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Quinton Daniels
Quinton Daniels Måned siden
Goo with The Nocho I’m not sure if that’s actually how u spell it but I have heard nothin but good reviews on that battery pack charger much love ❤️
Cesar Villeda
Cesar Villeda 2 måneder siden
You and Sabrina toxic🤣💀 it’s funny asf
Madern 3 måneder siden
Tj was right in the argument, all current VW members have this option and it’s nice for people with 2 phones with different purposes.
Luuk Franssen
Luuk Franssen 4 måneder siden
build a techart macan!!!
Frankie Castillo
Frankie Castillo 4 måneder siden
And if you wanna get your teeth whiter use charcoal toothpaste by the brand Hello they got it at Walmart it works and had a bunch of good stuff for your teeth
Frankie Castillo
Frankie Castillo 4 måneder siden
My dad got his battery charger from Sears when I was a little kid and now I’m 21 and it never failed him! Would recommend going to Sears
Adam Hmaidan
Adam Hmaidan 4 måneder siden
i missed the RX7
Кирилл Мелешко
Кирилл Мелешко 4 måneder siden
Stefan Botes
Stefan Botes 4 måneder siden
Teej, doesn't Macan mean "little boy". Somehow maybe related to that seeing that the Macan is the little brother of the Cayenne. Makes sense to me. Love your videos by the way. Keep moving forward brother.
MuayThaiBora 4 måneder siden
TJ have you seen the miyoshi racing RX7!!. It looks insane
Jeepsterdaddy 37
Jeepsterdaddy 37 4 måneder siden
Battery Tender makes great battery tenders.
DABUUUS 4 måneder siden
tj is right on the bletooth thing
Jenson 13
Jenson 13 4 måneder siden
1)Battery Tender is my favorite 2)Suncoast Porsche will sell stuff, might not be a lot of aftermarket but nicer oem (carbon, titanium, etc) 3)Macan means tiger (I think) and for the love of god, for all the Porsche people please pronounce it porSHA not poorsh ;)
LEVART 4 måneder siden
Macan it means place in Arabic.
Walter FJK
Walter FJK 4 måneder siden
The ending was jokes! Sabrina playing with dolls and her friends lmao 😅🤣😭
Chutney Ink.
Chutney Ink. 4 måneder siden
If u don't find anything for the Porsche hit up industry garage and let them make you some stuff
Jayy 4K
Jayy 4K 4 måneder siden
I think tj was in a bad mood
Shay Baker
Shay Baker 4 måneder siden
What's up with the C8
Corbin Reer
Corbin Reer 4 måneder siden
Call it the pecan 😂
Christopher Siner
Christopher Siner 4 måneder siden
The bluetooth convo. TJ has the right of it. Most Dodge vehicles have the Media and Phone split now as well. My wife has hers for media and i have mine for phone. It even works with Driver memory. its great.
nzimpossible 4 måneder siden
The only battery charger you want is a ctec. Worth their weight in gold. Bring batteries back to life and perfect for cars you dont drive often.
Anthony Fennell
Anthony Fennell 4 måneder siden
Poor Tj just just wanted to do something nice and he gets shit on for teasing her with a car she can't drive 😂
SwellChasers 4 måneder siden
I use a Ctek one for my 335i. i like alot been using it for a year and a half now.
Ricardo Rivera
Ricardo Rivera 4 måneder siden
why are you zig zaging in 11:24? The car is on bags not coilovers. Sorry if i seem harsh for saying that.
Pimped Mobility Project
Pimped Mobility Project 4 måneder siden
I'm team tj. If I'm driving I want my calls and texts through the stereo, but I can link a mates phone so they can play their music
Curtis Martinow
Curtis Martinow 4 måneder siden
Love the videos keep moving forward with all the best ways too 😃
Luis Tovar
Luis Tovar 4 måneder siden
Noco it’s a great brand for jumpers
Jonathan Horta
Jonathan Horta 4 måneder siden
the arms ?????
mathy FTW
mathy FTW 4 måneder siden
make it the initial d red suns rx-7 :)
Angel Chavez
Angel Chavez 4 måneder siden
“Needs some work” just get a new battery
Ectox 4 måneder siden
Snap on battery charger
Lamborghini Breez
Lamborghini Breez 4 måneder siden
Team TJ he’s definitely right on this one Sabrina sorry. My girlfriend’s car does that same thing that TJ’s taking about. Mycar does what your talking about though Sabrina.
F a z o
F a z o 4 måneder siden
Joshua Dunkley
Joshua Dunkley 4 måneder siden
2 parts water for 1 part peroxide for a safe dose
TheNamDaBomb 4 måneder siden
Long Shot but TJ where can I make a custom retro shirt like the KONA shirt you have @5:00? I wanna make one for my 2 dogs in that font
Daniel Fredrick
Daniel Fredrick 4 måneder siden
i wanna see the c8 back
getting 1000 subs with 6 videos
getting 1000 subs with 6 videos 4 måneder siden
To everyone that is reading this: You’re every intelligent and can accomplish anything! Stay healthy during the quarantine 🧐 My dream is to hit 500 with out a video
Joe Epton
Joe Epton 4 måneder siden
Ok for the sauce use tapatio. J/k
Francesco Ambrosano
Francesco Ambrosano 4 måneder siden
Sabrina at the end like „doolls?!“ 😂
Single turbo1995
Single turbo1995 4 måneder siden
Just get a new battery duhh
_Machine_ 4 måneder siden
Teeg can you please hook ALL your cars up to tenders? I use the $40 one from any local auto parts store and it works fine. My evo and supra usually sit on them and I've never had battery issues. Even with the supra's battery being small. Also, #teamteeg I agree, the role selection feature is pretty dope. I see your point and it makes more sense.
ShayVidz 626
ShayVidz 626 4 måneder siden
Hay bro love the videos You should get a battery made for car audio it might be pricey but you wont regret it
Jonathan Herring
Jonathan Herring 4 måneder siden
I got my battery tender from Harbor freight. It has the LCD screen. Cant remember the brand name but I've had it for almost 4 years. It works on my motorcycle which has a gel battery and my cobra that has an oem lead battery.
Jonathan Herring
Jonathan Herring 4 måneder siden
The brand is Viking. Its $40. Like I said, 4 years. I've definitely got my money's worth
powerslide 4 måneder siden
Your girlfriend is gonna get F'ed up if you crash with the seatbelt like that
jumpdevil18 4 måneder siden
Tj check Techart for the Macan!
Collin Waters
Collin Waters 4 måneder siden
NOCO makes the best battery jumpers and trickle chargers that ive used, and they have a wide range of products for different applications
23omorales 4 måneder siden
Optima makes some really good battery tenders
BB&G 4 måneder siden
You could try taking out your battery ground when you park your car for that the next time you start it it should probably work
Chassis Gang
Chassis Gang 4 måneder siden
Goat Mania
Goat Mania 4 måneder siden
How much is worth that RX7 ? Any expert?
krish kistamma
krish kistamma 4 måneder siden
Brian Mazz
Brian Mazz 4 måneder siden
Teej, get Crest 3D white strips. They worked well for me and are super easy
Josh Gooden
Josh Gooden 4 måneder siden
Wait..why didn’t you just use Meguiars?
riley smart
riley smart 4 måneder siden
Do you have three supers
Cameron Harkey
Cameron Harkey 4 måneder siden
dropping Hertz
dropping Hertz 4 måneder siden
Just put in line power cut off fuse block to cut all power that way no power is draining the battery what so ever buying expensive ass batteries 4 all your cars is gonna be mad expensive in line shut off switch can be mounted easily so thats my 2 pennies for u SiR.. Hope ur battery troubles go away dead batt suxxthe big 1 facts...✌
Clankylight 4 måneder siden
NOCO makes great stuff for batteries
Parker Crisman
Parker Crisman 4 måneder siden
#tesm tj, she belongs to the streetsss
Sjoerd Snippets
Sjoerd Snippets 4 måneder siden
Techart makes crazy aftermarket parts for Porsches
Manuel Mejia
Manuel Mejia 4 måneder siden
I also follow gears and gasoline and they run anti gravity batteries on their car, they’re light weight and have a feature that won’t let the battery fully drain if you leave your lights on it’s like a cut off system might also work if the car was sitting for a long time idk personally cause I don’t have one but they seem to love it maybe hit them up and ask them but it seems really good
Mal P
Mal P 4 måneder siden
why not use the AUX cable port for music to be wired to the radio & use Bluetooth for the phone.....
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz 4 måneder siden
Noooo why not just go to a shop to fix the frames honestly I’m sure enough that it won’t be expensive.
Ryan Nava
Ryan Nava 4 måneder siden
---->> TJ - Arm and Hammer makes Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda Toothpaste it works Extremely well. Just a Suggestion if the Hydrogen Peroxide doesn't work on its own. Baking Soda is Known for being the Do It all Cleaning product.
Ryan Nava
Ryan Nava 4 måneder siden
🤣🤣🤣 Good old Relationship disagreement, love it 🤣🤣🤣 - Team TJ Sorry Sabrina 😬
Michael Forrest
Michael Forrest 4 måneder siden
CAT battery charger
TiltarN 4 måneder siden
CTEK bro best battery charger ever
Liam 4 måneder siden
I see where teej is coming from in the argument, but i also see where sabrina is making an error in understanding it. I side with TJ.
TheKobeCheck 4 måneder siden
Rotary comsuption of oil is 330:1. Try 4oz oil per 10 Gallons - it will start easily, cuz rotors wont be so “slippery” and wont be smokin white so hard. I was doin same mistake and had starts problems and too much oil aint healthy for rotary.
Signature RTR
Signature RTR 4 måneder siden
I understand what y’all both meant about Bluetooth but I’ll have to agree with Tj on that I understood what he said more 😅 and I’ve rinsed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide for like a year straight it didn’t do anything other then make my teeth more white but idk I guess it could be bad but what isn’t to be honest
Mario Nieves
Mario Nieves 4 måneder siden
Dont understand why batteries always die for youtubers when the car isnt used. I left my Audi in the freezing cold for 3 months and the car staryed up with no problem. Is it the air ride system? Or something else.
Ty Gregg
Ty Gregg 4 måneder siden
To be honest you can check the water level in the battery! The electrolysis may be low at that point if the water is low to not cover the plates enough. Check your levels and fill with distilled water if low
Niko Albo
Niko Albo 4 måneder siden
CTEK MUS 4.3 TEST&CHARGE is the best one I use it for my bmw and also works with exotics like limbo Ferrari RR etc trust me
Brevon Stanford
Brevon Stanford 4 måneder siden
Why don’t you just buy a hydraulic spreader and put it in between the frame rails and push them out a little bit
juanito _son
juanito _son 4 måneder siden
Rx-7 posters?
Fat Mans Automotive
Fat Mans Automotive 4 måneder siden
The brand battery tender we use it on my dads 1974 benz he drives it once a year and has had the same battery for yearss but keeps it on a battery tender and its fine they sell em at batteries plus
Cory Cutrone
Cory Cutrone 4 måneder siden
CTEK Battery tenders are the best
Ruben Sanchez
Ruben Sanchez 4 måneder siden
u can look for everything
Ruben Sanchez
Ruben Sanchez 4 måneder siden
Heyy u can go on
Trevor S
Trevor S 4 måneder siden
Macan means tiger in Indonesian
Spinningtriangles brap brap
Spinningtriangles brap brap 4 måneder siden
Thanks for bringing the rotary back. I am not sure why you did not just push start it. Also I always calculate how many gallons of fuel I am going to put before I put in the premix. I have always been told to put the premix first so that the fuel will mix the oil. Either way thanks again for the rotary content. Brap on
Colton _879_
Colton _879_ 4 måneder siden
Buy a battery from sams, they have a 1-3 year warranty
John Boot
John Boot 4 måneder siden
I have always had success with the ctek battery chargers and maintainers
Bradley Foote
Bradley Foote 5 måneder siden
Does sabrina ever wear a seat belt?
Canon Salazar
Canon Salazar 5 måneder siden
The face Sabrina made after Tj said dolls had me dead
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia 5 måneder siden
That argument is soooo typical of your significant other not wanting to accept they’re wrong lol... that was so cute
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 5 måneder siden
Eduard Rymar
Eduard Rymar 5 måneder siden
With the Bluetooth argument, what did Sabrina try to do? Use 2 phones Bluetooth connected to the car's Bluetooth?
hendrik jan
hendrik jan 5 måneder siden
FD Forever
alex stromberg
alex stromberg 5 måneder siden
My 13 focus hatch with a sony stereo has the same feature as the Porsche and i love the hell out of it so my friends can play music and if i get a call i answer and can handsfree talk and there music starts after i end the call
Keven Z
Keven Z 5 måneder siden
Lol he said “ do you feel stupid ?” The way he said that had me dead lol
Please DONT CHECK my YouTube channel
Please DONT CHECK my YouTube channel 5 måneder siden
Don’t read my name lol
Pistolpetep99 Heng
Pistolpetep99 Heng 5 måneder siden
Macan means tiger in Indonesian
Christian Smith
Christian Smith 5 måneder siden
Mouth E85 😅🤣😂
Carsnoml101Gaming 5 måneder siden
Patrick Mulligan
Patrick Mulligan 5 måneder siden
Riaan van Niekerk
Riaan van Niekerk 5 måneder siden
OMW dolls with your friends, had such a laugh!!
MrVidrio187 5 måneder siden
A fl ounce is 30ml. Try using the measuring cups from cough syrup
Jacob Dingman
Jacob Dingman 5 måneder siden
Team tj
Kristjan 5 måneder siden
Rocco 5 måneder siden
team tj
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