Making my 2JZ 350z LOUD!

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Tj Hunt

25 dager siden

Vlogmas you will be missed, until next year!
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Nick Potgieter
Nick Potgieter 7 dager siden
what a guy!!!
alex mendoza
alex mendoza 9 dager siden
Eemil Pellonperä
Eemil Pellonperä 16 dager siden
Nice video! I just ordered a carbon shift knob for my car
Walter FJK
Walter FJK 16 dager siden
This was like watching inception a dream in a dream in a drama but a prank in a prank in a prank 👏👏🤣😂
Dream Driven Lifestyle
Dream Driven Lifestyle 18 dager siden
The card store’s traffic after tj plug 📈📈📈📈📈
Christopher Robin
Christopher Robin 19 dager siden
that polaroid is everything
JOKER 19 19 dager siden
We don't have fans on this channel... we have family🤟💯
Trystan Hoffmann
Trystan Hoffmann 19 dager siden
ShreqBoi 20 dager siden
So it’s been roughly 5 days now since the last upload TeeJ...hope everything is ok 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Dc5 Armani
Dc5 Armani 20 dager siden
I got a question tj do u know anything Ab the old gtr ?
Fabian Ricketts
Fabian Ricketts 20 dager siden
Hay TJ i'm from Jamaica and i have a great idea sending you the link saw this in the news from Toyota i'm from Jamaica i send it to you in IG take a look
MaximumImpact 20 dager siden
Also TJ after 25th December : Aight Imma head out
Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez 20 dager siden
cost effective, defective carbon to look rad
Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez 20 dager siden
or go in reverse at an angle and it wont sratch
Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez 20 dager siden
put a piece of tape or thin foam and it wont scratch the splitter on the metal bar of the on ramp
Thompson240 20 dager siden
"Vlogmas" and "everyday uploads" arent a thing anymore at the end of december?
Raja Shyaan
Raja Shyaan 20 dager siden
Name the 2JZ the TJZ
Midwest & Muscle
Midwest & Muscle 20 dager siden
K J 20 dager siden
When will the hunt trucker hats be back in stock???
andrick 20 dager siden
POV: you’re here wondering why he hasn’t uploaded
StrangeKiid Official
StrangeKiid Official 20 dager siden
Missing them daily VLOGS bro. Actually had something to look forward to on NOpost 🤦🏾‍♂️
Kj Stewart
Kj Stewart 21 dag siden
Kevin’s reaction had me cheesin man. This is what it’s all about.
Nico Valencia
Nico Valencia 21 dag siden
Please Upgrade your MK4 Supra brakes 🤧
Jaye A.S.
Jaye A.S. 21 dag siden
Might be my favorite tj video lmao them just hanging out was wholesome
Matt M
Matt M 21 dag siden
Yooooo kevs girl got a jumba👀
ProjectZGarage 21 dag siden
ok that was really nice of you guys good looks for your boy.
Anthony Santos
Anthony Santos 21 dag siden
Kevins girl got the yams
Brentonimis Films
Brentonimis Films 21 dag siden
Sabrina talks way to fast man
Hi_Powered_Mini 21 dag siden
Should also probably watch when running a hub centric design with no hub to contact the wheel. Doesn’t look like it had much grab. Could that be an issue as well?
Farai Matsvaire
Farai Matsvaire 21 dag siden
TJ: We have had this ugly setup for a while Kyle: am I a joke to you
Osbaldo Rendon
Osbaldo Rendon 21 dag siden
When are you coming to Utah?
Deet 21 dag siden
Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎊
Joe Runge
Joe Runge 21 dag siden
Bro I would cry.
mikeTECH 21 dag siden
that puts a smile on my face. im sure im not the only one
keven cowles
keven cowles 21 dag siden
Do use the same garage as throtl
Manny Garcia
Manny Garcia 21 dag siden
Had stopped watching tj for a while cause of work but vlog mas really hit different this year . Made me fall in love with content again and help me realize to be grateful for every little thing in life thank you tj
TheJdawg55 21 dag siden
Calvin watching this wondering where his gift is 🥺
איתי גנדי
איתי גנדי 22 dager siden
How much money was in total when you buy and upgrate&customize your RX7?
Seif Ajami
Seif Ajami 22 dager siden
anyone here in 2018
dietschsjeep DR
dietschsjeep DR 22 dager siden
As a photographer you just made his world with that lense Tj believe I'm in love with that lense , I've been wanting that one for eveeeer but it costs the same as the fricking camera (sony a7rii)
Nathan Tiller
Nathan Tiller 22 dager siden
this is why I want to be successful. so I can give back to my real friends. Loved this video TJ, super super awesome
Miguel Vega
Miguel Vega 22 dager siden
You should do a new year’s drop.
Greg Baker
Greg Baker 22 dager siden
The future futuristic boat encouragingly switch because patricia empirically confuse regarding a complex afghanistan. cautious, second jeans
axsissti 22 dager siden
why u killed their now out of business
eab1608 22 dager siden
that poor christmas tree
King RJ
King RJ 22 dager siden
Volgmass is over 😭😭😭
Alex De Waal
Alex De Waal 22 dager siden
I wanna do this for my friends and family too one day
GearHead RD
GearHead RD 22 dager siden
What's up with the bullshit content lately? Half of the video has some interesting stuff and then the rest is just junk which I ended up skipping.
Kevin Berdugo
Kevin Berdugo 22 dager siden
Seriously posting a lot of garbage. Don’t understand why he hasn’t posted again either. He was suppose to do 25 vlogs
Blanco Jesus
Blanco Jesus 22 dager siden
that was a great way to end it I didn't wanted to see them daily so I left like 4 or three so I could see them when u stop vlogging can't wait for the new stuff hope u had a wonderful Christmas n that you have a great new yrs take care n can't wait for the new house xoxoxoxoxo ... from way way south texas...
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 22 dager siden
YURI GAMER 22 dager siden
[ ] Se você leu este comentário, “Deus te abençoe sempre e que vocês tenham uma ótima semana amém”.... ❤️🙏
Brenden McIntyre
Brenden McIntyre 22 dager siden
Ovals don't have a diameter. lol sorry
Austin Cyphers
Austin Cyphers 22 dager siden
Go play some cards = smoke some weeds
the 350z always gives me a gallardo vibe just like the feeling you get when you meet your asian cousin you never knew you had anyone gets the same feeling?
Statiic Fanatics
Statiic Fanatics 23 dager siden
We got the same birthday min is also the 29th
toastyjohn 23 dager siden
bro you can't spend 2k on a lease but car parts?!??!?!?!
Jesse Garza
Jesse Garza 23 dager siden
Yo teej I watched this video already came back to say that I've watched 231 videos straight this past year that you have made, as I type that I forgot exactly how many videos, I just counted right now but was over 220!! If this was MR. BEAST I wonder how much money I would have got from him lol love the videos tj, 6 years strong 💪
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 22 dager siden
Samuel Santillan
Samuel Santillan 23 dager siden
Dude the is closing rip.
David Whidby
David Whidby 23 dager siden
I just wore my brz sweater for Christmas too 🤣🤣🤣
Kellen Arey
Kellen Arey 23 dager siden
The best!
Mike Vena
Mike Vena 23 dager siden
Yo tj I been watching your vids since the invidia install on the brz man. That was when I was like 15. Now at 20 and been working in shops and finally own a 2013 BRZ. In exited to finaly stard my build. Especially with all the knowledge gained from your videos back in the day 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 22 dager siden
congrats 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Andy O
Andy O 23 dager siden
I’m late to uncle teejs Christmas party smh
Ben Flippz
Ben Flippz 23 dager siden is a website
Rydnorth 23 dager siden
Merry Christmas Everyone! 🙏🏻
Jack Connolly
Jack Connolly 23 dager siden
Have the tip stick out like 5or 6 inches at LEAST
Anthonie Talarico
Anthonie Talarico 23 dager siden
What a wholesome video
velibor vladic
velibor vladic 23 dager siden
jumba utah what!!!! it’s gona be lit
Connor O'Gorman
Connor O'Gorman 23 dager siden
Wow that was actually amazing haha. Jumba so genuine and thankful for his lens ha
stopaskingformyfullnamegoogle 23 dager siden
I checked, is actually closing. Hopefully that plug keeps them open.
The Real Cigar Jefe
The Real Cigar Jefe 23 dager siden
Lol. Look at Calvin. Him mad.
Shahab ali
Shahab ali 23 dager siden
That was such a sweet thing. Life becomes so much easier with such good people and friends.
Danmerchantw 23 dager siden closed down not long ago 😭
Jacob Arteaga
Jacob Arteaga 23 dager siden
what happend to today’s vlog
Calvin baldwin
Calvin baldwin 23 dager siden
The reaction for the lense priceless. That's a true friend
lowpro619 23 dager siden
Merry Christmas guys!
Alex Lau
Alex Lau 23 dager siden
Damm... ITS 4 YEARS AGO THE BRZ WAS PURPLE?! Where did time go ?!
Steven Flores
Steven Flores 23 dager siden
I think Calvin got replaced lol
AltijdBrons 23 dager siden
He was so happy with his saucses tj why did you have to ruin it 😛
Fredy Luque
Fredy Luque 23 dager siden
“tj you’re holding the pan.” 😭😂😂
Christopher Tepale
Christopher Tepale 23 dager siden
So he doesnt upload christmas? Wtf
Jacob Scaffido
Jacob Scaffido 23 dager siden
So glad I clicked on this thinking I was going to see them make a 350z exhaust to watch them open gifts😐
Dan Cox Daily
Dan Cox Daily 23 dager siden
man, that was awesome . Seeing Kevs reaction... Epic!
Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen 23 dager siden
70-200!!! Baller gift!
Christian Benitez
Christian Benitez 23 dager siden
Tj and NOS? What happen tj drinking Monster ?
gamercs21 23 dager siden
Merry Christmas TJ and crew. Keep moving forward.
Procrastinator868 23 dager siden
The shark gift bag is the best thing I’ve ever seen
Christopher 23 dager siden
Thanks for making this the best month of the year Thaddius.
thenamesrafael 23 dager siden
i just farted
Erik Smith
Erik Smith 23 dager siden
Well that a wrap on vlogmas😔😢
Eliangel Martínez
Eliangel Martínez 23 dager siden
Merry Christmas 🥳
radiuum 23 dager siden
Sabrina looks like a crackhead lol
Tom Pitts
Tom Pitts 23 dager siden
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 23 dager siden
I want to cop the rf 70-200mm for my R6 soon. The 70-200mm focal length is so nice and versatile! You can use it for portraits, detail shots, b-roll, and whatever and it has great compression and clarity. Kevin is going to love that lens so much, great gift TJ!
Frontstreet04 23 dager siden
Giving friends and family gifts is such a good feeling, bless you all! I've got my wanted soupmugs and my Star Wars pyjama, happy!
Kylie Medina
Kylie Medina 23 dager siden
This was great
javidgt8 23 dager siden
Aww all the love in this video🥰
Steven Forbes
Steven Forbes 23 dager siden
That's awesome man!
Joe Herms
Joe Herms 24 dager siden
thank the lord! everytime i watch your drifting vids i think to my self how ugly that exhaust was
Modifiedmarc_ 24 dager siden
I got a pan too! Ha love the ending with kev. Merry Christmas!
Dwaine Williams
Dwaine Williams 24 dager siden
Top friend and top guy! Merry Christmas all!!!
Taylor Martin
Taylor Martin 24 dager siden
Merry Christmas to tj and Sabrina 🎄
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