Twin Turbo C8 UPDATE + R8 FIRE TUNE!

  Ganger 318,525

Tj Hunt

4 måneder siden

Surprise visit to @Sheepey Race for more power and a Twin Turbo C8 Update!
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Thiện Quân Đoàn
Thiện Quân Đoàn 3 måneder siden
sound like a huracan
Steve Cordova
Steve Cordova 3 måneder siden
Dustin fart was on point 🤣😖🤣
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith 3 måneder siden
Hey TJ, been watching your videos about the BRZ and wanted to comment and say the same thing happened to my FRS. But I don’t have the money to fix it sadly. So it’s my expensive paper weight. Miss it everyday
Rydnorth 3 måneder siden
I forgot you had the C8 😂
Tyler 3 måneder siden
Danny needs to restart his channel again
cudavrage 3 måneder siden
Alex makes huge clames months later still nothing... typical Sheepey 🐑...TJ needs to stop drinking the Alex koolaid...
Shiny Jay
Shiny Jay 4 måneder siden
Christopher 4 måneder siden
“I drive Huracans and R8’s literally every day” Damn that must be nice
matthew anderson
matthew anderson 4 måneder siden
That barber shop doesn't even have strippers, it can't be fancy without the strippers
Connor Hayward
Connor Hayward 4 måneder siden
alex mendoza
alex mendoza 4 måneder siden
Holy shit it's loud
Joseph Mundy
Joseph Mundy 4 måneder siden
I legit forgot about the C8 build. Just add more driving of your vehicles. Set up go pros and stuff like adam
YoQuin 4 måneder siden
Update on the MK4 supra? edit: You should Supercharge the R8!!
Jack Jhon
Jack Jhon 4 måneder siden
You should get a gt2 kit for the r8
APEX SLAYER 4 måneder siden
I totally forgot bout his c8😂😂😅
Yarret Gustavo Cardenas Quezada
Yarret Gustavo Cardenas Quezada 4 måneder siden
Falta expañol jajaja como alex
Kai S
Kai S 4 måneder siden
@5:55 Alex of SheepyRace doing a super-nice call-out to Emelia Hartford !!! ♥️
Nestor Macias
Nestor Macias 4 måneder siden
What kind of cigars does gumba smoke! ??
Cartii 4 måneder siden
twin turbo and bumper delete the r8
Allen Canlas
Allen Canlas 4 måneder siden
What does jumba do for a living
Dilawar Lutfi
Dilawar Lutfi 4 måneder siden
Goddamn i thought it was supposed to be the first actual turbo C8. SS717 got his done from LMR, used it, was reliable and is now selling it. Its old news now
Muhammad Affan Alfaridzi
Muhammad Affan Alfaridzi 4 måneder siden
This video is so entertaining I don't know why... Good contents teeg
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera 4 måneder siden
That outro song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 anyone know the title and artist??
Winter Block
Winter Block 3 måneder siden
My boyfriend made the outro & the song. His twitter is @griffith_kaden if you wanted to link with him!
Ashley Joel
Ashley Joel 4 måneder siden
Boosted r8 incoming! 😎
Sámuel Nagy
Sámuel Nagy 4 måneder siden
Teej!!! What's up with the c8, the supras and the RX7??? I would love to see some content about these!!
Jay Mainey
Jay Mainey 4 måneder siden
Yall ever smoke some tree from time to time? If you dont wanna answer i understamd just curious
Jay Mainey
Jay Mainey 4 måneder siden
This vette bouta be MAINEY
iadrenaline _
iadrenaline _ 4 måneder siden
Lmk when you go to sheep again I always drive by there
Travis Taniyan
Travis Taniyan 4 måneder siden
The C8 lives boiz!!!
Travis Taniyan
Travis Taniyan 4 måneder siden
Father and Son at the end with dem goggles!!! #twinning
Niek van Tilborg
Niek van Tilborg 4 måneder siden
C8 vs R8 draggrace. Can’t wait to see this
EzlNh8u 4 måneder siden
Already going to break the R8🤷🏻‍♂️
Retro Snipes69
Retro Snipes69 4 måneder siden
Retro Snipes69
Retro Snipes69 4 måneder siden
I man the r8
Retro Snipes69
Retro Snipes69 4 måneder siden
MAke the c8 spit flames
Xavier Vidrio
Xavier Vidrio 4 måneder siden
Digging the beat on the outro 🔥
Christian 4 måneder siden
That C8 is going to be rowdy
Colby Sear
Colby Sear 4 måneder siden
Please make a shirt with blue with the goggles
Rogue Chronicles
Rogue Chronicles 4 måneder siden
great video teej !!!!
Mitch Nyarady
Mitch Nyarady 4 måneder siden
Oh my god Blue is so FUCKING ADORABLE
Dreyus Alexander
Dreyus Alexander 4 måneder siden
By the time you get it back you won’t even want it 😂... sell it to me
Wyatt Caram
Wyatt Caram 4 måneder siden
Michael Loon
Michael Loon 4 måneder siden
Cost not “Costed”...😎
Justice Odueze
Justice Odueze 4 måneder siden
That guy is a genius. Is he the owner of sheepey race?
Elite Garcia
Elite Garcia 4 måneder siden
Always looking forward to watching your vlogs Teej 💯 great content 🤘🏻
Derrick&6Strings 4 måneder siden
Do these people just drive around with huge cases of monster energy just in case they see tj?
Trevor Thon
Trevor Thon 4 måneder siden
Hockey skate foot! I know the feels
Gangga Suwana
Gangga Suwana 4 måneder siden
TT R8 coming soon 😍
Imran Hossain Rohit
Imran Hossain Rohit 4 måneder siden
Yeah TJ neighbors are saying he is a drug dealer After a while: he is smoking weed with his boyss 🤣
New Here
New Here 4 måneder siden
and not one person with a mask
Jacob reynolds
Jacob reynolds 4 måneder siden
Another sick video what's the song at 11:40ish.
Russ Weber
Russ Weber 4 måneder siden
How do u still not have this back ...
Jio Moreno
Jio Moreno 4 måneder siden
Cali no longer wears masks?
Taktko 4 måneder siden
Do not like the way The corvette sounds. Other then tanners VW. No LS sounds good.
Pedro Flores
Pedro Flores 4 måneder siden
That view is sick!
Peter Salas
Peter Salas 4 måneder siden
The ending, tj was so happy with the goggles lol too cute
Jonathan Salgado
Jonathan Salgado 4 måneder siden
The best way to close a video 🔥🔥🔥
Cooper Yacopetti
Cooper Yacopetti 4 måneder siden
gotta love a lil hot tub sesh with the bois
Bolek023 4 måneder siden
Hi Tj and Throtl work the same garage? Respect from Poland 😎
Josue Machuca
Josue Machuca 4 måneder siden
is alex What?🤪
Automotive Anatomy
Automotive Anatomy 4 måneder siden
Drug dealer car is on fire Sam! Is all them drugs he carries inside Pam
Aaron Martin
Aaron Martin 4 måneder siden
Nice toes Teej 😂😂😂 jk jk
Christopher Lopez
Christopher Lopez 4 måneder siden
The Music leading up to outro 👍🏿
kingarshad17 4 måneder siden
I think TJ needs to get a rally spec boxer engine from Subaru coz that would be littttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Maurice Conger
Maurice Conger 4 måneder siden
GhostPlayz 4 måneder siden
Yo Alex was so surprised when TJ went full throttle. His facial expression made my day 😭😂
eldan wiggins
eldan wiggins 4 måneder siden
Are tj and blue going on a sky diving trip with those Google's. Lool
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 4 måneder siden
I would have taken the C8 a long time ago.
ShadowNitroS 4 måneder siden
NOpost (cc) translates engine noises as music.... Yes! Music to my ears 😂
tyler mcisaac
tyler mcisaac 4 måneder siden
This Vlog reminds me of some of the older ones like the style of it being filmed.
jose Mercado
jose Mercado 4 måneder siden
Mohammed Kaif
Mohammed Kaif 4 måneder siden
r8 splitter broken??
Shell650 4 måneder siden
We haven't seen the C8 for so long I legit forgot TJ even had a one.
Javier Arroyo
Javier Arroyo 4 måneder siden
K20 the brz
eldan wiggins
eldan wiggins 4 måneder siden
Finally to get the c8 and then to drop the r8 to twin turbo it.
Fredo Mejia
Fredo Mejia 4 måneder siden
Alex is Tony Stark
hunter winters
hunter winters 4 måneder siden
Damn they may have taken the longest to get that kit done but hands down best sounding one yet
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 4 måneder siden
Let’s go !!!!!
Cynister_SS 4 måneder siden
I love Alex, that dude is a mad genius. Can't wait to see what you two got in store for the R8
thebarrcola 4 måneder siden
What is it like 24 hours after the Cali smog test and the cars already running a flame tune 😂
Jason S
Jason S 4 måneder siden
Always a pleasure to see your content!!
No No
No No 4 måneder siden
Darryl Cross
Darryl Cross 4 måneder siden
Twin turbo r8 🤔
Anthony Yes
Anthony Yes 4 måneder siden
Division1ne 4 måneder siden
These transactions are smooth asf keep at it tj
Grug Wit
Grug Wit 4 måneder siden
Why not try the sealed oil-less comp turbo
Jamie Song
Jamie Song 4 måneder siden
Legit every time TJ says the ending I always hear Sabrina doing her ending instead.. “peace out, and keep, licking butts” 😂😂
Kitterll Singleton
Kitterll Singleton 4 måneder siden
Sweet cars fans and friends 👌🏽👌🏽
Nitto Creative
Nitto Creative 4 måneder siden
Loving all this content teej ! Mans gonna have to order some merch to Australia
Tomas Torres
Tomas Torres 4 måneder siden
But did the hot blonde cut your hair tho is what we all want to know now!!😦👀👀
Matt Locandro
Matt Locandro 4 måneder siden
Ok the new outtro is🔥🔥🔥
RGAMING200 4 måneder siden
Hey, Loved seeing blue at the end!
Joe Leal
Joe Leal 4 måneder siden
Sus and TJ
WUT EVZ GAMING 4 måneder siden
Tj-“yah it’s slow”🤷🏻‍♂️
JF Rivera
JF Rivera 4 måneder siden
We need to see blue more often
PolarBearFlare 4 måneder siden
This dude Alex way to smart
Thatguywithnopancreas 4 måneder siden
CJ 4 måneder siden
"What was the hardest part?" TJ why you lying, we all know what the right front disc was the hardest part of rebuilding it for you
Tyler Griffith
Tyler Griffith 4 måneder siden
Content continues to get better dude! Great work
michael__airs3 4 måneder siden
Sale the Corvette and tune the R8 🤙🏼👍🏼
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