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I got wind that a monolith appeared in san diego so we went on the hunt to find it!
#monolith #monolithsandiego
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noodle head
noodle head Måned siden
on a real note, these vlogs are what i look forward to each day
Rydnorth Måned siden
noodle head
noodle head Måned siden
@Supreme 1Chap what?
Supreme 1Chap
Supreme 1Chap Måned siden
Spoiler alert
Humbly Driven
Humbly Driven Måned siden
Same here.
Thevinu Vipulaguna
Thevinu Vipulaguna Måned siden
I totally, 100% agree with you, these vlogs put me in a good mood
sunitha janganolla
sunitha janganolla 26 dager siden
I wish stewen hawking was here to see this
Mick Dees
Mick Dees Måned siden
Cool thing is that monolith was placed by an Australian over here his channel is 'i did a thing' check him out.
HaVoK BS Måned siden
You should do a surfing vlog and throw a rooftop tent on the supra I', throwing one on my mk3 supra
B Martin
B Martin Måned siden
The journal reads were so amazing. I lost my amazing loving father last Monday, had his funeral Saturday, and to this day I am still lost. My mother, my siblings, and I are still trying to cope but this video and your journal reading helped me to see that even in the darkest of times, even during the holidays, we need to keep moving forward. I appreciate that Teej! Thank you for sharing.
Rydnorth Måned siden
The C8 kit looks so damn good 🔥😍
Luis Garofalo
Luis Garofalo Måned siden
Keep moving forward
el pollo
el pollo Måned siden
Hey, doubt you'll ever read this. If so what is one main thing i can do to start youtube. I am purchasing a Prelude, and i am rebuilding a 01 Camry . I blew the engine and want to make it better. Just 2 days ago i did a little note of my work book about how i am mentally finally got to watch your videos i dont lack i watch them on my days off. I know life is short and i dont want to die leaving limbo.. I cant sleep i cant do much because of that thought. Cars get me out of that zone. Please if could do me a favor and give advice on your next video? I don't mind if you bring up the comment on the video just im alone here.
Greg Baker
Greg Baker Måned siden
The frantic answer enzymatically satisfy because forehead generally disarm forenenst a animated ocean. harsh, funny frog
MickyGee Måned siden
Found an un-touched monolith in outback Australia today! nopost.info/throw/u8Cqloexsmyin5I/video
thatsedan_m3 Måned siden
You guys should make a wide body kit for e90 m3's
HelmetVanga Måned siden
Sorry to burst your bubbles. This is the thing. There are 2 types of people in this world... 1) those who see metal Triangular prisms and those 2) who see real monoliths. lets start with the definition of Monolith: From Latin which in turn came from Greek The noun comes from the Greek words , meaning “single” and Lithos , meaning “stone.” a large single upright block of stone, especially one shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument. Relax now and watch a real monolith nopost.info/throw/mrCih66azniKl6M/video who built this and why. Were they humans?
Luis Antonio Arzón
Luis Antonio Arzón Måned siden
That Monalift is Mickeyspec
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion Måned siden
Todad isn't wearing a mask because FU
ZackNasty Måned siden
That ending gave me chills! It really hit home for me. Its all in the mindset, you can literally do anything you put your mind to.
ShreqBoi Måned siden
Just watching this video and I really felt @16:05... I’m glad I watched this video 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Dawson Lange
Dawson Lange Måned siden
Couldn’t be prouder brother. I’ve been here since the beginning, I’ve watched how far you’ve come, and it gives me motivation everyday to keep moving forward. Much love man.
Ariel nunez
Ariel nunez Måned siden
Aye 4/26 my bday
Brian Philip
Brian Philip Måned siden
TJ is a Devils fan....we are few and far between....LETS GO‼️
Efren jose
Efren jose Måned siden
So Tj will have 2 c8s daaaammnnnnn, or is he giving away the red one?????
Lucas Blanchard
Lucas Blanchard Måned siden
You should get your handwriting of “I will move forward.” scanned and made into decals or banners!
Chris Emm
Chris Emm Måned siden
Yoo IKNow you guys arent really similar in channels but do you ever think youll do a collab with FaZe Rug ? since yall both in SD
Louis G
Louis G Måned siden
that ending was heavy and beautiful! i been here since miley was white. thanks for all these years of work.
nils Rödder
nils Rödder Måned siden
Those last few minutes really hit differently😌the last few weeks have really been immensely stressful and there's not really an end in to that in sight due to the situation in the world and the nature of my job , but its these few minutes that change my mood and mindset 👊💪
KCars Måned siden
Big motivation at the end of this one, really enjoyed listening to that🙌🏻
Supreme.209 Måned siden
seeing and hearing you overcome everything throughout these past 4-5 years really made me see that mindset is really what brings you down and up. glad your well teej 🤝 keep moving forward 💯❤️
Walter FJK
Walter FJK Måned siden
Loved the ending with the young tj journal notes 👏👏🥺
Clos 00
Clos 00 Måned siden
Any advice to someone who wants to start NOpost but thinks they won’t make it and doesn’t know how to start
Hercules Måned siden
Been watching since the invidia n1 exhaust install on the brz. Amazing to see what you built over the years!
Ali Mohamad
Ali Mohamad Måned siden
0:54 if you don’t, are you really a car guy?!?!
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Måned siden
Soon I hope to start a build on a 1999-2004 mustang. Any ideas on what to do to it first. I’m thinking exhaust but not sure on what exhaust to get I want it loud and mean😈
Roque Måned siden
It's fine.. The 3y old cries today and tomorrow's shes a car girl.
The science Of training
The science Of training Måned siden
That was taken down as soon as tj touched it.
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler Måned siden
Look at tj man
Tony Wang
Tony Wang Måned siden
Thank you for reading what you wrote in the end of the video. Really needed that.
Patrick Hull
Patrick Hull Måned siden
Whenever I'm in a tough spot, or anyone I know is, I always have in my mind 'Keep moving forward'. Its really helped because it shows me there is always something better down the track. Thankyou TJ, keep it up
FEARGOD Måned siden
i was just gonna go there but then i saw the instagram post from my frend and then i just noticed some strangers just knocked it down
Logan Warner
Logan Warner Måned siden
Hearing him read that journal hit different
Kyle Denney
Kyle Denney Måned siden
I remember first subbing during the Beamer days. Always look forward for to the uploads and always having a positive moment throughout the day. Thank you teeg.
initialSpeed Måned siden
Love the R8. One day man, one day. Thanks for the videos. Keep it up.👍🏾
Yonis Sandoval
Yonis Sandoval Måned siden
Been following you since the installs in calvins garage. Always a good time watching your videos. One thing i do miss is the inspiration clip at the end every now and then. You are the reason i have been contemplating starting vlogging. Keep moving forward is what gets me through sometimes
xkanticx Måned siden
Either way love you dude keep bringing the vibes 🔥🙌🏼
xkanticx Måned siden
I feel like the 100 plus people who dislike this channel are just unhappy I wish NOpost had a dislike ban on people subscribe to pages so that they don’t discourage content based on multiple dislikes just a thought lol I think deep
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore Måned siden
Over fender to headlight gap from one side the the other seems off significantly
Robert Penn
Robert Penn Måned siden
Hey I want to thank you for reading your journal. It helped me in good way. See I am 52 yrs old and I lost my best friend/Farther back in March this year to Cancer. And I have been going through a rough time mentally. And hearing you talk about how you got through those hard times gives me hope. Hope that I will get through this stretch. So again thank you for being so upbeat and inspirational all the time. ✌️out and I’ll do my best to “Keep moving Forward”
WolfKing 0725
WolfKing 0725 Måned siden
U need a new camera tieg it's blurry as fuck !!! Need to upgrade to a dslr
Rob’s Garage
Rob’s Garage Måned siden
I see some yams at the 9:55 mark! Lol
JeremyShred Måned siden
“This is where we first had sex.” 😂😂😂😂
Andrew Steavpack
Andrew Steavpack Måned siden
TJ has cool cars and makes good videos but his mindset and attitude are really why I watch and enjoy watching his videos.
StevenDec13 Måned siden
Ace Nalley
Ace Nalley Måned siden
love that talk at the end should start a story sunday
ItsJustFeel Måned siden
Reason #1 why TJ doesn't have a kid: R8 startups
MarkySharky Måned siden
6:30 That's what she said 😏😂
Keegan da mata
Keegan da mata Måned siden
100% would buy your book TJ, hopefully you write one soon. keeping your NOpost family moving forward with you.
bosssjay Måned siden
The 4 ppl who thumb down this video are dweebs
Jr Cardinoza
Jr Cardinoza Måned siden
Respect bro!!👊💚💚💚
cryptic monarch
cryptic monarch Måned siden
You’re my inspiration.
richard stonyisland
richard stonyisland Måned siden
I Wana see the Corvette when it's finished
Nicholas Pritt
Nicholas Pritt Måned siden
The room is so nostalgic
On a real note, the message at the end of these vlogs is what I look forward to each day! KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!
Minty Clips
Minty Clips Måned siden
It is the exact same one found in the desert
Jack Cravatt
Jack Cravatt Måned siden
Been here since that journal happy to still see growth
Jack Cravatt
Jack Cravatt Måned siden
Waiting for spaceship time with the c8! Babyyyyy
pdavid24 Måned siden
Hope you guys sanitized after grabbing that monolith.
Big Boy Toys
Big Boy Toys Måned siden
that journal is very lit. keep it up
Jonathon Hayden
Jonathon Hayden Måned siden
Keep moving forward, staying positive and do not ever lose sight of what you want to do and whatever you do do not ever give up always TJ 👍❤💪😊
Jorge Castillo
Jorge Castillo Måned siden
I’m not crying... YOUR CRYING!!!
Lyght-House Måned siden
Please don’t shave the beard you look good tj
Streetkingz Racing
Streetkingz Racing Måned siden
The driver side front fender has more headlight gap compared to the passenger side
nunu from vu
nunu from vu Måned siden
TJ: and thats how i made a three year old cry R kelly: ayeee i did that too im sorry but i needed too 😭🤦‍♂️
Nathan Gillihan
Nathan Gillihan Måned siden
You wrote that on my birthday 4/26
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life Måned siden
Sadly at times we car people don't seem to be the brightest behind the wheel. Like why would you tailgate not knowing what could happen? Oskar!!! Calvin gives no fucks. Damn throw back.
Connor B
Connor B Måned siden
I’m confused. Why is a piece of metal at a strip mall a big deal?...
mick muller
mick muller Måned siden
I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm.
Brian Davis
Brian Davis Måned siden
wow sabrina tmi
Curtis Flaws
Curtis Flaws Måned siden
Bro you story at the end is hitting so close to home right now thank you! I'm am going to give the journal a shot 👊 keep moving forward
Sean mcclain
Sean mcclain Måned siden
Literally can't believe people even waste their time to go look at a piece of man made metal....
Jon Gather
Jon Gather Måned siden
go the extra step and make a paper template that comes with the kit to tape on and mark the holes.
William Simpson
William Simpson Måned siden
Are you making that exact kit for other makes and models like Hyundai?
Prem Naik
Prem Naik Måned siden
Love your content and your words TJ love from India ❣️
Jay 98
Jay 98 Måned siden
Most humble NOpostr 🔥 it’s nice to see you come this far
Dropdeadsykes21 Måned siden
JettaManDan09 Måned siden
TJ....Most of your feel good/stay positive stuff doesn't effect me...but i'm sitting in a hotel far from home and away from my wife and kids... taking care of my parents who got into a major car accident last Thursday. They are lucky to be alive...and i'm thankful i can be here for them and take care of their needs while they make progress in recovery from injuries. So your stay positive message hit me kinda hard...and i wasn't expecting it to. It's hard to do so..but i'm trying. I didn't lose them and that is what i'm focusing on. So this video helped me a bit....wanted you to know. Thanks.......
Kristian Leino
Kristian Leino Måned siden
Thank you for sharing that journal and some personal things aswell, really loving it! Greetings from Finland!
durzey Måned siden
love u tj
Abrei Lontale
Abrei Lontale Måned siden
God blessed all !!! Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin spoke about the future of space exploration and said the public would be interested in a MONOLITH on Phobos, one of the two small moons that revolve around Mars. nopost.info/throw/x6qqi6vVzqOCp9U/video
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Måned siden
Bro I have really grown to enjoy your channel this year. I subscribed and unsubscribed in the past because I wasn’t ready for your positivity and couldn’t make the connection because of dark times in my own life. Today you helped connect it all for me and you brought tears to my eyes with these journals. These days I feel much better and watch every vlog (and yes I’m subscribed again lol). I show up for the cars, but I stay for the positive vibes you send out in each and every vlog. Thank you so much... keep moving forward✌🏼❤️🎄
Cesar Correia
Cesar Correia Måned siden
god bless brother!
XenoVI Måned siden
Omg stop with the monolith shit
Ernie240sx Måned siden
Damn not going to lie the story at the end had a apple in my throat ! Been watching you for years such an amazing journey tj !
wilbready Måned siden
Some a$$hats stole the monolith last night!
Centrifugal Zach
Centrifugal Zach Måned siden
12:05 ooooffff
Rip Wheeler
Rip Wheeler Måned siden
The OEM parts will vary over time, C7s changed over the course of 10k units, just be careful how close you make it.
Em&CoVlogs_ Måned siden
teej - ya my boyyyyyyyyyyy
Kenny Jackson
Kenny Jackson Måned siden
I’m like this black screen is gotta be teeg’s room. Light cuts on.. Sabrina “ this is where we first had sex” 😂😂😂😂
William Mathis
William Mathis Måned siden
TJ , many years ago I found ur channel after a my first deployment in 2016. I was in a terrible mental state. You’re content has given me a passion and helped keep me in the mind set of “keep moving forward” . Thank you for the content you create and sharing ur life with all of us.
ChRiSsY ChOcK Måned siden
No bloopers today 🥺
Johnny Måned siden
absolutely love vlogmas
Ryan Mcqueen
Ryan Mcqueen Måned siden
I know his going for the GT3 look with rear arches but I just don’t think it looks right. The C8 needs box’y square rear arches like the wide kit on his BRZ
Ruger Winchell
Ruger Winchell Måned siden
Those monoliths popping up everywhere are probably warnings. All this stuff with election fraud and all that is just a distraction to something far bigger.
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