Making my Modified Audi R8 'Legal' in California!

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Tj Hunt

4 måneder siden

The Audi R8 is considered 'illegal' to California deems it 'safe'. Can we pass the CA test?
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Robert Applegate
Robert Applegate 2 måneder siden
A class act dude......
David Ly
David Ly 3 måneder siden
When your girl sleeps the Xbox shall beep
Nultic 3 måneder siden
Bruh, San Bernardino DMV... used condoms in the parking lot. I guess people get bored waiting half a day for a license renewal?
Rydnorth 3 måneder siden
i need an R8
Dillon Haynes
Dillon Haynes 3 måneder siden
How many likes for you to let me take the r8 for a rip? ;)
Mary h
Mary h 3 måneder siden
What dmv office did you go to trying to get plates...web says
Hemi vs. Ninja
Hemi vs. Ninja 4 måneder siden
Thats the best thing about AAA and probably another reason it costs so much the DMV services there are a game changer as opposed to going to the actual DMV saves a lot of time
L T 4 måneder siden
what is the status of the C8 Vette ????????????????????
LJD 4 måneder siden
Poor Pierre Gasly.. That poster did not age well
Angel Rios
Angel Rios 4 måneder siden
You need one more super car that way you guys can all roll deep have almost 1 mill rolling together 🤣
Boosted And Bagged
Boosted And Bagged 4 måneder siden
How come Calvin didn't just go online to renew his license? That's what I did back in March.
Tran6cend 4 måneder siden
Teej when are you swapping Sabrina’s wheels?
MTB Ryan
MTB Ryan 4 måneder siden
Seeing Teej give back to the homies and spread the love, I can't help but instantly think of the new AP song "Cut Em In" Teej, gotta listen to it if you haven't.
Antonio Untalan
Antonio Untalan 4 måneder siden
Fully built fa20
WJR PHOTO 4 måneder siden
Displate fail, gasly isn’t a red bull driver and the merc isn’t blue....
Nick Potgieter
Nick Potgieter 4 måneder siden
where the blooper reel at?? :)
Thearrith Dong
Thearrith Dong 4 måneder siden
I’m in Maine and you can basically pass inspection with a straight pipe exhaust 😂😂
Hardway Learning
Hardway Learning 4 måneder siden
It really amazes me how much the Audi 5 cylinder in the RS3 sounds like the V10 R8.
Max N
Max N 4 måneder siden
Twin turbo the aventador
Jonathan Aranda
Jonathan Aranda 4 måneder siden
I wonder when TJ will propose to Sabrina 😭
Madern 4 måneder siden
Kevin Made my day being that happy!
Jonthan Becerra
Jonthan Becerra 4 måneder siden
Shoutout to my nigga barlos and his red civic 😂
toastyjohn 4 måneder siden
What wing is that on the r8???
Prajacta Toraskar
Prajacta Toraskar 4 måneder siden
I'm your biggest fan tj hant aunt and I'm watching you from your first video
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 4 måneder siden
That intro.. i forget there’s new viewers everyday lol its like, all the boys here know you man haha 😆
Sam Walling
Sam Walling 4 måneder siden
Awesome that you let your friends drive your cars. That’s what they’re for. Enjoying and being driven!! 🔥🔥
Andrew Stokes
Andrew Stokes 4 måneder siden
Better find a way out of California, if your governor has his way all the gas powered cars are going to be Illegal by 2035 or some crap or just start full electric car stuff lol
jesse Ballard
jesse Ballard 4 måneder siden
Hell ya build the boxer motor!
IAN VLOGS 4 måneder siden
Tj swap it with a v6 subaru boxer engine
Kazim Blaize
Kazim Blaize 4 måneder siden
"I'm 19 minutes away so I'll be there in a second" That r8 must be really working 😂
Ruan Janse Van Rensburg
Ruan Janse Van Rensburg 4 måneder siden
Awesome TJ. Inspirational
Gradon McFarland
Gradon McFarland 4 måneder siden
I was like the next comment you read! So close😂
Justin 4 måneder siden
Lucky for Calvin I have been waiting since July 17th to get mine. And still haven’t
jorge rojas
jorge rojas 4 måneder siden
I wish I had friends like TJ
bigBOSScross252 4 måneder siden
I feel that dmv issue. A total of 19 hrs 3 visits and a 798 dollar registration bill later
Andrew Puentes
Andrew Puentes 4 måneder siden
How did you register the car in California? I thought if you bought a car out of state you can’t register here? That’s what the dmv told me
Robocopfb 4 måneder siden
Can i drive ur mk4
Greig Wilson
Greig Wilson 4 måneder siden
Please sort that carbon out it’s stinking .
Rasheed Al-Sasah
Rasheed Al-Sasah 4 måneder siden
cant do new id online in cali? much better than waiting in line
Clayton Huntington
Clayton Huntington 4 måneder siden
Redo the fa
red_dragonracing 4 måneder siden
Kevin will be looking for his own
Jackson Campbell
Jackson Campbell 4 måneder siden
3:27 that Lewis Hamilton poster is dope, might need to check out displate now 👀👀 Gotta love the Gasly at Red Bull poster as well
dj alwayne
dj alwayne 4 måneder siden
I love how Tj runto try to find her..pretty cute🤣😂👍💯
Roxas PvPz
Roxas PvPz 4 måneder siden
boxer >
BLACKMARKET Team 4 måneder siden
ItzD3fW1sH 4 måneder siden
Why isn't renewing your license something that can be done online in the states. Can do it online in the UK and it's free, and takes no time at all.
NEROJAN Ravichandran
NEROJAN Ravichandran 4 måneder siden
Oh Broooooooooooooooooo!
F1 #44
F1 #44 4 måneder siden
Who knew TJ was a Lewis Hamilton Fan plus a Pierre Gasly fan!!
The Tactical Griller
The Tactical Griller 4 måneder siden
In CT during COVID you don’t even need to be a member to have you license renewed or replaced
M3lions information BOOTH
M3lions information BOOTH 4 måneder siden
Nice gesture, letting your friend use the R8. Have a great weekend.
Paco 4 måneder siden
I subscribed!
Purplegamer 4 måneder siden
I honestly want to know how all these car you tubers afford these cars because I don’t think I will ever own any of them
Luiggi Martinez
Luiggi Martinez 4 måneder siden
you're a good friend TJ
Silver Wrx Channel
Silver Wrx Channel 4 måneder siden
Get Bader built!!
BH Media
BH Media 4 måneder siden
Around the socal area metro performance is the best there is but if you are willing my tuner has on of the quickest fa wrx's on the planet and absolutely knows what he is doing i would 100% reccomend... mario Hernandez at top shelf performance in Wisconsin
Tommy Ochoa
Tommy Ochoa 4 måneder siden
Pause but Kevin looks good in the R8 🏎
TacosWithQueso 4 måneder siden
Time to bounce from Cali bro
Tommy Shea
Tommy Shea 4 måneder siden
What a good vid! Good vibes great content... Have a totally blessed day you guys
Richard Dalvinn
Richard Dalvinn 4 måneder siden
@6:52 sabrina been smokin’ that fun stuff?🙈 i peep that lighter
steve 4 måneder siden
haha kalvin was actually butthurt abut being hosed
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 4 måneder siden
Haziq Habib
Haziq Habib 4 måneder siden
I am like 2 minutes away, I'll be there in a second 👍🏻
Imkwuzn 4 måneder siden
R8 is my favorite too! All around amazing and Audi just does the best interiors period.
Fidel Cardenas
Fidel Cardenas 4 måneder siden
Ferrari swap!!!
Enoch Mirzoyan
Enoch Mirzoyan 4 måneder siden
Dawg I love your friend group reminds me of mine. The way you guy and and we always let each other drive cars n shit. Ain’t no supercar see still on the M’s RS’s and AMG’s but we’ll be there 😈
Darren Tran
Darren Tran 4 måneder siden
It’s so cool TJ loaning his car out to his friends. I agree the R8 is a sweet ride.
209 Garage
209 Garage 4 måneder siden
I feel Calvin on that long waiting on DMV I was stuck in line for 4 hrs as well for my G8 plates 🥴😂
Cristian Orantes
Cristian Orantes 4 måneder siden
YESSSSSSSSSSS keep the subie engine alive.
yourdad 4 måneder siden
Boxer motors suck
Redrum live
Redrum live 4 måneder siden
Great page I just started my NOpost channel about a month ago had my C7 Z06 for over 3 years now and am starting to share my experience with the car and show all the modifications I’ve done to it while I Waite for the new C8 Z06! Give me a follow =)
Carlos 4 måneder siden
Kev : “you feel like Batman or iron man,ITS GREAT”😂😂
Paul C
Paul C 4 måneder siden
I love my e46 m3 gtr displate, but fuck me when it falls off the in the middle of the night onto a wooden floor it wakes the house up 😂👍🏻
Guthzere 91
Guthzere 91 4 måneder siden
Keep the boxer engine for sure
Valente Perez
Valente Perez 4 måneder siden
That outro is tough!
COBassin' 4 måneder siden
Lol the license plate says TEJ
Brian Galeano
Brian Galeano 4 måneder siden
curious to know if TJ still goes mountain biking
chris Scudder
chris Scudder 4 måneder siden
2jz swap the Subaru
DaBaltimoron 4 måneder siden
Thumbnail is a lie 🙁
ImNotTheOne 4 måneder siden
Keep doing you bros
Tokenn Moto Racing
Tokenn Moto Racing 4 måneder siden
Man if you paint that carbon we gonna fight! 👊 🤛 ✊ 🤜
throtl 4 måneder siden
lemme take a rip.
Madern 4 måneder siden
throtl No evan piss of.
Daniel Rons
Daniel Rons 4 måneder siden
Yeah rebuild the FA!!!!!
Walter FJK
Walter FJK 4 måneder siden
Man that R8 is a f*cking beauty! 👌👌
Matthew Corsey
Matthew Corsey 4 måneder siden
Teej when are the embroidered hoodies dropping?
Matthew Corsey
Matthew Corsey 4 måneder siden
Teej when are the embroidered hoodies dropping?
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 4 måneder siden
California is a hole. Time to leave.
Ryan Bocchino
Ryan Bocchino 4 måneder siden
Did anybody realize he got a poster of Pierre Gasly before he got demoted off Red Bull? 😂 rip
Adam 4 måneder siden
If you give away the r8 I say you give it to Kevin 🤷🏽‍♂️
Nancy Presley
Nancy Presley 4 måneder siden
Big Dizzle
Big Dizzle 4 måneder siden
Rebuilted, this is why we study, kids
Brandon Barreto
Brandon Barreto 4 måneder siden
Give jamba the r8
Henry Chiang
Henry Chiang 4 måneder siden
Shove a Porsche boxer engine in it you wouldn't
Tyge Ortega
Tyge Ortega 4 måneder siden
For how much I drive around I have no idea why I’ve never seen any of your cars in Poway
Joseph Sutterby
Joseph Sutterby 4 måneder siden
Do a crazy Porsche flat 6
Karan Bhatia
Karan Bhatia 4 måneder siden
Big ups to you for hooking your boy up with that whip for his date. Major bro move
Pranay kedia
Pranay kedia 4 måneder siden
Do a carbon fiber front and back bumper
ari Carr
ari Carr 4 måneder siden
Kevin wait till sheepy do their thang
BellaBc 4 måneder siden
Pumped you're back on the daily vlogs. 🤙 put some ej boxer rumble in the brz!
CharJansen 4 måneder siden
Got to be a 2.1 stoker motor
J Mac
J Mac 4 måneder siden
Poway = worst dmv times in SD
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