Big Turbo Supra First Start!

  Ganger 328,084

Tj Hunt

2 måneder siden

2020 Supra first start up with our Garret G30-770 turbo! Coming December 1st the Hunt&Co Winter collection is dropping! Check out for more details!
Check out this turbo kit here from P2uned!
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Josue Borges
Josue Borges 5 dager siden
when see the 2 part ?
Leopoldo Amaya
Leopoldo Amaya 25 dager siden
Hey Tj Get Your Self Some Battery Powered Hand Tools! ex: Battery powered ratchet 3/8 and 1/4! And Impact wrenches Bro it will make ur life EASIER! You can get Milwaukee, Dewalt, Shit Even then ones from Harbor Freight but man watching u hand wrench everything is cringy
Bryan Dao
Bryan Dao Måned siden
The motionless snail alarmingly argue because representative macropharmacologically contain out a glamorous playground. impolite, puzzling bike
George Dankha
George Dankha Måned siden
Check out George Dankha youtube channel. Just grabbed a 2021 Supra. Looking to turn it into something like this
Jacob Shahan
Jacob Shahan Måned siden
tgee got the calfs...god damn
Aric Leddy
Aric Leddy Måned siden
What a great ending to the video love the family time
Cameron Måned siden
Big T is father in law goals
SJWTRIBE Måned siden
Almond milk tea with egg pudding ftw thank me later
Rydnorth Måned siden
TJ needs to keep the scruff on his face lol
c0nstrictor Måned siden
What are your full plans with the Supra in terms of power and modifications (ie do you have a full mod list?) And is your Supra a 2L or 3L?
Bobby Surya
Bobby Surya Måned siden
please add indonesian subtitle
Adrien Clark
Adrien Clark 2 måneder siden
This is what I will think of when I’m ur age and I’m just chilling with my girls friend dad. This looks like good times
V68NF 2 måneder siden
We clearly know those places..
funky tofu
funky tofu 2 måneder siden
Will T goose make a vented hood that shows off the turbo?
Nezioo Araujoo
Nezioo Araujoo 2 måneder siden
that is one ugly engine
Omar Pena
Omar Pena 2 måneder siden
LS swap Noooo Yeaaaa Noooo 😂
Jason Lopez /Bootleg
Jason Lopez /Bootleg 2 måneder siden
pull the pin when putting
Trevonte Hen
Trevonte Hen 2 måneder siden
weres the vlogmas intro at?
TJ Shoop
TJ Shoop 2 måneder siden
5.0 coyote turbo swap the Supra? yes lol
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Dan Doherty
Dan Doherty 2 måneder siden
Team tj
tredogzs 2 måneder siden
team Calvin
Jake Feltenberger
Jake Feltenberger 2 måneder siden
Cal with that +Ultra mask. MHA all day!
Norman Carver
Norman Carver 2 måneder siden
team TJ
XxXKingXxXKingXxX 2 måneder siden
Kung fu tea is actually the best!
TracknTrail Offroad
TracknTrail Offroad 2 måneder siden
Something is wrong with that turbo. Its stopping almost immediately after shutting the car off even after revving it
Cole Gerz
Cole Gerz 2 måneder siden
Put a smaller exhaust housing on! It’ll spin constantly then!
Benjamin Letteer
Benjamin Letteer 2 måneder siden
Team tj Hahaha
charlielima1985 2 måneder siden
I thought I was about to get a Dave Portnoy style Boba review.. not gonna lie, was kinda disappointed when it wasn’t.
jakamanewb 2 måneder siden
AHHH! DUDE!!! Get some AN wrenches! Kills me to see you use old craftsmen steel wrenches on those oh so nice AL AN fittings... You need AN wrenches made out of the same material as the AN fittings to keep from scratching them all up and rounding off the edges etc
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion 2 måneder siden
I wish had that connection with my father in law :(
elijah hernandez
elijah hernandez 2 måneder siden
tj is so drunk lol
Rhio Rivera
Rhio Rivera 2 måneder siden
Team calvin!!
Dan Wolf
Dan Wolf 2 måneder siden
big boost!??!?!?!?!?! big T?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Chathuranga Perera
Chathuranga Perera 2 måneder siden
6:21 *all around me are familiar faces...” fookin oof
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 2 måneder siden
Funniest video in a while dude, laughed too hard at this one
knox from the sayspool show
knox from the sayspool show 2 måneder siden
What if Calvin's vacation was actually a honeymoon trip?
Dave Murray
Dave Murray 2 måneder siden
Team TJ!
Lorenzo Verduzco
Lorenzo Verduzco 2 måneder siden
Team Tj 😂
Musa Nak
Musa Nak 2 måneder siden
you could try to just up the idle rpms to make the turbo keep spinning.
Aamin Joy
Aamin Joy 2 måneder siden
Team T Goose ever since Calvin said the N word
Patryk Jabłoński
Patryk Jabłoński 2 måneder siden
team tj
Christopher Naresh
Christopher Naresh 2 måneder siden
I must say tj you play golf very well 👌🏾
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 2 måneder siden
Lol 4:41 🥜
Neal Duran
Neal Duran 2 måneder siden
Golf where you swear and laugh 🤣 at good jokes smoke cigars and drink beer.
Reggie Cool
Reggie Cool 2 måneder siden
I love how the Supra is going down the same road as the brz
Craig Blair
Craig Blair 2 måneder siden
Todd and TJ content is super holesome
levintemplo 2 måneder siden
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 2 måneder siden
BIGT Be a typical quirky cool father in law man it’s hilarious
L1337N 2 måneder siden
Tj get the most ugly car on the planet and LS7 swap it and make the LS NA that be cool and no tuber or supercharger
MissBehaving X
MissBehaving X 2 måneder siden
He's not my boyfriend :p
killachief187 2 måneder siden
We love Calv 💘
Dylan J. Lombardo
Dylan J. Lombardo 2 måneder siden
sounds like a cummins
Chay Bonnington
Chay Bonnington 2 måneder siden
Gonna have too cop that champion top
Cebi cebok Goublok
Cebi cebok Goublok 2 måneder siden
Cebi cebok Goublok
Cebi cebok Goublok 2 måneder siden
Cebi cebok Goublok
Cebi cebok Goublok 2 måneder siden
Cebi cebok Goublok
Cebi cebok Goublok 2 måneder siden
Andrew Rojas
Andrew Rojas 2 måneder siden
More home vlooogggsss
Carter Maslowski
Carter Maslowski 2 måneder siden
Team tj
Austin Thorpe
Austin Thorpe 2 måneder siden
Team tj
Colter Roylance
Colter Roylance 2 måneder siden
Calvin upset at teej
Premium Games
Premium Games 2 måneder siden
9:32 what my Mac book sounds like after one day of online school
Matt 2 måneder siden
That tea place is good ! We have one in saint Louis !
Daniel Santacruz
Daniel Santacruz 2 måneder siden
Did he engine swap it or is it the Toyota motor factory motor
rjwlax 2 måneder siden
Missed a blep
The Bear Jew
The Bear Jew 2 måneder siden
TJ: 👁️👄👁️.... "That's fuckin loud.. " 😂😂 I want that on a t-shirt
Zesty 2 måneder siden
starts golfing with her dad, next thing you know they getting married.
You're Not Dubbin If You're Not Rubbin
You're Not Dubbin If You're Not Rubbin 2 måneder siden
Poor turbski does not look happy
Kie Gatehouse
Kie Gatehouse 2 måneder siden
You need a camera man 😂
RIK1Z 2 måneder siden
More golf
EzlNh8u 2 måneder siden
Wow, no social distancing.
Trevor Langlitz
Trevor Langlitz 2 måneder siden
Team teeg
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 2 måneder siden
lisp has gotten noticeably worse
Rick Rasterdly
Rick Rasterdly 2 måneder siden
I to love Greece!! Crete & Corfu are amazing but Cyprus is better which still is kinda Greecey!!
Anthony Chhieu
Anthony Chhieu 2 måneder siden
Check out TeboTebo in Garden Grove area
Ethan Slater
Ethan Slater 2 måneder siden
In love 😍
Kolden Did It
Kolden Did It 2 måneder siden
But does it go broom tututtututututtutu🥺
Keaton M.
Keaton M. 2 måneder siden
Living in Tokyo I can tell you people take their boba tea very seriously....
OneHand80 2 måneder siden
It’s a V-6 motor but the turbo is only running off 2 pistons they should’ve designed that turbo manifold better.
Theflying_C_Note 2 måneder siden
LMAO CONGRATS CALVIN!!! when's the wedding bud
Boost Junky
Boost Junky 2 måneder siden
Hey tj you should make some paintball content like way back in the day.... you won’t do it 😉
CJ Chaffins
CJ Chaffins 2 måneder siden
"danny knows he's blown up a couple miatas--" "A b s o l u t e l y."
William Levy
William Levy 2 måneder siden
Aye you like that tea, say what up! KFT is the ish
tarm natawoot
tarm natawoot 2 måneder siden
Love the golf
tarm natawoot
tarm natawoot 2 måneder siden
Team tj
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson 2 måneder siden
Shout out misx Calvin not gf lol 😂
favian lawrence
favian lawrence 2 måneder siden
TJ name one the golf course is grasshopper.. hahaha.. awesome.
samuel rodriguez
samuel rodriguez 2 måneder siden
Street Speed 919
Street Speed 919 2 måneder siden
team tj
Naseem Hussain
Naseem Hussain 2 måneder siden
Cringe when he banged the compressor wheel on everything at 2:08 probs why the turbo isn’t spinning like it should
H2PROz 2 måneder siden
I cringed so hard too....turbine wheel is to delicate for those type of blows
Trystan Hoffmann
Trystan Hoffmann 2 måneder siden
Joan Mezzacappa
Joan Mezzacappa 2 måneder siden
that blue is FIRE
DJ SINRG 2 måneder siden
Sooooooooooooooo when is Calvin getting married ?
young 97.
young 97. 2 måneder siden
It's Official! Calvin has a Girlfriend.
Zak Wallin
Zak Wallin 2 måneder siden
Only the real ones watch Tj play some golf
Sean Heffernan
Sean Heffernan 2 måneder siden
U sure that’s not a super charger
killerbee1 2 måneder siden
Nice game with the father in law
Victor Nguyen
Victor Nguyen 2 måneder siden
Definitely listen to Jumba, he go’s them Asians genes he knows boba best. Lol
Mike Bradshaw
Mike Bradshaw 2 måneder siden
Need more live action
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