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5 måneder siden

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James Papageorge
James Papageorge 19 dager siden
Omg......too funny
Caleb Sutton
Caleb Sutton Måned siden
How do you not know how to burn out a car? 🙃😐😐
Josue Sanitize your
Josue Sanitize your 3 måneder siden
"don't judge on mistakes" Logan: *finger slips*
5h4d0vv 3 måneder siden
Just feels icky seeing this mixed together for some reason 🤏🤷🏻‍♂️
13Anomalous 3 måneder siden
Wonder when this channel will die off
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia 4 måneder siden
You should take them to the garage haha
Ryan 4 måneder siden
Why is that guy freaking out like he’s going to die? That track is so small. You can’t even go that fast.
el pollo
el pollo 4 måneder siden
my sister doesn't like that you use a straw for a sip top on your starbucks orders claiming that you are a turtle killer and she told me to copy and paste this in every video so here we go. She promised me she'll buy me merch untill this gets noticed
Jorge Beristain
Jorge Beristain 4 måneder siden
Shaker Mursalin
Shaker Mursalin 4 måneder siden
Please get on Impaulsive
Octane Overdrive
Octane Overdrive 4 måneder siden
Worst guest ever on this channel. Ever. Shameful.
Keno 95
Keno 95 4 måneder siden
Great collaboration
Stefan Botes
Stefan Botes 4 måneder siden
Teej, I bet you had one massive ass smile under the helmet hahahhaha
Malefic Soldier
Malefic Soldier 4 måneder siden
Can't say I expected this one...
Zander Montana
Zander Montana 4 måneder siden
TJ YOU SHOULD BUILD THE R8 FOR THE CANNONBALL. i know you talked a lot about the c8 roadtrip and how much you loved it why not build a car for it
Darcy Bailey
Darcy Bailey 4 måneder siden
why does Adam Sandler look so young in this OMG
Ilyaas Arsala
Ilyaas Arsala 4 måneder siden
Watched mikes vid and heard TJ knew it had to be you !!
Izran Khan
Izran Khan 4 måneder siden
teej you murdered the poor guy
Jaysah Wilson
Jaysah Wilson 4 måneder siden
4:06 man's face was filled with "I think I just shit myself"
El Dios
El Dios 4 måneder siden
😂😂 I’m disgusted by the fakeness of his reactions
Glenn Man
Glenn Man 4 måneder siden
Hahaha 4:25 should’ve been your thumb nail 😱
ed reshad
ed reshad 4 måneder siden
Wow this was super disappointing, thought better of you Teej
DynastyCC 4 måneder siden
All the dodge boys triggered after Teej called a challenger a track hawk 😭😭😭 5:58
Kusqen 4 måneder siden
overreacting Andys just as I thought :/
Nicholas Mcdougald
Nicholas Mcdougald 4 måneder siden
Dose anybody notice the worst expensive couch is in the trailer at 10:51
Rydnorth 4 måneder siden
Weird collaboration but also kinda dope
Tyler Brant
Tyler Brant 4 måneder siden
Y’all haters you never even meet them so just shut up lmao keyboard warriors
MadMike216 4 måneder siden
I wouldn’t be able to concentrate with someone screaming in my damn ear like that.
DJParsons89 4 måneder siden
Logan just uploaded the drifting stuff. He doesn't even talk about who he drifted with...
FALL1N1 4 måneder siden
I recognized the cars from Logan’s vid so I came here, why didn’t I get a notification for this vid
Rehv 4 måneder siden
such negative comments yall the worse
Andrew Arneson
Andrew Arneson 4 måneder siden
Yo logans a g this is the collab i been waiting for
yourboi Cám
yourboi Cám 4 måneder siden
Please tell logan to buy a super car
StormyBrah 4 måneder siden
3:07 = Wallace from Wallace & Gromit.... LOL
RollingWithJohn 4 måneder siden
Siick 🤙
Pixelated Bandit
Pixelated Bandit 4 måneder siden
we picked up lying to fans form logan i see, what happened to daily vlogs lol
Osvaldo Rivera
Osvaldo Rivera 4 måneder siden
This is a huge collab for you good shit
Joey Ingelhart
Joey Ingelhart 4 måneder siden
Peace out and keep moving sideways.
Demon Modz
Demon Modz 4 måneder siden
Featuring a tweaked out Adam Sandler
Kyle Spivey
Kyle Spivey 4 måneder siden
bruh,, logan rlly said “i mean if we really wanted to, we could pop the fuse or something “
Ean Celso
Ean Celso 4 måneder siden
dont collab with him again...please
christian 4 måneder siden
Imagine he actually crashed
Twig 4 måneder siden
Passenger was kinda annoying...
Daniel Metherell
Daniel Metherell 4 måneder siden
2k dislikes because of Logan Paul 🤪👍🏼
Idiot Fox
Idiot Fox 4 måneder siden
U know it's tight when u have to wear a helmet inside a car
Thomas Nichols
Thomas Nichols 4 måneder siden
TJ yanks his hand break just as much as he yanks his pecker
bouda lada
bouda lada 4 måneder siden
nice faking comedian ahahah
Kaisersoze 4 måneder siden
Teej out here looking like The Stig that 2020 deserves.
Damian Esquivel
Damian Esquivel 4 måneder siden
This ain’t it teeg
Rainer Hernandez
Rainer Hernandez 4 måneder siden
The amount logan has grown as a person, you should get him into cars
AyyoMartin 4 måneder siden
Bro ur down the st from my house
Backalley Ent
Backalley Ent 4 måneder siden
If you saw TJ on the podcast you knew this collaboration has been in the works
Sam Lindow
Sam Lindow 4 måneder siden
Are we not going to acknowledge the fact that Logan brought his Mercedes couch?
Stephen Cadman
Stephen Cadman 4 måneder siden
please dont do anymore video's with those muppets
MR. Buffallo
MR. Buffallo 4 måneder siden
How come this is the collab I’ve been dreaming for my whole life 😂
Kanserer Gaming
Kanserer Gaming 4 måneder siden
Everyone: getting there hypercar Tj: im with Logan Paul
XxDarkSidexX 4 måneder siden
don't tell me that i just got jebaited sooooooooo hard. "Calvin's actually gonna be sliding his car today" when i tell you i let out an abrupt "WHAT??!!"
Loski Tube
Loski Tube 4 måneder siden
I guess that last video never hit 40k likes 😩😑 we need daily uploads Teej!
JP 4 måneder siden
Someone needs to tell me where to find TJs outro music
xspower mando
xspower mando 4 måneder siden
Yes that was pretty coo man especially dude screaming whole time u drifting classic
Streamline Garage
Streamline Garage 4 måneder siden
And just like that, the streak is over boys😶
DESLUMINATI 4210 4 måneder siden
Logan looks like a hobo ngl
DESLUMINATI 4210 4 måneder siden
The reaction is so over the top. Calm tf down,making tj look like the stig😂
Andrew Franco
Andrew Franco 4 måneder siden
The clout chasing begins....
MariusEV123 4 måneder siden
Why risk getting Covid for this stuff
24inchesinpants 4 måneder siden
Where’s the 2:30 upload today?!
Terrell Parker
Terrell Parker 4 måneder siden
I wonder if he used the meguire ceramic wax to wash off that logan paul collaboration 🤔😂😂
Yousaf I
Yousaf I 4 måneder siden
Everything ok TJ? No more daily vlogs?
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller 4 måneder siden
You failed at daily vlogging for the rest of the month😭😭
Nicholas Gradel
Nicholas Gradel 4 måneder siden
Today is 8/31 at 6:22 PST and no daily vlog...lies. LIES I SAY, LIES!!!
Nismo Mike
Nismo Mike 4 måneder siden
Teej out here looking like the STIG of drifting.
Edwin Rogel
Edwin Rogel 4 måneder siden
Low tire pressure
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson 4 måneder siden
Why was he acting like that I would’ve had to stop and get him out the damn car
Vinny Lasater
Vinny Lasater 4 måneder siden
What year is your BRZ?
Jacob Morphew
Jacob Morphew 4 måneder siden
At 10:50 the Mercedes couches were in a trailer 🧐
Jeremy Plummer
Jeremy Plummer 4 måneder siden
Austin Schargorodski
Austin Schargorodski 4 måneder siden
Very strange going from quality daily vlogs to this and then 2 days ghosted... Hope everythings okay Teeg
Alpine 4 måneder siden
Totally joking but imagine
Alpine 4 måneder siden
Now he will be joining the Illuminati. Don’t be surprised if he uploads a video and he’s in Or leaving Chicago the Illuminati headquarters is under the airport.
Austin Schargorodski
Austin Schargorodski 4 måneder siden
Please never bring those clowns back on the channel, yikes.
2 Asian Guys
2 Asian Guys 4 måneder siden
What camera you use TJ?
O.G MILLZY 4 måneder siden
Plzz dont do this again... Stay clear lmao
twinkieangel 4 måneder siden
Please don’t associate with scumbag Paul
IDONTBVCKDOWN 03 4 måneder siden
There goes my respect T.
TheSmosis 4 måneder siden
paul brothers be the worst people to be doing anything with
SpaceBarbarian 4 måneder siden
Wait was that Ryan Litteral in the background. Would much rather see that dude, he knows how to wear a hat at least 😬
Michael Cheek
Michael Cheek 4 måneder siden
The slides are looking a lot tighter and better Teej. Good work!
Alex Murgo
Alex Murgo 4 måneder siden
Tj...we dont want to see that man on here or ever thought he would appear on your channel
Eddywrx 4 måneder siden
Why tj logan and jake are bad people
Tom 4 måneder siden
Never disliked a video sofast.
Stuart Trapani
Stuart Trapani 4 måneder siden
Lmao teej needs an "oh shit" handle for his passangers! 😂
THilly 4 måneder siden
I have absolutely no respect for anyone who collabs with LP. Unsubbed.
John Dc2
John Dc2 4 måneder siden
That guy at 3:00 really do be freakin out 😂
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 4 måneder siden
Wow they literally didn’t provide anything to video. If anything it dulled the video as the ass kissing is just annoying
Bram 908
Bram 908 4 måneder siden
bring out the gf´s. I feel like I've seen Mikes gf before, don't know from where tho
MIMCK Media 4 måneder siden
First video, logan is not the guy who is over reacting 😅
Bigbry123 4 måneder siden
mercedes couch spotted ahah 10:52 ;)
Leslie Burke
Leslie Burke 4 måneder siden
This guy looks like Mike's smaller version
Calum harper
Calum harper 4 måneder siden
Omg my 2 favourite youtubers just a collab I’m so happy
Andre R Memories
Andre R Memories 4 måneder siden
Most random colab with a crap NOpostr. Will never forgive him for the forest video. other than that awesome video
James Graham
James Graham 4 måneder siden
Damn unsubscribed
Hot dad
Hot dad 4 måneder siden
is that the one who was caught looting and rioting with BLM
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