Rebuilding a Wrecked Audi R8! PARTS ARE HERE!

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Tj Hunt

6 måneder siden

PARTS ARE IN! The day we have all been waiting for is here! Today we strip down the suspension components and swap them out for new ones! We have a long road ahead of us, so let's get going!
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Poway, CA

Sam Guzda
Sam Guzda 5 måneder siden
super venomous black widow, no big deal bud.
Rydnorth 6 måneder siden
Spread of booder for the bois
Steven Stacey
Steven Stacey 6 måneder siden
The r8 is going to be amazing!!! keep up the good content
onepm1 6 måneder siden
Easily one of my favourite builds you have ever done on the channel TJ!
Artur Macedo
Artur Macedo 6 måneder siden
YOYOYO please tell me where to get those LEDS and disco lamp and pyschedelic goodness for ma room aswell xP
Mitch Nyarady
Mitch Nyarady 6 måneder siden
When you low-key could've died to a spider bite...
jose Mercado
jose Mercado 6 måneder siden
The r8 needs to be called the black widow cmon its like meant to be teej
Joel A
Joel A 6 måneder siden
5:09 burn the car down 🤣
Степан Шубин
Степан Шубин 6 måneder siden
David Tringale
David Tringale 6 måneder siden
Yup like the drone. Smart
Vision Media
Vision Media 6 måneder siden
Thanks for the hard work..
JMP Productions
JMP Productions 6 måneder siden
Trade your truck in for a cummins
Brandon Reid
Brandon Reid 6 måneder siden
yeah thats not fine, pretty sure it was a black widow... let that thing bite you and you will rethink what fine means.
Hollywood's life
Hollywood's life 6 måneder siden
@tjhunt I'd get the car sprayed so that black widow spider doesn't get you while your driving
A Gray
A Gray 6 måneder siden
is @sheepyrace gonna twin turbo this?
DIY DAILIES 6 måneder siden
what a copy cat from samcrac
Cameron Utter
Cameron Utter 6 måneder siden
brake clean and a lighter and put that thing where it belongs good lord
MangKolokoy 6 måneder siden
blackwidowsupra is still HUNTing Teej
Dazed:3 6 måneder siden
pls tell me u got rid of that spider
Abdullah Al Shakhoori
Abdullah Al Shakhoori 6 måneder siden
Man you need to have GTR 34 to complete the puzzle of your collection
Hayden Trainor
Hayden Trainor 6 måneder siden
She's coming along nicely! great to see more Sabrina to!
nikolai feissel
nikolai feissel 6 måneder siden
everything about this vlog is good and i love it all! so happy.
likesototallymatt 6 måneder siden
Calvin choking that hammer so bad XD
Keland Sparks
Keland Sparks 6 måneder siden
Mason Joshua
Mason Joshua 6 måneder siden
Please help me keep the roof over my kids head :,,,( I’ve done all I can to provide threw this. I don’t know what I’m going to do $manof4 is my cash app if anyone is willing to spare what they can. I never thought I’d do something like this but I have no where to turn :,,,( I know I’m not the only one who can use the help,l appreciate anyone who is willing to spare with a stranger. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!
ScrapeMetal 6 måneder siden
Cam Rbz
Cam Rbz 6 måneder siden
Calvin into the spider-verse .
Brandon Roman
Brandon Roman 6 måneder siden
Haha the bloopers at the end!! Sabrina: me looking at this Sh*t like I know what it is
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 6 måneder siden
"So you can get a good suck." : TJ Hunt 2020.
parbjot khela
parbjot khela 6 måneder siden
Dut the gorilla 😂
Chris Macdonald
Chris Macdonald 6 måneder siden
Tj " hey Calvin let's put on white shirts and work on the R8" Calvin "great idea" = face palm
bilaal jappie
bilaal jappie 6 måneder siden
Nathan Stifel
Nathan Stifel 6 måneder siden
Half off
Brew!ey 6 måneder siden
Nicholas Zinno
Nicholas Zinno 6 måneder siden
Is TJ gunna go crazy on the R8 like the 458 or just rebuild it
2tall4aninja Kawi
2tall4aninja Kawi 6 måneder siden
It might be to early to talk about color for the R8 but you should do something that’s never bin done before. Glow in the dark...
Old King Cole
Old King Cole 6 måneder siden
You should turn that old rotor into a clock!
Logan Scalf
Logan Scalf 6 måneder siden
That ceramic disk is as big as Calvin
loi zachor
loi zachor 6 måneder siden
Why did you put this music? Its bad
Prod. Skies
Prod. Skies 6 måneder siden
Legit black widow 😂
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life 6 måneder siden
Bro yes I am loving Sabrina AKA mom in these vlogs man. 2:02 my fav color RED!!! Get a good suck loool.
Febre de Carro - Eliseu Souza
Febre de Carro - Eliseu Souza 6 måneder siden
TJ I’m not sure but the rotors have side and I took a quickly look and seems different on the video!
waitwuttt 6 måneder siden
rotors are huge bigger than calvin
Ryan Kasko
Ryan Kasko 6 måneder siden
Teej when your in your game room get them lasers out of your eyes! They're for the ceiling not your face.
SpannMagoo 6 måneder siden
Dad hates are dumb. No youtuber does flexfit anymore :(
Rudy Alvarez
Rudy Alvarez 6 måneder siden
I don’t know if it affects the braking any, but the pattern on the drilled rotor you installed is reverse to what the one you removed was. Might be for the driver side instead of the passenger.
Sam Stack
Sam Stack 6 måneder siden
That was what I came here to say. I only noticed because I upgraded to Drilled rotors and I was like “oh that’s weird they did it the other way” but I hit that rewind and yea it’s opposite of the cracked rotor
Connor J
Connor J 6 måneder siden
Loving the timelapse music Teeej 👌
André Olsson
André Olsson 6 måneder siden
PRO tip from sweden if parts are stuck instead of hammer use a saw and cut it to release the pressure 👍 keep up the good work❤️❤️❤️
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 6 måneder siden
Calv deadass wearing hearing protection for a drill 🤣
fixie king
fixie king 6 måneder siden
what happen to the gtr r34 process give us an update
fixie king
fixie king 6 måneder siden
and for the rx7 we miss that beast 😍
Brian Holden
Brian Holden 6 måneder siden
“So you can get a good suck” 😂😂😂 13:20
Amirjon Rahmatov
Amirjon Rahmatov 6 måneder siden
ahh yes the build begins
Hig Ham
Hig Ham 6 måneder siden
Buy a 4" "fox Tail" Wedge and cut in in half. A $21 spreader
Ej Dames
Ej Dames 6 måneder siden
these sabrina bloopers get better and better
Johnn E-Boy
Johnn E-Boy 6 måneder siden
TJ went from 0 to a 100 instantly whenever he saw that spider
Josh Parks
Josh Parks 6 måneder siden
Glad to see Sabrina up and out and staying positive! My best wishes to her that the results come back clear and moves on to a speedy recovery. Much love!
Ajwes299 6 måneder siden
Black widow in the R8 now you got your theme for the car
Akeem Watson
Akeem Watson 6 måneder siden
Where is the rx7??????
J-ryderDJ 6 måneder siden
Dude I'm putting my hand in there..Calvin does all the work 🤣🤣
George Valantasis
George Valantasis 6 måneder siden
You should name the car "BLACK WIDOW" that was the type of spider falling from the car.. it's a sign.
ADotP 6 måneder siden
The wording jeez “Get a good suck”
HDSHANSEN GAMING 6 måneder siden
twitch fam!!! keep it up tj
demorippa 6 måneder siden
Marriage is the cure to seizuress
Jordan Delillo
Jordan Delillo 6 måneder siden
Should drop some shop shirts... cheaper dark shirts with a small logo for wearing to work on the cars so you’re not ruining white shirts 😂
Jordan Delillo
Jordan Delillo 6 måneder siden
Maybe even a Hunt and throtl garage kinda theme?
Calvin baldwin
Calvin baldwin 6 måneder siden
Loving the progress 👌
Brian Mclean
Brian Mclean 6 måneder siden
TJ, you are such a girl......only a little spider
sean stock
sean stock 6 måneder siden
Tj love you bro , hope Selena is doing good much love ❤️
Sam Jennings
Sam Jennings 6 måneder siden
Prayers for sabrina
PJ Morrison
PJ Morrison 6 måneder siden
Jeez Teej, save some of the NOpost car community for us smaller channels🥵😭
blade cutx1
blade cutx1 6 måneder siden
What the hell is a coozie
Tabletop Newtype
Tabletop Newtype 6 måneder siden
What do you guys think? Is TJ going liberty walk r8?
Froy 6 måneder siden
video intro tho
Christiaan Y
Christiaan Y 6 måneder siden
its called a stubby holder mate
RCPremiumNW 6 måneder siden
Sabrina’s new R8 is going to be badass!! 😉Lol
victor thais n.o. læbel
victor thais n.o. læbel 6 måneder siden
Someone needs to learn Calvin of tj how to use a hammer
Tyler Unwin
Tyler Unwin 6 måneder siden
@tj hunt where did you get all your lights from?
Lewis Chafer
Lewis Chafer 6 måneder siden
I Really in enjoyed Watching the Amazing Rebuilding a Wrecked Audi R8 Good Content
Sleeplessgamer98 6 måneder siden
i saw the husky and instantly you became my favorite NOpost car channel hahaha
Alexandre 6 måneder siden
Was that a fucking Black WIdow,bro? damn
Alex De Waal
Alex De Waal 6 måneder siden
When Clavin does all teh work xD JK Teeg Love u man finally in the VAG scene, fuck I miss my TT :(
SP2333 6 måneder siden
That was a black widow spider. A close relative to Australia’s Redback spider.
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 6 måneder siden
The editing tho
Mujtaba Mohammad
Mujtaba Mohammad 6 måneder siden
Hey man I love your videos . So after repairing your Audi will you sell it to me
michael campos
michael campos 6 måneder siden
strange music, random ass vibe smh
Leon Barton
Leon Barton 6 måneder siden
I was convinced I was listening to an instrumental cover of "The Pixies - Where Is My Mind" in the middle of this video. I was wrong, but thank you for having a long enough stretch without speech for me to identify "Elwin - My Daydreams" which is now in my playlists :D
Jack Nowell 666
Jack Nowell 666 6 måneder siden
Tj has a new friend that is a black widow spider
Sten Martens
Sten Martens 6 måneder siden
blessings for Sabrina!
Reuben Theobald
Reuben Theobald 6 måneder siden
Big move with the sound track today boys
kevin tran
kevin tran 6 måneder siden
Tj can you tell us how much total you spent on parts lol on Audi r8
Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy 6 måneder siden
Someone is afraid of spiders😉😂
Dilraj Singh
Dilraj Singh 6 måneder siden
todays video was fantasticTEEJ !!salute!!
Ayllon Entertainment
Ayllon Entertainment 6 måneder siden
Whats up tj i have my own garage too and my biggest goal is to make my garage grow as same or bigger than yours hmu 😆
ShilohValo 6 måneder siden
bro that end clip had me dying ... wwhhatt is thiisss lol. so glad that made it in the vlog
Justin Trujillo
Justin Trujillo 6 måneder siden
"Dut the gorilla" dead 😂😂😂
IceManJhey 6 måneder siden
Love the Videos TJ! Guys check my channel out!🙏🏽🙏🏽
Marwan Al Aassar
Marwan Al Aassar 6 måneder siden
the ending >
Levi Alexander
Levi Alexander 6 måneder siden
Like squad wya
Asking Vega
Asking Vega 6 måneder siden
I died when TJ said “ get a good suck” 😂😂🤙🏼
Isaac Knight
Isaac Knight 6 måneder siden
I thought audi used stretch bolts and you’re meant to replace them after you take them out
Gianni Kameehonua
Gianni Kameehonua 6 måneder siden
this cars name should be Scarlett Johansson because black widow
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