This Cost me $3000... RIP

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

Felt so good getting behind the wheel of the comp car today! After spending the last year driving my practice 370z, I forgot how rowdy the 350z was haha. Thanks Casey and Eddie for the drone shots! @kso.fpv and @eddiecorejr on Instagram
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Akshay Måned siden
this has been one of my fav vids so far, just the drone shots, music and everything it’s awesome.
Rydnorth Måned siden
I love it!
Dc2_frank Måned siden
@Bryan Woolfolk tigerblood jewel dont let me drown and bring my friends. Of men and wolves Hey Mr
Craig Darrel
Craig Darrel Måned siden
@Bryan Woolfolk The first one before the broken axles is Don't Let Me Down by Tigerblood jewel then the song after 2nd axle change is "Bring My Friends by Tigerblood jewel too"
KSO FPV Måned siden
@Jon Breaden they can get going pretty quick! The 4 motors can spin up to around 45,000 rpm. So depending on the pitch of the prop used and the battery you’ve got strapped to it, you can go pretty damn fast haha. At no point during that footage was I full throttle.
Jon Breaden
Jon Breaden Måned siden
I had no idea that drones could keep up like, even when it was a unicycle! Tremendous footage.
Anthony R
Anthony R 24 dager siden
Hat's off to your drone pilot, those are some killer shots. I'm so glad you have drone footage now.
Anthony R
Anthony R 13 dager siden
@KSO FPV that's even more impressive. Spectacular control.
KSO FPV 13 dager siden
@Anthony R it does not. I use a 5" prop freestyle/racing quadcopter with a gopro strapped to it
Anthony R
Anthony R 15 dager siden
@KSO FPV does that drone have a gimbal?
KSO FPV 15 dager siden
Appreciate it man!
RL Racing Garage
RL Racing Garage 29 dager siden
Wtf lolol Hes going home 10:33
Julius Mester
Julius Mester Måned siden
just run wheels with the right offset. stop these retarded huge spacers, this cant work.
Yannick W
Yannick W Måned siden
This looks like a dirt rally replay 😂amazing video man I loved it so much ! Thanks Tj🔥🔥and the crew 🥇
Rydnorth Måned siden
Who else love the drifting videos? 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Emilian Zimnoch
Emilian Zimnoch Måned siden
Whoever is running that drone is hella smooth with it sliding in air
KSO FPV 15 dager siden
Thank you! That’d be me 👋🏻
Cameron Kyle
Cameron Kyle Måned siden
Anyone know the name if the song at 7:50
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life Måned siden
Happy Belated mom!
xspower mando
xspower mando Måned siden
Ok i had to pass forword this gay song during drifting wtf
xspower mando
xspower mando Måned siden
Ok just skip the whole vid gay music through out the whole vid of drifting
Mackie Messer
Mackie Messer Måned siden
Great drone shots!
KSO FPV 15 dager siden
Thank you!
Mj King
Mj King Måned siden
the music dude and the music damn 🤙
Chris Måned siden
So how did this cost you $3000?????
xspower mando
xspower mando Måned siden
Happy b day Sabrina
Joseph David
Joseph David Måned siden
This video will make him, more than $3000 in the next 3 months.
David Marcoux
David Marcoux Måned siden
Love the filming for the track video, but for regular content please don’t hire a full time videographer, it makes it so much less personal. Just my 0.02
lachdawg Måned siden
Surely its time to get some wheels that fit so you dont need such spacers.
Andrés Måned siden
Insane video and drone shoots push the video to another level. Merry Christmas from Spain
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thanks Andres!
Garrett Reed
Garrett Reed Måned siden
Great shots, interesting music
adrian lopez
adrian lopez Måned siden
More POV drifting with the drone shots loved this video keep it bro!!
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thank you Adrian! Glad I could bring some extra value to the vlog with the drone shots!
Jordan Cromwell
Jordan Cromwell Måned siden
Love the timing of the song with your wheel leaving the track it’s perfect! That wheel is going on a holiday 😂. Great video Teej
Elfego Solares
Elfego Solares Måned siden
someone check my first 1st gen Celica
Kežob Divad
Kežob Divad Måned siden
Those shots of u and others drifting are incredible 🙌🏼 keep moving forward With this content TJ🤟🏼❤️
Jayden Krispin
Jayden Krispin Måned siden
My lugs all snapped on my lexus the other day just normally diving then suddenly my back wheel was gone it was pretty crazy still don't know how it happened
Racerx Måned siden
Very cool video. Love the music
Robin Måned siden
Dont run spacer on a trackcar
DeVon Le
DeVon Le Måned siden
Damn those drone shots are freaking good man. Happy holidays teej
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thanks so much DeVon!
DeVon Le
DeVon Le Måned siden
Teej should build a bmw 325i on channel. I nice e36
Luke Slater
Luke Slater Måned siden
The drifting footage was SO SICK TJ😎👍🏻👍🏻.
Supreme 1Chap
Supreme 1Chap Måned siden
Lol the tire scene 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Arkan Måned siden
Today’s video was amazing !
Charlie Nance
Charlie Nance Måned siden
Happy birthday Sabrina
x-hook Tow Hook
x-hook Tow Hook Måned siden
Get rid of the spacers and do less wheel offset and problem solved lol
Flow_Secret Måned siden
Omg 3000 dollars thats fucking chump change to u TJ ... quit being wack u swear
Craig Darrel
Craig Darrel Måned siden
Songs used in the drone shots Bring My Friends and Don't Let Me Down by tigerblood jewel. hope yall have a good Christmas and a Good New Year!
Luz Torres
Luz Torres Måned siden
Jacked it off I'm fucking dead
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez Måned siden
I love the drone shots and music! Makes the drifting videos so much better! I'm sure I'm not the only one.
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thank you Sergio!
Ale Sowavyy
Ale Sowavyy Måned siden
That’s why you don’t run a fat ass spacer
Gabriel Måned siden
Love the drone
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thanks Gabriel!
Alexis Gutierrez
Alexis Gutierrez Måned siden
Love the style of the vlog, music wrapped it up like a bow
Enrique Gonzalez
Enrique Gonzalez Måned siden
The drone angles on this video are awesome! Nice job!!!
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thank you Enrique!
Tokii Måned siden
Let's take sometime to appreciate some pilots, I'm sure getting shots like those take a lot of practice, and maybe a few broken drones
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thank you Tokii!
mILTO Måned siden
The five pruner provisionally bathe because vegetarian predominantly employ up a offbeat effect. perfect, envious north america
Weasel Gaming
Weasel Gaming Måned siden
Yo my birthday was yesterday.
Vedant Rajeev
Vedant Rajeev Måned siden
When TJ’s dog is more obedient than me...
Don Armstrong
Don Armstrong Måned siden
How come you're only shooting in 1080/24?? 👎👎
Alexander Nation
Alexander Nation Måned siden
6:41 🤦🏻‍♂️
Raulo Skrt
Raulo Skrt Måned siden
How about bigger sized wheels with widebody offset 🤔. Just an ideA lol
Jaren Teague
Jaren Teague Måned siden
Ha...."Jacked it off," he says!
Alex Lau
Alex Lau Måned siden
Yes please ! What a good one ! That tire going on adventure was just epic 😂!
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Måned siden
Awwwwww Poor little rich kid cant afford his own parts. Waaaaaaaa
Ofek Sanker
Ofek Sanker Måned siden
AJP Productions
AJP Productions Måned siden
Jacked it off😂😂😂
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith Måned siden
I’ve always loved your content. You took it to a whole new level today. As a car and FPV drone enthusiast, it was nirvana!
KSO FPV Måned siden
Appreciate it Anthony!
Awsom Sauce TV
Awsom Sauce TV Måned siden
Why not just buy proper offset wheels. Spacers are not needed.
Sipntea Måned siden
Is it me or do all the other cars get more side ways?????
Christian Ayala
Christian Ayala Måned siden
Yooo these jams smacked
CrewDK 2
CrewDK 2 Måned siden
idk what it was about this video but it just made me feel like i was back in my childhood, the music and shots were fckin epic!
Alan Måned siden
Great driving bro! Getting better looked like you were a little scared hopping back in the big boy car for majority of the day but you’re killing it. Keep the confidence up man!
Troy norton
Troy norton Måned siden
When Tj Hunt said "Jacked it off" I literally died🤣
Justin Doss
Justin Doss Måned siden
wow you can really see the difference between the pros and tj. still tho, tj for only drifting as a side thing, your doing pretty damn good.
chris silvestri
chris silvestri Måned siden
TJ it looks like you're drifting skills are a little rusty you were definitely slowing the boys down in some corners
Trxppy EvoX
Trxppy EvoX Måned siden
The drone shot of the wheel rolling away 😂
Aaron Måned siden
I'm struggling, is this amount of breakage normal for drifting or does Teej have bad luck?
Jesse Måned siden
when u were putting this car together and put the spacers on, we told so😂
XxYoung FellaxX
XxYoung FellaxX Måned siden
Skip entire video replay video to get rid of all ads yw 👌, yall getting annoying putting so damn many
optimooseprime Måned siden
Slip ons on top of bolt on spacers. What is this amateur hour? Minimal damage fortunately it seems
KeyKustom Måned siden
gotta say, from an old viewer that stopped watching... the pureness of this video is refreshing and drew me back into the channel. awesome camera angles
Zac Ross Racing
Zac Ross Racing Måned siden
TJ please put on a fire suite man.....shit happens.
300zxdriver Måned siden
Drone operator is really good.
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thanks man! I appreciate that!
765Garage Måned siden
His wheel went on a holiday 😂
Thank god that you’re good and the car is okay. Can’t wait to start drifting on my channel #pvoisontherise
Vincent Wight Malatesta
Vincent Wight Malatesta Måned siden
Any and all HGK cars have my heart
pntdblack Måned siden
Happy Birthday Sabrina glad to see you doing so well!!! Great video and Merry Christmas to both of you guys!
Instead of buying another lambo, you should start building and FDpro car, so you’re ready when the time comes
Vlad Sirbu
Vlad Sirbu Måned siden
i just wanna say the stabilizer on that door gopro is nuts..
Joe Banyas
Joe Banyas Måned siden
I like the track video but my question is how much does track section cost how expensive did you have in a track section
Keenan Constant
Keenan Constant Måned siden
Stay safe & Happy BDAY
ValerijusK Måned siden
Of Men And Wolves 😍 🤘
Craig Miller
Craig Miller Måned siden
Loved the drone footage!
ProjectZGarage Måned siden
Good Drifting TJ but props to who ever is flying the drone! I would of crashed it like 100 times if I tried to fly my drone like that to keep up with the action.
ProjectZGarage Måned siden
@KSO FPV awesome job 👍
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thanks man! Lots of practice and time on the sticks 💪🏻
Brock Mitchell
Brock Mitchell Måned siden
that drone footage is unrealllll. crazy piloting
KSO FPV Måned siden
Appreciate it brock!
Alec Gotts
Alec Gotts Måned siden
By far my favorite edit
AZ 280z
AZ 280z Måned siden
I am glad the arrow was added to the thumbnail I didn’t know where to look
150Rolo Måned siden
350z looks good now with out that obnoxious ass wing it had 🤣
Sean Dunham
Sean Dunham Måned siden
The music is awesome in this video!
Von Brook
Von Brook Måned siden
i loved thius video, especially the drone shots ngl
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thank you Von!
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez Måned siden
Teej, this was a video full of dope edits! Loved it
joel blanco
joel blanco Måned siden
Tj needs to get more agressive on turn ins, he could learn alot from himself if he saw drone footage of himself drifting
Tim Vazquez
Tim Vazquez Måned siden
Awesome video production 👏
vantsen nm
vantsen nm Måned siden
thats why i never thrust dose big slips ons flances, extendes stunds FTW
Linkington Måned siden
Love the music, really makes this video perfect
Roan Scalise
Roan Scalise Måned siden
damn who was flying the drone? shit was immaculate
KSO FPV Måned siden
Thank you Roan! That’d be me!
nicolaj rolighed
nicolaj rolighed Måned siden
Just get a wheel with the correct offset.? Sparers is just lost wheel lip-up your wheel game bruhh
wilbready Måned siden
Why does vlogmas have to end!?!?!?
Logan Atkinson Annear
Logan Atkinson Annear Måned siden
Tj dissing all the pro m drivers somebody’s confident
Josh Bridger
Josh Bridger Måned siden
Track list???
Simon G
Simon G Måned siden
Tj’s drifting mental health down bad rn
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Måned siden
Tj put some Roland Jones in your drifting clips👏🏽
SupreSyndicate Måned siden
Everytime he drifts, something happens boyo
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