Selling my Lamborghini Aventador for an SVJ?

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Tj Hunt

2 måneder siden

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Adam Eldiablo
Adam Eldiablo Måned siden
I'll buy it from you
Austin Severns
Austin Severns Måned siden
I’m not feeling the lambo wheels imo. Definitely liking the yellow more though. Would look great with some gloss black wheels though👌🏻
Tom Curran
Tom Curran Måned siden
What keyboard/mouse pad do you have?
Dank Sniffin
Dank Sniffin Måned siden
Aric Leddy
Aric Leddy Måned siden
Dude Sabrina is 100% a keeper. I love all the motivation from both you guys!
Ethonixs Måned siden
Twin turbo it
Samuel Galvez
Samuel Galvez Måned siden
Everyone needs a girl like Sabrina. TJ bud you gotta make it oficial 💍💍
Sunny Wu
Sunny Wu Måned siden
Is that a R8?
Toadpenny42 Måned siden
You have to be nicer to Sabrina dude you’re so mean to her just let her play video games
The KeyboardKing
The KeyboardKing Måned siden
Name it lemon 🍋
Donovan Rhoads
Donovan Rhoads Måned siden
He cant be 65??
Michael Lenoch
Michael Lenoch Måned siden
Mickey looks great for 65/80
Dom Priante
Dom Priante Måned siden
the wheels with yellow looks so good and unique
Jr Cardinoza
Jr Cardinoza Måned siden
🔥🔥🔥 damn, that is sick!! I'm in love💚
ronnie soria
ronnie soria Måned siden
Damn Mickey went from 65 to 80 years old real quick
Ravindu Gunawardena
Ravindu Gunawardena Måned siden
Aventador looks like a megatron
Richard M
Richard M Måned siden
Happy Bday Mick!
Mathew Faulkner
Mathew Faulkner Måned siden
First ya man is 65 then good do him like that saying he 80 dam teej Sabrina been better then you got to you didn’t it 😂😂 all good bro the gaming bit was the best
Aidan Torralba
Aidan Torralba Måned siden
Who else had absolutely zero clue that mickey was 65
Francisco Arias
Francisco Arias Måned siden
get a german shepard
Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale Måned siden
HBD Mick!
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon Måned siden
time to build Sabrina a RIG!
Rydnorth Måned siden
The R8 sounds amazing 😍
I Am Zypher
I Am Zypher Måned siden
I love their relationship dude 😂
DJHumla Måned siden
Yeah, get mickey more in there :) #bringbackmickey
Zuhairi Anuar
Zuhairi Anuar Måned siden
Is a dream..
Ceeessaar Måned siden
I think the purple looked way better in my opinion with those rims
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Måned siden
The happy 80th at the end killed me😂😂
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Måned siden
Tj can you put my twitch in the description😂😂
Yong Yee Hong
Yong Yee Hong Måned siden
haha! happy birthday grandpa!!!
Jamie Barbosa
Jamie Barbosa Måned siden
i miss that purple
Michael Gomen
Michael Gomen Måned siden
Sabrina needs to stream and get a nice gaming rig
Austin Inge
Austin Inge Måned siden
He looks good for 80 lol
Stüssy Eric
Stüssy Eric Måned siden
Idk why you chose purple in the first place.
Joe Waun
Joe Waun Måned siden
What I wouldn't give to have a friend group like that. Or any friends at all
Stüssy Eric
Stüssy Eric Måned siden
Idk why you chose purple in the first place
Christopher Deguzman
Christopher Deguzman Måned siden
I thought your childhood dreams was the Murcielago. You should get a Murcielago!
A N D Y Måned siden
sabrina needs to make her own video
Taz 9616
Taz 9616 Måned siden
sabrina might actually be better at cod. its alright tj, your good at cars, shes good at games
Asaf Chen
Asaf Chen Måned siden
Write "THE HELLA HERO" on NOpost and thank me later
Cesar Martinez
Cesar Martinez Måned siden
Purple looked better
Russell Long
Russell Long Måned siden
Aventador rocking a goatee is what I see on that front end
kaspaaaudio Måned siden
Why are so many people wearing shoes on a beach
Ernesto Román Carlo
Ernesto Román Carlo Måned siden
thank god you change the color again,Purple sucks!!!!,Wonder when Strad is going to realized it!!
Ernesto Román Carlo
Ernesto Román Carlo Måned siden
She is better than you!!!!
Daan de Sanders
Daan de Sanders Måned siden
You should buy a 812 superfast with a novitec exhaust.
Anthony Yes
Anthony Yes Måned siden
Emily who??
Ricardo Azenha
Ricardo Azenha Måned siden
The color of the rims, suits purple much better :/
E Contreras
E Contreras Måned siden
Like th aventador as is
Hazel the Blue Brindle
Hazel the Blue Brindle Måned siden
jeremy brinson
jeremy brinson Måned siden
Sabrina playing was goals
team light Skin
team light Skin Måned siden
love the wing
ray dayan
ray dayan Måned siden
Happy birthday Mickey
Ian Rosales
Ian Rosales Måned siden
Dude I love your vlogs make me In a good mood keep it up !!
Cullen McElroy
Cullen McElroy 2 måneder siden
Mickey just seems like such a cool ass dude! Miss seeing him in almost every video!
LACEDUPCC 2 måneder siden
If I was gay I would be gay for Calvin!😂
Rhio Rivera
Rhio Rivera 2 måneder siden
Fall in love with the aventador 😍💓
Eric Newell
Eric Newell 2 måneder siden
Happy 80th micky 🤣🤣
Riley Crawford
Riley Crawford 2 måneder siden
Plz make the SVJ yellow
Wadeed Ahmed
Wadeed Ahmed 2 måneder siden
The lambo now looks like out of need for speed.
Mark K
Mark K 2 måneder siden
Enough with the BS titles... yall flex too much. Relax...
Chris Farr
Chris Farr 2 måneder siden
Lambo looks way better in yellow than that purple IMO. Keep it up brother!
jake3689 2 måneder siden
Looks much better in yellow👍
Made Bilan Asasia Binov
Made Bilan Asasia Binov 2 måneder siden
I just realized Calvin looks like Ronaldinho
Luciano Perez
Luciano Perez 2 måneder siden
Happy Birthday Mickey
Adam White
Adam White 2 måneder siden
Get the SVJ!
Fuzzybarrel4563 2 måneder siden
What a ricer!!! This guy put lambo doors on his.... never mind...
LUX BENGALS 2 måneder siden
TJ! I know your busy but whats up with the BRZ? Can you drop a hint about its statues? Whatcha thinking? BRZ fans want to know! Love what you are doing! Keep up the great work.
Galaxy Knight
Galaxy Knight 2 måneder siden
Finally someone is doing something smart I would absolutely sell my acentador for an svj I already did 🤣🤣
Blake A. Swift
Blake A. Swift 2 måneder siden
I love that wing
Refuel 2 måneder siden
BRING back Vlogmas
Evloftis 2 måneder siden
so much nicer dude you need to pop the question to that young lady
Marcos Carrillo
Marcos Carrillo 2 måneder siden
I’m ready for Vlogmas!!!!!
Eric Brayman
Eric Brayman 2 måneder siden
The Lamborghini looks great now!
WarriorWithin 2 måneder siden
The most envious part of Teejs life isn’t the cars, it’s the circle of friends he constantly has around him.
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy 2 måneder siden
SV roadster is a good buy rn
ESousa 2 måneder siden
Mick just seems like such a dad, someone give that man a hug
Skye C
Skye C 2 måneder siden
So glad it’s back to yellow. That purple on yellow door jam stuff was terrible. Can’t believe that shop even did that.
jorge rojas
jorge rojas 2 måneder siden
get a better steering wheel
James Torres
James Torres 2 måneder siden
Sabrina need a gaming channel on NOpost
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Osborne 2 måneder siden
TJ comes into Sabrina playing COD and then interrupted by an ad EVE Online
Karl Steev
Karl Steev 2 måneder siden
The purple was way better than the piss yellow.
Ryan Rosenblatt
Ryan Rosenblatt 2 måneder siden
if calvin has a yt cannel please lmk if he doesn't he should start one he is funny asf
CLIPS [GDRK] 2 måneder siden
omg awkward with emily there
Uwais Ayob
Uwais Ayob 2 måneder siden
My Instagram is m.u.ayob
Uwais Ayob
Uwais Ayob 2 måneder siden
I still think I should get free merch on my birthday December 1st
Ogknav 2 måneder siden
How long was it purple for again?
IGhillie 2 måneder siden
Those rims are meh IMO
N1S_MOE 2 måneder siden
Now to change the Fugly bronze on the wheels
Young SNKR plug
Young SNKR plug 2 måneder siden
knock off stradman!!!
fodofo 0
fodofo 0 2 måneder siden
Anna Darby
Anna Darby 2 måneder siden
Don’t really care for the wheel color on the yellow. But it’s what you like because your the one driving it etc.
LilBillyChilly 2 måneder siden
she needs to do twitch
KC 2 måneder siden
Gotta ship Calvin and Emily
Jash Intezar
Jash Intezar 2 måneder siden
Anyone else catch my neighbors won't be dealing with it much longer, does that mean you got the house?!?
Jake Staab
Jake Staab 2 måneder siden
I just realized that Calv's ex is there? or is it an ex? O.o VERY POGGERS.
Oscar Aguilar
Oscar Aguilar 2 måneder siden
When is Calvin coming out of the closet
Tadhg Bolen
Tadhg Bolen 2 måneder siden
Damn bro. If she says no id be like fuck ok ill just go drive my FUCKIN AVENTADOR.
memories. 2 måneder siden
Spoiler look great
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