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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Ben Choi
Ben Choi 4 dager siden
Hey Teej... how aggressive of rim specs will your wide-body kit allow for? I think stock C8 for rears is 20x11 et+62 (AFAIK). Those rear quarters seems like they give an insane additional 4" - 5" of width. I'm currently working with LD97 for a custom 3-piece and need the specs... i may be able to get 7" of lip when its all said and done (j/k)
Jason Stott
Jason Stott 4 dager siden
Who is Sabrina's friend?! ......asking for a friend XD
eNZy lb
eNZy lb 16 dager siden
6:40 well he didn't lie when he said Brianna's favorite place is BJ's :P
LittlePup07 19 dager siden
would It look whacky if there was no widebody part in the back of the car, but the front had it on? just wanting other peoples' opinions because I think it wouldn't look that bad.
8kRPM 25 dager siden
I got flash banged at 3:10 lmao
David Bentley
David Bentley 28 dager siden
Not a widebody fan typically but damn, with the hardware being on the inside, this looks absolutely amazing!!!
Mahir Husain
Mahir Husain 28 dager siden
mans said 62 is freezing.
Infinite Idris
Infinite Idris 28 dager siden
Why NOpost suggesting videos I already seen? Well time to unlike
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia Måned siden
Tj you suck for blurring that out😂😂😂
AudibleVisible Måned siden
Wish you had made a c7 kit
nesttrr Måned siden
brianna wants to show her ass
Clipserez Måned siden
I don't like it, I don't like it at all. Looks like rice.
Lance Slao
Lance Slao Måned siden
TJ can we discuss a speed hunter kit for a vehicle, send me a Google business email 📧 😀
Joshua Piñeda
Joshua Piñeda Måned siden
He got a black svj
Christopher Ayers
Christopher Ayers Måned siden
Hey TJ pimp my C6 just trying to make you laugh a little great work on C8 body kit
Brian S.
Brian S. Måned siden
DO NOT RUN SPACERS! Im sure someone will customize a proper set of wheels for you.
Thermedge Måned siden
The spacers were there to show what it would look like with decent fitment... Pretty much all of his cars have custom wheels
Phil McKrakin
Phil McKrakin Måned siden
Why you gotta be a Scrooge and fuzz out Briana's butt? Come on, man! It's Christmas!!!
jay rios
jay rios Måned siden
*Dodge sees challenger liberty walk* *Steals idea* Chevy-drops the wide body corvette 👀🤣🤣🤣
A - Cast
A - Cast Måned siden
Alignment is definitely gonna be needed.
Franklin Harris
Franklin Harris Måned siden
looks like an old lamborghini countach too much fender flare
Aidan Jeanes
Aidan Jeanes Måned siden
TJ "Temps just got to 60... ITS FREEZING OUTHERE!" Me "Its 14 degrees in NH rn... thats cold"
SGT Compton
SGT Compton Måned siden
Haha TJ says, " omg its overcast and 62° ", its 27° here in NY 🌡❄😆
Paul Rebel
Paul Rebel Måned siden
6:49 Tj’s not the 🔌 , Going to Nelk brb
biro24 Måned siden
Over cast and gloomy = Welcome to England 😥😁
Ocean Frederique
Ocean Frederique Måned siden
is that ur c8 Tj
Drifter jay jay
Drifter jay jay Måned siden
put some TE
Cindy Sue
Cindy Sue Måned siden
Yeah leave the lip red and some bronze or gold anodized rims would look nice check out HREs.
Anthony Santos
Anthony Santos Måned siden
In my head tj ended this night with 2 bangs 😂😆 she does have a hs crush on him fellas
Andy Fricks
Andy Fricks Måned siden
This looks like a Ferrari but better
Mason Lopez
Mason Lopez Måned siden
Hater for not shoin that ass 🤣💀
ELUSIVE Måned siden
Kevin Sáenz
Kevin Sáenz Måned siden
No blooper?🥲
hotdog johnson
hotdog johnson Måned siden
AYY teej, whenever you plan on having a wedding for you and Sabrina, bro get my older brother to sing for y’all! No better way than have a car guy subscriber play the music at your special day hahaha ! Bringing cars, music, and family into one! He sure would love to do it for y’all 🤟 Here’s a sample
Peylix Måned siden
You think 60 degrees is cold? lol
S R Leeming
S R Leeming Måned siden
You’re going to need a new garage soon
Thermedge Måned siden
From what he's said with the house he intends to make it a sort of compound. So he'll be building a shop on the land (unless I understood wrong, it was in one of the earlier house videos), likely that the shop will be way oversized to accommodate for growth
KCars Måned siden
That thing will look insane
Finn Måned siden
Why not mould it if youre gonna do all that work to hide the bolted part of it
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl Måned siden
thats what i’m thinking
Stephen Cadman
Stephen Cadman Måned siden
nice kit just needs the front fender pieces closer to the top of the lights so i looks like one transition
Antonio Neri
Antonio Neri Måned siden
Thumbs down since we didn’t see some ass
Yaptım oldu / i did it happened
Yaptım oldu / i did it happened Måned siden
has this happened
Jeremy Zaya
Jeremy Zaya Måned siden
Rears r ugly af
Car Striker
Car Striker Måned siden
They should make diecast cars
AJP Productions
AJP Productions Måned siden
Best part of the video was the pool shot
Unrelatablexd Måned siden
just the reare tail light is prob worth more than my car
Joe schmoe
Joe schmoe Måned siden
62! Ill trade you, that sounds perfect! Its vurrently 29 and possibility of snow, and horrible wind
Noah Davis
Noah Davis Måned siden
So your bag company is starting in January right?
xeba delgado
xeba delgado Måned siden
Tj is the widebody king on youtube, no cap🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl Måned siden
Cain Måned siden
23 degrees here in Illinois.. have to put my Z up soon :(
Buda Måned siden
TJ: It just got to 62, its freezing out here. Me who lives in northern MN: -_-
Supercar Driven
Supercar Driven Måned siden
Looks 🔥🔥🔥🔥 excited to see how ours turns out
Thistooeasy Måned siden
Damn whiteboy couldn’t even do it himself, that’s right! Us latinos be do everything fr😂😂😂 NO 🧢
IM THE LAST DOG Måned siden
that's cold? 60 degrees? in Wisconsin its supposed to get below zero soon. we already have snow lol
VentiTimes Måned siden
Damn, this is a pretty short vid lol
johnny perozo
johnny perozo Måned siden
Meanwhile its 30° in new york🙂
johnny perozo
johnny perozo Måned siden
@Wanna Be Car Girl ayyy its brick thoo 🥶
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl Måned siden
ny ayeeee
Gaming with Wt boys gang
Gaming with Wt boys gang Måned siden
Tj where is your twin turbo Corvette C8
Matthew Schneller
Matthew Schneller Måned siden
Love the c8. I hope chevy makes a revived fiero with a 4cyl turbo or something like that with this platform.
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion Måned siden
OMG dude! that widebody kit is insane! Oscar and crew are the best
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl Måned siden
TheGrandPrixGT00 Måned siden
I love how at 6:43 Sabrina is like I can't let my little sis have all the ass action, I gotta show mine off as well. And now we know why Tj is with Sabrina. LOL. JK Teej, but seriously... hook me up with the sis. So we can be brother-in-laws someday. Lol
King RJ
King RJ Måned siden
Winter day in California 63degrees, get out of here it’s 18 degrees in Ohio right now. I’d be in shorts and a T-shirt soaking up yalls so call winter day 😂😂
BM Bolt
BM Bolt Måned siden
Can you do a street hunter kit for a 1997 chevy c1500?
Gdabarberr Måned siden
Dope af 🤟🏽
gxxfball Måned siden
freezing?!?!?!? it’s turbo whether dude keep up the vids hoping all is well
Ted Larsen
Ted Larsen Måned siden
Turned out great! The original C8 design was just bland, very disappointing, to me when it was revealed. I think you have moved it into the real of acceptability.
Luke Slater
Luke Slater Måned siden
That Wide body kit LOOKS FREAKING SICK😎👌🏻.
Luke Slater
Luke Slater Måned siden
Teej what does frp mean when u were talking about it🤔.
Morgan Cantelo
Morgan Cantelo Måned siden
TJ: this is gonna be the shortest video in Vlogmas Also TJ: makes a shorter video
Dale Kirby
Dale Kirby Måned siden
"A set of TE's that would look insane too" god no TE's and are the wheels people buy because they want people to know they have real wheels but have no taste. Just sayin' .
S W Måned siden
TJ 58 degrees is spring weather in Wisconsin. We swimming and wearing shorts at that temp...😂
D motherfucking
D motherfucking Måned siden
Do u even care about animals? What would rocket bunny think lol
Dog Life S.A
Dog Life S.A Måned siden
That wide body actually does look stockish
Travis Sikora
Travis Sikora Måned siden
@TJ the body kit looks sick they just look like all 1part body panels
Travis Sikora
Travis Sikora Måned siden
I'm pretty sure US uses ferinheight and if that's so and TJ status it's 30 out it's -1.1 degrees Celsius. So that said I agree TJ it's too damn cold lol
Kelvin Heng
Kelvin Heng Måned siden
Go all white TE’s
Connor B
Connor B Måned siden
It’s brand new paint. You and randy need to realise that the paint match is no big deal.. it means nothing on new paint
Blood Bloke
Blood Bloke Måned siden
At last a kit without the horrible visible hardware but imho c8 doesn’t need a kit, it’s overkill
MAYCO Design and Engineering
MAYCO Design and Engineering Måned siden
Teeg will your body kits kom in CSR 2? You promoted the game several times.
Janrel Mapue
Janrel Mapue Måned siden
Waiting for the wing and wheels❤❤
gary fann
gary fann Måned siden
Please dont cut up your car
Swish856 Måned siden
Man! Thats 2for2 TJ 🔥🔥🔥
Melwin William
Melwin William Måned siden
Andrew Hart
Andrew Hart Måned siden
I didn't want a C8 until now, damn!
Yan Lachapelle
Yan Lachapelle Måned siden
Needs Carboooooon liiiip !
Badlands Badman
Badlands Badman Måned siden
I swear Cali be full of crybabies. 62 degrees is literally 30 degrees higher than freezing. 60 degrees is hoodie weather!
UZI Pop Måned siden
This wide body looks like they shouldve made it like that ! Nice car man!!!
Kevin Dgaf
Kevin Dgaf Måned siden
This guy gone street hunter kit every car
Let us Pray
Let us Pray Måned siden
i wish it was 62, maybe i could get a tan
Mr. Jett
Mr. Jett Måned siden
I know you're probably exhausted editing/uploading every day. But I am really appreciative of it Teeg. This videos brighten my day and seeing you now (vs how you described your dark days) makes me realize that soon, the sun will shine on me. I just have to keep moving forward
Adam C
Adam C Måned siden
I'd be fired up that my car wasn't the first one with my own kit on it. But the dude who gave his car up for a month or so to test is really coming out on top
Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz Måned siden
Briana bringing bodyodyodyodyody. OHKAYYY!!!!
Saksham Tiwari
Saksham Tiwari Måned siden
now u have 2 corvettes
WHOA! Måned siden
Switch itvup and get the NEW Advan R6's
TheRoyalKill Måned siden
please dont sell this TJ is so good!!
Made Bilan Asasia Binov
Made Bilan Asasia Binov Måned siden
0:24 man, dat EG in the background....
Invasion Måned siden
How much is the kit?
72C20 Måned siden
I liked the c8 but now I want one with that kit
Mayjick The New
Mayjick The New Måned siden
Yeah, I'm gonna be needing this body kit out asap for my 2020 Corvette! Oh.. wait... I don't have a 2020 Corvette. I'm broke as fuck. Shit! Jokes aside, It looks great man! Happy for ya'll.
B A B A B O O E Y Måned siden
I love the front fenders, but the rears just look out of place imo
Salvador Conchas
Salvador Conchas Måned siden
Some nice polished wheels will go so goo with that red paint. I can see it already
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