Surprising my Best Friend with his DREAM Headlights!

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

Big thanks to Bayoptiks for redoing kevins headlights check them out here!
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Echo Chamber
Echo Chamber 12 dager siden
If you’re a man and you have “dream headlights”... and they’re not attached to a woman, then you’re probably a single happy man!!! Hahahaha!!! Thought I was going somewhere else with that didn’t ya?
George Wells
George Wells 16 dager siden
Calvins fault for not putting the wheel on the hub flat. Sorry Calvin
alex mendoza
alex mendoza 19 dager siden
Ahhh vlog mas is the best!!!
M C 22 dager siden
I knew it was a loose wheel from the beginning b/c it happened to me, twice! lol
Car Parts and Accessories Explained
Car Parts and Accessories Explained 23 dager siden
What a difference changing the headlights made. As a vlogger and specialist in car parts and accessories, I truly enjoyed watching this. 👍
UFO Club X
UFO Club X 24 dager siden
Loose wheel
UFO Club X
UFO Club X 24 dager siden
Shit, I called it from before I saw it.... From experience 😂
Julius Mester
Julius Mester 26 dager siden
90Nm is way too less xD. BMW E92 gets 120Nm
Awesomoto 27 dager siden
Driveshaft center support bearing. You guys could make a vlog about it and should be a 4-6 hour DIY project at the shop.
Awesomoto 27 dager siden
Nevermind, just got to the loose wheel part...LOL!!
limericklad2000 28 dager siden
Imagine having "dream headlights". Somebody needs to get out more.
LunatixPLays 28 dager siden
Damn giving a BMW’s 130NM wheelbolts 90NM. Kevin’s lucky that his wheel didn’t fall off
Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross 28 dager siden
Diff bushing
Alfonso Torres Castillo
Alfonso Torres Castillo 29 dager siden
The best one was FD rx-7 vs Supra! The sounds of those to beast going fast was music to my ears.
Trystan Hoffmann
Trystan Hoffmann 29 dager siden
tom pearson
tom pearson 29 dager siden
michael 29 dager siden
so uh what do you do for your state inspection..? :D
Levi Alexander
Levi Alexander Måned siden
Drive shaft bearing
Cribo Customs
Cribo Customs Måned siden
its the guibo on the driveshaft making thuds!!
Skrizz Måned siden
Wheel bearing
Rydnorth Måned siden
Spicy headlights 🔥
Sergey Måned siden
rear control arm
Ty Ray
Ty Ray Måned siden
Drive line needs balanced
TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid
TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid Måned siden
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life Måned siden
I like all of them I can't pick foo!
AYCEC Måned siden
Whenever someone says "only the OGs will know," I know what it issss... does that mean I'M an organic gangster 😱
xspower mando
xspower mando Måned siden
Hahaha that's a sad 😥 🎄
Salvadro EmDot
Salvadro EmDot Måned siden
@0:16 Teej next time he k.o's like that go live on his twitch🤣👌😏
TinyTrex gaming
TinyTrex gaming Måned siden
Mine were $1600 for my 17 accord 4 rgb flow strips done. Headlights built by @oc_custom_retrofit IG
Fady Mikhail
Fady Mikhail Måned siden
Tj: surprising my best friend with his dream headlight when the people did the headlight for them for free. Lmfoa
Astle Truscott
Astle Truscott Måned siden
Kevin getting straight up fuckin spoiled
Khipperz Måned siden
thudding is the pops and bangs toon duh
Michael C
Michael C Måned siden
Joshua Tenney
Joshua Tenney Måned siden
When I went to visit in San Diego I rented a Jeep Wrangler from Turo and the lug nuts came off of the driver side tire while I was driving and hit a car the tires were 35s mud grips so the really messed up the car luckily I was only going 15-20 mph or it could’ve been worse
Jacob R. Doty
Jacob R. Doty Måned siden
I knew exactly what it was! I did the exact same thing on my mustang and vlogged it too! Ordered a one piece drive shaft and upper mount and it was my lug nuts the whole time. Exactly the same sound and only off loadz
Alvin Shen
Alvin Shen Måned siden
not a mask insight
Sam Doran
Sam Doran Måned siden
If you stop daily vlogging I hope we get some long ass videos instead
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz Måned siden
Probably something loose in the rear
Selvo 23k
Selvo 23k Måned siden
Feel like Calvin should’ve got something Kevin seem greedy asf😂
B-rad Mass
B-rad Mass Måned siden
Dont feel bad kev, when I dropped my motor I forgot to clamp my main coolant line. Drove it around for over a week like that
R Stone
R Stone Måned siden
Graham Kennedy
Graham Kennedy Måned siden
Engine mount? My car had the identical issue only when at idle and when off the gas. Acceleration was normal. I had a broken engine mount replaced and it fixed the issue.
Alan Garza
Alan Garza Måned siden
Are you gonna get the Sport top Supra?
Tristan Mckinnon
Tristan Mckinnon Måned siden
peep that snap on neck light at 9;15 though...any tech reading this needs to spend the 60 bucks.....wil be the best 60 you have ever spent
Trevor Stenton
Trevor Stenton Måned siden
Muffler bearings are bad
Lucas Sonnenschein
Lucas Sonnenschein Måned siden
Why is there still the halogen stock-looking blinker on the side of the headlights ? 😩 It would look so much better without them, especially since the top little "brow" blinks and looks sooo clean 😅
Mj King
Mj King Måned siden
when was he surprised
Lewis Chafer
Lewis Chafer Måned siden
I Really in enjoyed Watching the Amazing Surprising your Best friend With his Dream Headlights Good Content
Devin Eddy
Devin Eddy Måned siden
When Calvin was passed out in the back I felt that
Tommy Baker
Tommy Baker Måned siden
So, Calvin is not your best friend? More like a minion?
Nate 1775
Nate 1775 Måned siden
They should have gotten rid of the amber incandescent turn signals.
Aaron Måned siden
Yoooo I said it was the wheel... let’s goooo🥵🥵🥵
A Serious Musician
A Serious Musician Måned siden
Friendship ended with CALVIN. Now KEVIN is my best friend.
Chris Cannon
Chris Cannon Måned siden
Wheel bearing
Chising Chen
Chising Chen Måned siden
Can surprise me with some new headlights for Christmas. I haven’t gotten anything for Christmas:/
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas Måned siden
Vlogmas sucked
Anthony Bondu
Anthony Bondu Måned siden
3:28 can't beleive this is real, it's really working !!! That's some expensive sh!t
Jimmy Creedog
Jimmy Creedog Måned siden
Sabrina should put color in her hair.
George Stavrou
George Stavrou Måned siden
Engine or gearbox mounts
Prodigy -_- Pig
Prodigy -_- Pig Måned siden
Are you guys moving soon? I cant tell... 😂😂
Leo Fayad
Leo Fayad Måned siden
bro when r u gonna tell us what the new car is gonna be
Tomzandmicky Måned siden
Caliper pins need grease. Oh....never mind.
Michael Warren
Michael Warren Måned siden
He needs an exhaust asap
Jordan Roy
Jordan Roy Måned siden
Wht don't you go back to hockey? I'd watch that.
Rodolfo Garcia
Rodolfo Garcia Måned siden
Fuck the torque wrench u know its always ugga duggas
KickMaster Basketball
KickMaster Basketball Måned siden
I thought you missed an upload, the last 2 videos have not popped up in my notifications or on recommended.... fix your sh*t NOpost
Adam Ahmed
Adam Ahmed Måned siden
Wish the turn indicators were leds (the one on the side)
All I wanted was a hellcat
All I wanted was a hellcat Måned siden
6k is the color not lumens..... 5k is pure white 6k is a shade blue
TJ Jung
TJ Jung Måned siden
Thudding is drive shaft
taylor bedard
taylor bedard Måned siden
What about Calvin 🥺!!
Aliorn1 Måned siden
Still waiting on the mk5 Supra tune video 😢
Kuba Slawek
Kuba Slawek Måned siden
Tight up the wheel !!
da bimma
da bimma Måned siden
Prolly a wheel you didn’t tighten down
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Måned siden
*****Driveshaft center support bearing*****
Caleb Kilgore
Caleb Kilgore Måned siden
I wouldn’t mind seeing some more hockey content. Nothing in depth, but just kinda you doing the other thing that you love.
Good Carma
Good Carma Måned siden
E92 such a nice looking car. I’m going to be bagging my e90 on my channel soon y’all should check it out
LJ Cagungun
LJ Cagungun Måned siden
I bet it’s rubber diff mounts
Dave Murray
Dave Murray Måned siden
Man I'm gonna miss the daily vlogs...🙁. But Merry Christmas you guys! 🎅🎄
Richard Herman
Richard Herman Måned siden
It's not a flat spot on a the tire
Jacob Cote
Jacob Cote Måned siden
Sabrina’s birthday
Bladimir Hernandez
Bladimir Hernandez Måned siden
Drives haft Carrier bearing?
Mike.V550 Måned siden
Good thing u caught that wheel. I had the same shit happen. Only I didn't realize wut was wrong until after my wheel flew off.
Sean Måned siden
hahaha I was literally yelling at my screen, "It's the wheel!!!!!". Glad it didn't fall off. Merry Christmas!
HarDyDre Måned siden
Yo whatt, that dude on 8:15 is Christan Ngo bestfriend
Big Boy Toys
Big Boy Toys Måned siden
I have the best lsd builder for kev’s diff here in Georgia, reach out and I can put you in contact!!
HowAboutNo16 Måned siden
Changin that price tag in the thumbnail from $4300 to $1500 ;) xD
Lee Hobbs
Lee Hobbs Måned siden
I thought Calvin was ya boy ???
Matt M
Matt M Måned siden
Needle bearings for the driveshaft joint at the differential possibly
Chris Hand
Chris Hand Måned siden
@Tj Hunt - from a goalie - breakaway challenge.
Nicholas Coucoularis
Nicholas Coucoularis Måned siden
But is it even an m bro
Jackson Mason
Jackson Mason Måned siden
control arm bushing
eldan wiggins
eldan wiggins Måned siden
It's good that you moving out to the new house Sabrina away from all these take outs. So you can improve on your skills in actually cooking for tj so he comes home to a well cooked meal when you can.
eldan wiggins
eldan wiggins Måned siden
These torque machines most likely will fail. It's best to use your own strength and discretion when tightening your wheels with a normal wheel spanner.
Miguel sanchez
Miguel sanchez Måned siden
Connor Beckmann
Connor Beckmann Måned siden
Check mounts. trans and diff mounts. Usually what causes smooth acceleration but clunky decel.
Shanatorian Måned siden
When are TJ and Effspot going to collab?
Epic Lights
Epic Lights Måned siden
I gotta say I seen a few people try to add those halos and switchback eyebrow in these bmw headlights and these are by far the cleanest I have seen them. They did a great job and I’m loving how the eyebrow and halos are actually the same white color temperature. I seen others that had a more bluest eyebrow while the halos were more cool white. Good job guys 👌
F1 #44
F1 #44 Måned siden
Wishing you All a Very Merry Christmas and a happy and New Year. New house with the dogs jumping in to the pool and Tj freaking out thinking they would take a leap over the edge. Sabrina telling us all the Doc said they got most of the bad out of her head.
wattsy up1998
wattsy up1998 Måned siden
You should def check out braggin lights LLC on facebook, they do some crazy retrofits
Jake Keeling
Jake Keeling Måned siden
Pinion bearings?
Nissan skyline Burninator
Nissan skyline Burninator Måned siden
2 piece drive shaft? hanger bearing flogged out a bit?
ShadyChris Måned siden
i made all of vloggmess !!! tj is such a good guyyyy hopefully some day id like to meet him
Making my 2JZ 350z LOUD!
Tj Hunt
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