Rare Rx-7 Surprises Kids at Christmas Toy Drive!

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

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hellolife 15 dager siden
that self realization do be hitting hard tho
Frederik Myrrhøj
Frederik Myrrhøj 24 dager siden
We have matching Douchebags Teeg🔥👏🏼
Chris James
Chris James 24 dager siden
It’s normal for rotarys to smoke that’s just how they are made.
Ryan Chamberland
Ryan Chamberland Måned siden
Song is called “Travellin” by Dyalla :)
Rydnorth Måned siden
We love the drifting videos bro!!
Rydnorth Måned siden
The rx7 is his best build by far, change my mind
Dean Jakovljevic
Dean Jakovljevic Måned siden
The Supra sounds so nasty omg 🔥💥
Hernes Jamil
Hernes Jamil Måned siden
Buy it from him
Brian Philip
Brian Philip Måned siden
TJ making a cameo in FF9?🤔
Bentley’s fun experiences
Bentley’s fun experiences Måned siden
Really enjoyed watching your video! This is my favorite Ferrari! Hope you like it❤️nopost.info/throw/p6_OlaK0sKN8ltE/video
lsonastyy- Måned siden
Kevin is pretty good at vloging
Reece Ramsey
Reece Ramsey Måned siden
How TJ managed to make it there and back riding so dirty on E is a Christmas Miracle 🎅🏻 🎄
General Pinochet
General Pinochet Måned siden
Wrap the 370, it's ugly in white
Mick Dees
Mick Dees Måned siden
Bruh your reminiscing about being 26🤣 and saying your old I'm 27 and still live at home and have a shitty Holden Commodore which yous probably call a Chevrolet or GMC or something over there, your living the dream of what most car guys want to live.
Nikki M.
Nikki M. Måned siden
17:50 anyone else find this tune relaxing? Wish I knew who made it
Roller Koaster
Roller Koaster Måned siden
always nice to see kev clean white f30😍
Crsxbike Måned siden
Who’s Volvo 240??
Jake Fischer
Jake Fischer Måned siden
Order a bronco Teej
Censay !
Censay ! Måned siden
15 mil for that view, damn crazy
Sajdy l
Sajdy l Måned siden
10:30 if you know you know 🤣🤣 🥦
cruzingt86 Måned siden
Oh yea Broncos are out now I used to work at a rail station unloading new cars and I have friends still there and have snapped the new Broncos
Zach Weinberg
Zach Weinberg Måned siden
1:39 is the joke here that rotories don’t have head gaskets? Tbh I don’t even know this stuff? Just wanna learn
Jordan James
Jordan James Måned siden
The Branco was probably Doug
jgkrapster Måned siden
You could play Brian o Conner son!
Edgar Pena
Edgar Pena Måned siden
Bronco sports are the only ones on the road right now
DynastyCC Måned siden
Teej... Please get a 335i(s)!!!!!! -Management :))
david sanchez
david sanchez Måned siden
Says “knock on wood” but doesn’t actually knock on wood
ben wilenius
ben wilenius Måned siden
Did somebody else noticed that mint condition volvo 240 next to kevin's 335?
No1 Famous
No1 Famous Måned siden
9:09 so how much was your 328? My 2011 328 E92 has a sticker price of almost 40k.
Aaron Armsheimer
Aaron Armsheimer Måned siden
Teej, instead of being like "ehhh, I know alot of you arent into it but too bad", why dont you explain it to those who dont know or understand it, lol
Ezra nicholas
Ezra nicholas Måned siden
I like the drifting bro and I definitely understand
Young Trapping
Young Trapping Måned siden
haha Mr.TJ is getting old
Magucci13 Måned siden
People like this rx7, but think diesels are dirty...🧐
Devon Smith
Devon Smith Måned siden
As a owner of multiple n54/55 335i’s if you are looking to buy one they are way cheaper than 10-15k if you buy one for that price it better be perfect. A realistic price is around 5-8k and those prices will still get you a pretty good one. Either way you want to make sure it’s had it maintained done or do it when you get it. And you’ll be set for the most part. I currently have a 07 335i with pure turbos and FBO pretty much the same Kevin’s e92.
Marinedevildawg Måned siden
That RX7 is dope dude.
Jeff Mac
Jeff Mac Måned siden
Pretty soon you'll be acting like your Dad.
dyna bob
dyna bob Måned siden
No view in the world is worth that kinda of money for a house with no property
Supercar Driven
Supercar Driven Måned siden
Very cool we came with our 1800 HP GTR and Good video 2020 Corvette stingray spider with 3LT Z-51 package 🔥 and the adults loved the GTR the kids loved the C8
Ryan Rebensdorf
Ryan Rebensdorf Måned siden
We 🤍 Sabrina in the vlog ☺️ She has really great happy energy. Something everyone needs at this time. 🙏🏻
MiniJeep Chris
MiniJeep Chris Måned siden
I dont understand why your 13b smokes so much and other people's doesn't.
scott moore
scott moore Måned siden
Head gasket, lol, or maybe, leaky valve stem seals. Lmfao
scott moore
scott moore Måned siden
And if you fall for that go buy some muffler bearings and blinker fluid! Lol
Michael Navarro
Michael Navarro Måned siden
Oh no he didn’t. I started watching you watching a drifter.
Dadeq Dazq
Dadeq Dazq Måned siden
silvia rebuild
Dayne Rampersad
Dayne Rampersad Måned siden
the broncos are on sale bro, they are 2012 model year so they will be out this year
Dayne Rampersad
Dayne Rampersad Måned siden
Teej you're not old bro, try being 39 like me now thats old as f**k
Dayne Rampersad
Dayne Rampersad Måned siden
you should put the first gen 370z nismo wing for the 370z
Anthony Trombino
Anthony Trombino Måned siden
Ha ha you are a Christmas birth like me (Dec 22 1971, yes I’m old). Love the birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper lol. Great vlogs lately, love the content with simple stuff. Not all cars. I used to live in SD love seeing the sights.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Måned siden
I got chillsss, Teej we share the same birthday! 12/29/94!
jeff wild
jeff wild Måned siden
The bronco sport is out the "bronco" will be out next year
Anthony Mohammed
Anthony Mohammed Måned siden
Enjoyed having sabrina in the vlog she makes me laugh
Hey Teej speaking on the Z’s, are you considering the 400z?
G1LLY Måned siden
Buy an M3, Dare you.
Jihoon Youn
Jihoon Youn Måned siden
I don’t like how Sabrina thinks she’s cute. She’s not at all and she annoying
Hammer 93
Hammer 93 Måned siden
Does anyone know the tune at 1:50!? Put me to rest 🙌
Leon Overfield
Leon Overfield Måned siden
Rotary life. 400Z?
Johnny Portillo
Johnny Portillo Måned siden
350 giveaway in the future
Monarchs United
Monarchs United Måned siden
This video should have been titled: Ten Year Throwback on the 335, honestly. I enjoyed seeing your genuine reaction.
Noah Fischer
Noah Fischer Måned siden
Is the RX-7 a built motor on nah?
GingerHitman Måned siden
teeg: "omg i'm 26 i'm so old, ugh i'm soooo old" me sitting here in my mid 30's........"okay teeg, okay"
Andrew Mohamed
Andrew Mohamed Måned siden
Excellent video brother be safe
Riley Jordan
Riley Jordan Måned siden
thsi si treibler
2gioz Garage
2gioz Garage Måned siden
Stayed up late to catch up on the vlogs ! Keep moving forward TEEJ 🔥
uc_kryptonite Måned siden
Is that cel at 13:26?
Devin McGuirk
Devin McGuirk Måned siden
The Bronco Sport is out now but the actual Broncos won’t come out til spring 2021
zach Veneman
zach Veneman Måned siden
RX-7 and Supra driving content 😍😍
Kyle White
Kyle White Måned siden
3:04 a BMW owner that knows how to use a turn signal? Lmao sorry, had to do it for the memes..
Anthony Ciccariello
Anthony Ciccariello Måned siden
If it wasn't for the fact that the water is 48° I would say go surfing for a day of vlogmas
Gabe Hartnett
Gabe Hartnett Måned siden
Are you going to get a BMW again?
Copper McKillit
Copper McKillit Måned siden
I live in SD and a Cop pulled me over going 25 mph cause of my single exit and I got a state ref. 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Alex Måned siden
26 yr old has panic attack about being “old.” ಠ_ಠ
Beerents Garage
Beerents Garage Måned siden
Bruh that car owes you no change for what you have or have not done to it...keep movin forward
Ese De Ese
Ese De Ese Måned siden
Song at the begining?? Anyone?? Pls!!!
Michael Lenoch
Michael Lenoch Måned siden
"Stereotypical car person"...? sooo you mean like how Rickie drives on the regular? Oh wait, he's a cop himself so gets away with it every time
CTWristband Måned siden
335 convert a wagoon
MaSsan Bot#439
MaSsan Bot#439 Måned siden
The chunky servant differently alert because doubt laterally march atop a sad spot. auspicious, last security
Joshua Quintana
Joshua Quintana Måned siden
wait..we were born the same day/year. thanks for the quarter life crisis i didnt know i needed
Tourre Allen
Tourre Allen Måned siden
No chocolate tonight lol
Enzo Ardovino
Enzo Ardovino Måned siden
michaelpippen1129 Måned siden
Big boii things
Santso Måned siden
Funny how these "Car channels" always turn into vlogs with sometimes cars in them. I would image that with all that money TJs making from merch and youtube etc the builds would get better. But why bother making something new or unique when you can repeat the same content over and over (widebody kits, vinyl wrapping and HRE wheels)
12345qwert911 Måned siden
Put on your seatbelt Sabrina 😡
7suarezf Måned siden
sabrina's response is golden 🤣🤣
walter martinez
walter martinez Måned siden
Yeah I've seen a new Bronco in the wild too. Maybe some Ford executives get them to drive around
LeighedBack Måned siden
teej finally realizing he can no longer make fun of mick for having dusty old dad farts is the saddest thing ever
Anton Antolović
Anton Antolović Måned siden
That wasn't a real bronco, thats bronco sport. They are a bit smaller and different
ricardo matos fernandez
ricardo matos fernandez Måned siden
5:20 BRO, I fucking love the drifting content that's the main reason why I'm still subscribed to this day
Malcolm Harper
Malcolm Harper Måned siden
Hey TJ, who supply you with the key rings ? hook me up with that info and keep pushing forward .
Julian Gosse
Julian Gosse Måned siden
Please more Rx-7 content
Sergio Valdez
Sergio Valdez Måned siden
TEEJ is gonna have a cameo in the last fast n furious movies. you heard it here first! (assumption)
Supreme.209 Måned siden
does anyone else get upset that the vlogs are a day or two behind or is it just me??
Supreme.209 Måned siden
i do love and appreciate the daily vlogs though good shit teej
Almir ibrahimovic
Almir ibrahimovic Måned siden
rx7--nice car
AJP Productions
AJP Productions Måned siden
Ayyyy kid cudi 😂😂😂😂 straight high school vibes
Fat Daddy
Fat Daddy Måned siden
3:07 nice temp gauge
Harlen Freeborn
Harlen Freeborn Måned siden
“IM NOT OLD UGH” lmaoo
ItsJustFeel Måned siden
The Rx7 just makes all of the right noises
alex furrer
alex furrer Måned siden
The fact that tj is a Cudi fan too makes my heart warm. I know how amazing his albums can be when you really connect to them.
yugioh master
yugioh master Måned siden
You need a dedicated editor
Adam Hakim
Adam Hakim Måned siden
bruh imagine getting a phone call from Sung Kang. the ultimate goal.
angelxdope Måned siden
Rx7 is till my favorite car you own
Wael Malaeb
Wael Malaeb Måned siden
get yourself an evo 9
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