Chevy 'Bricked' my Twin Turbo Corvette...Now What?

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Dennis Coughlin
Dennis Coughlin 5 timer siden
Thats a nice car where can i get one!
Dennis Coughlin
Dennis Coughlin 5 timer siden
What a POS
juan ortiz
juan ortiz 8 timer siden
Typical GM products
Gerald Scott
Gerald Scott 12 timer siden
This is what happens when you put computers in cars. My 1976 Corvette has no such problems, and it never will.
scottjet Dag siden
uh, check your tire pressures. you have a flashing light. will cause esc problems...
Thobias MARTIN
Thobias MARTIN Dag siden
Imagine buying a car and it bugs out on you LOL
Jon K
Jon K 2 dager siden
That car with the cf rear quarters was hideous at best but your vette is nice although I’m pretty sure pcm won’t be able to work around... I don’t believe in am parts only oem.
Axle Johnson
Axle Johnson 2 dager siden
How stupid are you to boost a car that hasn't been fleshed out by the pros. You've entered into the unknown and now your paying for it. This is funny, because you took a brand new car in it's first year and modified it so it's useless. Genius!
Randall Huston
Randall Huston 2 dager siden
Rich people problems
G H 2 dager siden
Is it ever wise to buy a First run of any high value sports/muscle car? I know he need to ave a first run but, I don’t know.
BigFoot Too
BigFoot Too 3 dager siden
"Limp Mode". Hummmmmm
Casey West
Casey West 4 dager siden
That’s why everyone else has returned the car or not upgraded it. It has not been long enough to do any upgrades or significant changes because the aftermarket parts and research aren’t there yet, just gonna have to wait and make due for the meantime with a transmission that can’t handle power and the other bugs
T'airn'KA 4 dager siden
Is the twin turbos an option (dealer installed) or aftermarket? I'm guessing there an option or the dealership would have said you voided the warranty, goodby.
john john
john john 5 dager siden
loso j
loso j 5 dager siden
Chevy's are crap!
judgegixxer 6 dager siden
Lets spend 100 grand on a brand new C8, then pay someone else a pile of cash to make it undriveable. Good plan. You ruined the car and created a forever unreliable money pit regardless of the ECM issues.
samorka 6 dager siden
youre doing 40 in 7th, so yeh its gonna stutter
Chris Never Grow Old
Chris Never Grow Old 7 dager siden
Maybe you youtubers shouldnt modify your cars. You and that hartford girl blow up and break more shit then should be possible.
coco Boo
coco Boo 7 dager siden
Get an ECU from a camaro
Wildman4910 7 dager siden
That is pathetic, lock to 25mph for a freakin trunk switch, the lesson, way too much shit is run by an ECU, it should only be used for engine & trans, nothing else.
robert loftin
robert loftin 7 dager siden
Should of got GT500 , instead of corvette built by Ferrari
thomarbau 8 dager siden
The best sports car under $100k, then proceeds to limp the car home. Lol
robert stormer
robert stormer 8 dager siden
well you did buy a chevy lol
Poison Rationality
Poison Rationality 8 dager siden
You've got a blown head gasket
Jose Montano
Jose Montano 9 dager siden
What’s up with that white 370Z?
Sal 9 dager siden
Why didn’t Chevy do a test run before they gave it back? Poor service!
egnaro2007 10 dager siden
Those carbon flares are hideous on that fd.
s snerd
s snerd 10 dager siden
goneflying140 10 dager siden
WAY too many ads in this video....
AZBEEMR 10 dager siden
Rap and hop-hip are crap.
AZBEEMR 10 dager siden
Skateboards? Only collectible for you.
ad mobile4
ad mobile4 10 dager siden
Not a good advertisement for Sheepy
The Forever Boy
The Forever Boy 10 dager siden
"best car you can get for under 100k" *car instantly breaks
madmatt2024 10 dager siden
Call up FuelTech! They have a custom solution for tuning the C8. Theirs is making so much power that the trans is slipping.
Spartan Patriot
Spartan Patriot 10 dager siden
Modified the car then crying when it had issues.
Robert FromOC
Robert FromOC 11 dager siden
Try coming back to Orange County from Vegas at night and limited to 25 mph.
John Donlon
John Donlon 11 dager siden
Trying to modify these is a risky deal. I know he wants the content but it's making the car look bad. If you leave them stock you won't have all these problems.
Insane Galvatron
Insane Galvatron 11 dager siden
Bricked. You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.
admiral_peck 7
admiral_peck 7 12 dager siden
Time for a holleey system if you ask me!
Scott Mason
Scott Mason 13 dager siden
You can't crack the C8 ECU. It has 128 bit encryption. They knew everyone would try to put turbos or nitrous on it and GM wanted to protect from warranty claims.
Olivier Poulin-Haman
Olivier Poulin-Haman 13 dager siden
Who’s also high?
Jordan Albea
Jordan Albea 13 dager siden
sick video of u talking for 15 mins and doing absolutely nothing
influens s
influens s 13 dager siden
jeez teej ive never seen so many ads in one video.
Drizzy Drew
Drizzy Drew 14 dager siden
This is exactly why I don’t let anyone do work on my cars (especially the stealership) and if I don’t know how to do something you can be damn sure I’ll learn and adapt before I give my car to a stranger that doesn’t give a **** about my car
Drizzy Drew
Drizzy Drew 14 dager siden
READ THIS NOW:::: Bro unplug your maf sensor I bet that solves your problem this is not a joke im serious af don’t take it out just unplug it
Oliver Valdes
Oliver Valdes 14 dager siden
Best car for under 100 grand just seconds before going in limp mode lol
Garage Rescue
Garage Rescue 15 dager siden
Too much electronics
Marijn Joosens
Marijn Joosens 15 dager siden
Lol car sounded like a scooter @7:48
Da Ca
Da Ca 15 dager siden
lol imagine believing your car won't go over 25mph because of a missing boot release and 12v plug in. how stupid can you be that's very clearly not the issue
Chuck Cribbs
Chuck Cribbs 15 dager siden
650 HP isn’t enough? And how do you expect a manufacturer to honor and engine warranty when you added two turbos? Man. Kids and money are easily parted.
here for the whips
here for the whips 16 dager siden
the new corvette is such a disappointment.
WhySoSeriousGM 16 dager siden
*I bricked my Corvette with twin turbos. Sorry had to fix the title
shadyonej 17 dager siden
Swap computers n call it a day
Dana Bennett
Dana Bennett 18 dager siden
LMR Knows for sure they done 717
Abdul wasay
Abdul wasay 19 dager siden
Tj your car is making extra power as it should be find a way that it only makes around 550hp to close to 600hp until an unless ecu tune come
Gallardo281064 19 dager siden
This is why older cars are better. Couple of unplugged wires and the car won’t work. 😂
45searay 20 dager siden
Don’t mess with perfection !
Jorge Javier Mendoza Gamiño
Jorge Javier Mendoza Gamiño 20 dager siden
booostedtc 21 dag siden
Sheepy is crap just so happen to loose a part to a brand new vett just happy to throw it away wtf
solo rain
solo rain 21 dag siden
See that's the problem with newer cars with so many computers & sensors they throw them together to fast & sell without completely testing
Pedro Rodriguez III
Pedro Rodriguez III 21 dag siden
Honestly, this is probably the best example of why being first out the gate isn't all it's cracked up to be.
William Andrews
William Andrews 22 dager siden
Easy fix. Return to stock and list on eBay. Move on to the next one.
402CarKid 22 dager siden
Sounds like the dealership fucked it up. It wasn't doing it before you took it in but was after. Thats a no brainer, can't blame that on Sheepy at all.
Claudio Cma
Claudio Cma 23 dager siden
Hey Sheepy race please let me pay you thousands of dollars to fuck up my brand new C8. TJ Hunt 2020
Calin Warrenton
Calin Warrenton 23 dager siden
Did you have a sponsorship with a traffic ticket company?
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce 23 dager siden
Who is your tuner, Pep Boys?
Luis Villa
Luis Villa 23 dager siden
Stealership probably didnt do shit
Jordan Jackson
Jordan Jackson 23 dager siden
LMR man. Kills me to see you having these issues on this beautiful vehicle
atractiver 24 dager siden
your video has been very successful; I shoot videos like you, too, I would be glad if you browse my videos.
Chanclaperformance 24 dager siden
Take it to Fuel Tech.!!! They,ve found a way to work around the ecu.!
Jacob Moses
Jacob Moses 24 dager siden
Have you heard of the ecu company @Haltech? They make excellent stuff. Hopefully they can help
Afif Tahir
Afif Tahir 24 dager siden
Go with FuelTech standalone
DrB00ST 26 dager siden
"Heavy Breathing " I need those carbon quarters on my FD
BoostLeak Boys
BoostLeak Boys 26 dager siden
You fuuuuckkkeeddd that car up
Brett Caldwell
Brett Caldwell 26 dager siden
Check emilias upgrades. Dont trust dealerships!
Jay Sal
Jay Sal 29 dager siden
This just happened to me!!! ON THE FREEWAY.. GM sent me a tow. Id like to talk to you bout this. Im documenting this on my tiktok my username is jaysmizle
duane mann
duane mann 29 dager siden
GM serviced/recalled the car, gets straight in & its for the engine warning light on. Drives it home anyway then askes if anyone can find out what's wrong, the dealership would of been able to read the codes & tell you exactly what's wrong
Hemi Dave
Hemi Dave Måned siden
SteelRaptor24 Måned siden
Not sure if you had it looked at yet but LMR is probably your best bet, those guys know their vettes
Anthony Gibbo
Anthony Gibbo Måned siden
I would give sheepy the chance to fix one last time if not then put him on blast and then if that fails take it to lmr
TRU J. LLAPITAN Måned siden
bruh I remember when this dude was installing suma performance mirrors, now he is having problems with his twin turbo c8😂 man time flys
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl Måned siden
i know right😩😩😂
Arun Nambiar
Arun Nambiar Måned siden
In the time it took TJ to get his “TT” corvette back from sheepy (which still doesn’t run), Streetspeed got a fully functional TT kit on his corvette from LMR , drove around had fun , took it back to stock and sold it ! Dude again please send it to LMR
Kyle Barnett
Kyle Barnett Måned siden
You keep saying bricked but it’s not bricked...
Rydnorth Måned siden
Send it to LMR!
Christopher William
Christopher William Måned siden
ET=Eat in 1611
Connor B
Connor B Måned siden
Calvin “I haven’t been is this car yet, I actually haven’t been in here” 1100 mile road trip picking up the C8 “Am I a joke to you?!” Mans would have so much butt juice in that car already.
Quiksilver1017 Måned siden
A lot of ppl have already said, take it to LMR, their car build are super reliable and have made 3+ high horsepower setups for streetspeed717, if I had a vette I would def take it to them
Joshua Gaming
Joshua Gaming Måned siden
Men to solve that problem sell that car but before you sell it get all mods that you put then buy another c8 hehehe😁😁😁
Lol... why am I not surprised. Personally I would have waited until the ECU was cracked, or done a complete Standalone system. But I'm a patient person and I'm not making money on NOpost.
AJ Van Huizen
AJ Van Huizen Måned siden
might be one sensor that can cause this problem just need to find the one ..ore it mights be trying to boost with the wrong air to fuel mixture.but I'm not sure
Duke City Gaming
Duke City Gaming Måned siden
Mo money mo problems 💯👌
Bondido Måned siden
Must be nice to have an extra c8 laying around
Craig Palmer
Craig Palmer Måned siden
all y'all 717 nut riders need to remember that his tt c8 was making like less than 700whp
Trail_Liifestyle Måned siden
Reminder to self: Don't buy a corvette. Ps. Dont buy a Chevy ✔
killachief187 Måned siden
Someone make a new ECU, Your out there........... Somewhere
Tvillalona1 Måned siden
That's what happens when upgrading..
Jeff Chef
Jeff Chef Måned siden
I work for a company that does GM electronics repair and after market for GM dealers you would not believe the amount of dumb shit that goes wrong with their electronics I wouldn’t touch GM with a 10 ft pole we average 70-100 cars a day on top of online orders so I’m not surprised this is an issue.
Diamante Måned siden
American engineering
luthfi haidil Putra
luthfi haidil Putra Måned siden
Next, build c8 corvette in 10 minute
Dino Becirhodzic
Dino Becirhodzic Måned siden
Pos corvette get u a gtr nismo best car for under 100k
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