The Bullying Has Gone Too Far

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

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Calvin vlogmas edition?!?!? @Kuya Calvin
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Lazaro Perez
Lazaro Perez 10 dager siden
Is the supra in kph instead of mph?
Jake Law
Jake Law 16 dager siden
Teeg Raw is good🤷🏻‍♂️
Alfonso Torres Castillo
Alfonso Torres Castillo 21 dag siden
I love your Supra !!!!!
Nick Mignone
Nick Mignone 21 dag siden
i love sabrina explaining queso like no one knows what it is
Jared Bateman
Jared Bateman 27 dager siden
"that's a nice toque that you got bud!" As a Canadian, I appreciate it Mickey!!
Vitooo 27 dager siden
when the cocaine hits 14:30
DevSolo Måned siden
Keep it raw and uncut Mr. Hunt
UseMagix Måned siden
Mustxqim Måned siden
3rd yr watching the vlogs??🥴
Dominic Newton
Dominic Newton Måned siden
Long uncut raw!! We love tj hunt so we want you stress free for more cars in the future!!
SONY MOBILE Måned siden
Come on teej the oil trick? Hold it sideways label up, no slop baby no slop
kingleo16 Måned siden
A good mixture of both is alright in my book. But, if I had to choose. I would go for the raw vids.
Jaymi Pryde
Jaymi Pryde Måned siden
Long, raw, and uncut 😳
John Hipolito
John Hipolito Måned siden
Omg the big W O A H on the cheese foam 👌🏼😂
Dylan Carvalho
Dylan Carvalho Måned siden
Bmw always comes with crush washers and teegs reaction was mine when I had to change my girlfriends oil and it didn’t come with one 😭
Bailey Viset
Bailey Viset Måned siden
Loving the daily uploads and missed the bloopers I’ve been watching from almost the start keep doing you bro never stop
MylifeChris Måned siden
Raw!!!! Feels like were just out hanging with you :)
Luka Strgar
Luka Strgar Måned siden
i love it!! do vlogs like this, we see more of what you do in your life
IIcyTom Måned siden
Yeah I saw the moon looked huge a couple days ago
Pleasant Collision Motorsports
Pleasant Collision Motorsports Måned siden
No one wants to go to Ohio
Malcolm Harper
Malcolm Harper Måned siden
Hey Tj, who supply you with your merchandise? You can email me at or whatsapp me 246-242-2262 and keep up the great work.
Crispy Six
Crispy Six Måned siden
I thought it was about mr T and his obnoxious take on wearing so much jewellery 😂😅
Cameron Utter
Cameron Utter Måned siden
Ill take all the content don't matter how you make it.....I know im late
Armando Narvaez
Armando Narvaez Måned siden
Always go raw my guy
CarlosC 301
CarlosC 301 Måned siden
I like it raw
Bobby Tran
Bobby Tran Måned siden
Let's go!! I'd enter the giveaway for Calvin's BRZ.
Ricky Lovick Jr
Ricky Lovick Jr Måned siden
Longer and more of a raw video is best!
Trey Bern
Trey Bern Måned siden
Really enjoying the daily vlogs mas. I like the raw videos. Like the supra an you just talking.
Senditmike Måned siden
Dirty 30 in two days for me
Rohaduck Måned siden
longer the better
Toadpenny42 Måned siden
You’re so mean to Sabrina
Liam Maddox
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DJParsons89 Måned siden
To answer what you said at the end of the video. If you have videos like this where is not really working on the cars then its perfect. If you are working on cars and need to do fillers with music and stuff i think that is the best way to make those videos.
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams Måned siden
We (the boys) like the raw vlogs just don’t be afraid to throw a lil intro music like a the red Miley vids
Jerry T
Jerry T Måned siden
What the f is wrong with Ohio
Danny Liu
Danny Liu Måned siden
Leave them raw uncut
Robert Kenworthy
Robert Kenworthy Måned siden
Shut up, I'm 35 and I don't feel old!
Mauro Ponce
Mauro Ponce Måned siden
I just came here to say that long and raw is always better lol
pussydestroyer Måned siden
More POV
Marcel Bijou
Marcel Bijou Måned siden
The longer vlogs are great... Keep 'Em Coming! (Get Sabrina her "own blog" as a "sub channel"!!)
KRSever Patino
KRSever Patino Måned siden
Always wear your Beanie with a hoodie
Stuart Devin
Stuart Devin Måned siden
No inline 5 turbo is the best sounding engine
adam ward
adam ward Måned siden
raw uncut / longer vlogs
Reece Ramsey
Reece Ramsey Måned siden
If you could do a pov noises of the fd too that would be sweet
IM THE LAST DOG Måned siden
boys, can we get an F in the chat?
Tyler Provence
Tyler Provence Måned siden
Yeah the POV definitely hits
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia Måned siden
Long and raw daddy teeg
Hunter Buckley
Hunter Buckley Måned siden
i like the more raw and longer videos
Off Dat Go-Go
Off Dat Go-Go Måned siden
1st Vlogmas viewer here. Cool concept & I'm looking forward to it. Cheers!
Brayden Corse-scott
Brayden Corse-scott Måned siden
I love the longer uncut videos!
jstxrr Måned siden
Tj needs to take the Mk4 to a drag strip and full send
Jimzy 22
Jimzy 22 Måned siden
Goodbye BRZ? That prolly means RX7 is next :( since he’s bullied about it too. RIP.... EDIT! The queso part through me off so bad, lol it sounds so groundbreaking to her!
Alan Clark
Alan Clark Måned siden
Long vids
s4LUVN Måned siden
Smh @ calvins black nails💅
Fastyfire Måned siden
RIP Mako
Shawnzy Måned siden
I'm down for the format
Keiran Wait
Keiran Wait Måned siden
Mitch Oakley
Mitch Oakley Måned siden
i like it raw and uncut ;) :P
Bryan Mussell
Bryan Mussell Måned siden
Great vlog mas. Love it keep up the awesome raw content
Neal Duran
Neal Duran Måned siden
Is that the best bubble tea place. Lol
Tyler Måned siden
dogs are the same as children, we all have our favorites, we just cant tell them morally
jasmine zarate
jasmine zarate Måned siden
long and raw
ArmedNewYork Måned siden
calvin come out of the closet yet?
frankie255a Måned siden
lilcuriousgeorge1 Måned siden
Long and raw tj
Jesus Tobon
Jesus Tobon Måned siden
Raw >>>>>>>>>
Griffin Bryson
Griffin Bryson Måned siden
Need more of the Supra
Griffin Bryson
Griffin Bryson Måned siden
I love the Supra 🤤🤤🤤
Harrison Edwards
Harrison Edwards Måned siden
Do a charity auction for the brz
fritz archer
fritz archer Måned siden
Raw teej
Miguel R
Miguel R Måned siden
Raw for the win 💯
Steve Lopez
Steve Lopez Måned siden
Yes we like it raw
hendrik jan
hendrik jan Måned siden
24min vid is really spot on for vlogmas
LoveMusic Måned siden
i like the raw, uncut vlogs, i personally like longer vlogs and we get to see a little bit more content and some things we don’t usually get
Quartermilebandit Måned siden
Tj can RawDawg me anytime on his videos
Seth Oeser
Seth Oeser Måned siden
11:45 when you haven’t driven it in so long you open the wrong side 😂 love ya TJ! Good inprov though teej just saying what the car was ❤️
Francisco Lozano
Francisco Lozano Måned siden
Blessed us @ 10:38
NVSTRZ34 Måned siden
Thought it looked good as is. The long uncut format is good. Save some time too. Go for it.
Geo Dayrit
Geo Dayrit Måned siden
What if it turns out that it in fact was not the moon but markiplier turning on that bright ass flashlight?
Brandon Edwards
Brandon Edwards Måned siden
bmw oil filters always come with crush washers very nice touch.
Phil Måned siden
I finally started to cosmetically modify my 2016 Chevrolet Impala 1LT. Next weekend, I’m getting all the chrome on it blacked out! I’ve already gotten aftermarket rims put on. I’ve also got aftermarket led bulbs put in too. But unfortunately, my passenger side headlight housing is allowing quite a lot of moisture inside it. So now, I’ll need to get aftermarket headlight housings. ☹️
Itzz_ K&R
Itzz_ K&R Måned siden
-12:42 when you forget your car is RHD So You Open the door from the left 😂😩😩am I the only one who noticed 😂😩
Junior Mendoza
Junior Mendoza Måned siden
Sev Måned siden
Gold Medal Cars
Gold Medal Cars Måned siden
Sabrina > TJ
Chris Clark
Chris Clark Måned siden
the long videos are cool for vlogmas, really enjoyed the raw mk4 sounds in this. i'm just here for the engine sounds. you don't need to talk TJ lol
Dream-build-Garage Måned siden
Tj I like it long and raw
George Ivan Agudelo
George Ivan Agudelo Måned siden
Sabrina def a main character tj just hatin
Jake Bogus
Jake Bogus Måned siden
ghosty Måned siden
Queso is cheese in spanish
Brandon Boyka
Brandon Boyka Måned siden
Long uncut vlogs are best
Cole McDowell
Cole McDowell Måned siden
To be honest whatever makes your life easier with the daily’s. If it’s easier to make em long and raw, do it. If it’s easier to cut em up and make em short, do it. We’re just here for the content in general
George Ivan Agudelo
George Ivan Agudelo Måned siden
Tj said he got them pearly whites
Samazon Måned siden
I like the raw videos or the edited. Post whatever and well watch it.
Massatac 2009
Massatac 2009 Måned siden
keep it raw
Dgripper Måned siden
Yea!! Selling the BRZ means more builds!
Didrik Saastad
Didrik Saastad Måned siden
Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey Måned siden
Keep it raw 💯 👌
H.Mahathir Rahman
H.Mahathir Rahman Måned siden
long uncut of course......uncut are best and raw also soo i am with raw
Johnathan Crumm
Johnathan Crumm Måned siden
The way the raw slightly edited VLogmas is going for you, is just right for me
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