New 350z Livery for my Drift ProAm Season!

  Ganger 258,647

Tj Hunt

3 måneder siden

Thank you Valvoline for all your support this year! Click here to find the best products for your car!
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Evloftis 2 måneder siden
damn that looks nice
InnSession 3 måneder siden
She really needs some new shoes for the new season, she deserves it lol And DEFINITELY should wrap the trailer to match
Ryan Beggs
Ryan Beggs 3 måneder siden
Anyone gunna talk bout the missing part of the wing???????
Rydnorth 3 måneder siden
It looks so good dude!
MrRhubarbs 3 måneder siden
Oooooooooooh doctor
Bay_SIX 3 måneder siden
Learn how to drive before you start talking about competing.. jfc.
Nicholas Davey
Nicholas Davey 3 måneder siden
Fall camo man! come on! Its just me being a OJ fan
v n
v n 3 måneder siden
🙏 👍😊👍
L T 3 måneder siden
what is the status of the C8 ???????????????????????????
Mikey Lambert
Mikey Lambert 3 måneder siden
The shakey ass camera and 5 frames per second gave me a headache in this video
Sebastian 3 måneder siden
Song at 2:08?
OM4Rx 3 måneder siden
U never got rid of it? Niceeeeee
Austin Finch
Austin Finch 3 måneder siden
love you tj
Aiden W
Aiden W 3 måneder siden
teej needs to join FD like adam.
José Acuña
José Acuña 3 måneder siden
Gotta love Sabrina outros
Infiniti And beyond
Infiniti And beyond 3 måneder siden
What did a city in California get named after this pandemic
Jason 000
Jason 000 3 måneder siden
Never shave gang
Julian Estrada
Julian Estrada 3 måneder siden
AudibleVisible 3 måneder siden
Livery looks tight but your hood and wheels are still aids
Kyle R
Kyle R 3 måneder siden
Soo much better, I always hated how empty it looked
Richard Gaming
Richard Gaming 3 måneder siden
Your spoiler is missing a piece
Copper McKillit
Copper McKillit 3 måneder siden
sending positive vibes! Thanks for yours ❤️
Tonyboi 69
Tonyboi 69 3 måneder siden
If ur car was grey I would’ve look way cleaner with the blue on the wrap
Tonyboi 69
Tonyboi 69 3 måneder siden
U really need to take off that stock rear bumper
Kyle Wiltse
Kyle Wiltse 3 måneder siden
Vote: TJ does a Parody of 420dogface Fleetwood Mac with Valvoline in the Livery Z
Jordan Lindzy
Jordan Lindzy 3 måneder siden
The wing is 🤢
iamMendo 3 måneder siden
Love all the noises that the 350 z does ❤️❤️❤️❤️
XO Conceited
XO Conceited 3 måneder siden
It just need some new wheels and a new back bumper that’s more aggressive the stock back bumper makes it look more blahh
PJ Morrison
PJ Morrison 3 måneder siden
Welp, guess I gotta keep moving forward👍🏽
FOUR_420 3 måneder siden
FOUR_420 3 måneder siden
sheepey race twin turbo 350z
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 3 måneder siden
Love you teej. Just so humble and kind. You are an inspiration to many. Keep up the good work. Good luck on round 2
Arean Hossain
Arean Hossain 3 måneder siden
I though NOS was going to be your title sponsor.
savethemanual 3 måneder siden
Looks d o p e love it
swordspace2000 3 måneder siden
Love it. Looks really good.
Joel Nicolas
Joel Nicolas 3 måneder siden
I love the car you can do it
Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall 3 måneder siden
Honestly was expecting a lot more out the wrap and I normally like all your wraps
Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez 3 måneder siden
Thank you Sabrina I needed the outro today!
Miguel R
Miguel R 3 måneder siden
Should definitely do a similar livery on the trailer
jennifer cruz
jennifer cruz 3 måneder siden
Pls stop drifting on R888
James Cook Jr.
James Cook Jr. 3 måneder siden
TJ I love livery it came out fire 🔥 👍😊
Zz33 _
Zz33 _ 3 måneder siden
I thought you were sponsored with toyo as well... what happend with them. I noticed u don’t use their tires anymore
♡The pan potato♡
♡The pan potato♡ 3 måneder siden
Love the outro. So good to see Sabrina doing so good.
jesse Ballard
jesse Ballard 3 måneder siden
Got to drunk at the friend's house
Triple R Camping Resort
Triple R Camping Resort 3 måneder siden
Guess we gotta switch all our company vehicles to valvoline oils. Nice job.
Triple R Camping Resort
Triple R Camping Resort 3 måneder siden
Now that is sweet bro. Love it.
Tommy Robblee
Tommy Robblee 3 måneder siden
Dude... the Z looks great. Keep it in line bro. Congrats on the sponsorship
Lachlan Doherty
Lachlan Doherty 3 måneder siden
The positivity I feel from this is giving me goosebumps man
colehammers09 3 måneder siden
You have two of the four ultimate 90s Japanese sports car. Soooo when we going to see an NSX or R32/33/34??
Jay Mainey
Jay Mainey 3 måneder siden
RIP MW2 Red tiger was fireee
tlcool12345 3 måneder siden
Sir please clean your trailer 🤣
Max Buydos
Max Buydos 3 måneder siden
I needed that extra Sabrina ending...
Luiggi Martinez
Luiggi Martinez 3 måneder siden
great vibes!!!
M.K.C. Technology
M.K.C. Technology 3 måneder siden
Hey Tj I think its time to up the hp on the 350Z a little bit lets say 750HP
Connor J
Connor J 3 måneder siden
Love the new wrap! Matching trailer would look tight tho 👌
UsUbisoftServer 3 måneder siden
Congratulations on the pro-am i hope you're career in drifting achieve success and good luck with everything and also i hope Sabrina recovers well and blessed w many more greatness in life you guys achieved so much already keep going dont stop the hustle you deserve everything that comes youre way!😊👽🖖
7112 Productions
7112 Productions 3 måneder siden
Swear this cars has spent more time getting fixed then driven.... why you shouldn't over build your car when your Learning 101
Some Weaboo
Some Weaboo 3 måneder siden
Whini boi the best boi
Ivan 3 måneder siden
Tbh not digging The black top lol
ssinative 3 måneder siden
That livery is CRAZY teej!! 🔥🔥
David Bellerue
David Bellerue 3 måneder siden
Teej since california is turning to shit are you going to move to vegas or oregon or florida?
Juwain Sheik
Juwain Sheik 3 måneder siden
Me coming to this vid from jackultramotive sliding his R32
Shoes Co
Shoes Co 3 måneder siden
Lol I work at Valvoline
Qufox 3 måneder siden
If I only have enough money to put money into my car , sickass livery Tj !
MTJY 3 måneder siden
Hey Teeg, i think your 350 need a rear diffuser! It will look NARLYYYY AF
Jorby Duque
Jorby Duque 3 måneder siden
Boy that looks freaking amazing!!!!!!
Alex Lau
Alex Lau 3 måneder siden
Freaking love the livery ! Amazing!!
Eric Miron
Eric Miron 3 måneder siden
Tj that car looks dope asf!!!
Emilio Lazo
Emilio Lazo 3 måneder siden
Hey tj try some sour ales try Kings brewery in Rancho get a frose you won’t regret it
The Bryan Moore
The Bryan Moore 3 måneder siden
Teej please tell me you’re getting the 400Z 🙏🏼
Nate 1775
Nate 1775 3 måneder siden
Teej needs to get the trailer wrapped to match
gen3v8 3 måneder siden
Good stuff Sol
Besulan Doszhanov
Besulan Doszhanov 3 måneder siden
Tj, please change your rims!) Some bronze TE 37's would look really good on the Z
Jake Pratt
Jake Pratt 3 måneder siden
car: tj: OOOOoooOOooOooOooO
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 3 måneder siden
Car looks dumb. Looks like a total rookie did it
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 3 måneder siden
TJ the 350 got hella messed up in that crash and when they supposedly fixed it and you showed it it still looked fucked up I wouldn't trust that thing in another front end crash
armando patane
armando patane 3 måneder siden
That really does look sweet
Alex Boutin
Alex Boutin 3 måneder siden
For me seeing the 350z with the livery and all the sponsors was a wake up that you made it big tj congrats to you
Thatguywithnopancreas 3 måneder siden
How much do you influencers really appreciate your fans,cause seem to only feel thankful when things happen..ive been showing plenty of love ,and some of my messages about My health and said some verry nice words for your queen TJ And I dont expect anything in return just really in a non creepy way get attatched to the few good people on channels I faithfully show love like share comment,FYI GODSPEED GUYS AND KEEP MOVING FORWARDS BEEN A PART OF MY LIFE FOR A LONG TIME BEFORE My surgery that I think if you saw it read ,than you would be interested id think,not just a basic surgery..65th person on the east coast ,in 1 of less than 6 hospitals un the U.S 🥺💙💜🙏FAITH JOE
King of Soup
King of Soup 3 måneder siden
“Corona is slowing down”...literally drives to Corona
NiggasGoneHate 3 måneder siden
Ok Spiderman
Brendan Fitness and Money
Brendan Fitness and Money 3 måneder siden
Wrap the trailer. Wrap the trailer.
Caydon Lebsock
Caydon Lebsock 3 måneder siden
Tj you getting a 400z in 2021 or what👀
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life 3 måneder siden
I love you Sabrina aka mom!!!
Vince G
Vince G 3 måneder siden
Corona is my hood.... CROWN TOWN BABY!
Mitch Nyarady
Mitch Nyarady 3 måneder siden
Oh that livery is sexy as hell. People on NFS Heat already gonna be re creating it.
illiniboy17 3 måneder siden
TJ "The Tiger" Hunt
Mattie 334
Mattie 334 3 måneder siden
Please try white wheels on the 350z
Luis A
Luis A 3 måneder siden
Official! Love it Teej!
Caleb Joshua Pillay
Caleb Joshua Pillay 3 måneder siden
it has the bmw m colours
Ola Svensson
Ola Svensson 3 måneder siden
Take Manny for a ride in that beauty! He made you pee your pants.. time for payback ;)
Peachy 3 måneder siden
Colin Doucette
Colin Doucette 3 måneder siden
Hearing keep moving forward come from you guys has got me through some of the darkest days in my life. I love the and Sabrina for that. Thank you.
Tyler Wood
Tyler Wood 3 måneder siden
I gave Valvoline a try because I was always a Castrol man. But Valvoline such a better product and they mean by that. I made the switch because of you TJ. Thanks brother. The Livery 350Z looks sick and can't wait to watch you doing Pro-Am.
Cory Mikami
Cory Mikami 3 måneder siden
Joe Waun
Joe Waun 3 måneder siden
I've run valvoline in everything I've owned. All of my shitboxes. But now I have one of my dream vehicles. At 22 I have a 2011 ram 2500 Cummins Laramie and unfortunately the 6.7s are super picky with oil and I'm not going to run valvoline
Joshua Godin
Joshua Godin 3 måneder siden
his beard looks like a a make up tutorial channel having their take at making a mens beard out of make up
Bilal 3 måneder siden
it seems that he crashed on purpose ;)
JP V 3 måneder siden
If I made money from valvoline I too would say the car looks good 🤷🏽‍♂️
Daniel G
Daniel G 3 måneder siden
That livery looks THICC
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