3 måneder siden
50K? BET.
Ryan Arch
Ryan Arch 3 måneder siden
Let’s get that m4!!!!
Joshua Raquinio
Joshua Raquinio 3 måneder siden
jason kay
jason kay 3 måneder siden
Hardway Learning
Hardway Learning 3 måneder siden
Couple pistachios for the road
Cxrmon GT
Cxrmon GT 3 måneder siden
21:32 kinda sus don’t you think 🤨
Edhem Krkic
Edhem Krkic 3 måneder siden
Lets go!! 50k likes on the way. M4 is my dream car but they are soo expensive here in Norway. Hope Jumba get an M4 comp. Such a sexy car!
Luis Castaneda
Luis Castaneda 3 måneder siden
I cried when TJ said “2.....2.....2....”
Origins Garage
Origins Garage 3 måneder siden
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion 3 måneder siden
Why this video have someone else vibes channel? :/
LaFiebredePR 3 måneder siden
M4 🤘
Zequiel Martinez
Zequiel Martinez 3 måneder siden
Are you leaving Sabrina for Amelia yet?
Tony Lock
Tony Lock 3 måneder siden
Almost 50k likes hehe
Tayo the Don
Tayo the Don 3 måneder siden
I have the same car in New York my dad is selling it
Dominic Decocco
Dominic Decocco 3 måneder siden
Existence* m'dude 😂
YoPluto 3 måneder siden
im so glad that tj keeps politics out of his video not saying other youtuber dont but politics are everywhere
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 3 måneder siden
This series in another level
D'angelo Osorio
D'angelo Osorio 3 måneder siden
Love the outro bro!
KRSever Patino
KRSever Patino 3 måneder siden
We hongry.
KRSever Patino
KRSever Patino 3 måneder siden
Pockets ain't empty cuz.
Scott Kelley
Scott Kelley 3 måneder siden
I'm surprised squash air fresheners are so popular because they honestly remind me of the smell of urinal pucks in the men's room.
Brian Tavares
Brian Tavares 3 måneder siden
Tj you need another gtr
FROSTTwoLT 3 måneder siden
Gotta get him to 50K likes
3mrshadow 77
3mrshadow 77 3 måneder siden
you need to check out @the_collection1 in Instagram he got one of the best car collections in the world
Fidel T
Fidel T 3 måneder siden
Was that Christian Ngo’s friend?
Lamar Melvin
Lamar Melvin 3 måneder siden
Actually loved this vlog!! We need more blogs like these!
David Rolland
David Rolland 3 måneder siden
Come on guys!! 9000 more likes 😂😂😂
F F 3 måneder siden
Get that m4 brooo
Htown Made713
Htown Made713 3 måneder siden
*films a hidden garage with 3 bugattis, a mclaren, and a rolls.* Then says being around an svj makes him feel poor. 😂
LeBong James
LeBong James 3 måneder siden
Guys go hit that like ! do it for jumba !
Sammy Wittenberg
Sammy Wittenberg 3 måneder siden
Kevins 340 so clean cant wait to see how the n54 turns out.
Dan Batista
Dan Batista 3 måneder siden
where are the likesssssss lets go people fucking like the gdamn vid it only takes a sec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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