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Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

Today we get Sabrina's treatment plan (most likely) and results back!
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DJ HK 7 dager siden
i know this is late but awwh!! This was uploaded on my birthday :)
Mark Newell
Mark Newell 11 dager siden
Mate I'm on my second hour of your vlogs, what a ride I've buzzed of the Corvette all the supras cried about your beautiful womens bravery who should be 150% your wife touches home with me my wife had breast cancer in remission now. But fuck me what a ride still watching. Love finding a channel that I love and they have 1000s of videos to catch up on. Thank you
Rubin Liebenberg
Rubin Liebenberg 2 måneder siden
Goodluck guys !! hope that everything turns out well !!! we believe !!!
marc michels
marc michels 2 måneder siden
So sad! A tip to anyone finding out the same news. Firstly the only thing cancer eats is Suger so stop all Suger & carbohydrates because they turn into sugar. Then do as much studying look at stuff like essiac which is stil sold & you can get the remedy on NOpost well the four herbs that you mix together that helped loads of people until big pharma shut her down. Go to pubmed public medical (not sure) then once your there read up on Gc MAF. Sadly it’s illegal to say you have a cure so sad so corrupt the world we live in & people donate millions & they don’t want a cure they need the patience for the multi million dollar industry. Also chemo and radiation is carcinogenic which means cancer-causing. Be positive I prey your be fine. Stafe Marc x I don’t want to carry on
Donna K
Donna K 3 måneder siden
Sabrina needs to take cbd, cbg, cbn, cba for her cancer. ALL of that will help. CBN has been proven to slow the growth of tumors.
Austin Ash
Austin Ash 3 måneder siden
Remember when Sabrina used to fart on camera and Tj would put it in the videos😂😂
Madern 3 måneder siden
Kevin’s car hits different.
IMNOTA 4 måneder siden
Kev really has great taste in cars.
Patryk Nagy
Patryk Nagy 4 måneder siden
"For Tobacco use only"
Josh Nichter
Josh Nichter 4 måneder siden
No one would even notice any portion of your brain being gone anyways...
yusef wehling
yusef wehling 4 måneder siden
Get the aventador s front grill / front end it would make it look so nice
Jamie Comer
Jamie Comer 4 måneder siden
Keep faith in God and keep the tires hot 🔥
Delano Feurtado
Delano Feurtado 5 måneder siden
This right here....you are a good man, this is a strong relationship. I only hope and pray for the best for you two. Stay strong Sabrina.
Andreas Seidelin Blicher
Andreas Seidelin Blicher 5 måneder siden
Mason Baba
Mason Baba 5 måneder siden
Man I’m epileptic and honestly the worst part is not being able to drive for 6 months
Steven Hancock
Steven Hancock 5 måneder siden
Wow 😞... i wish you all the best with your surgery and pray that they rid you of all this horrible disease 🙏 TJ Hunt keep up the good vids heart goes out to you both ❤
Red GT3
Red GT3 5 måneder siden
Good luck guys!
Scarlet D'Vore
Scarlet D'Vore 5 måneder siden
Sabrina is blessed...
Robot Overlord
Robot Overlord 5 måneder siden
Wishing you well with your cancer. I lost my sister to brain cancer but hers was stage 4 and aggressive. It sounds like you will be ok, and that is a beautiful thing. Sending you the best healing vibes...
kanervatie 5 måneder siden
Finally getting the divorce done?
Jeremy L
Jeremy L 5 måneder siden
Tj u better not sell out to the bad guys...no zac Re fries
Wesley Reimer
Wesley Reimer 5 måneder siden
When Sabrina is talking about the treatment plan for the surgery then she says "Oooo a Ferrari". But seriously tho, I'm praying for you both. I really hope y'all get through this. I hope Sabrina has the tumor completely removed. Praying for you both and the doctors doing the surgery. God knows what he's doing in both of y'all life. God does amazing things! Keep up the good work TJ. You and Sabrina are a amazing couple! Keep being yourselves. #Godisamazingineveryway!
Every day life with me
Every day life with me 5 måneder siden
Even at the most personal time TJ still makes it about him..let Sabrina speak her thoughts and feelings. .
Wayard 5 måneder siden
Use your seatbelt 😡
Austin Correia
Austin Correia 5 måneder siden
My dad just finished his chemo! His situation is similar to Sabrina's where he has to deal with it long term, but thankfully most of his tumor was removed! Praying for you guys!
brian edwards
brian edwards 5 måneder siden
Tj must show them a picture of Conan every time he wants his hair cut
Alex Dzielak
Alex Dzielak 5 måneder siden
A kiss with a mask :D 3:05
SpaceBarbarian 5 måneder siden
Ohhh I can’t have this in here 😂
larry smith
larry smith 5 måneder siden
Interesting decision on the Aventador. Reminds me, though, of how I should have kept my first Vette (‘73 454) right out of law school in 1978 stock-what a great cruiser in its day, and I loved it! Instead, I modded the hell out of it, and while it was much more powerful, I ruined its drivability in the process. Ended up selling it, and have wanted it back in its stock configuration ever since. Six Corvettes later, I learned my lesson with my Laguna blue 2016 M7 Z06-if driving the car as it is-stock-brings great joy virtually every time you get behind the wheel, DON’T MESS WITH IT!
Danoucha Reynon
Danoucha Reynon 5 måneder siden
Please reach out if you would like to know how to get your body more alkaline to beat cancer. You need an influx of anti oxidant energy for your cells to take over the damaged cells creating the tumor.
larry smith
larry smith 5 måneder siden
You two are a wonderful inspiration-your great faith is evident in your powerfully positive outlook. May you both be blessed always!
Gunnar Scott
Gunnar Scott 5 måneder siden
Only the best of luck to you guys! I love your videos and I love your positivity! Big ups 👆🤘🏻
Karma Cactus
Karma Cactus 5 måneder siden
This is a flash back for me with Charles Trippy from the NOpost channel CTFxC! I recommend reaching out to him he’s been dealing with this forever. Best of luck on this chapter!
Moe Moe
Moe Moe 5 måneder siden
That’s great news! I’m happy for you guys, positivity is key!
Brian Olivas
Brian Olivas 5 måneder siden
I've been MIA on his videos for about 3 years... is he still friends with Calvin? ooooor
Erick Munoz
Erick Munoz 5 måneder siden
The: “She can cook, She can beat cancer, what can she not do. Ohh I can’t have that in Here”
Matt Kobus
Matt Kobus 5 måneder siden
You guys should look at RSO CBD syringes and the stories of people that have used it hopefully you read this it’s done a lot for people.
Uncle Boobie
Uncle Boobie 5 måneder siden
Finally he doesnt do enough to the venti
carbonkings 5 måneder siden
I cant believe how strong sabrina is your I'm my prayers sabrina god i pray that you can please help sabrina and TJ if it wernt for TJ and his love for cars and the people that he has help have a good day out of the dark days god I wish sabrina the best and I hope you can remove Lucifer the evil brain tumor in jesus name amen
HHH Motorsports
HHH Motorsports 5 måneder siden
Praise God that Sabrina receive somewhat good news. Pls enjoy every moment you guys have together. I hope and pray the Doctor can get all the cancer, God Bless
John McFarland
John McFarland 5 måneder siden
Sorry teag but rn I’m only here for news on Sabrina
MR 5 måneder siden
Yo, T'g if you need a fresh cut hit me up. I got you. Keep Moving Forward⏩
Tyler W
Tyler W 5 måneder siden
you need your lips done sabrina
Unknown 5 måneder siden
Rowan Snell
Rowan Snell 5 måneder siden
the bong at the end tho hahaha
Stephanie M
Stephanie M 5 måneder siden
Jeremy Anthony
Jeremy Anthony 5 måneder siden
I've had about 3 inches of my brain removed because of epilepsy. Haven't had a seizure in over 20 years. And i'm not making this up.
Jeremy Anthony
Jeremy Anthony 5 måneder siden
Stay strong Sabrina.
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 5 måneder siden
God Bless my friends
amokt666 5 måneder siden
Have you guys reach out too Charles trippy he when through same thing
Tony Wang
Tony Wang 5 måneder siden
Just saw the Samsung keynote "keep moving forward" nopost.info/throw/qNO0aKfRvG6TdKM/video
ace28 98
ace28 98 5 måneder siden
Has anxiety about chemo and brain surgery yet doesn’t have anxiety about the destruction she’s doing to her lungs from smoking...makes sense
Diego Armando García Amor
Diego Armando García Amor 5 måneder siden
Cheer up Sabrina, you have a very good attitude and that's essential
Kevin cc
Kevin cc 5 måneder siden
Don't worry boys and girls maryjane has her back
Zack biegs
Zack biegs 5 måneder siden
Love y’all be safe
Upset Aleks
Upset Aleks 5 måneder siden
Teeg, I gotta know where you got that galaxy light for your office!
Joe Maddox
Joe Maddox 5 måneder siden
www.mazdaforum.com/forum/mazda-rx-7-33/joe-maddox-super-rare-1-100-1989-fc3s-gtus-rx7-2jz-gte-vvti-build-43602/ I have found and saved the rarest Mazda FC RX7 ever made! Now this car is rare. Really rare! Let me break this down really quick... Ever heard of the rare 100 GTUs rx7s? Only 40 have ever been claimed and only 7 are confirmed at the time of this posting! Here are the rarest rx7 FC3S models: 1500 10AE Turbo models 1400 infini 1000 winning limited 150 final edition convertible 100 GTUs... out of that 100: 83 red on black 10 black on black 7 white on blue There was only 100 GTUs models created between 1989 and 1991. If you own one of these rare models sign your car up to the registry list here on any of the rotary forums!
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz 5 måneder siden
Lol mobile haircut set up is dope
Josh 5 måneder siden
Good luck to your girl, she’s got this 🙌🏼
Anthony Fennell
Anthony Fennell 5 måneder siden
So just to be clear, it is a form of cancer?? Or is it just a benign tumor in a dangerous spot?
Rylan Strongman
Rylan Strongman 5 måneder siden
Jesus that's scary, but shes so positive. Good vibes heading your way!
B GerK
B GerK 5 måneder siden
he about do a streetspeed with lambo. 100 videos later new sv
Faith Fitness & Fast Cars
Faith Fitness & Fast Cars 5 måneder siden
Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia 5 måneder siden
I declare Sabrina healed in the name of Jesus 💯
Fried price
Fried price 4 måneder siden
Thesaurus Rex
Thesaurus Rex 5 måneder siden
Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. Prayers to you and your family
Sandia Speed Stars
Sandia Speed Stars 5 måneder siden
The bong and the pipe had me dead at the end 😂😂
Luis Villa
Luis Villa 5 måneder siden
Your gonna have a narly scare!!!
Mathew Mcglathery
Mathew Mcglathery 5 måneder siden
So was the bong a joke or what?
GuNShY iZ bAcK
GuNShY iZ bAcK 5 måneder siden
Keep your head up brotha its all in the hands of God.
Darien Walker
Darien Walker 5 måneder siden
Glad y’all got some great news teej! Let’s kick Cancers ass and Keep Moving Forward 😎
Feeling Spacey
Feeling Spacey 5 måneder siden
Life of Palos got me here, New Sub. Prayers for you two. I have alot to catch up on, let me get to it.
20bfd3sizzle 5 måneder siden
Sabrina ❤️ tj..underground racing for the lambo..love the vids..
Michael Lenoch
Michael Lenoch 5 måneder siden
11:28 I think the least of this chick’s problems are related to her condition. Learn how to wear a seat belt properly
Nismo Mike
Nismo Mike 5 måneder siden
that sos switch looking like it came from 007
Justin Cnr
Justin Cnr 5 måneder siden
We go through this together.. fingers are crossed. I really look up to your mindset and motivation. Keep it up ☘️ #keepmovingforward
Rydnorth 5 måneder siden
no barbers are open yet??? everything is open for us now here in Canada!
mykoo93 5 måneder siden
🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥 to y’all two staying positive and pushing forward
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis 5 måneder siden
Was that a bong, bowl and lighter just ready for a rip lmao
Dre 5 måneder siden
So happy for you guys, that`s awesome news!!! Check out Charles Trippy`s NOpost channel, he too has brain cancer and just had surgery to remove it!
Jon Gib
Jon Gib 5 måneder siden
She’s so positive 🙏🏻❤️
boosted_ 135i
boosted_ 135i 5 måneder siden
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 5 måneder siden
Whenever you guys have ah kid , can you buy ah wagon n put it on bags n like some 3k wheels
Rose 5 måneder siden
I had cancer at 12 and 14 and was told I was likely to die and all that yatta yatta. 22 now cancer free. You can win your fight 💪. Keep Moving Forward
Dântalo Paula
Dântalo Paula 5 måneder siden
Much love and strength you guys !
Evan Hinz
Evan Hinz 5 måneder siden
Praying for ya.
high minds garage and reviews
high minds garage and reviews 5 måneder siden
“I can’t go in the grass my j’s” I felt that hella hard
Tommy Shea
Tommy Shea 5 måneder siden
I just drove from Reno to L.A. in my 06' Sonata....but I kept getting stuck in 3rd gear. Of course this put me at about 4,500 rpms at 70-75 ish mph. "Keep moving forward!" Kept me going. Thanks for that positive statement. It's a good one.
TBG 5 måneder siden
Best wishes and Godspeed for your recovery post surgery...
Ongoing Projects
Ongoing Projects 5 måneder siden
I believe in Jesus too :) good luck stay safe both of you ❤️
Itz Panda
Itz Panda 5 måneder siden
its a vase teej its fine. it needs some flowers though 🤣🤣🤣
Rakesh Kahan
Rakesh Kahan 5 måneder siden
Bro its BIG BRAIN surgery you got this
Luis Cardona
Luis Cardona 5 måneder siden
Florida boii
Florida boii 5 måneder siden
Will you be getting a 1016 hood and other 1016 areo
Oblivion2013 5 måneder siden
i wish you and sabrina the best ! good luck!
JDM. Forza
JDM. Forza 5 måneder siden
Who else is Here from the video building a supra in 10 minutes
Shawn Huber
Shawn Huber 5 måneder siden
Love to offer your girl some hypnosis to help this.
devin rau
devin rau 5 måneder siden
Anyone else see the spoon pipe in the popcorn clip lol cali life
DeepDiverSi 5 måneder siden
All the very best luck going forward, All our love to you both, The Pitcher Family!!!!!, funny fact-My wife Mel won't let me drive when she's in the car...in 22 years I've driven her 6 times.....we have 6 children!!!!.
Darkcape Cape
Darkcape Cape 5 måneder siden
Dud I really really home she has a super speedy recovery and feel better
Silent Killers
Silent Killers 5 måneder siden
Never fear what you can't control all you can do is live life like there's no tomorrow...
Welcome to Arsenal, Willian!
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