Worlds Cheapest Audi R8 CUSTOM Hood!!

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Tj Hunt

3 måneder siden

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Phil Masson
Phil Masson Måned siden
So much better with the white hood!
thomas thomasman
thomas thomasman 2 måneder siden
Should call the R8 “Taylor” as in Taylor Swift.
Rydnorth 2 måneder siden
Rydnorth 2 måneder siden
The R8 is perfect 😍
Julian Camacho
Julian Camacho 3 måneder siden
Yurrr fresh kicks had the same hood. (That makes me sound like I’m hating but I’m not I just like the hood)
Ariel Hernandez
Ariel Hernandez 3 måneder siden
Call the R8 Rachel (R8chel)
F J 3 måneder siden
Why didn't SOS paint your hood?
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 3 måneder siden
9:42 “roll up the windows down” 🤣🤣❤️
Jason Hopkins
Jason Hopkins 3 måneder siden
800th comment 🖤
TITUS FPS 3 måneder siden
thumbnail says 1 of 1 fresh kicks put that hood on his r8 first
Vespers 3 måneder siden
New name for the R8 Teej...R8chel!
Ernesto Román Carlo
Ernesto Román Carlo 3 måneder siden
That R8 is sick!!!
Birdy 3 måneder siden
I need that anti20202020 shirt
Saul Rivera
Saul Rivera 3 måneder siden
You should name her Rosalia
Anthony Angellotti
Anthony Angellotti 3 måneder siden
Tj- buys new SUPRA Tj- throws half the car away 😂
Ras Turbz
Ras Turbz 3 måneder siden
That B is for build tee is dope ,my 2 fav NOpost car channel , your n BIFB....
Kenny 3 måneder siden
Smoke the front lights, even better contrast.
Premium Games
Premium Games 3 måneder siden
Super charge the r8 👀👀👀
More Boost
More Boost 3 måneder siden
Pretty sure that bumpstop goes up upside down the other way and inside the shock mount. lol
Nour Bazzar
Nour Bazzar 3 måneder siden
Nice shirt lol
Amkkoo 3 måneder siden
Champion collab but the hunt box logo?
Neo 999
Neo 999 3 måneder siden
Anyone here interested in buying my Recaro A8's. I really need to sell these for funding my new project car. Condition is not that great. Located on the Philippines. Anyone who buys this will be of great help to me. Thank you
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion 3 måneder siden
Waaaaaaay better Tj
Casey Renner
Casey Renner 3 måneder siden
Jaw doppped! The car is so good that hood is so damn yummy
Jason Parsuram
Jason Parsuram 3 måneder siden
Inspired by freshhkiicks maybe???
Derrick&6Strings 3 måneder siden
Tj does one video with manny and now says “1 of 1”
Caleb Pietrafitta
Caleb Pietrafitta 3 måneder siden
painting the hood was DEFINITELY a good decisioin
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller 3 måneder siden
That painted hood is straight 🔥
SpoopyEuro 3 måneder siden
unsubed bye
officially_Oj 3 måneder siden
Call the R8 ariana
Jose Rios
Jose Rios 3 måneder siden
Now all we need is a r34 and r35
xdRiot 210
xdRiot 210 3 måneder siden
4 years?! Why don’t y’all get engaged already?
Jeff Hartlen
Jeff Hartlen 3 måneder siden
Just ordered the hot pursuit poster😍
steve kissel
steve kissel 3 måneder siden
What the HELL is SHEEPY doing with the C8. U should have had your body kit on. The delay is screwing you. Very disappointed in sleepy.
Mk6 Joshy
Mk6 Joshy 3 måneder siden
Bro I saw your Supra in the wynn parking lot!!! It was so cool. Looks beefy in person. Much love
Tony Dunca
Tony Dunca 3 måneder siden
Just ordered my first hoodie from you guys 😎😎can’t wait just hope it isn’t to big. Keep safe
Dexter Lallo
Dexter Lallo 3 måneder siden
R8 - eight - ei = riley? rachelle? Rae or Ray. Idk, naming schemes take braincells. I dont like that.
little amigo
little amigo 3 måneder siden
1 of 1 ? Lol my nigga freshhkiicks did that way earlier before everyone did
Nightz 3 måneder siden
Yooooo! respect to that guy that is restoring the volvo 240. it makes me sooo happy to see guys that realy treat those old cars good!
Austin Leopold
Austin Leopold 3 måneder siden
Keep 😅
Fernando R
Fernando R 3 måneder siden
Manual Swap the supra Tj!!
Nabeel Z
Nabeel Z 3 måneder siden
Great tj looks fire love the r8 one of my favorite name the R8 BLANCA
Tokenn Moto Racing
Tokenn Moto Racing 3 måneder siden
Sabrina says they can't get rid of the r8..Tj in a few videos..Selling my Audi R8
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez 3 måneder siden
It was nice seeing danny in one of tj’s videos
Yanko Yankov
Yanko Yankov 3 måneder siden
NamTran1801 3 måneder siden
The carbon fiber vents make the car look so good
Don De jong fan
Don De jong fan 3 måneder siden
Make the r8 grille black it looks way more agressive
Laltluangkima Tluanga
Laltluangkima Tluanga 3 måneder siden
Teejahhh, must prepare for 400Z BODY KETS
The Dube
The Dube 3 måneder siden
That dudes sunglasses are too big for his head.
J. N .J
J. N .J 3 måneder siden
where did he buy his shirt from?? i’m interested in buying one!
Subi Driver
Subi Driver 3 måneder siden
You should have followed that body line and painted the v white
Kyle R
Kyle R 3 måneder siden
I actually like the hood without the vents
cain sample
cain sample 3 måneder siden
Give it some time....whistlindiesel will have a "Custom R8" hood cheap.....😂
BH Media
BH Media 3 måneder siden
12:43 😂😂😂😂
Mirko ko
Mirko ko 3 måneder siden
Nooooooooo, the naked carbon hood was so much better!
Tyger Sykes
Tyger Sykes 3 måneder siden
I love this fucking R8, it’s my dream car and you’re doing it RIGHT 🔥
Chris Dauer
Chris Dauer 3 måneder siden
The R8 looks insane
Jamie Goddard
Jamie Goddard 3 måneder siden
Sooo much better👍🏻
Eduardo Fernandes
Eduardo Fernandes 3 måneder siden
Way better with the painted hood! Looks perfect
Riley Wallace
Riley Wallace 3 måneder siden
why is he going off of air again and to coilovers
B bop85
B bop85 3 måneder siden
Yo Tj the R8 should be called “Snow white”!
CarlosC 301
CarlosC 301 3 måneder siden
Audrey the audi
Lightningtrooper 3 måneder siden
Name the R8 r8chel 😁👍
Mark Richards
Mark Richards 3 måneder siden
R8 looks much better now.
Bobby Raw
Bobby Raw 3 måneder siden
"By the time you guys are watching this video, our fall collection has sold out because for no reason we sell super limited quantities of everything"
Rafay Sheikh
Rafay Sheikh 3 måneder siden
Juan Lanzalot
Juan Lanzalot 3 måneder siden
Why did he remove the air suspension? I don't understand, can't he drive to Vegas with it?
Logan Scott
Logan Scott 3 måneder siden
Rolled up to Supra’s in Vegas on my way to see you, Kevin and the Supra. As I’m walking through the gate, I see you and Kevin flying down the freeway with a couple of other Supra’s next to a semi you had to slow down for 🥺😂. Maybe next time!
SRT_Mando 3 måneder siden
Wrap the roof black on the r8
Eric Soriano
Eric Soriano 3 måneder siden
What vents are those?
Franco Miranda
Franco Miranda 3 måneder siden
If Sabrina was to let a squirter while sitting on the R8 hood thennnn it would definitely crack or dent 🥴
Collin Ginter
Collin Ginter 3 måneder siden
You never throw away stock parts teeg c’mon man 🤦🏻
Quinton Andino
Quinton Andino 3 måneder siden
Did you ever figure out that starting issue? I'm not sure if I missed a video where you addressed it .. it's obvious you fixed it but wasn't sure if you explained what caused it
ApexGraphics 3 måneder siden
R8 name = Riley Reid
Juergen Chappelle
Juergen Chappelle 3 måneder siden
Can you change those wheels already 😩
J 3 måneder siden
I miss Danny in the vlogs!!!
nelson justiniano
nelson justiniano 3 måneder siden
get another gtr tj!!!!
Kris Buckton
Kris Buckton 3 måneder siden
Calvin ain’t got no girlfriend haha tell another
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson 3 måneder siden
“Girlfriend” in Mexico. Not sure what that is code for in the youth lexicon
Zaman Careem
Zaman Careem 3 måneder siden
I liked the before look of the hood ❤but now I love it 😍 & if you put a black Audi badge in the front & back it would be perfection 😍😍❤
Ibrahim Alauddin
Ibrahim Alauddin 3 måneder siden
Bring back Saturdays for the boiis merch
bakoikoi23 3 måneder siden
R8 looks way better!!! 👌🏻
Visionary Dreamz
Visionary Dreamz 3 måneder siden
Every time you say you don’t know what to name the r8 I keep saying Jarvis!!! JARVIS FOR TONY
Skateboarding 3 måneder siden
6:36 bro that’s kinda sus
Miguel estrada
Miguel estrada 3 måneder siden
You should name her “R8chel” get it like Rachel ... I’ll show myself out
thomas thomasman
thomas thomasman 2 måneder siden
Well the name theme is female singers. What Rachel is there that sings?
Ariel Hernandez
Ariel Hernandez 3 måneder siden
I was literally thinking the same thing😂
Blake 3 måneder siden
thats actually sick
Matrix 3 måneder siden
I thought he was going to do the whole inner part where the v is carbon
Senshi Productions
Senshi Productions 3 måneder siden
didn't acuair just announce they are coming back
Noah Lackey
Noah Lackey 3 måneder siden
hope the r8 stays white
Vinnie DeSimone
Vinnie DeSimone 3 måneder siden
R8= R8chael
uncertainty principle
uncertainty principle 3 måneder siden
Can we agree that 4 adds for 14m video is too much? ....incl the shop plug
Zach Stoppelmoor
Zach Stoppelmoor 3 måneder siden
Painted looks way better. Good on you teej 🔥
Hilmy Djunaedi
Hilmy Djunaedi 3 måneder siden
Teej you need to modify the Porsche Macan for Sabrina!!
Roderick Hodgson
Roderick Hodgson 3 måneder siden
R8chel would be a good name for her 😉 haha
Alexander Thøgersen
Alexander Thøgersen 3 måneder siden
Black grille front pls
Ryan Zacher
Ryan Zacher 3 måneder siden
Why not keep the bags and go with a new air management system
Nick Hayden
Nick Hayden 3 måneder siden
Sorry Teej, but that has gotta go. That fitment is terrible.
Bilal 3 måneder siden
Can someone plz explain the ice cream truck in his shop? lmaaooaoa
Carlos Pineda
Carlos Pineda 3 måneder siden
Good to see sabrina happy and well :)
Josh Porter
Josh Porter 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one who doesn’t like the car in white 🤷‍♂️
JohnBeck Paradizo
JohnBeck Paradizo 3 måneder siden
Damn man the air suspension is what made. This car i wish u would’ve switch to another company to keep it on air
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