My Craziest Wrap Color for my Widebody Toyota Supra!

  Ganger 300,082

Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

We went to @Premium Auto Styling to drop off the Supra for its new color! I did a giveaway on my instagram (tjhunt_) to win a $50 gift card to premium auto styling if anyone can guess my exact color so check it out if you haven't seen it!
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Poway, CA

MrFatman258 3 måneder siden
I know this is somewhat late and idk if you will respond but what backpack are you using????
Sound_1 Motion_
Sound_1 Motion_ 4 måneder siden
Gloss Blue Raspberry
tim dizon
tim dizon 4 måneder siden
worst pc build haha
alex mendoza
alex mendoza 4 måneder siden
The absolute best NOpostr and content creator
Fireblaze x
Fireblaze x 4 måneder siden
anyone else thing that pc looks like a 13 year old built it? none of the piping was straight they used the wrong kind of fans for the rad and put the res right on top of one the fans? not to mention none of the colors on anything match it looks like they used seamen for the fluid and the fittings are a nice bright white just everything about it looks so wrong also rip all 2080ti owners
Alec Henderson
Alec Henderson 5 måneder siden
Nardo grey
P4RK3R G 143
P4RK3R G 143 5 måneder siden
Jatin Ladhar
Jatin Ladhar 5 måneder siden
Hey teg how come u haven’t ever done any interior work to the brz
Sean Heffernan
Sean Heffernan 5 måneder siden
Teej for fun do a crazy Mini Cooper build for rally or street transfer it to rwd engine swap it make it Manual that would be sick
Sean Heffernan
Sean Heffernan 5 måneder siden
It’s flat black
mohamed amine qassi
mohamed amine qassi 5 måneder siden
NOpost is getting off controle tooo much ads the vidéos cuts like a 1000 time
Mandeezy 5 måneder siden
It’s purple..
reconbeatz 5 måneder siden
Its going to be the purple color. The car he is standing next to when the supra is getting washed.
Alexie P
Alexie P 5 måneder siden
Yo TJ do you have any codes for the Manga Flow exhaust for the Supra ? $2500 is pretty steep for an exhaust system. We want to use the one you have. Let me know ! Thanks bro
Steve De Almeida
Steve De Almeida 5 måneder siden
the og honda odyssey loool
Borys Kedziora
Borys Kedziora 5 måneder siden
That garage door squeak is terrible
Jacob Saucedo
Jacob Saucedo 5 måneder siden
Bubble gum??
Zakiahs 5 måneder siden
I got $5 on monster green... js
curtis wade
curtis wade 5 måneder siden
Olive green would be SO DOPE!!!
superbikestp 5 måneder siden
Hot Pink????
Matthew Castro
Matthew Castro 5 måneder siden
Matte purple
Dave Eubank
Dave Eubank 5 måneder siden
I drive a 86 as well. The best driving experience I have ever had in all my years.
Rudy Alvarez
Rudy Alvarez 5 måneder siden
It’s probably a glossy army tan color like on the Tundra’s & Tacoma’s.
junior guerrero
junior guerrero 5 måneder siden
Rx7 content???
WeeeeeeesssssssssssT 5 måneder siden
What’s the wheel specs and are those c106 ?
bliss 5 måneder siden
yas marina blue
Faris Shadeed
Faris Shadeed 5 måneder siden
Well then if the BRZ is slow superchargere it
Hermann Arminius
Hermann Arminius 5 måneder siden
Tim Holubowitch
Tim Holubowitch 5 måneder siden
Buy a ae86
Jeremiah Thompson
Jeremiah Thompson 5 måneder siden
Now all it needs is a manual trans from the guys at EAG in San Antonio
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 5 måneder siden
Yo TEEG you 3/4 of the way to 2MILLION shits been a wild ride from the plastidipped wheels man 5 years in and staying for the long run bro
Nathan Countyrman
Nathan Countyrman 5 måneder siden
My brz was stupid loud when I did cold starts
killua killua
killua killua 5 måneder siden
Your the best bro keep it 💯💯💯
Faris Hanif
Faris Hanif 5 måneder siden
3:03 i'm SUPRA-excited..
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 5 måneder siden
It's been a while since I've watch a TJ Hunt video... anyone mind filling me in on what happened to his dog Blue?
Shay Zaffran
Shay Zaffran 5 måneder siden
Where's the rx7?
MICK BETH 5 måneder siden
Your first car will always be your first love! Glad you still love it compared to all your new babies
Xavier Saludes
Xavier Saludes 5 måneder siden
I think it's the same color as Miley's wrap 2 years ago.
Oscar Payot
Oscar Payot 5 måneder siden
Bruh when i started to watch this video I thought I was stradman
xspower mando
xspower mando 5 måneder siden
Yime for a new minivan and slammed it and wide body it and put a skyline engine in it
Hus5 5 måneder siden
Royal blue 🔹🔹🔹🔹
AJ McCreary
AJ McCreary 5 måneder siden
Midnight purple!!! For the win on the Supra bro!!!!
ezeceal00 5 måneder siden
My gues is baby blue
ScrapeZilla 5 måneder siden
hes doing Midnight Purple 3.... "i wanna give you a hint..." while a mpiii brz is half in frame lol I SEE YOU!
james strouse
james strouse 5 måneder siden
Hey brother . By now you have heard about little cannon from NC. He was shot in the head in front of his sisters by their blk neighbor. The media is doing nothing to make his name heard . I know all of us ur fans would listen and pass his name out to the world to be heard and not forgotten. Would u please make a video about him and what happened to him so the world isxaware of the tragedy that has happened to his family
Julian Martinez
Julian Martinez 5 måneder siden
Tj: The BRZ is the best driving car, you can’t argue that! MKIV Supra: Am I a joke to you?
Big Tomie
Big Tomie 5 måneder siden
Calvin with the bling bling
ItsMeYush 5 måneder siden
sure is gonna be a crazy color on that BMW :D
Rok Gundaker
Rok Gundaker 5 måneder siden
Its gonna be purple probably with metallic flake
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life 5 måneder siden
I'm for the RX 7. Miley will always be my love due to that's how I found you. Bro yes I remember the minivan lmfaoo.
Swish856 5 måneder siden
Millennium jade
Corbin Carter
Corbin Carter 5 måneder siden
Looks like the last vid hit 40k, R8 starliner inbound 👌
A1 Saucee
A1 Saucee 5 måneder siden
Dark purple
B7 Squad
B7 Squad 5 måneder siden
It’s got to be the purple like the brz you pointed to.
canyon rivera
canyon rivera 5 måneder siden
Where’s the C8 teej!!! We wanna see that beast
Afif Najwan
Afif Najwan 5 måneder siden
midnights purple
Billy Stratos
Billy Stratos 5 måneder siden
Imma say Green somewhat
Shaquan Quintin
Shaquan Quintin 5 måneder siden
I bet the color is either midnight purple or a dark metallic brown
FROSTTwoLT 5 måneder siden
I feel like it’s a shade of green 🤔
Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz 5 måneder siden
So midnight purple. Almost like the GTRs blue?
Ajwes299 5 måneder siden
Lime green it is!!
Anthony R
Anthony R 5 måneder siden
Forest green!
Aero Smith
Aero Smith 5 måneder siden
I bet it’s green
SupremeNeko 5 måneder siden
Nardo Gray!
Jake Lucas
Jake Lucas 5 måneder siden
British racing green ????
SDM LLC 5 måneder siden
People still watching this repetitive shit?
Rydnorth 5 måneder siden
It’s going to be a spicy colour 💯
Shane Ellis
Shane Ellis 5 måneder siden
What kind of title is this? They all have new colors. About 10
dawson1220 5 måneder siden
I luv the BRZ.
William Bonin
William Bonin 5 måneder siden
You just showed u dont have an security system when you opened the door at first
Victor Major
Victor Major 5 måneder siden
Probably that green on their wrap rack
skitter axb
skitter axb 5 måneder siden
Nardo grey
Futjixu 5 måneder siden
stradman purple coming soon?
Coco619 5 måneder siden
lsturbointeg 5 måneder siden
Damn Calvin and his outrageous gaudy jewelry
Κωστας Μπακουρας
Κωστας Μπακουρας 5 måneder siden
Where is the Rx7?
Futuristic Raider_99
Futuristic Raider_99 5 måneder siden
Tj should say how much money he put into the vex including the supercharger kit paint body kit turbo kit tune etc
NobCheeseMcGee 5 måneder siden
TJ’s this, TJ’s that, Calvins hair line goes way back
Darcy Brawata AKA Ontario Stacker
Darcy Brawata AKA Ontario Stacker 5 måneder siden
How is Sabrina doing
Jason Hebert
Jason Hebert 5 måneder siden
Army green?
Kipp0 5 måneder siden
Midnight blue
Dom 5 måneder siden
laguna seca blue?
Dilan Oliveras
Dilan Oliveras 5 måneder siden
Purple its purple
DQUIL 5 måneder siden
I think hes going to go with a deep metalic blue darker than subie blue but on the verge of purple like miley was before
DQUIL 5 måneder siden
also if just one person could watch the vid on my channel it would be greatly appreciated :)
Waves 77
Waves 77 5 måneder siden
Cause if you think about the Ferrari with the wide body and it’s color . Like tj said . Same realm
Waves 77
Waves 77 5 måneder siden
Guys I think the new Supra color is going to be Baltic blue from the mk4 factory color
michael taylor
michael taylor 5 måneder siden
Midnight purple
Rehan Ahmad
Rehan Ahmad 5 måneder siden
Ali S
Ali S 5 måneder siden
Puts purple in thumbnail and pretty much hits it in 3:10 :p Nice teej
Kody Moriarty
Kody Moriarty 5 måneder siden
Get the neon like u had on the 350 on the 370
Ethan Oliveria
Ethan Oliveria 5 måneder siden
Is it somewhere on the lines of the purple brz
Samuel Keter
Samuel Keter 5 måneder siden
Green wrap
Ieuan Edwards
Ieuan Edwards 5 måneder siden
It’s time to put a 2J in the BRZ 👀
henk smit
henk smit 5 måneder siden
Where is the 335i?
Regis Riddick
Regis Riddick 5 måneder siden
What's up with the 1st Gen Rx7 out front?
Colby Sisco
Colby Sisco 5 måneder siden
It’s literally the color of the car to his left at 3:08. That’s why he said no hints because that was the hint. He said it’s gonna be similar to a car and the car was the s2000 that had a bit of color changing to it
Typical_Mexican 5 måneder siden
You’re doing midnight purple and the hunt was literally the purple brz that was next to you when you brought up a hint 🙏🏻😂
tyxx 5 måneder siden
he's definitely doing a color shift like that brz next to him when he wanted to give a "hint" ;)
Deone SoBord
Deone SoBord 5 måneder siden
Tj doesn’t even know but he just sold like 500 BRZ’s 😂😂😂
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