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Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

The time has come for a change up! Huge thanks to Corsamotorsports for the 600lt! Check out their wrap services and more at
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Austin Ash
Austin Ash 4 måneder siden
600 LT > Aventador
alex mendoza
alex mendoza 4 måneder siden
A Gotti ass purple
Affordable Lonnie
Affordable Lonnie 5 måneder siden
Matte Grey and gloss yellow
William Park
William Park 5 måneder siden
This is William Park from Burbank who wants a fairly new car from Japan mainly a Nissan Skyline R34 or a KENMERRY G.T and the McLaren is sounding nice.
Aaden Leathers
Aaden Leathers 5 måneder siden
Should do corvette blue
Juan Rodrigo Ramirez
Juan Rodrigo Ramirez 5 måneder siden
A baby blue or Miami blue would’ve look good
Double OG Baby
Double OG Baby 5 måneder siden
McLaren's are amazing cars. Love the murdered out look.
Christina Nigon
Christina Nigon 5 måneder siden
8:56 buddy just leaked the color
LAMLAM 5 måneder siden
it’s gonna be orange
Israel Singer
Israel Singer 5 måneder siden
TJ with the cinematics though!!!!
Erick Munoz
Erick Munoz 5 måneder siden
It’s grey
Chris Rivera
Chris Rivera 5 måneder siden
Candy apple red
Anthony Misakian
Anthony Misakian 5 måneder siden
Amethyst purple 💜
Riot 5 måneder siden
When you do you eyes bro @15:35 you know, 100% your going to buy one haha!
israel villicana
israel villicana 5 måneder siden
Hey tj i was just there a couple min ago today and I saw your car!!
Bobby Amerson
Bobby Amerson 5 måneder siden
Miami blue
otfjuju 5 måneder siden
Monarch 5 måneder siden
"he has a different front bumper than i have" ... had ****
Connor Hynes
Connor Hynes 5 måneder siden
What a waste of thousands of hours of engineering work to put a Ferrari on bags. As an engineer I cringe.
Anthony Ledesma
Anthony Ledesma 5 måneder siden
Whatever color you wrap it, plz make it satin, that’s all I ask
Logan Carpenter
Logan Carpenter 5 måneder siden
Purple with white wheels 🤷‍♂️
Logan Carpenter
Logan Carpenter 5 måneder siden
Can y'all be twin's with stradman
Azad Tekin
Azad Tekin 5 måneder siden
"It's a good day to have a good day" was very well said. Thanks for the motivation boost.
Sean Yocom
Sean Yocom 5 måneder siden
Deep space color flip
Angel Villarreal
Angel Villarreal 5 måneder siden
Only teeej would record a freaking subaru from inside his lambo😂 2:13
Joshua Stokes
Joshua Stokes 5 måneder siden
600lt with roof scoop tuned with and exhaust 🤔
Ralphyyy TV
Ralphyyy TV 5 måneder siden
Matte blood red would be amazing tbh
Chase Blais
Chase Blais 5 måneder siden
Does anyone else remember when he would post paintball videos
Nathan Countyrman
Nathan Countyrman 5 måneder siden
Lol the face when she says I like this more then the aventador 😂
Jonathan Valdez-Medina
Jonathan Valdez-Medina 5 måneder siden
Guessing the color. Name of the color: gloss Dark gray with a matte finish.
Turbo Power
Turbo Power 5 måneder siden
Midnight purple
SJ Corona
SJ Corona 5 måneder siden
The cinematics on the Mclaren makes me want to own that beast🔥 Soon
israel1 5 måneder siden
When a NOS Ad play before the vid !
Unnamed Brand
Unnamed Brand 5 måneder siden
Ewww satine black
tarm natawoot
tarm natawoot 5 måneder siden
Matt army green
tarm natawoot
tarm natawoot 5 måneder siden
Gun metal grey
Andy Duong
Andy Duong 5 måneder siden
What happened to premium auto styling
Every day life with me
Every day life with me 5 måneder siden
This trip with Sabrina became about the car and exhaust and not for you two as a couple... You sacrafic quality time for a car and exhaust sounds wow... drop the camera and rejuvenate on the beach with Sabrina and don't complain about why she ripped the paper on the sandwich... your missing life it self because of NOpost life....
AnuelAAAlvaro23 Dk
AnuelAAAlvaro23 Dk 5 måneder siden
Midnight Purple😍🤤
TheFajbar 5 måneder siden
TJ is just gonna buy one in a month or two.
Eli Williamson
Eli Williamson 5 måneder siden
Me: teej can u ease up on the exotics TJ: did someone say 600LT?
Troy Tishenkel
Troy Tishenkel 5 måneder siden
Live in the same area as you and saw you at the gas station but you just left before I could say whatsup wish I could meet you someday
Jaden Wilson
Jaden Wilson 5 måneder siden
with the mclaren u can shift up and down with the same paddle just push it both ways makes vlogin easier
Ethan Gibson
Ethan Gibson 5 måneder siden
whats up with the c8
Max Ostrem
Max Ostrem 5 måneder siden
Drive the McLain at night so we can see the flames
D'Anthonie Cabreras
D'Anthonie Cabreras 5 måneder siden
Sabrina is getting hosed in the comments 😭😭😭
logan Chapman
logan Chapman 5 måneder siden
No premium? :(
Rydnorth 5 måneder siden
600 LT over the Aventador any day
Rydnorth 5 måneder siden
Midnight purple 🔥
jesse zimmerman
jesse zimmerman 5 måneder siden
someone want to tell me about the lights they have in that shop??? Those are aweosme!
Dennis Wagner
Dennis Wagner 5 måneder siden
You should do the same colour as Ed bolians murci
Leave or Liberty Fishing
Leave or Liberty Fishing 5 måneder siden
Nardo Grey would be sick !
Marshall Miller
Marshall Miller 5 måneder siden
It’s so good to see such a big smile on Sabrina’s face. She deserves a great life, and Teeg is giving that to her. Nucks bro.
Truth Time TV
Truth Time TV 5 måneder siden
Kindly tell your lady friend to use her seatbelt correctly so she doesn’t die in a crash. Thank you
Chad Sanchez
Chad Sanchez 5 måneder siden
Should have kept the 458 :((( it’s my favourite cars of your.
Jason Miller
Jason Miller 5 måneder siden
poor man car
4you2pac 5 måneder siden
Not a 650 not a 720 so slow car
John R
John R 5 måneder siden
Prefer your 458 over this one. would have never sold it.
Jesús Díaz
Jesús Díaz 5 måneder siden
Just saying Tj smiled more driving the mclaren than when he drove the aventador 🤭
Jack Walker
Jack Walker 5 måneder siden
I would have done it a little different I would of went with the mirror
Mac Milne
Mac Milne 5 måneder siden
The 600lt is just fat better in my opinion. If the lambo was an sv it might be different
Joshua Richardz
Joshua Richardz 5 måneder siden
Nardo Grey
Sarbelio Lara
Sarbelio Lara 5 måneder siden
Sarbelio Lara
Sarbelio Lara 5 måneder siden
Chrome black
Sarbelio Lara
Sarbelio Lara 5 måneder siden
Chrome orange
Sarbelio Lara
Sarbelio Lara 5 måneder siden
Chrome purple
Sarbelio Lara
Sarbelio Lara 5 måneder siden
Black and yellow
Josh cass
Josh cass 5 måneder siden
MiD_B3AST 5 måneder siden
Tj i work at mclaren of Philadelphia!!!! Come by if you decide to pull a trigger!
The Banks Films
The Banks Films 5 måneder siden
If you don’t wrap it purple or purple/orange/white camo with white wheels, im unsubscribing. In all seriousness, blood red would be cool.
Ben Allen
Ben Allen 5 måneder siden
If you're going for a wrap, go with Inozetek and either Mamba Green or Midnight Purple. Absolutely no doubt!
Luis Davalos Martinez
Luis Davalos Martinez 5 måneder siden
Purple wrap and white wheels #stradman
Joseph Sutterby
Joseph Sutterby 5 måneder siden
Marco Cardoso
Marco Cardoso 5 måneder siden
We want Flamess docccc
Aris Salehi
Aris Salehi 5 måneder siden
Your wrapping it gloss dark grey
Emmanuel Rico
Emmanuel Rico 5 måneder siden
Tj is u hold the roof off button down the little back mirror goes down and also u can shift up with the downshift paddle and visceral
Calvin Deyon
Calvin Deyon 5 måneder siden
Ok fellas my budgets 4-5k I’m almost 19 what’s a good first car
Hemi vs. Ninja
Hemi vs. Ninja 5 måneder siden
Before you said nardo grey it had popped into my head already it’s a must but that’s just me
Patrick Mitchell
Patrick Mitchell 5 måneder siden
Please please please do not wrap that car in purple 🤦🏻‍♂️. Do something that you don’t see every day on the internet.
Sam Fry
Sam Fry 5 måneder siden
I think you should wrap it violet
Hemi Life 215
Hemi Life 215 5 måneder siden
Teej you know you can use the same paddle shifter to shift up or down :)
JaredSVX 5 måneder siden
I really hope she doesn't always wear or seat belt like that... That is a good way to break some ribs 😕
Joker 420
Joker 420 5 måneder siden
So good to see Sabrina happy and enjoying herself amazing job tj
Joker 420
Joker 420 5 måneder siden
Wrap it in something like vw r32 blue.
NAMEL ESSACC 5 måneder siden
ScrapeMetal 5 måneder siden
how come you're not wrapping it at premium?
Trucker_Quil D.I.Y
Trucker_Quil D.I.Y 5 måneder siden
I’m a new subscriber, nice work salute
Lil Oreo
Lil Oreo 5 måneder siden
Gloss dark grey it says right there on 8:20
Ryan Waters
Ryan Waters 5 måneder siden
We all know Teej is baiting us on that black and white screen whilst leaving the name of the colour in. We gotcha boy!
Lane Moyes
Lane Moyes 5 måneder siden
Idk why but the beginning of you video felt like I was watching the stradman...
M0ct3zuma22 5 måneder siden
Why did this man teej sound like that guy from the meme “hey that’s pretty good” when he said it😂😂
Marco Belloni
Marco Belloni 5 måneder siden
Duckie 5 måneder siden
who else miss extra premium?
siew king sam
siew king sam 5 måneder siden
Go lilac purple
Deymson Fernandez
Deymson Fernandez 5 måneder siden
Orange 😍
SMAJ Automotives
SMAJ Automotives 5 måneder siden
Nardo Grey
Deymson Fernandez
Deymson Fernandez 5 måneder siden
Purple ?🤣🤣🤣
Raetahj Laudat
Raetahj Laudat 5 måneder siden
Guys I think he low-key forgot he could hear up and down with either paddle
CHAM CHAM 5 måneder siden
Binod binod binod binod binod
Dylan Harper
Dylan Harper 5 måneder siden
Wait is he gonna get a 600lt like if he should
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