Turning a $5000 BMW 335i into a $50,000 BMW! [Part 2]

  Ganger 370,373

Tj Hunt

6 dager siden

Big thanks to Mashimarho for helping us with kevin's build! Check them out here! mashimarho.com/
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cybertree 6 timer siden
8:40 LOL _Hold open the opening!_
King City Crawlers
King City Crawlers 17 timer siden
Bro.....did Calvin steal those jeans from AC Slater 🤣
Mark David
Mark David Dag siden
Some people just look better with a mask...just saying...
zer0__gravitea Dag siden
Another moment of silence for Sabrina's hair.
PontiacSpazz Dag siden
Lip injections has entered the chat 😭😭 LADIES LEARN TO LOVE UR SELF FOR CRYING OUT LOUD
Brava4amOfficial Dag siden
Definitely gonna slap one of these kits on my car when I can
S T Dag siden
Why on Earth did you not paint that stuff first!
Wildcard Skip
Wildcard Skip 2 dager siden
Any spare parts I can buy for my 335i??? Lmk😎😆
Darryl Meyer
Darryl Meyer 2 dager siden
Miley content coming soon hopefully???
Rydnorth 2 dager siden
Kevin has the cleanest BMWs 👌🏻
Purple 89
Purple 89 2 dager siden
Whats with her face ?
limericklad2000 2 dager siden
Why put the bumper and skirts on before paint?
limericklad2000 2 dager siden
"Subtleness". Dear lord young man.
Dro .42
Dro .42 2 dager siden
17:50 Tj: presses it all the way down Ps. She needs to film the car next time
Caleb Butterfield
Caleb Butterfield 2 dager siden
Quality vid of the boys jus grindin ❤️❤️
Jake Feltenberger
Jake Feltenberger 2 dager siden
Cal's outfit has sex written all over it. It has a diaper look every now an again, but he rocks it hard.
David Thai
David Thai 3 dager siden
Video was good vibes all around. What we all needed
Max 3 dager siden
$5000 335i, I wish. Here in Germany they start at 12000€ :,)
Caleb Curti
Caleb Curti 3 dager siden
I like sabrinas off white mask
DANPROVED 3 dager siden
Tommy Love
Tommy Love 3 dager siden
I support 99.999999999999999% of Calvins fashion choices. But those pants. No. No calv nooooo
Alexis Calderon
Alexis Calderon 3 dager siden
Did Sabrina do her lips. Doesn't look good.
Censay !
Censay ! 3 dager siden
No outro 😫
B Martin
B Martin 3 dager siden
Seriously, is Calvin wearing 1980’s elastic-band mom jeans. So funny and kinda retro cool.
ethancapesauto 3 dager siden
When for an ‘oem plus’ wheel on my old Cooper S and just that little touch makes it so much better
Random Rivas5
Random Rivas5 3 dager siden
Subrinas face is jacked pimples or red zits and what’s up with her lips they looked like she just got Botox
Brian Franco
Brian Franco 3 dager siden
I’m going to buy this car as my first car FACT
josh jackson
josh jackson 3 dager siden
and on this episode of what the fuck is Calvin wearing....
Chandler Smith
Chandler Smith 3 dager siden
i hope sabrinas lips are swollen and not injections... ugh women need to stop ruining their lips.
Wanna Be Car Girl
Wanna Be Car Girl 3 dager siden
i know ☹️
Yo Fresh
Yo Fresh 3 dager siden
Yo TJ they tryanna sell that NSX on the Lift ???
Thatkid Vinny
Thatkid Vinny 4 dager siden
Gets some tints please
Lauren Burt
Lauren Burt 4 dager siden
I loooveeee better buzz. Lol I don’t live in SD so every time I see people with it I get excited
Daniel Antony
Daniel Antony 4 dager siden
Cyba scoops were the people that did them originally, all the mashimarho stuff usually just comes from eBay so
Lyndon Rich
Lyndon Rich 4 dager siden
Dope parts but mashimarho overcharges a bit in my opinion, i personally dont buy from him for my 335i and have just as nice of parts
mongocrew4life 4 dager siden
Wrap the car Matte black
Famus 801
Famus 801 4 dager siden
10:57 I thought they were gay lmao
Miguel R
Miguel R 4 dager siden
Kevin calling out Dustin for not disconnecting the battery before changing his wheel 😂 15:42
Sean Chambers
Sean Chambers 4 dager siden
Dam Sabrina's drip in the last few videos... 🔥🔥
Mikko Hein
Mikko Hein 4 dager siden
Pool nudle 😂😂😂
Shaun Attwood
Shaun Attwood 4 dager siden
Dude - when do ppl put on M accessories on a non M Car - Sacrilege man.....what next an M Badge on the boot of a diesel lol
vantsen nm
vantsen nm 4 dager siden
damn my e60 is also 50 000 dollar now :o
Devin Mata
Devin Mata 4 dager siden
Way to copy Adam!
Rob L
Rob L 4 dager siden
Just remembered teej used to have a mustang lol
Alvin Ameyaw
Alvin Ameyaw 4 dager siden
Normally turbos make exhausts more quiet
Jensen Jewell
Jensen Jewell 4 dager siden
Sabrinas lookin a little beat up today
Adrian Gomez
Adrian Gomez 4 dager siden
when we all kno teej gonna twin turbo it and sabrina spills the tea
John Dc2
John Dc2 4 dager siden
That 335i in that colour here in Canada minimum 15k lol.
Milesaway De Freeze
Milesaway De Freeze 4 dager siden
Damn teej you've really become one of them cliche you tubers your content is all about you and what you have we all miss the rebuilding 458 tj before you wanted to stunt every single day bro spice your shit up a little we used to think Sabrina was hot too but now she's on every other video and that opinions changed as well
Jonhathan Thornton
Jonhathan Thornton 4 dager siden
Calvin rockin the Oshkosh Bigosh.
Jose Lara
Jose Lara 4 dager siden
All I’m wondering is why not just get m3 instead of making a clone but the. Again I’m the manual MK5 GTI guy with the MK5 R32 rear conversion haha make your money man 💯✊🏽
10K CHALLENGE HELP ME 4 dager siden
My mother is not having any job "I want to do something for my mother "But youtube is not giving me views "Phearith i am worse than others.. 😭
e92vonrosenberg 4 dager siden
How are these scuba red things actually called? Anyone got a link?
Prime Time
Prime Time 4 dager siden
Damn what happened to Sabrina’s face
Mathias Petersson
Mathias Petersson 4 dager siden
Calvin getting a little too excited @15:07 ???
yah5o 4 dager siden
No cup holder in that Lambo? How do they even manage to sell these cars in the U.S.?!
MUSA MC 4 dager siden
tj shave my boy lol
Papa Smrf
Papa Smrf 4 dager siden
So we getting a s14/15 build or?👀👀
The DIY Stuff
The DIY Stuff 4 dager siden
twin turbo 🤨🤨🧐😏
Jose Molina
Jose Molina 4 dager siden
What will it cost to help me build a 370z
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 4 dager siden
Sabrina noticed a Tomei? She might be watching FreshhKiicks 😂👀
C S 4 dager siden
Haha Calvin has elastic waistband pants, just like my toddler!
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 4 dager siden
Jeez Calvin had me dying so many times in this video
Angel On iPad
Angel On iPad 4 dager siden
Teej if your girl needs a recommendation for any acne treatments because I had really really bad acne i have a recommendation that could help her out. Not being mean just trying to help someone out.
Angel On iPad
Angel On iPad 4 dager siden
It clears skin really fast like 1 week for major improvement
Christopher 4 dager siden
Is it just me or does Sabrina’s mouth look funny when she said catless downpipe? 1:20
Magic Diesel
Magic Diesel 21 time siden
Yeah because she got injections 😂
John Doe
John Doe 4 dager siden
Thank you for making my old ass 335 go up in value
PJ Morrison
PJ Morrison 4 dager siden
I turned a $10k Genesis coupe into a $12k one🥲
Munyr grant
Munyr grant 4 dager siden
2 twin turbo cars you're a goat my g
William Levy
William Levy 4 dager siden
Oh and Calvin’s elastic jeans, so dope
William Levy
William Levy 4 dager siden
Yo watching the three of you working is amazing!!! Takes me back bruv!!! Love love
KeyShawn Birch
KeyShawn Birch 4 dager siden
literally have been laughing this whole video 😭
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee 4 dager siden
wait.. did I hear GT3?! O_O 8:33
Derek Sanchez
Derek Sanchez 4 dager siden
The Bmw NEEDS to go black or nardo grey ASAP
Erik Recinos
Erik Recinos 4 dager siden
This is the funniest video iv seen from tj !
felix fortin
felix fortin 4 dager siden
TJ you need a bmw f80 m3 on this channel !!
Messiah Media
Messiah Media 4 dager siden
Dudes in mom jeans is the flex of 2021
NaturalKiller61 4 dager siden
Surely you guys wouldn't allow Calvin to walk out in public with that outfit
nick burch
nick burch 4 dager siden
So what are those ‘siba scoops’ actually called
AYardley 4 dager siden
sabrina can take care of her skin better dood
Lime Kool Aid
Lime Kool Aid 4 dager siden
i cant find anywhere that sells the scoops
dnorthro 4 dager siden
i'm always amazed how well the E92 body style has held up. looks way better than a 4 series coupe IMO even the M4
KCars 4 dager siden
Lambo sounds insane
Matticdroid 4 dager siden
Curious.......why is calving wearing jeggings?
DJ Matt
DJ Matt 4 dager siden
Mickey is right they make the car look gay
Cody Darby
Cody Darby 4 dager siden
When Calvin calls the kickplate bigger pedals.
Trippy 4 dager siden
Im excited to see the final result of the c8 kit😍
JDB Power bank
JDB Power bank 4 dager siden
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M Starcevic
M Starcevic 4 dager siden
5k to 50k? 😂😂😂 a 2 day old warmed up pizza is still a 2 day old pizza
Justin Hart
Justin Hart 4 dager siden
Why has Calvin decided to dress so damn weird
1 psi At a time
1 psi At a time 4 dager siden
calvin looking dummy thicc 😳😂
Ethan Galanski
Ethan Galanski 4 dager siden
Instagram for that’s blue wrx at @17:47 ?
Matt Jarvis
Matt Jarvis 4 dager siden
1000 comment
Craig Maslen
Craig Maslen 5 dager siden
micky was on west coast customs when he was at HRE I remembered it when I watched the classic
Trace Grant
Trace Grant 5 dager siden
Who’s NSX is that
Matt Kobus
Matt Kobus 5 dager siden
Did Sabrina get botox? Her lip look fat af😂😂
Jay Nottingham
Jay Nottingham 5 dager siden
Is Calvin wearing 1980's girl jeans, like some Zs.
Jaylon Gassett
Jaylon Gassett 5 dager siden
looks like you added a mazda front end
David Farrell
David Farrell 5 dager siden
Courtney Clifford
Courtney Clifford 5 dager siden
Will one of you PLEASE burn those pants Calvin has on??? HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!
Shawn Carmel
Shawn Carmel 5 dager siden
E92 needs some M mirrors baddd
The JDM Shop
The JDM Shop 5 dager siden
I love all the joking around in this video 🤣
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