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Tj Hunt

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You ask and I deliver
Big thanks to casey for the drone footage! Check out his Instagram here @kso.fpv
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Rydnorth Måned siden
Bro all the action shots look so wicked!! You have come such a long way with drifting! Looking good dude!!
Kaeden Ball
Kaeden Ball Måned siden
5:13 anyone else see his bumper magically fix itself
Kaeden Ball
Kaeden Ball Måned siden
Then @ 5:50 it’s broke again?
Marco Arenas lira
Marco Arenas lira Måned siden
Original forza horizon vibez
Keland Sparks
Keland Sparks Måned siden
Those drone shots were PHENOMENAL! :D
Nathan Cantrall
Nathan Cantrall Måned siden
That dog's having more fun than most of us are. Lol
Justin Collins
Justin Collins Måned siden
The drone footage is the way to film this.
Zach Weinberg
Zach Weinberg Måned siden
Love the music in the background. Normally I get tired of watching your drifting vids but the music makes it much more enjoyable to watch
Shayne Wheeler
Shayne Wheeler Måned siden
I feel like 10 is a small shoe but then again this is coming from someone who wares a size 14 😅
mano7947 Måned siden
What’s the play list here?
Al17 Måned siden
Please don’t do what teej said about in n out on purpose.. that’s a chach move
Travis Neill
Travis Neill Måned siden
TJ has small feet
Hayden Hall
Hayden Hall Måned siden
Take Big T to a track day
David Webb
David Webb Måned siden
Huge fan of your content by far one of best vids to date fantastic transitions and editing with all the continued tj and Calvin flare
BigJr63 Måned siden
YOOOOOOOOO Your boy killed it on the drone shoots😁😁
Harley Sinclair
Harley Sinclair Måned siden
get you a man that hypes you up like cal hypes tj
Khaoz Dreamz
Khaoz Dreamz Måned siden
T.J. My brother you have come sooooo far with drifting can’t wait to see you in the pros !!!!
Paul Barker
Paul Barker Måned siden
The drone footage was just spot on definitely do that again next time, and the food was a good idea lol order half the food and get the rest free 😂😂😂👌
AJ McCreary
AJ McCreary Måned siden
Juan Magana
Juan Magana Måned siden
Those drone shots are so good it makes me feel like I’m using the drone to focus on them drifting
Hugo Mata
Hugo Mata Måned siden
That happens all the time in drive thrus they can't take anything back they give you
EternallyFaithful Måned siden
Lmao Tj had enough arguing you know what you do have big feet dead 💀😂
Isaac Sabino
Isaac Sabino Måned siden
When are we gonna get some footage of the pro 350 ?
Muscle Hustle and Horsepower
Muscle Hustle and Horsepower Måned siden
I don’t think everyone’s into the door tapping as much as tj is. a door tap in a battle is one thing. Getting your door smashed in every lap during practice with the boys ... :/ that’s another
yaren estrada
yaren estrada Måned siden
It’s illegal to take the food back ...same as a restaurant if they place the plate down they can’t take it back
Simon Moon
Simon Moon Måned siden
"idiot alert!" lolol
Brandon Roman
Brandon Roman Måned siden
Drone footage was insane!!
Jeremy Gilderoy
Jeremy Gilderoy Måned siden
What’s the song?
Jeffrey Skillern
Jeffrey Skillern Måned siden
No offense, but size 10 shoe is kinda small for a man. Around here anyway, lol, I personally wear a 14. Love the content
Richard Pierce
Richard Pierce Måned siden
Who’s the chick in the passenger seat with all the jewelry and painted finger nails?
C3_Garage Måned siden
Awesome vid... drone footage was sweet
ryan devriendt
ryan devriendt Måned siden
don’t worry those big dumb idiots are here in michigan too
AydenJ21 Måned siden
The drone shots hittin different🔥 the entire time before you mentioned the drone shots i was sitting here like “these drone shots are incredible!”
Ranger TS
Ranger TS Måned siden
Who gots them Neanderthal feet?!? 😂
oEnVy Z34
oEnVy Z34 Måned siden
So sick! Still stunned that I met you and you made it in my Vlog! The shits do no justice man! This event was so sick !!
Tremaine SSJ
Tremaine SSJ Måned siden
bro hearing calvin yell as he’s drifting is so funny 😂
Jesse's World
Jesse's World Måned siden
10 is kinda small
biro24 Måned siden
Your drifting footage is 100/100 a few months ago, the tandem drifting were you gave a high five was EPIC, the drone footage is 😎👏👏👏👏
Eric Sykes
Eric Sykes Måned siden
No lights at night are one of my biggest pet peeves!!
drew Gregory
drew Gregory Måned siden
Wow tj she called you out , size 10 shoes , well its better for drifting i guess. I constantly hit the brake clutch kicking its annoying.
Joshua Sheehy
Joshua Sheehy Måned siden
TJ totally said Chandem Tases instead of Tandem Chases lmao
Augusto Prulhiere
Augusto Prulhiere Måned siden
The drone footage is so good
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Osborne Måned siden
The very two situations when you were on the road, just yesterday I saw someone turn right when it was a red arrow (in Australia) turning across on coming traffic and then the next guy following did the SAME THING! I was like "what???" And so often I see these people driving at night with the lights off because they're in a late model vehicle and yes the daytime running lights are on and also the instrument cluster lights are usually on too, only way brighter for day time and you see them driving along with no tail lights on, daytime lights on the front and their face is glowing big time from the dash lights shining extra bright in the car!
Christopher Lopez
Christopher Lopez Måned siden
It’s crazy to see you grow as driver, remember seeing Selena on the track for the first time and now you’re just ripping it out there like a pro, and to those people driving with no headlights, I call them Batman
Jr Freshh
Jr Freshh Måned siden
Lol she do got big feet it’s all good 🤣
Anxo Måned siden
I love your vlogs man
Andrew Cortese
Andrew Cortese Måned siden
I seen her feet thought God they are like flippers. Im glad it wasn't just me seeing them like that. Yes I've been flying fpv race drones now for a year. Takes skill to fly them so ur point done a good job. He came close to the car a few times.
Itz Kwon
Itz Kwon Måned siden
Music in the background had me feeling like I was watching a need for speed gameplay💯💪
Gerhard Wasserman
Gerhard Wasserman Måned siden
Loving the edit bud
GvT GoodVibeTribe
GvT GoodVibeTribe Måned siden
ahhh Teej that drone footage with that beat "fucking mint"
ZoRKo_262 Måned siden
Bro just use more drone footage and your own jam this video was facking sick! And keep drifting!
Ray Rainer
Ray Rainer Måned siden
Sent her a lil too hard bruh, maybe one day ill be able to slide another gs300 or 430 when i get it
Colin Grimsley
Colin Grimsley Måned siden
Can they please put a dope ass drifting scene into the new fast and furious please.
Nicolas Monzon
Nicolas Monzon Måned siden
I can’t say tj did his best but I also can’t say you did bad but with a lil more practice you’ll for sure nail them corners 😤🤝
Spyro Kingz
Spyro Kingz Måned siden
That droning footage definitely makes the experience worthwhile! Great job!
SneakerHeadInTheBay Måned siden
Metro M
Metro M Måned siden
If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:9) 🙏.
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson Måned siden
Drone guy could use some more practice.... Definitely not D1 drone footage status
Dreyus Alexander
Dreyus Alexander Måned siden
The music reminded me of the old race car games from the ps3 😢
Benjamin Gray
Benjamin Gray Måned siden
I love the vlogs when they get back home. Like to see them just as their selves messing with each other
Gabriel Måned siden
Love the drone
J M Måned siden
Same happened to me at In N Out. Covid rules, 2020.
Vespers Måned siden
Drone footage is where it's at Teeg!
Anthony R
Anthony R Måned siden
Thank you for the drone footage. That was amazing. Never thought fpv drone could do that. Really impressive.
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis Måned siden
Who else loved the guy running the light and saying idiot alert haha 😂 😂
Jared Lund
Jared Lund Måned siden
Mad respect to the drone pilot. Shits not easy!
Krazyjit Måned siden
Bad ass!!!!
James Sieli
James Sieli Måned siden
Drone shots are awesome. "Idiot Alert" I usually just yell "Turn your lights on, dumbass!" Brightly lit dashes and bright daylight driving lights. Perfect combo for the dumb masses.
Kevin Alsina
Kevin Alsina Måned siden
The drone shots are so sick
Seth Goulet
Seth Goulet Måned siden
TJ, you've purchased Porsche for the wonderful lady. I hear you say Huracan like an Italian might (don't honestly know if that's right), start saying Porsche right too maybe?!
Seth White
Seth White Måned siden
What if you did a day at the track with a subscriber? Like they buy merch someone gets a golden ticket and just hangout with you at the track?
big gooose
big gooose Måned siden
I’m out here size 13 LMAOO
Mr Bennyficial
Mr Bennyficial Måned siden
Tj: you know what you do have big feet Sabrina: 😱
Taco Bell
Taco Bell Måned siden
Unreal hire that drone guy and take him everywhere
Jared Carr
Jared Carr Måned siden
that drone is a must for drifting! It's so cool!!
T Crics
T Crics Måned siden
Dont manji the straights like get one in between 2 corners that both go the same direction...SANPATSU!
SK Måned siden
We need people like Calvin! Hear him hyping teej up ❤️
phillip ung
phillip ung Måned siden
Upload a tiny bit earlier teeg
phillip ung
phillip ung Måned siden
Almost time for a new video
Nathan Duby
Nathan Duby Måned siden
With Calvin in the car. Priceless. Love it
Joe Maddox
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Jesse McGonigal
Jesse McGonigal Måned siden
I may have been drunk as fuck while watching this video but this video is pure vibes, I love this shit. I love the bros.
TOKSIC Måned siden
Calvin just looks like he's afraid and not enjoying it 😂
Herc O
Herc O Måned siden
TJ, I work in the food industry and didn't appreciate the advice about getting free food through the drive in. You know a bunch of your followers are now going to try this. Not cool.
Demetrey Slivko
Demetrey Slivko Måned siden
We just gonna disregard the fact he said “chandem tasing” at 0:30 lol much love teeg
Francisco Grullon
Francisco Grullon Måned siden
shoutout tot he drone pilot! jesus!!!
Eric Butterbach
Eric Butterbach Måned siden
Dude I see that all the time with peoples lights off on the car while they’re driving idiots for sure
motorfanatics Måned siden
Solid tandem drifts! 😎
Abro Måned siden
We need “idiot alert” to be a thing TJ, please lmao
Israel Barajas
Israel Barajas Måned siden
Love the music on this one!
AJP Productions
AJP Productions Måned siden
Fe Brito
Fe Brito Måned siden
that was epic bro
Rhio Rivera
Rhio Rivera Måned siden
Cool drone shots 🔥
Silas Bürkel
Silas Bürkel Måned siden
crazy droneshots just flashed
Angel Moreno
Angel Moreno Måned siden
This was so sick 🤮 like legit because I threw up with those drone shots. Don’t watch this on a full stomach lol
Stanton Cole
Stanton Cole Måned siden
Drone footage was awesome!! Cool daily vlogmas!!
Noah S
Noah S Måned siden
Teej when you going to take a trip down to Cleetus’s track?
Dumpster Marcus
Dumpster Marcus Måned siden
The tandom drone shots are def fire!!!
Jarrett Jackson
Jarrett Jackson Måned siden
Well done Tj on the drifting you gotten better
Luis Peraza
Luis Peraza Måned siden
Devon Kurten
Devon Kurten Måned siden
You were killing it tj!!! I’ve been here since day one !!
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