New House Update! (+Garage Walk Through!)

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Greg Baker
Greg Baker 22 dager siden
The thoughtless stepdaughter explicitly release because menu aditionally remember times a bite-sized lynx. tender tense, cute stream
gmailcgs Måned siden
Props on the house, you are Living the dream !
Not vlix
Not vlix Måned siden
Probably going to see me go down hill in my fixed gear
Not vlix
Not vlix Måned siden
New neighbor sheesh
Freddie Salinas
Freddie Salinas Måned siden
SayTheGreat Måned siden
Luckily I got my house last year lol it took like 6-7 months to finally finish papers and finally moving in
martinman04 Måned siden
need to get these guys in to do up that garage
ryan pardey
ryan pardey Måned siden
I'm am so unbelievably happy for you guys, you have achieved so much and deserve everything that has come your way.
Cecur It
Cecur It Måned siden
Tom Kotulski
Tom Kotulski Måned siden
Glad your are doing well Sabrina!! Unfortunately my cancer came back and another surgery in the books. Complications with blood clots but on the mend now.
Jacob Paniagua
Jacob Paniagua Måned siden
Am I the only one really not feeling Sabrina? Like if the mans happy then all power to you but whenever she’s in a video I just forward it. Like I don’t really care for her..
Devin Richard
Devin Richard Måned siden
Yeah she's a keeper 😉
Oscar Lang
Oscar Lang Måned siden
Mans literally moved 2 mins away wtf
ZabiHighzmen Måned siden
I was here
havvk Måned siden
even has an outhouse!? 10:42
emmeric montalvo
emmeric montalvo Måned siden
come on the people want to see me: no no i dont
EVAN Måned siden
your girl is so hot..she so suitable with me..can I borrow her ?
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Kyle Kapil
Kyle Kapil Måned siden
Down shifts the Lambo and has to apologize for ruining piece of the vid😂
Austin Matthews
Austin Matthews Måned siden
Super stoked for you guys but with all the money he makes, he’s bixxxing about a CF lip 😂 just scrape it bro!
Stephen Allison
Stephen Allison Måned siden
Watched the video and am very happy for you guys. I have a quick question for you or anyone reading this. At the very end of the video you hear one of your cars revving and a blow off valve in the background. What BOV is this?
Off3er Måned siden
You're welcome!
Sean Heffernan
Sean Heffernan Måned siden
If u don’t marry this woman I’m gonna come to pa and take ur car lmao
Sean Heffernan
Sean Heffernan Måned siden
So proud of u guys
Mike p
Mike p Måned siden
tj congrats bro marry that girl!!!
Mo-hammad Abunaser
Mo-hammad Abunaser Måned siden
Avocados in the US are more profitable than weed.. That old man is very smart
Pharaoh El Capo
Pharaoh El Capo Måned siden
GTAV lifestyle
Jaime D. Rios
Jaime D. Rios Måned siden
God first! 🙏
Brandon Fadley
Brandon Fadley Måned siden
Well ok Tits McGhee! Just put a ring on it already
Andriy Marchyshyn
Andriy Marchyshyn Måned siden
"Lean on god"......I'll lean on my skills and my work ethic.
Max Weber
Max Weber Måned siden
Good to see ya out here TJ, the drive to ramona up the highway past the wild animal park is awesome ;)
Toadpenny42 Måned siden
How about you buy her a damn wedding ring
Carlos J Carlos J
Carlos J Carlos J Måned siden
Tj is a pro at ANGELING IT 🤔
Fernando R
Fernando R Måned siden
“Wow Look at the butt” 😳 14:42
Flipgurujn Måned siden
Your house is on a hill in Socal. Hopefully you made sure to fire proof the property. Congrats on the new home!
Yarrel Rodriguez
Yarrel Rodriguez Måned siden
Hey tj and sabrina love yall and hop God continues to bless u guys keep up the good work
WhatOldClips Måned siden
I haven’t watched a video from TJ in at least a couple years. I was so happy watching this video.. It’s hard to think about the kid I used to watch putting coil overs on his BRZ in his little garage with his friends turned into this guy in a great relationship with an Aventador, buying a mansion... so proud of you! Good shit.
Samir Hyder
Samir Hyder Måned siden
Hey tj! I was just hopping if you could see this one comment, but please do everything in your power to remove the middle pillar of the garage, I promise you, I think would be a cleaner look, and you’d have more space to maneuver your car around the garage. This is my input let me know how you feel about it. Besides me being a pest by giving my two cents. I’m very happy for you guys and the house really looks beautiful Mashallah, very happy for you brother you came a long way, and you to Sabrina, I wish you guys all the best. Much love.
Robert Murphy
Robert Murphy Måned siden
The new house looks bad ass so far keep up the good work
Spyro Måned siden
1.8 million damn
POCKET ROCKET 64 Måned siden
WHY IS YOUR LAMBORGHINI STILL HERE ???????????????????????????????????????
Ryan Måned siden
She seems awesome.
Waur Måned siden
Driver front tire on Aventador looks low on pressure. Just looking out for ya mate 🤟
Ricky Måned siden
I know where this is. Can I come over?😂
Ryan mcdaniel
Ryan mcdaniel Måned siden
When she remembers your dream bored yk it’s real😢. Pls keep sharing Gods word it’s so amazing and am so proud of you guys !!
Totally_ Ralph
Totally_ Ralph Måned siden
Ohh Sabrina is driving now 🤗😎 porsche mods coming soon
Daemeon Walters
Daemeon Walters Måned siden
it’s crazy your getting a new house and is supposed to be closed on my brothers 1 year of not being with us. it’s wild because me and my brother used to watch your videos together all the time
Specter Måned siden
1.8millie congrats mang
Vincent Bianchi
Vincent Bianchi Måned siden
Does anyone know where this is? San diego?
marco kruithof
marco kruithof Måned siden
I'm i the only one that wish tj buys a new camara? The quality is just so bad😔
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis Måned siden
@sabrina my husky/border woo’s at me every time I come home from work I absolutely love it it’s like they’re greeting you😂😍
Jarrod Catauro
Jarrod Catauro Måned siden
Yes my husky is a sasshole she’s always wooing me when I come home too
OG Bynx
OG Bynx Måned siden
So proud of tj crazy how far you can come ive been supporting since the calvin garage with brz days. PROUD OF U FUCKIN CHACH❤️
letmebe79 Måned siden
Get those palm trees away from any pipes in ur pool. Ull regret it later
Junior Lopez
Junior Lopez Måned siden
Moon Man
Moon Man Måned siden
Must be nice
Arthur Sperotto
Arthur Sperotto Måned siden
4 car garage? You mean 8 car with 4 lifts?
mk7.5 gti
mk7.5 gti Måned siden
Damn I didn’t know Esco had that nice of houses...
Braxton White
Braxton White Måned siden
I like your hair cut
Quinton Monaghan
Quinton Monaghan Måned siden
2:54 I like the view
John Lenyk
John Lenyk Måned siden
sabrina is a good teacher lmaooooo
Loyal Lightning
Loyal Lightning Måned siden
whole new respect for Sabrina
brian edwards
brian edwards Måned siden
Is this becoming her channel or something.
ronfromportland Måned siden
Congratulations on the house!
R Finney
R Finney Måned siden
Hey I’m a fan of the channel. Congrats on the new pad! If you need a pool service to keep up on the maintenance of the pool please contact me at: Text: 8587407648 Email: I maintain a lot of pools in your area including pools on the avocado ranch. Hope to hear from you!
Joseph Mundy
Joseph Mundy Måned siden
My man can’t drive a lowered car. He gets so worried and stressed. I wish you could see my car...🤷‍♂️
Matthew McClain
Matthew McClain Måned siden
Okay so you're rich rich working a honest life congratulations bro you guys deserve the world 🌎
Revmaynard Måned siden
Poor TJ. His driveway on his expensive million dollar house requires him to use his front end lift on his Lambo. lmao
Nate Blagrove
Nate Blagrove Måned siden
Was the butt comment about the Porsche or Sabrina? 🤔
rayhaan301 Måned siden
hahah dad and I go through the same thing when looking at a house, driveway test
12w0 Måned siden
Fkuc cup holders in lambos
K E V Måned siden
Can y’all get married already ?🤣
Dark Side
Dark Side Måned siden
Talks about hard times while living in a mansion 😂
Shelby Llorens
Shelby Llorens Måned siden
You clearly didn't get the message or listen to anything she just said
skruz dela
skruz dela Måned siden
7:40 omg go sideways....
albert arjun
albert arjun Måned siden
Sabrina should do some daily motivation during vlogmas
Vince B
Vince B Måned siden
First world problems... "I can angle it... And it will work". Haha. Congrats on the house!
Ronaldo Williams
Ronaldo Williams Måned siden
Congrats bud👏 wish you all the best 🙏keep moving forward ✌🤙
lichtsoldaat Måned siden
you disearv it!
Jonathan vaco
Jonathan vaco Måned siden
why did u delete the new vid ??
Tyler Murphy
Tyler Murphy Måned siden
Tj is going to propose when they finalize the house. (I hope)
Jacsu Måned siden
"come on the people want to see" NO we don't!
Asherley87 Måned siden
Everyone we need to tell teej that he needs to propose!!! Like come on they deserve to be married. Seeing how perfect they are together brings tears to my eyes and you all know they deserve to be together forever
Asherley87 Måned siden
Boy put a ring on her finger. You two are so perfect together. Come on cause you will have the cars the house and the perfect wife
biro24 Måned siden
Congratulations 😎 The garage is Massive, and with 5 acres you could build a Bigger garage and have Throttle and your self working from the house, Massive savings In rent and travel
chris grass
chris grass Måned siden
Congratulations to you two...but rip to the check engine light and blurry sabrina vlogs ❤️
v n
v n Måned siden
May you receive many more blessings don't forget to do God's work and you give back as much as you can 🙏 look the new casa it's perfect
Gio Frias
Gio Frias Måned siden
So happy for you two!!! Keep on grinding tj!
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez Måned siden
Congratulations 🎊🍾🎈🎉
HG Channel
HG Channel Måned siden
What camera setup does tj use currently? g7x?
CamaroMan2018SSDanny Måned siden
God is great all the time....
David Scholl
David Scholl Måned siden
TJ loves to say waterfall and now has a waterfall
Brayden Dayanand
Brayden Dayanand Måned siden
Are urll Christian
Bengiii 007
Bengiii 007 Måned siden
I can’t imagine tj in a car that’s actually low lmao
chris jdmasf
chris jdmasf Måned siden
The ending really hit home . I’ll keep that in mind whenever I’m rough times . Thank you so much for that beautiful message. God is always good.
Kevin Hogberg
Kevin Hogberg Måned siden
Am i the only one waiting for a marrige between tj and sabrina?
Colyn Potter
Colyn Potter Måned siden
Sabrina looks like the type of female to cheat on TJ with a tennis player 😂😂
Kenneth Damron
Kenneth Damron Måned siden
For the new garage see if it’s capable of you putting a car lift in there so you can be able to put the Lambo underneath or above in parking like your 240 Z or something like that underneath it
Phil McKrakin
Phil McKrakin Måned siden
ok... I'm jealous
Millan Murowanidzwa
Millan Murowanidzwa Måned siden
I understand with all the processes of buying property damn it is surely stressful
Erick FK8
Erick FK8 Måned siden
Congrats on the new home. Watching the scrape of the Aventador was painful but here's an option to resolve that instead of modifying the driveway. Check out for the skid plate to put under the your bumper.
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