Making the best out of the worst situation.

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Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

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Reactionary 3 måneder siden
I'm so glad I came back to watch this video. Lately ive been dealing with a lot of anxiety and felt kind of alone on it. And the way you described it sounds exactly like what I've been going through. Just wanted to say thank you for opening up about that.
William Roberson
William Roberson 4 måneder siden
Yo Young Living for the win.
Houshang Milany
Houshang Milany 4 måneder siden
Plz don’t put the pc on the carpet teeg love the vids btw
SentancedCo. Skateboards
SentancedCo. Skateboards 5 måneder siden
I remember the over fender install lol, good times
Lorenzo Marzola
Lorenzo Marzola 5 måneder siden
What Recaro are those? Probably this question had been asked a thousend times, but I still doesn't know it ahaha
Nixqy 5 måneder siden
Pause at 11:33 and think "Knowledge"
Alec Uitti
Alec Uitti 5 måneder siden
Just a small upgrade for your affirmations. The mind-spirit manifests in now and doesn't understand not/no so call forth your highest choice now. I will beat cancer completely I AM healthy, happy and whole Something great will come of this I receive my miracles with ease I will not let my anxiety take over I love my anxiety and it has no power here I will not let worry/fear take over I love my worry and fear and they have no power here I will live a full life I live life to the fullest every day, now and forever I will be cancer free by the end of the year I AM 100% healthy and happy NOW I will focus on all positive progress to matter how small I receive my miracles each day No negativity I love being positive
Sámuel Nagy
Sámuel Nagy 5 måneder siden
Me: praying to get a Mk4 Supra one day Teej: actually owning a Mk4 Supra Also Teej: complaining about not having a cup holder in his Mk4 Supra Also me: praying for Teej's girlfriend
alex mendoza
alex mendoza 5 måneder siden
I Dont want to watch the channel today praying for you both im sure she will be the strongest in history ever. God bless Sabrina and your family
Eddie K
Eddie K 5 måneder siden
flush all those young living oils before it makes your cancer 10x worse. crappy ass pyramid scam company. go vegan and take cbd.
Daniel Lackas
Daniel Lackas 5 måneder siden
Essential oils? Really? XD
Junior Reyes
Junior Reyes 5 måneder siden
Make a body kit for the 86/frs/brz
GSR Garage
GSR Garage 5 måneder siden
Shit I been watching since the invidia exhaust install! The good old garage vid days 🤘 keep moving forward teej! That wing brings back so many memories too!!
tarm natawoot
tarm natawoot 5 måneder siden
Ogs ftw
Bryce Gary
Bryce Gary 5 måneder siden
The all red G wagon was probably a brabus. Like you, I’ve only ever seen them in white, black, silver.
Rev xz
Rev xz 5 måneder siden
TheGoonSquad 5 måneder siden
I forgot about the “twerk it Miley” holy cow it’s been a hot minute
KING X 5 måneder siden
God bless Sabrina 🙏🏾
Robin Meermeyer
Robin Meermeyer 5 måneder siden
Dude we want to see EVERYTHING
Conner Dodd
Conner Dodd 5 måneder siden
Was that a woooooooo or a supercharger????
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez 5 måneder siden
In all this professional editing and sponsorshiping (dont know if thats a word) you should just turn your sim 90° amd test it out on your tv thats hanging on the wall🤷‍♂️... ps i may be drink watching this video...😬😬😬
Harman Gill
Harman Gill 5 måneder siden
I remember watching that video in grade 8 and knowing imma have that car to and 5 years later I have it to and that’s all cause of Miley and mines is also named after yours
Angel Francis
Angel Francis 5 måneder siden
You just brought me way back. Jesus!!!
J.D.S Vlogs
J.D.S Vlogs 5 måneder siden
Amazon or eBay for the cup holders 😂
lil smoke
lil smoke 5 måneder siden
You know what’s fuckin crazy is I was actually around for the twerk it Miley days lol
Michael Jay Cruz STEM-11
Michael Jay Cruz STEM-11 5 måneder siden
Where is the RX-7????????
Alex Nunez
Alex Nunez 5 måneder siden
You're very welcome man! Enjoying all the good content!
MaRcKy 5 måneder siden
Where is your Rx7?
Neo Blitzktrieg
Neo Blitzktrieg 5 måneder siden
Get that desktop....OFF THE DAMN CARPET!!!
Manuel Sucena
Manuel Sucena 5 måneder siden
Thomas Demortier
Thomas Demortier 5 måneder siden
all the setup in a video please!!!
HHH Motorsports
HHH Motorsports 5 måneder siden
Sabrina, when i was in the navy and on my way to the Gulf i was sing Amazing Grace. It doesnt matter what version, God Hears you. I went 3 times, and those special times on the flight deck with God eased all my fears and my questions. Just try it and i think you will be happy. You can try all those body cleansing ideas but praise God and that will sure fix it.. God Bless and I love you and TJ as my sister and brother, pls be safe
HHH Motorsports
HHH Motorsports 5 måneder siden
Good luck Sabrina, Jesus can heal you ASAP, always put him first. God Bless you and TJ. Be strong
Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson 5 måneder siden
i gotta know the song that starts playing at 14:13
Ethan Saunders
Ethan Saunders 5 måneder siden
Where the rx-7 at?
Trife One
Trife One 5 måneder siden
Stay strong and positive ya both are two strong souls and y'all will make it thru these tough times together bless ya both.....
rdub202 5 måneder siden
Good spot for that Enkei sticker is by the valve so you don't have to search all over fot it.
Skillez6 5 måneder siden
Joe Solberg
Joe Solberg 5 måneder siden
He is totally out of your realm of NOpost but reach out to lake fork guy. He may be at least able to help a little with a similar situation
Chance Kellum
Chance Kellum 5 måneder siden
those wheel stickers are meant to go on the valve stem lip so you can find the valve stem asap for quickness while at the track : )
chris hockwald
chris hockwald 5 måneder siden
crazy how twerk it miley was 5 yrs ago sheesh
Loverboiii 5 måneder siden
Don’t keep your pc on carpet. It’s bad for it!
Caden Lund
Caden Lund 5 måneder siden
Yo take a break if you need to, we understand
Ian Rosales
Ian Rosales 5 måneder siden
I want to know how much it all was kinda wanna set one up my self !
Myyoutubechannel 5 måneder siden
Heyy tj I know what your going thru bro, honestly bro I come from years of experience with things like this, you are going to have to keep fighting and don't stop... hit it hard as you can with everything you got! this is a mental thing here and there's always a way let me tell you if you have faith and believe in something .. this can be overcome, remember tj this is real but you have to stay strong my guy, and beat this crap to the ground. ps: Peter
Luis Santos
Luis Santos 5 måneder siden
We want R8 videos! 🤦🏽‍♂️
Lawsyy 1
Lawsyy 1 5 måneder siden
TJ, you should consider getting trickle chargers for all you cars, maintains battery life, plus they're always ready to go 👌
Leo Higgins
Leo Higgins 5 måneder siden
Man that wing gave me so many funny memories😂 I miss the old Miley
Billy Mark
Billy Mark 5 måneder siden
What is the song name at 3:00
Nizar Awawdeh
Nizar Awawdeh 5 måneder siden
Damn that wing is a crazy throwback. I remember the first exhaust install on Miley and I think either that or "Ricer ruins his BRZ" was my first video
Bradley Littlefield
Bradley Littlefield 5 måneder siden
Teeg I have a 93 Honda del sold with cup holders in the center console. It's a pain in the ass. Don't do it!
Andrew Nassar
Andrew Nassar 5 måneder siden
I miss the old outro, where’s the good feeling, get on this tj
AxeO Steel
AxeO Steel 5 måneder siden
Get a dash and center console
Austin Fontana
Austin Fontana 5 måneder siden
Fuck yeah, I forgot about the twerk it Miley
waps7777 5 måneder siden
I’m liking the Logo badge at the end of the videos man.
Leo Garza
Leo Garza 5 måneder siden
The Og wing 😂
Robert Dailey
Robert Dailey 5 måneder siden
Hey you are only human. It is hard dealing with a loved one that is going through a cancer diagnosis. My grandson was diagnosed at 22 months old. He just celebrated his 26th birthday! All I can say is surround her in prayer and you have to be strong. It's probably the hardest thing you're going to go through in your life. And you just have to be there for her. Thank you for sharing. There's a lot of us out here that have gone through similar situations. Thank you for sharing an intimate part of your life and just, keep moving forward positively!
Thor 5 måneder siden
How can someone not be a fan of a G-Class, blasphemy.
Maxwell Ochtera
Maxwell Ochtera 5 måneder siden
Teej, where's the RX-7 at?
Tony Tone
Tony Tone 5 måneder siden
Great job staying busy brother, driving aimasly is always a great way to clear the old noggin.
Derek Rodriguez
Derek Rodriguez 5 måneder siden
What about the fd rx7?
Nathan Farrell
Nathan Farrell 5 måneder siden
wall mount would be so unique tho
Josh23 5 måneder siden
I’m just bad with a stick starting on a hill in general 😂😂
Kaisersoze 5 måneder siden
Hearing 'O.G.' in a Teej vid and remembering how frustrating tinting windows can be 🤣
Magdiel Murza
Magdiel Murza 5 måneder siden
teej where is the RX7?
Orlando Nunez
Orlando Nunez 5 måneder siden
You should get in touch with Trading Fraternity and redo Joshs 458.
cjw240 5 måneder siden
I wanna see a dope sound system in that trunk 😍 will give it that finish forsure
Connor Ryan
Connor Ryan 5 måneder siden
I just wanna say Teej it's really impressive for someone like yourself to keep making videos even if you don't have to especially with what's going on in your life and that just shows how much of a different person you are from the rest and how much higher you hold yourself which is really good, nothing but support for you and Sabrina, here's hoping it clears up soon
Kouki NVL
Kouki NVL 5 måneder siden
The twerk it, Miley wing just brought back memories of the small garage and TJ and Calvin's BRZs ya'll came a long way!
Joakim Grönroos
Joakim Grönroos 5 måneder siden
Oh my god that wing, I remember now
KountryboySave 5 måneder siden
Where is the rx7
Kenneth Porst
Kenneth Porst 5 måneder siden
We good bro ain't nothing bad can touch us ✨🏆
Ken Mumford
Ken Mumford 5 måneder siden
Hey mate no future in looking back move ahead look after yr girl.
Pasta 5 måneder siden
After one of the worst weeks of my life and hearing about Sabrina 🙏🏽(hopefully everything goes well) seeing the “Twerk it, Miley” sticker brought back all the good memories of watching him and seeing him grow 🙌
Clint Russell
Clint Russell 5 måneder siden
Praying for ya Both. Peace out.
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell 5 måneder siden
Man take as much time off Teeg, Sabrina is more important to you right now than anything
Larry Ganz
Larry Ganz 5 måneder siden
Save some eggs - freeze the for later if you are going to have any chemo or radiation and want children someday! Keep Strong!!
brandon lange
brandon lange 5 måneder siden
Rip Accu air
Fixin Bugs and Stuff
Fixin Bugs and Stuff 5 måneder siden
Subaru’s are AWSOME.
Cybill Daniel Maasin
Cybill Daniel Maasin 5 måneder siden
Anyone out there, I want TJ's old PC :( for me to be able to edit again and used it for my online class because of the quarantine, Im from Philippines!! please like this comment for him to be able to see it :( please please
Chris Reed
Chris Reed 5 måneder siden
Teej your videos from several years ago, when you still had the Beemer, got me out of the darkest part of my life. I know Ive told you that in person before but I feel like I need to pay you back with support for you and Sabrina right now. You always preach "Keep Moving Forward" (I even got that tattooed on my forearm) and I can only imagine what you guys are feeling right now and the levels of anxiety you guys have. However, the number one thing you taught me was the fact that in those dark, scary, anxious, worrisome, depressing, angry, sad, etc moments in life, the number one thing you have to do is focus on every single possible positive moment, and focus on the things that make you happy because I feel like that sums up the definition of "Keep Moving Forward". No matter what, you have to find a positive (no matter how small that positive may be) and you have to run with that. Everything happens for a reason and there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. You and Sabrina are both so incredibly strong and you guys will beat this! I know you're extremely anxious about it all, but I feel confident in speaking for my fellow TJ fans in saying that, We have your back, we care, we love you guys, and we know you guys will keep moving forward and overcome this hurdle in life.
Loui 6
Loui 6 5 måneder siden
huge enkei guy so thats how i know this but even the executive of enkei did a snip it video on the pronunciation and its en-kay
Seasea110 5 måneder siden
I’d love to see a set up video of the sim
Despised Views
Despised Views 5 måneder siden
Listen man, in 2014 I bought my Frs brand new... and it sat in the sun and got completely disgusting... I set aside all the stuff I wanted to do to it, couldn’t mod it, nothing... I stopped paying all my credit cards, fell in debt, accounts were sent to collections... to this day I can’t finance anything... BUT I did it for my sister... she’s had NUMEROUS surgeries because of cancer, tumors removed, double mastectomies, all kinds of crap... I’m now 32 years old, my sister will be 40... she’s alive and healthy and totally worth everything I’ve sacrificed... I guess what I’m trying to say is... no matter how hard it gets, it’s worth it... it’s so worth it. You guys got this. I watch you because it’s the closest I’ve gotten to fulfilling what I wanted to do with my car... and I hope you can find something to occupy you as you do everything you can.
Nick Rosario
Nick Rosario 5 måneder siden
Do the calibration to see how much time it would take to do
Jason 5 måneder siden
11:31 Here in my garage.. Just bought this new Lamborghini here
Hayden Shipman
Hayden Shipman 5 måneder siden
Do not put the pc on the floor lmao
The Dingo
The Dingo 5 måneder siden
Tj said he loves me 🥺 I knew your swing that way! Called it!!!!! Jp
Alex Greenslade
Alex Greenslade 5 måneder siden
Keep it off the floor 'cos pet hair in the fans dude!
Drummer gdaff
Drummer gdaff 5 måneder siden
You guys always give me the feels
Jacob Durepos
Jacob Durepos 5 måneder siden
Hey TJ I’ve started to look for things I want to have as a career and I love watching your videos and it’s crazy how much they inspire me and I would be really interested in doing what you do like drifting for fun and working on cars and NOpost and all that stuff and I know it would be really hard but I think I could do it, I hope you can get back to me because I wanna know like how you make your money like if it’s all NOpost or you make some off your car builds and I wanna know how to get started and if I need a business degree or some sort of mechanical degree in school and all that stuff. If you could get back to me that would be awesome I would love to talk to you. My ig is EliteJake12 and my Snapchat is jdurepos95
ryan juarez
ryan juarez 5 måneder siden
Can you drop a twerk it Miley shirt/ hoodie again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elliott Nunez
Elliott Nunez 5 måneder siden
darrin kinney
darrin kinney 5 måneder siden
Awesome content! To the heart and back to others! CMF !
Tremaine SSJ
Tremaine SSJ 5 måneder siden
pulling out that wing made me tear up😪
Tremaine SSJ
Tremaine SSJ 5 måneder siden
do a calibration video!
philip Berube
philip Berube 5 måneder siden
That's not a positive,her SUV could go in the garage instead of both of your cars.
Ace Nalley
Ace Nalley 5 måneder siden
Let it all out big bro we all are here
Chance Vongxay
Chance Vongxay 5 måneder siden
where’s the rx7
Swaggy Graphics
Swaggy Graphics 5 måneder siden
DUDE I used to have the brz as my computer background and every time i opened up my pc it’d say “twerk it Miley” I miss those days but it was those days that built u up to the success u’ve made🙏🙏🙏love u teeg and Sabrina all my prayers for u guys
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