My Lamborghini Aventador will NEVER be the same...

  Ganger 367,235

Tj Hunt

4 måneder siden

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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Eli Williamson
Eli Williamson Måned siden
Day 1 part 3 of catching up
Harley Sinclair
Harley Sinclair 3 måneder siden
Sabrina is a whole ass mood
Cyrus Zamora
Cyrus Zamora 3 måneder siden
Twin turbo it
Vinny 3 måneder siden
Sabrina and her farts lol
UCWhoIAm 3 måneder siden
Alan Carranza
Alan Carranza 3 måneder siden
Sigurd Solvang
Sigurd Solvang 3 måneder siden
Good work
Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw 3 måneder siden
Cant believe Calvin doesnt like your kit!!!
ThatGuy’s JDM
ThatGuy’s JDM 3 måneder siden
Gonna need some carbon side splitters
Rydnorth 3 måneder siden
Cars & Casinos
Cars & Casinos 3 måneder siden
you'll need to add that dr scrape product to protect that lip now lol
Zach Weinberg
Zach Weinberg 3 måneder siden
4:40 calv 💀
Justin Paccione
Justin Paccione 3 måneder siden
TJ, u need a Lexus LFA
Preston Andersen
Preston Andersen 3 måneder siden
First aesthetic mod but just wrapped the car lol
Zaahid Sharif
Zaahid Sharif 3 måneder siden
Beautiful Stradman purple
ari Carr
ari Carr 3 måneder siden
Does the Aventador have a sheepy tune?
Aaron Helms
Aaron Helms 3 måneder siden
Og subscriber here. Love the Dailys. That color on the Lamborghini is legit. Usually dont like purple. But man....
GeQuan 3 måneder siden
so teej is stradman 2.0🤷🏾‍♂️
Gabriel Gerolomo
Gabriel Gerolomo 3 måneder siden
We love ya tj
Jorge Guaman
Jorge Guaman 3 måneder siden
AnthonyLastname 3 måneder siden
Generic comment
Jeff Salvado
Jeff Salvado 3 måneder siden
Tom Boyd
Tom Boyd 3 måneder siden
The carbon lip looks 🔥
Rotciv 12
Rotciv 12 3 måneder siden
Lambo looks so sick now 🔥🔥🔥
Benny Aerroc
Benny Aerroc 3 måneder siden
Cllllleeeeeeeeaaaaannnnn Aaahhhooooppp!
brian baray
brian baray 3 måneder siden
Reckless_Civic 3 måneder siden
That Lamborghini needs more carbon, lip is a bit aggressive on its own
Juan Sucks At Gaming
Juan Sucks At Gaming 3 måneder siden
Carbon looks sexy with the purple
iwannabeakop 3 måneder siden
That’s so nice bro! Can’t wait to see what else you do to the Lambo
Isiah Joslyn
Isiah Joslyn 3 måneder siden
Where did you get that dope clock in the background in your gaming office
Hillary Rabanes
Hillary Rabanes 3 måneder siden
javier santiago
javier santiago 3 måneder siden
Yeoooooo love the vids tj!!
Ilan Basrawi
Ilan Basrawi 3 måneder siden
Is not an Avenador is an AvenTador the T is not silent
kennethfjaerli87 3 måneder siden
Oh man i love fartgas
Michael Colmer
Michael Colmer 3 måneder siden
We experienced fires like that in the previous summer in Australia. It’s terrifying and very destructive. Hope you guys are doing alright and you’re not in danger from it 💕
uzair leite
uzair leite 3 måneder siden
That Lambo looks nasty🔥🔥
kj Powell
kj Powell 3 måneder siden
You need a carbon wing
Kyler Duncan
Kyler Duncan 3 måneder siden
You should make an intro video that people can see when they go to your channel that explains who you are and what you do. Like a trailer
Vincent Perez
Vincent Perez 3 måneder siden
i love the thirty seconds of earrape when theyre looking at it lol
Rokas Gricius
Rokas Gricius 3 måneder siden
Wintry Fanatic43
Wintry Fanatic43 3 måneder siden
Wide body time?
lee guillaume
lee guillaume 3 måneder siden
Two words roll Royce
Ac Black
Ac Black 3 måneder siden
Do you guys use the lock tight after replacing the bolts?
Joshua Fabian
Joshua Fabian 3 måneder siden
Take Big T out in the sheepy race twin turbo R8
337’s Life
337’s Life 3 måneder siden
Keep moving forward! 🤟
John Valentine
John Valentine 3 måneder siden
Daily vlogs teeeg. Doesn’t have to be cars. Do stuff you enjoy, share your life, you hanging out with friends, snowboarding, it doesn’t matter. Share your life
Joshua Soja
Joshua Soja 3 måneder siden
Adam: Has an abundance of Cars that I can’t name cause there’s a lot😭 TJ: Has super cars that make me smile
Walter FJK
Walter FJK 3 måneder siden
4:34 TJ & Calvin turning into Werewolves😂🤣
Black Water Guide Service
Black Water Guide Service 3 måneder siden
Nice content! Keep up the great work. If you have a moment you could go visit my page 🤩🙌
OMARIO 3 måneder siden
Tbh if Tj makes his own wide Body kit for the Lamborghini
Jesse Gonzales
Jesse Gonzales 3 måneder siden
Love the carbon lip on the venti. Sabrinas farts 😂 lol epic. Keep up the good work. Love the daily vlogs but if you can’t it’s ok too, just like your videos
Adamis Gomez
Adamis Gomez 3 måneder siden
Everyone has a lil bit of florida man yee yee in him. Cleetus would be proud 😂
Mogaan Sharma
Mogaan Sharma 3 måneder siden
Love the daily vlogs, keeps me moving forward every day ❤✨
Johnny 3 måneder siden
Love the daily uploads!
Trevorpaine007 3 måneder siden
👍 just chill TJ I think all of us just appreciate you staying true n if u enjoy more than one day Off well good sir you fuckin deserve more than one day in a row off keep moving forward
michael garcia
michael garcia 3 måneder siden
I'm commenting for support bro I gotchu fam! Love your videos. Watching from a hospital bed and cought up on ur videos I was three vids behind due to some emergency surgery. Keep it moving forward and I will too brother! Btw I love that color on the Lambo! Minus the ash of course 😂
TJ Shoop
TJ Shoop 3 måneder siden
Taco Killer
Taco Killer 3 måneder siden
Love you mija
Royaltybuiltco 3 måneder siden
What holster does Calvin have ??
Brad J Turyna
Brad J Turyna 3 måneder siden
Love the purple!
Voltage 3 måneder siden
Slumped 2X
Slumped 2X 3 måneder siden
Tj you need more carbon pieces on the car
Eduardo 3 måneder siden
Roean van Dolderen
Roean van Dolderen 3 måneder siden
Maybe do daily vlogs, or a vlog every 2 days, and make it a little shorter (
MikeyFitz 3 måneder siden
Sabrina is an evil genius. Love it. Lambo doors for big T
Julian Tambourlas
Julian Tambourlas 3 måneder siden
Kuya calv wide bodies his SUPRA 🔥🕺🏼
Abdul Vahab
Abdul Vahab 3 måneder siden
Zuriel Indallal
Zuriel Indallal 3 måneder siden
Yo why doesn't calvin do the liberty walk kit? The pandem kit is fucking UGLY. The street hunter kit is dope but I get not liking it and also not wanting the same kit as TJ but the liberty walk? Bro the liberty walk kit is amazing
Uriel Mendoza
Uriel Mendoza 3 måneder siden
Lambo looks a lot batter 👌🏼
Matthew Abajian
Matthew Abajian 3 måneder siden
WithTheBears 3 måneder siden
Thing was so much better yellow
Santiago Hernandez
Santiago Hernandez 3 måneder siden
Where's the C8 Corvette???
toyspeed71 3 måneder siden
Big T is watching. Sabrina should have bear hugged you then farted. 🐻😂🌬️
Adam N
Adam N 3 måneder siden
Neil 3 måneder siden
Before jumping into this video, I watched Dustin's recent video. It's like he ended his video to jump into this vlog 😂
Angelo Hilario
Angelo Hilario 3 måneder siden
Amazing lambo lip
Enrique Escoto
Enrique Escoto 3 måneder siden
We’ll be here for you TJ as long as you can keep the content coming awesome if a break is needed we’d rather have you around the community for a long time.
The woodmansk
The woodmansk 3 måneder siden
Enjoying the uploads man. Cheers
budmac 3 måneder siden
Lookin like planet fitness over here
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 3 måneder siden
That purple is so sick love it and love the lip
Zayne’s World
Zayne’s World 3 måneder siden
California sucks
Manny Huerta
Manny Huerta 3 måneder siden
They giving away a ice cream truck ?
Mike Mena
Mike Mena 3 måneder siden
Girl I hope you doing okay TJ hope everything is well I've been hearing her process of getting better I wish you guys nothing but the best
Glenn Panganiban
Glenn Panganiban 3 måneder siden
Make a streethunter kit for the aventador
Eduardo Rivera
Eduardo Rivera 3 måneder siden
Joe Gardner
Joe Gardner 3 måneder siden
Yee. Leaving obligatory comment :D
Jacob Herrera
Jacob Herrera 3 måneder siden
That “Oh ok sure” he gave Sabrina at the end lmfao😂😂😂😂
Damon Trav
Damon Trav 3 måneder siden
Haven’t been here in awhile,gotta get back to this hella motivating
Adam Franklin
Adam Franklin 3 måneder siden
Who else has been here since TJ bought Miley???? Insane to see the whole group grow together!
Maverick Shaw
Maverick Shaw 3 måneder siden
Love from Singapore Teej!
Yaliema Kickass
Yaliema Kickass 3 måneder siden
Svj rear
Trojan 3 måneder siden
TJ should hire a full time editor and maybe a videographer lol
Finlay Mackenzie
Finlay Mackenzie 3 måneder siden
Hi stradman
tarm natawoot
tarm natawoot 3 måneder siden
Love you jt and Sabrina. Tj my background is a photo of your shop with with keep moving written on it
Konstantinos Tsoukalas
Konstantinos Tsoukalas 3 måneder siden
Great car...Stay strong and healthy for your wife.
Gerald Manzanarez
Gerald Manzanarez 3 måneder siden
Car looks sick bro 😎 🔥
ProjectZGarage 3 måneder siden
The Carbon fiber lip looks sick but that would not last a day here in NY.
Arsalan Hasan
Arsalan Hasan 3 måneder siden
M watching you when you start your braz mods❤️
Lost In Space Cars&Life
Lost In Space Cars&Life 3 måneder siden
Hey so a lambo, Ferrari, the Audi maybe the order is wrong but what's not wrong if you share some knowledge on this new channel. The new M5 Competition vs Regular M5
adrian williams
adrian williams 3 måneder siden
surley put lambo doors on calvins supra ahah
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