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feels good to get back on the ice boys!
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David Gleason
David Gleason Måned siden
God is so good...thank you Lord for answered prayers...Sabrina, God is not done with you yet...he has something great in store for you...I can't wait to see what it is...You and TJ are great together...we are all so blessed with you guys...take care and God bless...David.
Chris723 28 dager siden
@MR. Z no negativity just reality.Just think when you say something like god is good
MR. Z 28 dager siden
@Chris723 please take your negativity else where 🤦‍♂️
Chris723 Måned siden
David Gleason you are an idiot. If God is good with her why is he evil killing children with cancer ? Its science and doctors who cured her
Dallas Snyder
Dallas Snyder 15 dager siden
My brother was just diagnosed with a brain tumor so to see how good everything is going with Sabrina really gets my hopes up and makes me feel good. Keep up the great content TJ love your videos!
Andy Kenney
Andy Kenney 24 dager siden
yay, so happy for you Sabrina!! thats amazing!!!!
gojo197zero Måned siden
Yes he does...God is good
Rydnorth Måned siden
Keep Moving Forward!
The Cobberdoodle
The Cobberdoodle Måned siden
come on up and play some mens league in minnesota????
Matt Yoder
Matt Yoder Måned siden
congrats on the news!!
findthetime Måned siden
This is a great vlog today, so happy for Sabrina with her tumor being gone, and seeing tj play hockey again, OGs remember when he started the vlog and he talked about hockey, love you guys
F150hd82 Måned siden
awesome news !!!!!
Dane Perry
Dane Perry Måned siden
Great news Sabrina, best Christmas gift ever, never met her but watch the videos with tj hunt
Raul rangel
Raul rangel Måned siden
Were not getting married..ouch
Walter FJK
Walter FJK Måned siden
I swear mickey looks like Joe Thornton 😁
Alex DeYoung
Alex DeYoung Måned siden
Did You Play For the Gulls???
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life Måned siden
I'm not a boy. Yea I remember the old vlog when you went to the rink. So happy they got 99% of it out. I like the beard better.
Robert Buttry
Robert Buttry Måned siden
Roller Koaster
Roller Koaster Måned siden
God is good Sabrina 💪💪💪, i would suggest to regularly check on it though ✌️
Gantt Trendz
Gantt Trendz Måned siden
Teej looking like Tom Green with the goatee 😂😂
C Squared
C Squared Måned siden
What level did u play for the jr gulls? I played a little hockey as well
Pineapple Newman
Pineapple Newman Måned siden
Hay Tj your looks beautiful and should. Have a Channel
Ryan Tolk
Ryan Tolk Måned siden
I didn't know you were a midwesterner. "Ope!"
nate hartzfeld
nate hartzfeld Måned siden
For some reason my wife thinks my goatee is cool but I share your same thoughts about my own goatee and it’s overall creep factor 😂
Instagram _artbyDerek
Instagram _artbyDerek Måned siden
Definitely looks like a creep lol but everybody with a goatee does lol
hotdog johnson
hotdog johnson Måned siden
AYY teej, whenever you plan on having a wedding for you and Sabrina, bro get my older brother to sing for y’all! No better way than have a car guy subscriber play the music at your special day hahaha ! Bringing cars, music, and family into one! He sure would love to do it for y’all 🤟 Here’s a sample nopost.info/throw/0qm6jZTZzo-IfLs/video
Crushin' Gears
Crushin' Gears Måned siden
That’s amazing news! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
casey brune
casey brune Måned siden
Didn't know tj had mitts like that
The Barber Blogg
The Barber Blogg Måned siden
Mighty ducks was my fav movie growin up!
Hunter Buckley
Hunter Buckley Måned siden
you look like adam sandler with that goatee
GAMEboy Måned siden
i heard kalvin can beat u in hockey
J-series hatch life
J-series hatch life Måned siden
Tj“Paint BALLER” Hunt
Calvin Kirchhoff
Calvin Kirchhoff Måned siden
My brother who is now 25 had a brain tumor a couple years ago and so I’ve been reminded of that with your journey Sabrina! Thanks to God he has a large majority of it removed and he has grown in his relationship with God so much! I’m so thankful that God has healed you so well and I pray He will sustain the Hunt fam!! Much love from NorCal!
Prem Naik
Prem Naik Måned siden
-1:55 top 10 funny things on the channel to watch
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Måned siden
God is great
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Måned siden
Please marry her!!!!!!! Please
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Måned siden
Love it
Speed Culture Studios
Speed Culture Studios Måned siden
Fantastic news!
Marlo Stewart
Marlo Stewart Måned siden
Congrats to Sabrina... I almost teared up, but I'm a G... and we ain't allowed to cry. May God continue to bless you 2 on your journey together. And literally LOL'd at Creepy Uncle TJ outro. It doesn't look horrible, but definitely would have to see it for a week to get used to it.
PontiacSpazz Måned siden
Brandon Grkman
Brandon Grkman Måned siden
that shield tilt is not where it’s at tj😭😭
Future Boosted
Future Boosted Måned siden
Sabrina Is so natural, so real. I love it!!!
Alex Leger
Alex Leger Måned siden
I never like videos, but I had to like this one. Congrats Sabrina!
Pablo Barajas
Pablo Barajas Måned siden
Tj hunt vs one of the Nelk boys on a hockey sesh?
willyt Måned siden
God bless you!!!
Up Urkilt
Up Urkilt Måned siden
I met your goalie coach buddy last year in Canada.. I'm neighbor's with his coaching partner up here
daap gaming
daap gaming Måned siden
Great news congratulations and Merry Christmas
The Dudeprime
The Dudeprime Måned siden
Sorry Sabrina, Tj’s jaw shape doesn’t fit that beard 😂
Jake Feltenberger
Jake Feltenberger Måned siden
Don't believe in god, I believe in people and science. That is what helped Sabrina, glad she is doing better and thankful for the people who got her there. Cheers, and Merry christmahanakwanzika to all.
Victor Major
Victor Major Måned siden
I haven't laughed this hard in so long seeing that goatee. LMFAO
Sig Jamison
Sig Jamison Måned siden
Dude... life is good 😌 Great video and love the news at 7:12 🙌
Sig Jamison
Sig Jamison Måned siden
PS... you do look like a creep haha
Preston O'Neal
Preston O'Neal Måned siden
Teeg my guy... PLEASE figure out how to fix your dang camera from being so blurry all the time I love love love the blogs but it is hard for my eyes to see with the blurry shots man
Kevin Castro
Kevin Castro Måned siden
Micky looks like joe thortons brother 😂
Richy Orr
Richy Orr Måned siden
that goatee.. double from the dude from roadtrip
Cayden Blissett
Cayden Blissett Måned siden
TJ looking like shaggy from scooby-doo
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson Måned siden
I didn’t know TJ played puck... earned a new sub
Nick Brackley
Nick Brackley Måned siden
Dam now I want a goatee
Albert Alby
Albert Alby Måned siden
❤️ Hockey! Did you order a reverse retro green NJ Devils? Go Rangers!
Born2 Boost
Born2 Boost Måned siden
Congrats guys that is great news! Much love from Minnesota ✌🏻
Sergio Blackman
Sergio Blackman Måned siden
My guy TJ that gote has to go my guy
Vandy Måned siden
Nasty at pick
R Harvz
R Harvz Måned siden
156 Dislikes on a video where Sabrina shares amazing news about her cancer story? People are unreal...
Blurrs Måned siden
we need more hockey content from ya bih dawg
Kris I.
Kris I. Måned siden
I am sooo happy you beat cancer !!!! I had crazy news where I had a tumor removed and now I ammpraying my ct scan will be clear .... I pray to.god and Jesus everyday that 🙏 they'll let me live and be able to go back to work and have my life back !!!!! All I ever wanted is just to be normal and be able to work and enjoy life
McArthur Motors
McArthur Motors Måned siden
Thanks for giving the rest of us hope for the same news one day Sabrina ❤️
J Mudd
J Mudd Måned siden
Great new Sabrina
deafcolors Måned siden
Dude you look like a hockey player naturally. Like when a helmet comes off a player. You look like a hockey player ⚡️⚡️
Nick Pendleton
Nick Pendleton Måned siden
GOD is GREAT!!!!!!
Julian Castellanos
Julian Castellanos Måned siden
Goateej looks like a teacher😂💀
Sloth.69 Måned siden
tj talking about 500hp being slow, me and my 100hp mazda 3 :(
james donaldson
james donaldson Måned siden
Good to see your into a man sport
Sean Foto
Sean Foto Måned siden
Great news Sabrina ✌🏻👏🏻
Sloth.69 Måned siden
im happy for you sabrina
KingDewar Måned siden
Always wanted to play with Brett Burns 🥵
David M Rodriguez
David M Rodriguez Måned siden
With that goatee you going to the club tonight teej. There would be alot of girls that would like to awkwardly catcalled according to that goatee all of them, in my opinion
David Perez
David Perez Måned siden
Shave that shit! Haha
David M Rodriguez
David M Rodriguez Måned siden
Good job Sabrina!!!
Danis Lalicic
Danis Lalicic Måned siden
Tj looks like Dr. Strange a little with the goatee
josh reyes
josh reyes Måned siden
So happy for you Sabrina!!!
Patrick Helms
Patrick Helms Måned siden
Congratulations to Sabrina!
Nick Ammeraal
Nick Ammeraal Måned siden
Dang!! Hell yes! Sabrina!
patrick grace
patrick grace Måned siden
Good news indeed!
Jay Keltner
Jay Keltner Måned siden
Great news Sabrina!
T. B.
T. B. Måned siden
Shout out! SD Gulls Bantam and midget AAA alumni!
Luke Detty
Luke Detty Måned siden
Fuck yeah! So happy for you guys!
RevLimiter814 Måned siden
Thank God she is ok! Awesome news. Early Christmas present.
Kyle White
Kyle White Måned siden
I thought ice rinks used plexiglass/polycarbonate windows, not actual glass. They must have a lot of faith in most of the hockey people that come in there lol. Better luck next time, Mick!
JayAySeaKay Måned siden
congrats sabrina
Joey Kalmakoff
Joey Kalmakoff Måned siden
Surprised TJ played hockey!
scott hartgrove
scott hartgrove Måned siden
Awesome news !!
Alieu Faal
Alieu Faal Måned siden
Teeg looks like Big T with that goatee
Royaltybuiltco Måned siden
Praise Jesus 🙌🙌
Whoopty Whoop Co.
Whoopty Whoop Co. Måned siden
Now he’s the actual doctor. Fuck doctor strange. Doctor hunt in the hizzy
Adam M
Adam M Måned siden
TJ you look like a DAD
PumpkinDefender Måned siden
That goatee makes you look like a guy that goes back to his high school homecoming game every year to try to pick up high school girls. GROW A MULLET! Give Rad Dan some competition.
PumpkinDefender Måned siden
Congrats on the news!!! TJ, we need to get some “F@&k Cancer” themed merch to donate to cancer research!
Moonboy TV
Moonboy TV Måned siden
i'm very glad to hear the good news. such a blessing.
madridda Måned siden
Tj does look like a drug dealer with that goatie now
Gary Dziubek
Gary Dziubek Måned siden
Cancer sucks balls. I had nephew who passed away from radiation necosis on the back of his brain stem.so yes cancer sucks balls
Alex Koroskenyi
Alex Koroskenyi Måned siden
Great update Sabrina! Much love and prayers for you guys!
GRod Måned siden
Didn’t know Chuck Norris ran a JDM NOpost channel.
Brandon Ramsey
Brandon Ramsey Måned siden
Your goatee makes you look like you should be in a mafia movie
J The Gamer
J The Gamer Måned siden
No goatee 🤢
''Hvordan var det i fengsel?'' - Q&A
Isabelle Eriksen
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Eminem - Higher (Official Video) Explicit
RS6 Avant Downpipe Install + Tune!
''Hvordan var det i fengsel?'' - Q&A
Isabelle Eriksen
Ganger 57 k
Eminem - Higher (Official Video) Explicit