Shopping for my NEW Supercar!!

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

Spent the morning at West Coast Exotics to finalize and pay for the new supercar! Any guesses?
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Hemi vs. Ninja
Hemi vs. Ninja 5 dager siden
Whataburger is better than in and out but I do like in and out as well. Animal fries the only way to go regular fries are trash
ghosty 9 dager siden
I'm vegetarian and I live up north n we have neither in n out or whataburger here anyways lol
rayhaan301 13 dager siden
Sabrina's mom is the best
Albert Alby
Albert Alby 22 dager siden
Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale 23 dager siden
That cake (brownie) looks bone ass dry! lol Happy Bday Teej!
Joe Maddox
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Tony Williams
Tony Williams 24 dager siden
Happy birthday teej. You should get in and out burger and Whataburger and compare them
IS 2Fiddy
IS 2Fiddy 24 dager siden
Shake shack > in n out
Mick Dees
Mick Dees 24 dager siden
Here's to wasting more water in the new year 🤣
Axd Vse
Axd Vse 25 dager siden
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Marumo Sekgala
Marumo Sekgala 25 dager siden
@mikemajlak can definitely argue with u on the burger reviews
Jezuz World
Jezuz World 26 dager siden
Hopefully the z06
Quinn Lessard
Quinn Lessard 26 dager siden
I bet it’s the one at 3:30
el pollo
el pollo 26 dager siden
Teej, try Nessy Burgers. Its in route to Temecula from San Diego best burgers ever dude
Crushin' Gears
Crushin' Gears 26 dager siden
Happy belated & congrats 👌love your guys relationship #goals
legendmusic 26 dager siden
The scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Pro Gutters Outdoors
Pro Gutters Outdoors 26 dager siden
He’s getting a Porsche
Michael Andres
Michael Andres 27 dager siden
I think five guys I’d better than in n out...
Fermin Flores
Fermin Flores 27 dager siden
does anyone know the name of the mustang gt
Rydnorth 27 dager siden
Waddup Teeg! Happy Birthday and also Happy New Year!
TheTwinzx11 27 dager siden
Your uncultured taste buds tell you that In and Out is good.
ocean valdez
ocean valdez 27 dager siden
tj sorry but this the only video ive ever disliked.... whataburger is better
PAPERWIND1 27 dager siden
Please the porsche
Kevin Aguilar
Kevin Aguilar 27 dager siden
It’s the green lambo
Jeremy Robbins
Jeremy Robbins 27 dager siden
Only one choice in this world matters: 1) Will you build YOUR kingdom and serve yourself as you prop yourself up. 2) Will you serve God and submit to His Kingdom. Serving others than yourself. Get to know Jesus before it is too late.
Ayoo123 4
Ayoo123 4 27 dager siden
It’s the green lambo He never even mention it plus it’s on his thumbnail
Miguel Chaires
Miguel Chaires 27 dager siden
Sorry tj whataburger is the best
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life 27 dager siden
Blue don't care blue is Husky close to wolf. Lmfaooo
Marius Hansen
Marius Hansen 27 dager siden
Denis Ho
Denis Ho 27 dager siden
its huracan
KFC CLASH 27 dager siden
Buy a Holden maloo
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly 27 dager siden
Happy birthday bro 🎁🎁🎁
Thomas Phayboun
Thomas Phayboun 27 dager siden
The next gen BRZ?🤔
George Vega
George Vega 27 dager siden
It's the green Huracan
Reece Naidoo
Reece Naidoo 27 dager siden
It’s the green hurcan
Juuso Siira
Juuso Siira 27 dager siden
happy birthday bro
Astroid 671
Astroid 671 27 dager siden
Was it the red Rarrii next to Sabrina (time in 1min 38sec. Next to the green lambo
Terrence Conway
Terrence Conway 27 dager siden
Happy birthday
Ultraman 27 dager siden
Hopefully the Lamborghini, but sorry TJ but black is definitely better than white on cars.
Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller 27 dager siden
Happy birthday TJ
RideThe6 27 dager siden
Forget about the cars, just pick up one of those sport bikes bro ! :)
Aman Ashraf
Aman Ashraf 27 dager siden
Happy birthday TJ
Kushagra kumar
Kushagra kumar 27 dager siden
Happy Birthday TJ. He got the green Huracan which was right in front!!! And he is gonna twin turbo it!
jesper krone torp
jesper krone torp 27 dager siden
Happy birthday
TheCriPPledMew 27 dager siden
It's the grey huracan once he tried nardo grey on his aventador and didn't turn out well so this is his way of hinting when he said he didn't like the color of it
R6Damz 27 dager siden
Anyone notice his H “hurucan” hat?👀👀
Young Savages
Young Savages 28 dager siden
its the green hurracan
Anthony Hardy
Anthony Hardy 28 dager siden
I’m calling the viper
Jr.Rosales 760
Jr.Rosales 760 28 dager siden
HE GOT A LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO Car that he always wanted👌
Tristan Okazaki
Tristan Okazaki 28 dager siden
i think teej is getting a hellcat lmao
DriftShepard 28 dager siden
Happy belated birthday
Rien Es
Rien Es 28 dager siden
I'm calling the Porsche
Corbvn 28 dager siden
on his instagram it looks like whatever it is has vents on the fenders
Aaron Volcic
Aaron Volcic 28 dager siden
No masks inside the store!! Class act.
Chew 28 dager siden
Wait i actually think he got the gt350r....
tarm natawoot
tarm natawoot 28 dager siden
So cute you two
Fredy Vasquez
Fredy Vasquez 28 dager siden
Lil Murda
Lil Murda 28 dager siden
Tj five guys is wayyy better man
Odvsy RBLX
Odvsy RBLX 28 dager siden
Green huracan or red c8
Juan Carlos Solis
Juan Carlos Solis 28 dager siden
The Banks Films
The Banks Films 28 dager siden
488 calling it bois
Christopher Mosley
Christopher Mosley 28 dager siden
Happy birthday but add another ten yrs to it like me then your old
Sebastian Lazo
Sebastian Lazo 28 dager siden
5:40 that is the truth no cap 🧢 on God!
Sebastian Lazo
Sebastian Lazo 28 dager siden
Happy birthday teeeg tj
Joshua Rhuland
Joshua Rhuland 28 dager siden
Or an f12
That one
That one 28 dager siden
He got a 2001 honda civic
Rushawn Wright
Rushawn Wright 28 dager siden
Tj hunt happy birthday bro
Joshua Rhuland
Joshua Rhuland 28 dager siden
2018 proche GT3
Jose Baez
Jose Baez 28 dager siden
SERIOUSJONES 28 dager siden
2:38 the Black car in the far corner! He never even looked that direction and when He was by the R8 He spun the opposite direction not to show it! Whatever that is, I think it's the car.
Mutombo Says
Mutombo Says 28 dager siden
Ferrari F12 don't quote me
Joe Warbel
Joe Warbel 28 dager siden
Five guys Is better
Zack Pacheco
Zack Pacheco 28 dager siden
Whataburger is faaaaaar better IMO. Both are amazing asf tho
Mr Pat QC
Mr Pat QC 28 dager siden
where is your new video ?
K J 28 dager siden
When u restocking the hunt truck hats
Martin Fretes
Martin Fretes 28 dager siden
Happy birthday King! Enjoy your day!!
MagicBurrito 28 dager siden
Hes got the 458....
mtor92 28 dager siden
It’s 100% the Kermeyboi Lambo
Andrew Love
Andrew Love 28 dager siden
it’s the grey huracan, look at his insta story and post.
Houts 28 dager siden
that bmw 1000rr though. best vehicle in that building :D
Evan Raffa
Evan Raffa 28 dager siden
Whataburger >
cus-spec 28 dager siden
CAKE: you need to YEEEEET that shit out the window!!!!!
Iain McDearmon
Iain McDearmon 28 dager siden
Five guys is better than in n out
RailRoadGaming 28 dager siden
I feel like teeg would get another Ferrari idk I get Ferrari vibes 😂
vincent dugre
vincent dugre 28 dager siden
Its the Ferrari
vincent dugre
vincent dugre 28 dager siden
She a good cook but not a good baker it seems like that’s as hard as concrete
NITE-WING GAMING 28 dager siden
Happy birthday bro and btw i think you bought the new lamborghini evo
sean ho
sean ho 28 dager siden
Happy birthday my boy
Stephen Phillips
Stephen Phillips 28 dager siden
Twin Turbo Huracan Performante for the win..............
Boosted garage 2.0
Boosted garage 2.0 28 dager siden
Noah Fischer
Noah Fischer 28 dager siden
I say he gets the motorcycle
Offroad Punishment
Offroad Punishment 28 dager siden
10000 percent dodge viper
Nicholas Barcelo
Nicholas Barcelo 28 dager siden
"My cake was very MOIST" wow let me get some of that cake then.
Smile_uwokeup _2day
Smile_uwokeup _2day 28 dager siden
Amazing vlog this n amazing cars n ahh the dogs at the end precious . Can’t to see ya next super car ya getting n happy new year 2021 n b safe from Coronavirus
Arturo Gomez
Arturo Gomez 28 dager siden
Ryan Christian
Ryan Christian 28 dager siden
In n out life!
Michael Kelley
Michael Kelley 28 dager siden
In-n-our is trashhhhhhh Also happy birthday 🎁
Wicky Fisher
Wicky Fisher 28 dager siden
Street hunter
TheGrifterMoral 28 dager siden
Happy birthday tj!
AudibleVisible 28 dager siden
In n out and whataburgr both suck lol McDonald's makes a better burger tbh
Tj Hunt
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