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Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

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el pollo
el pollo 4 måneder siden
my sister doesn't like that you use a straw for a sip top on your starbucks orders claiming that you are a turtle killer and she told me to copy and paste this in every video so here we go. She promised me she'll buy me merch untill this gets noticed
Smile_uwokeup _2day
Smile_uwokeup _2day 4 måneder siden
Go run thru of ya wreck n rebuilding r8 here . TJ SAYS M that’s Pot. Sabrina says . To ya ladies out there, if ya have a man , that’s lock Tate tolerance ya understand. Tj are y gonna wrap da R8. How bout purple n black .
Shawn Pawlak
Shawn Pawlak 4 måneder siden
TJ you can clamp that evap line under your BRZ intake manifold by taking off the AC condenser and using some needle nose pliers. A lot easier than taking out the intake manifold.
The science Of training
The science Of training 4 måneder siden
What is he using on his teeth
Ben Foye
Ben Foye 4 måneder siden
How many likes for that dirt bike
Brandon Wong
Brandon Wong 4 måneder siden
Absolutely have been loving the vlogs so much more!!!!! love how you wanna do your own thing
Wybe Posthuma
Wybe Posthuma 5 måneder siden
Teeg maybe showing the location of the shop on the dash of the r8 isn't the best idea ;)
Rydnorth 5 måneder siden
We have a success boiiiisss 🙏
Landen Burke
Landen Burke 5 måneder siden
the mouthwash yes... thank you
Qusay Vloger10
Qusay Vloger10 5 måneder siden
Twin turbskies confirmed
7AMOOD AL MAWALI 5 måneder siden
Tj you need to paint the grill black
siyethemba Mazibuko
siyethemba Mazibuko 5 måneder siden
Sheepey tt build
strikerm70 5 måneder siden
Hydrogen peroxide is fine to gargle with, I mix it with my mouth wash
Brian Philip
Brian Philip 5 måneder siden
The fact that TJ said the R8 will destroy ALL the cars in the shop he understands the power of the four rings🏎💨
Uriel Higareda
Uriel Higareda 5 måneder siden
RyanJohnSam 5 måneder siden
TJ: LIKE POT *whilst holding a pot*
CarlosC 301
CarlosC 301 5 måneder siden
Tj 1. Wet tooth brush 2. Apply tooth paste 3. Wet tooth brush again
Navin Dukharan
Navin Dukharan 5 måneder siden
1000 comment 🥳🥳🥳
Gary Flores
Gary Flores 5 måneder siden
And Black out the grill
Gary Flores
Gary Flores 5 måneder siden
Put a carbon hood
James Fisher
James Fisher 5 måneder siden
Lol that is what hemp comes from
kyle pittman
kyle pittman 5 måneder siden
I had a push button car that wouldn't start first push because of the engine management light being on its the car asking you are you sure your not going to hurt it by starting
brayden moug
brayden moug 5 måneder siden
Sheepy twin turbo?
Rowen Govender
Rowen Govender 5 måneder siden
Now that's money baby! R8 is finally coming together
Kyle Green
Kyle Green 5 måneder siden
Nahhhhh penzoil and Mobil 1 forever
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 5 måneder siden
TJ is going to have Sheepy Race twin turbo the R8
Brandon Chew
Brandon Chew 5 måneder siden
I found someone who had the same issue for the “all wheel drive malfunction” they said it was a “mass air flow sensor”
Dab Daddy9oh4
Dab Daddy9oh4 5 måneder siden
Lol I'm dead with the hemp and pot 🤣🤣🤣
Race Core 919
Race Core 919 5 måneder siden
How is tj lactose intolerant? He invented tocs and milk.
Mohd Azam
Mohd Azam 5 måneder siden
Quit make sabrina taking process food. It's not good for his recovery process
Colby 0101
Colby 0101 5 måneder siden
I think it would be sick if the brz interior got redone the exact same but green stitching instead of red
Aaron Arocho
Aaron Arocho 5 måneder siden
hemp is the male version of weed
Fx. Vincent
Fx. Vincent 5 måneder siden
The hydrogen peroxide is actually good, i've been using it for months now and so far even when i wake up i don't get that weird smelly breath in the morning it literally kills all the germs inside your mouth. But what's best is might aswell mix it with a little bit of water so it's not too concentrated and it still works
Paul Rupert Mortel
Paul Rupert Mortel 5 måneder siden
Ski box! Ski box! Ski box! 😂
Jason Hopkins
Jason Hopkins 5 måneder siden
Edgard Collazo
Edgard Collazo 5 måneder siden
Sometimes you get that error if the car is up on the rack
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown 5 måneder siden
I smell sheepie!!!!
Jared Lund
Jared Lund 5 måneder siden
Hey TJ! Keep up drinking that whole milk! Dairy farmer here in southern Idaho and wanted to let you know if you know anyone who “thinks” they are lactose intolerant, try A2A2 milk! Give it a week until anyone drinking it gives their opinion. TRUST!
Austin Hubelit
Austin Hubelit 5 måneder siden
Can I please buy the dirt bike if you ship it go me
Luis Tovar
Luis Tovar 5 måneder siden
(Off road) put the car in the floor
J.R. Beumel
J.R. Beumel 5 måneder siden
I was eating and heard my name and almost choked on my roast beef. Thanks for the shout out.
Anthony R
Anthony R 5 måneder siden
If you put a few of drops of oil in the water when you boil your noodles it will keep it from boiling over.
cus-spec 5 måneder siden
🏆🏆@tjhunt your all wheel drive malfunction, esc etc is all linked to the haldex ecu, when your crash it’s a “shutoff” for safety measures, you may find that you will have to replace that when you get it checked in, they can also be programmed “played with” to get around it, as it will be pricey being as though it’s an R8 but guess what.... HALF OFF BABYYY!!!!!!!
Andrews Garcia
Andrews Garcia 5 måneder siden
Best vlogs ever
aKaGorganZola 5 måneder siden
Teej heard you were thinking about gauge clusters. I've been trying to find pods for my BRZ as well but never really liked the 2sided tape stick on pods at all. Had an insta ad come by that looks sick though,check them out and hopefully I can get a preview of the quality through you lol.
Spencer King
Spencer King 5 måneder siden
I absolutely love watching you two together just doing random couple stuff and hanging out being genuine. Thank you for giving us this content and look into your lives. Keep moving forward
NathanielSilva 5 måneder siden
Use Castrol 10w60 super car oil
julian guevara
julian guevara 5 måneder siden
love the bloopers
Zach Brock
Zach Brock 5 måneder siden
Soooooo close to 2m!!!! Way to go brothaaa
basshead medrano 89
basshead medrano 89 5 måneder siden
The r8 its getting there tj keep up the good work
Wille Berg
Wille Berg 5 måneder siden
More sabrina and calvin!
Dominic Bustamante
Dominic Bustamante 5 måneder siden
What's up with that gun holster that kalvin keeps wearing? If makes him look like a filipino drug lord.
Aku Hyytiäinen
Aku Hyytiäinen 5 måneder siden
When is the c8 coming back?
JotaJota STI
JotaJota STI 5 måneder siden
We need to start a “Propose already Chach!” in the chat.
Y0Gzee 5 måneder siden
The R8 not starting on first try may be the errors preventing it to start on first try
Austin Moon
Austin Moon 5 måneder siden
Is it bad that I sometimes put off watching an episode so that I can watch 2 the next day!? Keep up the awesome work TJ! Love the videos!
Nestor Macias
Nestor Macias 5 måneder siden
Normal day if perfectly fine brotha! Keep it up
Cameron Harkey
Cameron Harkey 5 måneder siden
late comment but, try brushing with activated charcoal a few times a week. it helps remove surface stains but if you use it too often it will damage your enamel.
LilAppleBoi 5 måneder siden
It would literally be a dream to meet you and have a drive with you
Jonathan Aleman
Jonathan Aleman 5 måneder siden
the ending of this video is hilarious 😂
Melanie Dedrick
Melanie Dedrick 5 måneder siden
I know you said you don't like Custom Interiors too much, but hear me out on this: the BRZ gets the original seats reupholstered with Alcantara with lime green stitching to match the brake calipers and injen intake
Travis Meays
Travis Meays 5 måneder siden
Why is redline all the way from 6k-10k?
Joshua Kenmuir
Joshua Kenmuir 5 måneder siden
Whats up with the c8 Tj
Craig Veverka
Craig Veverka 5 måneder siden
You guys should get vcds to scan this car for codes
Mas`ood Ismail
Mas`ood Ismail 5 måneder siden
Get a ross tech vcds cable , it will help you diagnose and clear all warning lights ✌️
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 5 måneder siden
NGL, your teeth be looking mad white Teej! Hahaha.
Faris Shadeed
Faris Shadeed 5 måneder siden
He is going to twin turbo it and it will ake 1400hp
DiabeticSauceGod 1324
DiabeticSauceGod 1324 5 måneder siden
I’m ready to start seeing some of Kevin’s 335i. If I do recall correctly I believe TJ said they had “big plans” for it. Idk just a bimmer fan boy i guess🤷‍♂️
Roscoe Sparkz
Roscoe Sparkz 5 måneder siden
PLEASE calvin PLEASE get rid of that dumb ass gold the chain is ok but all those damn rings/!?!?!?!?
Brandon Stone
Brandon Stone 5 måneder siden
is Cal annoying or is it just me ??
Jordan Flores
Jordan Flores 5 måneder siden
I smell a sheepey twin turbo set up coming
Joe Miller
Joe Miller 5 måneder siden
I’m calling it now ... r8 is going twin turbo by sheepy 🐑
ArgDe 5 måneder siden
You leaked the shop
Capacheskulls 5 måneder siden
Pls do a walkthrough of your setup
szachtb 5 måneder siden
Sean Madison
Sean Madison 5 måneder siden
Before you even said it I was thinking how much Sabrina has been in the vlog lately
michael grobler
michael grobler 5 måneder siden
The r8 is going to go to Sheepey Race to put twin turbos on . Tj was telling that the r8 will have the most HP out of all the cars in the shop , so that is the only thing that he could possibly do to get the most HP out of the car
Nathan Hidalgo
Nathan Hidalgo 5 måneder siden
Roman Izek
Roman Izek 5 måneder siden
lol hemp is marijuana just not the flowers of the plant so no getting high but getting all the natural nutrients. hemp is one of the best natural fibers to make things with also. can even make bricks with hemp lol
henry hess
henry hess 5 måneder siden
Teej just sell me your dirtbike
philip dam
philip dam 5 måneder siden
I love your videos TJ and you and Sabrina are the best!!!
Gantt Trendz
Gantt Trendz 5 måneder siden
TEEG!! How about those HRE wheels in the background?
Unorthodox Otaku Guy
Unorthodox Otaku Guy 5 måneder siden
Yes I agree you and Sabrina are wholesome content
dawie botes
dawie botes 5 måneder siden
Tj gets interrupted in all his videos by a streamer screaming noises that wont turn into words.
damien smith
damien smith 5 måneder siden
Hey teej so on the Audi if I’m not mistaken because I had the same type of problem when I had to swap out and remove the electrical wiring in my Audi it popped up all the same codes... long story short you have to drive it around for a total of 5-10 miles for the cars ECU to reset. Hope that helps brother keep doing what your doing and don’t stop 🙏 much love
Yasser 5 måneder siden
It’s like they just let other people fix their car but they just put it together... they are not rebuilding it.. they just payed for it.
ryan juarez
ryan juarez 5 måneder siden
It’s gonna be TT 1400 HP
Giovanni Sanchez
Giovanni Sanchez 5 måneder siden
Any update on the C8? Haven’t seen or heard about it in a while.
TheWarriorShow 5 måneder siden
Perfect now time to sell it lol
Eden 5 måneder siden
I honestly forgot you had the truck tj, what happened to the mods you wanted to do for it?
Tolsen666 Yaaa
Tolsen666 Yaaa 5 måneder siden
Im guessing twin turbo, 1200hp
William Levy
William Levy 5 måneder siden
They make a peroxide mouthwash like Colgate peroxyl or something like that
Deimantas 5 måneder siden
widebody the r8
Mauro LV
Mauro LV 5 måneder siden
Zack 5 måneder siden
We all know you're not using that oil on the r8 😂 you're gonna use what ever sheepy tells you to use when you twin turbo it....
Gonçalo Matos
Gonçalo Matos 5 måneder siden
Shoutout to T-goose christ
Joel Larin
Joel Larin 5 måneder siden
If you are Lactose intolerant and you do nothing, it can bring you worse disease.
Anime Mode
Anime Mode 5 måneder siden
Dude, check out "ABT" for r8 mods.
MAX AUX 5 måneder siden
dislikes at 69. don't ruin it
MAX AUX 5 måneder siden
Marijuana is considered to be hemp when the THC level is less than 0.3%.
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