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kb kicks
kb kicks 3 måneder siden
bro u ruined the whole car look with this front hood man am sorry but it doesn't look nice or good on the car at all u ruined it
el pollo
el pollo 3 måneder siden
my sister doesn't like that you use a straw for a sip top on your starbucks orders claiming that you are a turtle killer and she told me to copy and paste this in every video so here we go. She promised me she'll buy me merch untill this gets noticed
miketothesupra 4 måneder siden
Largest mod is always the driver
Jacob Nault
Jacob Nault 4 måneder siden
Let’s just appreciate how far TJ has come... just realizing that the hockey stick once held up the hood of the 350 and now it’s holding up the hood of an R8. That’s the meaning of Keep Moving Forward
DynastyCC 4 måneder siden
The outro though ‼️🔥🔥🔥
kyle cuevas
kyle cuevas 4 måneder siden
How cool would it be for him to rebuild a road runner
David Bentley
David Bentley 4 måneder siden
Blooper Squad here!
DonStylez 4 måneder siden
Yeah so, 5:52 anyone know the song?
RacingByrds 4 måneder siden
Definitely Bloopers!!
timmyvechett 4 måneder siden
Best bloopers
Turner A
Turner A 4 måneder siden
40k lets go
Samuel Alberts
Samuel Alberts 4 måneder siden
Damn that new outro looks great
xspower mando
xspower mando 4 måneder siden
29k at the moment not too far off
xspower mando
xspower mando 4 måneder siden
Clear coat the carbon so it don't fade
althafazh 4 måneder siden
Do the Audi badges
Doug Howting
Doug Howting 4 måneder siden
Even coming in the the FTB!!! Lol
JaredSVX 4 måneder siden
No joke I thought the blue flashes were the po-lice at first and was like RIP
David Mimay
David Mimay 4 måneder siden
8:48 for a second a though there were blue police lights, but its just lambo flames fiuuu😌
RyanObryaN 4 måneder siden
get the audi badges cuz it doesnt look as good without them
Projekt B52
Projekt B52 4 måneder siden
That hood looks terrible on a white car. If it was a black R8 it would look better but on white it just looks out of place.
Riley Evans
Riley Evans 4 måneder siden
The rear of the r8 looks SPICYYY🔥
savethemanual 4 måneder siden
Any C8 news Teej?
Adam Wai
Adam Wai 4 måneder siden
damn the outro is fan make? lit af
nico 4 måneder siden
lets go bloopers needs me more daily tj lets get that 40k likes
GYLEOFFICIAL 4 måneder siden
bro i been watching since they were in Calvins garage, and i still cant get used to seeing this man with like 6k in chains on
Matt Nadour
Matt Nadour 4 måneder siden
Dexter Daigle-Monge
Dexter Daigle-Monge 4 måneder siden
2000$ carbon fiber hood, tj "just going to paint it" 🤦🏽‍♂️ dammit teej
Logan Pennington
Logan Pennington 4 måneder siden
Ricardo Ramirez
Ricardo Ramirez 4 måneder siden
Keep the daily uploads !!!
Samuel Ames
Samuel Ames 4 måneder siden
more 10 mins build videos ?
Colin Doucette
Colin Doucette 4 måneder siden
Bloopers gang let's go!!!
Jarrad Wicks
Jarrad Wicks 4 måneder siden
100% you should get it sprayed and leave the center V section in carbon
patriqc newman
patriqc newman 4 måneder siden
Look ugly
Trill 14
Trill 14 4 måneder siden
Blooper boys wya we need another 20k likes!!
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Ali Mohamad
Ali Mohamad 4 måneder siden
Mathias Håkonsson
Mathias Håkonsson 4 måneder siden
Aaaaargh get the 40k likes!!!
Oussama Zatout
Oussama Zatout 4 måneder siden
You camera focus is crap
ChainZ 4 måneder siden
At exactly 1 minute my head told me: this car will look ugly. And putting the frunk in and out is a pain you say... But seconds later you say its just a few minutes to put in so it should be a few minutes more putting it back out... To me that makes totaly sense😊 and dont forget after changing the fluids to put it up for sale or get rid of it like your last and also first 2 rebuilt cars
Dayne Rampersad
Dayne Rampersad 4 måneder siden
you should get carbon side skirt extention
FROSTTwoLT 4 måneder siden
Something about that CARBON
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez 4 måneder siden
Do it my bdat is September 11th!!!
Adrian Cardamone
Adrian Cardamone 4 måneder siden
I’m sorry teeg but the wheels on the r8 is a no for me :(
Shimonzu 4 måneder siden
Like the Video 40K LIKES!
Gary Flores
Gary Flores 4 måneder siden
Last vid I said it was gonna be a carbon hood so called it!
GrinDiesel1969 4 måneder siden
The part of the Hood that is part of the Fender Arch needs to be wrapped in White for sure, from Headlights up to the door!!
Zach Longacre
Zach Longacre 4 måneder siden
stance this shittttt forget function
Censay !
Censay ! 4 måneder siden
Wait which car was he driving at 8:20
SP2333 4 måneder siden
So the beating of the cars on public roads..... Next news story NOpostr killed in horror car accident. Just a kind warning.
Alberto Noriega
Alberto Noriega 4 måneder siden
Because of y’all “none blooper fans” not staying till the end and giving this video 40k likes, now he’s going to stop daily vlogging! 🤦‍♂️
Costep 4 måneder siden
Blooper Gang✌ 40k here we come
Tyler Combs
Tyler Combs 4 måneder siden
Oh doctor😍🥵 TJ is cookin up some fire, keep moving forward👌
Matt Toth
Matt Toth 4 måneder siden
Before painting the hood, try getting it wrapped from the door along the body line to the lights to and see what you like before painting it perhaps
Danny Clifford
Danny Clifford 4 måneder siden
Smash that like button! Blupers get us to 40k! Stay till the end!
David Rolland
David Rolland 4 måneder siden
8:21 when all those NOS Energy drinks kicks in!!!!!!..... 😂😂
Carver Stennett
Carver Stennett 4 måneder siden
600> Aventador
Nuckingfuts 4 måneder siden
If you know then you know 😏😉👍🏻
Break Wave
Break Wave 4 måneder siden
Sigh of relief when he said he'd be painting the hood, carbon fibre hood on white doesn't look good in my opinion, the lines between the carbon and the white just look weird. Now, if he went full carbon panels.. That would look crazy good
Break Wave
Break Wave 4 måneder siden
Thought the flames where cop car lights for a second
G2GAMING X 4 måneder siden
The hunt kinda looks like the person who played Deadpool that’s awesome
Troy Cook
Troy Cook 4 måneder siden
Love the new outro
Braelen’s Life
Braelen’s Life 4 måneder siden
Blooper gang !
Mobb Nasty
Mobb Nasty 4 måneder siden
Man it want this one to hit 40k
KRISTOFF RAMDASS 4 måneder siden
No don't paint it white it looks aggressive
Brayden Cameron
Brayden Cameron 4 måneder siden
40k likes cmonnnnn
Steff lI
Steff lI 4 måneder siden
19" wheels front and back with some meaty Bois would look insane
VvTheOnevV 4 måneder siden
Do you pay calvin a hourly or monthly wage for all the work he does for ur dumbass
Angelo Jimenez
Angelo Jimenez 4 måneder siden
He finally pronounced mango right 🥺
Gavin Maxwell
Gavin Maxwell 4 måneder siden
The new outro is so dope
Taylor Robinson
Taylor Robinson 4 måneder siden
Always stay for the bloopers its a gift that keeps giving!!
david stine
david stine 4 måneder siden
TJ, buy the stud conversion so you dont have to use the super gay vw/audi wheel bolts.
Mperformance '
Mperformance ' 4 måneder siden
Please change that grill to one how is gloss black to match the car!! :)
brianmso 4 måneder siden
Not gonna lie.. I thought the exhaust flames were police lights LOL
custom fitment
custom fitment 4 måneder siden
Cal and the bling bling. When we going to see a video of his cars or ice videos??
Eddie Butler
Eddie Butler 4 måneder siden
#blooper crew
B E N J I F C 1
B E N J I F C 1 4 måneder siden
pause the video at 2:02 n look at calvins face
Coby Composano
Coby Composano 4 måneder siden
It’s gonna look way better when you have the right wheel tire set up on the front but damn is it coming together, I am glad to say I have been here since the sticker bomb bumper on the BRZ
iamMendo 4 måneder siden
40,000 likes on tj video come on.
James Fisher
James Fisher 4 måneder siden
PJ Morrison
PJ Morrison 4 måneder siden
An R8 will be coming to the channel sooner than later‼️🙌🏽
JDMOntario 4 måneder siden
For everyone that missed it. This video needs to get 40,000 likes for him to keep Daily vlogging after august so boys like it up!!!!!
Nikks 4 måneder siden
Who else thought teej was running from the cops when the mclaren was flamin?
E.Z.V.M M 4 måneder siden
Can we take a moment to appreciate the outro (:
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris 4 måneder siden
Bloopers are the best #keepthedailyvlogs
Sharhan Sheikh
Sharhan Sheikh 4 måneder siden
I love it when Tj uploads daily it feels like I’m a part of his day
sooloodooloo 4 måneder siden
gary wilson
gary wilson 4 måneder siden
I'd paint the vents white and leave the rest carbon
Jonathan Ryan
Jonathan Ryan 4 måneder siden
TJ, you should just build your own car. You already have your own body kit, just find a frame and 3D print something. That would be the ultimate build haha
PrivateHashbrown 4 måneder siden
headlights seems pushed in...maybe it's just the way it is.
Buddda MAN
Buddda MAN 4 måneder siden
that hood ruined the car...
Ray Mitchell
Ray Mitchell 4 måneder siden
Paint the top white and leave the bottom as carbon
mewsik junkie
mewsik junkie 4 måneder siden
Daily!!!! Come on y'all, 40k! Love coming home after work and watching y'all be positive! Always stay to the end
Ninj Master
Ninj Master 4 måneder siden
I think the carbon hood dont go so well with the bronze wheels
alfredo lomeli
alfredo lomeli 4 måneder siden
How safe is it to have someone blasting 100+ on these streets Sorry but youtuber or not you are not making it safe . That’s why Of lately I follow youtubers who do race track or course builds..
Jake 4 måneder siden
Largest mod ever? 458: "do I not mean anything to you" Brz: "umm, im still here you know" Just for a joke, I he means physically the largest
DTX_Isaac 4 måneder siden
Lime green calipers 🔥🔥
Vape 4 måneder siden
LET'S GO!!!! 16,000 more LIKES to go..... :)
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 4 måneder siden
That was funny TJ'S mop of a hair Doo blowing around in the wind and he looked hella pissed off at the same time
Kom_Mars 4 måneder siden
get some side skirts for the r8
Ronel Jean-Louis
Ronel Jean-Louis 4 måneder siden
is it me or Calvin is getting very serious of explaining stuff in videos now ?
Wrecked Audi R8 is ALMOST COMPLETE!
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