I Traded the Mclaren 600LT for a 720S!!!

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Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

Traded the Mclaren 600LT for a 720S! Lets see how we like it!
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Rnb Rockstar
Rnb Rockstar 3 måneder siden
Can i both like and dislike a video... and bruh no1 can agree with you its most of our dream car.
Brian Himmelman
Brian Himmelman 3 måneder siden
600LT is raw and passion
ABEL Rc 3 måneder siden
Im completely agree with u man, u love McLrens, u know that are just beasts, but these cars don't make u fall in love like Lamborghinis, Ferraris and others hahah.
AlexZap100 4 måneder siden
That launch was wild! 🚀
sage 4 måneder siden
Nah bro aventadors are giant fridges with a loud v12 this car is refined and it walks anything on the market
sage 4 måneder siden
Nah bro aventadors are giant fridges with a loud v12 this car is refined and it walks anything on the market
Mike Ritchie
Mike Ritchie 4 måneder siden
Dude I’m with ya all the way around in my opinion only I like the 600lt better and have driven them both. But the 600lt is just more fun and I get on paper the 720 is better all around but the 600lt just is so much more fun and definitely sounds better.
Francisco Xavier Pedraza
Francisco Xavier Pedraza 4 måneder siden
I feel like he’s saying he doesn’t like it so he can trick people into thinking he’s actually not going to get it when he will eventually 😂
Amuel Hercules
Amuel Hercules 5 måneder siden
That Gwagon tho 😍
Sam Guzda
Sam Guzda 5 måneder siden
you should rent or try to get an opportunity to drive a P1 and see what u think.
Mark K
Mark K 5 måneder siden
Bro shut the F up lol. Stop frontin. Typical youtuber who got big too quick. 5 years aint much in a lifetime.
shyleau 5 måneder siden
Jeremy Clarckson totally agrees with you about this car! 👍🏼
_whotookthese 5 måneder siden
McLaren headquarters now rattling to design a better car haha
Midwest DankAlumni
Midwest DankAlumni 5 måneder siden
I don't like the 720s = I voted for trump
Jack Benimble
Jack Benimble 5 måneder siden
Guess we never got an update video on what car they got.
Breeze Mccaig
Breeze Mccaig 5 måneder siden
Dustin and TJ need a channel where they just review super cars. Those two guys every time they get behind the wheel of some nasty super car is always the best!! Also.. i an not a fan of McLarens either. Over hyped and over done. No emotion
DJ Tulio Dourado
DJ Tulio Dourado 5 måneder siden
Is Calvin a rapper now?
Dave Naxton
Dave Naxton 5 måneder siden
You need to take the Senna out for a drive 😉
ig: _patricktem
ig: _patricktem 5 måneder siden
Calvin is dripping so hard now 😏
Orgore Media
Orgore Media 5 måneder siden
Why is kalv wearing two watches? Wtf
CAPTAIN AMERICA 5 måneder siden
The 911 Turbo S is faster than a 720S
CAPTAIN AMERICA 5 måneder siden
Congratulations man.
WaazUuup 5 måneder siden
Get that damn cup holder kit for thr aventador from lamborghini already
Ben mastro
Ben mastro 5 måneder siden
We can make the Aventador stealth with PPF and its protected. Contact me! @benm_mk4 on insta. i
Josh Henderson
Josh Henderson 5 måneder siden
Your videos always put a smile on my face Teeg. Look forward to joining you at the top some day soon!
L T 5 måneder siden
where is the C8?
Gabriël Resowi
Gabriël Resowi 5 måneder siden
Finally someone who is honest about it...the sound is kinda like the top thing I need for my car, But the 720? Nahh...TBH I also don't really like the way it is build🤣🤣
Gabriël Resowi
Gabriël Resowi 5 måneder siden
U can make it sound good tho💯👌🏼ther are some....but it is not something for me🤧
David Yeski
David Yeski 5 måneder siden
shampoo1983 5 måneder siden
the 720s has a soft limiter on it, which all cars will soon. Its like saying your new, fitter, better looking, smarter, richer girlfriend doesn't compare to your ex.
waitwuttt 5 måneder siden
600 LT is definitely more raw its a track spec car vs the 720s a super car.
Wavy 923
Wavy 923 5 måneder siden
Best performance car is definitely a r35 with boostlogic or ams turbos mclaren can’t reach 2000hp 🤷🏾‍♂️
matthew anderson
matthew anderson 5 måneder siden
You should charge people to drive it like Robert ferreti
matthew anderson
matthew anderson 5 måneder siden
TJ is going to Roger Rodas Calvin
Rydnorth 5 måneder siden
I must of replayed that first launch you and Dut did about 20 times 😂 priceless 😂
Antonio Mohamed
Antonio Mohamed 5 måneder siden
You're so right. Tubo'd supercars don't sound that good.
Patrick Graven
Patrick Graven 5 måneder siden
I agree. Nice car but every time I see one it’s “eh”. When I see a lambo or a Ferrari I will slow and roll the windows down to hear it.
Collection A
Collection A 5 måneder siden
JaredSVX 5 måneder siden
I love seeing these guys scream like little girls
Bleach261 5 måneder siden
100 percent I think it’s a Porsche. Not sure which one, just have a feeling
mayke cabrera
mayke cabrera 5 måneder siden
Did they take the porsche?
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion 5 måneder siden
Next video after the Lambo wrap unveil..... We did another change to the Lambo" ......then tada!!!! McLaren baby
Paul Benard
Paul Benard 5 måneder siden
They 100% took the AMG GT home
SUYASH Srivastava
SUYASH Srivastava 5 måneder siden
This episode is full of adult men screaming 😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Only Ferny
Only Ferny 5 måneder siden
Tj gave me blue balls on this one
Brent Kingcott
Brent Kingcott 5 måneder siden
how can you not like the 720s
TylerHJones 5 måneder siden
Is the front lift on at the 3:59 mark or does it set that high normally?
Live Free Moto
Live Free Moto 5 måneder siden
honestly those level of cars are just boring to me. they may look awesome and have amazing performance but by that point its just sterile performance. sit still use one foot and go. i would much rather drive much slower cars and have a stick shift.
Oblivion2013 5 måneder siden
dosnt sound good? what is wrong with you man!
Thor -
Thor - 5 måneder siden
THEIF 2:28
Bryan Buck
Bryan Buck 5 måneder siden
Change the pipes and done 👌🏾
Chris Cruz
Chris Cruz 5 måneder siden
Idnno is it only for mee. When Dustin and TJ are together its soo fun to watch 😂😂😂 Teej we need more Dustin n TJ content 😂❤️
Charlie White
Charlie White 5 måneder siden
1:40 i wanna see a KuyaCalvin pov
Mr Nasty
Mr Nasty 5 måneder siden
It’s going to be the Amg
NycVibz S
NycVibz S 5 måneder siden
U need to drive dde
NycVibz S
NycVibz S 5 måneder siden
HARDMAN99 5 måneder siden
600LT sounded so much better 👌
Casey Lewis
Casey Lewis 5 måneder siden
911 gt3
Ryan Nugent
Ryan Nugent 5 måneder siden
Yea I was never fond of the 720 mclaren either an I actually aren’t a fan of mclaren for the most part at all, because those cars just look an sound to uptight for me. If I had mclaren money I’d get a Lamborghini for sure.😒
RideThe6 5 måneder siden
This car isnt good enuf for me. Spoiled much ?
Emmanuel Mujuru
Emmanuel Mujuru 5 måneder siden
Bruh get the 765lt
Shaun Brent Alabado Balgua
Shaun Brent Alabado Balgua 5 måneder siden
:(, I heard a 620R almost came to the Philippines but the man who tried to import it called it a CAYMAN
AdLP640 5 måneder siden
Congrats on your car TJ, but... Mclarens are just so damn boring! an older Diablo would be awesome, but hey your money your choice. Keep up the good work!
r1dge5000 5 måneder siden
TJ that pen&pixel style Kona/Blue shirt is fire, that absolutely needs to be in the next Hunt&Co drop.
Not A Matsuri Fanboy but Passionate Matsuri Viewer
Not A Matsuri Fanboy but Passionate Matsuri Viewer 5 måneder siden
Next up on "Trade Wars", TJ Hunt traded the Mclaren 720s for a Mclaren P1
scott wade
scott wade 5 måneder siden
Yep 600lt far more feel imo.. test drove the 720 but much prefer the 600Lt. The 765lt though who knows
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson 5 måneder siden
Agree 100 000% with you TJ that McLaren just lacks emotion its missing a soul
Boom Squad
Boom Squad 5 måneder siden
your tangent totally sounds like a first world problem lmaoo
Oh new wrap new spot #pvoisontherise
Laltluangkima Tluanga
Laltluangkima Tluanga 5 måneder siden
If the exhaust was 2 into 1 with straight pipe you will love it.like p1 with stock exhaust sounds so sick
Laltluangkima Tluanga
Laltluangkima Tluanga 5 måneder siden
Instead of p1 the nicest and sexiest car ever made I think you must have the 720
Waassuup 5 måneder siden
im gonna cry for tj....my homie came a long way
Shawn Hasenbalg
Shawn Hasenbalg 5 måneder siden
I agree with tj, that's exactly why your grandma had a v6 muscle car
Wesley Krol
Wesley Krol 5 måneder siden
I feel the same about mclaren in general. They make by far the best supercars on paper and their cars look great but they just lack emotion and character.
Mikah Marshall
Mikah Marshall 5 måneder siden
I agree with your reasoning TJ
Mr Tiny
Mr Tiny 5 måneder siden
Or wat ever it’s called
Glenn Haraburda
Glenn Haraburda 5 måneder siden
They did you dirty...If you look at the gas gauge @2:48, it's almost empty...🤣🤣🤣 And I'm pretty sure the car they took is that Mercedes AMG GTR based on IG stories that I've seen...
Albern Fidel
Albern Fidel 5 måneder siden
Evo looks clean 😭
Peter Salas
Peter Salas 5 måneder siden
It’s a lifestyle
Super Duper
Super Duper 5 måneder siden
I Agree, I find all mclarens dull. Really dull. Badly built too.
MrPerfect409 5 måneder siden
Unpopular opinion, not all cars over $300k sound good
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee 5 måneder siden
Because 600lt have a custom exsaut
gamerguy 921
gamerguy 921 5 måneder siden
Calvin freaking out in the back ground 😂😂😂
Cathy Herr
Cathy Herr 5 måneder siden
Calvin‘s reaction was like me when I got my first ride in a WRX
Charlie Umali
Charlie Umali 5 måneder siden
I don’t like it much either, but I never drove a super car.
Daniel Carrillo
Daniel Carrillo 5 måneder siden
Tj doesn't like cause its not a daily car lol is that why???
Adam Kitchen
Adam Kitchen 5 måneder siden
I feel like all the Mclarens look the same and it’s hard to tell the difference between them all
Rob Cutz
Rob Cutz 5 måneder siden
3:15 when bae says she home alone
Eric Luba
Eric Luba 5 måneder siden
I 100% agree with you beautiful car sounds like crap though and there is no better sound then Lamborghini
Aaron M
Aaron M 5 måneder siden
What about the P1?
hendrik jan
hendrik jan 5 måneder siden
I bet he will pick up a Suzuki cappochino fully yamaha tuned =D
hendrik jan
hendrik jan 5 måneder siden
Desinged in the windtunnel says it all
beardianity 5 måneder siden
Tee bro you gotta drive a Senna or a speedtail legit the best McLaren cars.
Zach Weinberg
Zach Weinberg 5 måneder siden
13:45 Porsche Tycan 🧐
Jairo Leonett
Jairo Leonett 5 måneder siden
Yoooo! That blue Evo looks sicc
TheCaler4 5 måneder siden
Ya boy out here living everybody's dream and driving everybody's dream car. Sheesh
DirtySpleen 5 måneder siden
Homie it cant be a twin if its the big brother
Seth Poe
Seth Poe 5 måneder siden
Honestly, respect for being truthful and honest about your opinion of one of the most hyped supercars ever. I've never driven one, but all of the horror stories about McLaren have forced me into a preconceived notion, unfortunately, so I have a feeling I'd feel the same!
Daniel Desouza
Daniel Desouza 5 måneder siden
It’s obvious you taking the AMG GT!!!!!
pete mama
pete mama 5 måneder siden
In pro racing I don't think it has ever won any manufacturing championships or races.
pete mama
pete mama 5 måneder siden
In 1,000 miles something will break that warranty won't cover.
Buhr 5 måneder siden
Didnt The 600 have a new exhaust? The 720 had stock exhaust
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