Installing the LOUDEST Titanium Exhaust on my Lamborghini Huracan!

  Ganger 430,640

Tj Hunt

8 dager siden

Big thanks to Armytrix for always supplying our Supercars with Titanium Exhaust systems! Check them out here:
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Poway, CA

ghosty 3 timer siden
Ahh that's why it's gonna be inoperable, tt kit
Darryl Meyer
Darryl Meyer 2 dager siden
I definitely need some Miley content soon? Please Teej!!!
EmeraldTNT 17
EmeraldTNT 17 2 dager siden
I’m sorry for not knowing but did he sell the aventador and why If he did why?
Dylan Vroom
Dylan Vroom 3 dager siden
“Nice pipes, Tomika” 😂🎸
alex mendoza
alex mendoza 3 dager siden
Hot damn!!!
jason najera
jason najera 3 dager siden
Can I pleaseeeee have your neglected supra???
CRAZYY KING 4 dager siden
“Do we know how to stall” caught me off guard
Brown Outdoors 🤘
Brown Outdoors 🤘 4 dager siden
Wish it was actually the Loudest.. Ya know, no mufflers at all..... True straight pipe
Gaming Knives
Gaming Knives 4 dager siden
Street hunter kit lamborghini Aventador and huracan or mk4 supra ??????
Vang Tran
Vang Tran 4 dager siden
Nghe đã tai vãi
Mr fbi 5666
Mr fbi 5666 4 dager siden
so do you guys use just army trix exhaust you guys should try fi exhaust and ipe exhaust
jermaine taylor
jermaine taylor 5 dager siden
Dude, it sounds insane!! #yougottheSAUCE
Rapids 5 dager siden
Sabrina Zappile
Sabrina Zappile 5 dager siden
“Yeah but it’s cool to drive separate” LMAOO this is me 😂
travon cooper
travon cooper 5 dager siden
What kind of boots 🥾 is Calvin wearing I got to have them they 🔥🔥🔥!?!?! Name and brand please.
Only Whiz
Only Whiz 5 dager siden
charlie biggin
charlie biggin 5 dager siden
Please get big Ts reaction of the lambo 🤟🐐
WhoisDerek 5 dager siden
The school of Rock reference... money
You tuber 2.0
You tuber 2.0 5 dager siden
It doesn't sound good tho...
eduardo gonzalez
eduardo gonzalez 5 dager siden
That O face TJ gets when installing new exhausts. Priceless! Man! Went from working on paint ball guns to working in super cars.
Neel G
Neel G 5 dager siden
FI sounds better tbhh
Jay Stewart
Jay Stewart 5 dager siden
#CoupleGoals ....Mob in your supercars🔥
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 5 dager siden
Imagine surprising big T with the R8.
Riley Evans
Riley Evans 5 dager siden
You two remind me of my girlfriend and I, love it! Hooligans
Kendall Hoosier
Kendall Hoosier 6 dager siden
Play me in IMessage then 😂😂
IAMFOOZY 6 dager siden
@5:14 "Tipped so hard don't stand to close"
Jon Hobbs
Jon Hobbs 6 dager siden
TJ's iPhone has Justin Bieber on the dash display?? 11:55
John Sevii
John Sevii 6 dager siden
Who else was here since calvin garage days?
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 6 dager siden
Hide calvs headphone why he caring bout his hearing
iluzpowpows 6 dager siden
Seriously tho the white cars is getting so outta please dont let Daniel tempt you to wrap the aventador white
Diesel Lozano
Diesel Lozano 6 dager siden
Should of kept the aventador 😪
A330ful 6 dager siden
Not to be rude. But we have seen this before... hurican mods...
hi Abhinav
hi Abhinav 6 dager siden
How much for your Lamborghini for extra fittings💥Bro..
Rendy Riddick
Rendy Riddick 6 dager siden
I think low spoiler is good on that huracan
FlakooBeats 6 dager siden
Apex holland
Apex holland 6 dager siden
Sounds great!!
Joseph Hanson
Joseph Hanson 6 dager siden
TBH I liked the Aventador better. However that backfiring sounds awesome that exhaust is a cool bit of kit especially those blue tips. I think this car is growing on me.
ITB 6 dager siden
get ur car twin turbo'd by sheepyrace :)
Braydin Garofalo
Braydin Garofalo 6 dager siden
Rear bumper delete the R8
Martin Venegas
Martin Venegas 6 dager siden
Yup there goes my airpods :/ thanks getting new ones tomorrow
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 6 dager siden
Soug 6 dager siden
I miss when this channel built unique builds instead of doing wheels, lip kits, and exhaust on super cars that 90% of the channel can't afford lol
synseer 84
synseer 84 6 dager siden
Let's see more supra's content carmeets. Coffee. C'mon. Lets goooo.
Marlo Stewart
Marlo Stewart 6 dager siden
She sounds amazing
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 6 dager siden
i know right!!
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 6 dager siden
11:57 Hurucan had 90% fuel 05:49 pm 57.2 degrees 6,280 miles Listening to “what do you mean” by Justin Bieber lol
Eric Vasquez
Eric Vasquez 6 dager siden
10:24 it sounds so good the subtitles say “music.” Music to my ears indeed!
Kenneth Quinto
Kenneth Quinto 6 dager siden
back at it again with a joakim karud intro
Manuel Hernandez
Manuel Hernandez 6 dager siden
BEST game 😱😱😱
Christian Aramayo
Christian Aramayo 6 dager siden
Put your girl in the R8 and PUT YO BOY IN A LAMBO AND SQUAD TF UP!!
deadloverboy 6 dager siden
el pistolero Calvin
jesse Ballard
jesse Ballard 6 dager siden
Where is that cold start i wanted to hear!!!
SRTabc123 6 dager siden
Super car, rims, exhaust, slammed, chin spoiler, wing, lather, rinse, repeat.
Anthony Tuto
Anthony Tuto 6 dager siden
Huracan Streethunter kit? 🤷🏼‍♂️
Roddoc1229 6 dager siden
Love mancala!!!
Faaiz AliTV
Faaiz AliTV 6 dager siden
OG music AND OG intro mannnn the memories
Zacheus Fass
Zacheus Fass 6 dager siden
Played mancala in middle school hahaha what a throw back i always won
Eduardo Bernal
Eduardo Bernal 6 dager siden
I know Big T would love to take that R8 off ur hands, lol
Rydnorth 6 dager siden
I could buy 3 project cars for the price of this exhaust jeeeze 😅😅
StryfeS13 6 dager siden
Damn that sounds awesome! You can tell how loud that is through the video.
Harry Reeder
Harry Reeder 6 dager siden
What’s the thing Calvin always wear
HUGO STIGLITZ 6 dager siden
I would take the R8 over the Huracan any day.
basshead medrano 89
basshead medrano 89 6 dager siden
This lambo its gettin cooler and cooler keep up the good work tj 👌
Jake Beer
Jake Beer 6 dager siden
Please end the moving vlog in the empty bedroom of the old house! Congrats on the new one man, I've watched you forever. You truly deserve it with all the hard work.
Tino Or
Tino Or 6 dager siden
ryft or nothing.
Art Madala
Art Madala 6 dager siden
Tj this hurricane is Louder than the aventador
Elliot Dyer
Elliot Dyer 6 dager siden
My mans in the civic like: 😳
Simeon RF
Simeon RF 6 dager siden
ah yeah babyyy chest cam is back
Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris 6 dager siden
Calvin needs to drop the man bra holster
Nick Davila
Nick Davila 6 dager siden
Casually gets a visit from skateboarding legend buckey lasek
shane 6 dager siden
I doubt some people know what :p means lol
jumper72 7 dager siden
I was going to say give the r8 to Calvin but Calvin likes following TJ so he’s going to get a Huracan also . My guess BIG T should get it
swafford501 7 dager siden
Any car that can make a grown man giggle is worth the money.
kevin garcia
kevin garcia 7 dager siden
Streethunter huracan 👀
Luis estrada
Luis estrada 7 dager siden
Idk why they always gotta say the cost of stuff like if anyone cares how much u spend lol just install the shit and let's us hear it 😂
PR0N2KILL 7 dager siden
Calv looks like hes strapped up every vid ahahah
Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts
Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts 7 dager siden
Imagine waking up to 9:33 everyday...
KCars 7 dager siden
Sounds insane😤
DropD 7 dager siden
I protect my ears when I use an impact gun too. It’s called tinnitus.
Michael Benson
Michael Benson 7 dager siden
Please make an update video on the BRZ when you can! Can't wait to see what it's gonna be like with 600hp :D
Devin Barker
Devin Barker 7 dager siden
0:39 mannn bringing me backk to the garage days boi
zelbo 7 dager siden
Get a JZX100!
Jamie VanDalen
Jamie VanDalen 7 dager siden
no tvs.. "what am I supposed to do?!".... Mr. Hunt, may I direct your attention 45 seconds prior and point out the naked Sabrina ;-) Smash like, comment and subscribe on dat azz ;-)
TschmidVlogs 7 dager siden
Only question, why do you pronounce it “uracan” instead of “huracan”
IAMFOOZY 6 dager siden
Its pronounced "Ahre-Ate"
TurboView TV
TurboView TV 7 dager siden
Time for a UGR Twin Turbo Kit !!!
john Papadopoulos
john Papadopoulos 7 dager siden
I'm just waiting for the body kit
b9625bb 7 dager siden
Is Calvin indonesian?
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 7 dager siden
Have Sabrina fart on the vlogs
zelbo 7 dager siden
What the freek
adan hernandez
adan hernandez 7 dager siden
Tj, Can you put the Audi and the lambo next to each other to see Who sounds better
Mediocre Dude
Mediocre Dude 7 dager siden
New LBWK kit plss teej 🤣
Tito X1
Tito X1 7 dager siden
Give Calv the R8!! And make a video surprising him
mark anderson
mark anderson 7 dager siden
cant clown calvin for wearing headphones when he’s 95 with perfect hearing
Eric Holthaus
Eric Holthaus 7 dager siden
that startup was viscous sounding
irokatcod4 7 dager siden
For some reason TJ's videos make the exhaust loud unlike other NOpostrs which is great!
Preston Varga
Preston Varga 7 dager siden
Is no one talking about that sunset...
DIALINGLUNAR /_\ 7 dager siden
I miss wearing shorts. Must be nice.
Roque 7 dager siden
2 outros in 1 vid Let's goooo
Pambudi Ari Sudarsono
Pambudi Ari Sudarsono 7 dager siden
Go tune to sheepy tegg..
Connor Williams
Connor Williams 7 dager siden
Sounds so good bro.
SPARKS CUSTOMS 7 dager siden
Thanks for seeing my comment and choosing armytrix exhaust teejj....
SCORPION_DIE 7 dager siden
I think they are making popcorn there
SCORPION_DIE 7 dager siden
now only the flames are missing
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