The Fate of Miley Has Been Decided...

  Ganger 296,285

Tj Hunt

3 måneder siden

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Eli Williamson
Eli Williamson Måned siden
Day 1 part 5 rip miley 😔
RC335 2 måneder siden
I love the end of tjs videos when he’s just chillin with the homies
Armaan Dosanjh
Armaan Dosanjh 2 måneder siden
What year is this brz?
NoWhacko 2 måneder siden
This noise hurts my soul 😢
Kameron Camerena
Kameron Camerena 2 måneder siden
Sabrinas a little squirter
Carlton Harris
Carlton Harris 3 måneder siden
If she would of said a gallo 12 or 24 I would’ve died laughing 😂😂😭😭😭
Rydnorth 3 måneder siden
GR Yaris build! Yes!
Nicholas Burton
Nicholas Burton 3 måneder siden
You know it’s bad when u can’t hear his exhaust
Nicholas Burton
Nicholas Burton 3 måneder siden
Omggggggg I’ve never heard a engine knocking that badly and I used to working at Hyundai
Gregory Nelson
Gregory Nelson 3 måneder siden
No dice on a 2j in a matrix with a stock firewall
Gino Mantenga
Gino Mantenga 3 måneder siden
K24 swap
Anthony Fennell
Anthony Fennell 3 måneder siden
I know this is an unpolular opinion, but the BRZ is my least favorite of all TJs cars
Hunter Carrigan
Hunter Carrigan 3 måneder siden
New motor means you should do a whole new approach you should mold the body kit and then make it completely white to pay homage
Nitto Creative
Nitto Creative 3 måneder siden
matrix lets go
Steve Bacchus
Steve Bacchus 3 måneder siden
Hey..teej learn from Adam...go full send. Get a cosworth fully built stroker block. Miley needs to see 850whp & up. Better Garrett g30 series turbo. The whole 9 yards. Also look into doing a T51R mod to the turbo.
Jay Nottingham
Jay Nottingham 3 måneder siden
If you were gonna stay boxer why not go to one of the big suby motors?
Maxwell Kernen
Maxwell Kernen 3 måneder siden
#SabrinasLittleSquirter 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Michal Baran
Michal Baran 3 måneder siden
wasn't this motor built?? lmao
Kaden Westra
Kaden Westra 3 måneder siden
Just STI swap it
Swish856 3 måneder siden
Ls3 swap for the win
Carlos C
Carlos C 3 måneder siden
I was really hoping Sabrina would "we are going to put in a Gallo engine" 😂
TheMarkedOffGalaxy 3 måneder siden
Swap. That. Toy! 😂
Logan Calnan
Logan Calnan 3 måneder siden
Aye teeg my forester blew up the day after yours did 🥺
Black Chip Player21
Black Chip Player21 3 måneder siden
It isn’t a very good look to be getting high smoking marijuana on your videos. When you have major sponsors like Valvoline oil products and NOS energy!
Dab 3 måneder siden
No ones gunna talk about the blunts they was smoking ?
Connor J
Connor J 3 måneder siden
Lmfao 😂 love the "after hours" part of the vlogs
Blackwidow_lx Garage
Blackwidow_lx Garage 3 måneder siden
Tj do an LS build you wont regret it
simonbarsinister100 3 måneder siden
Jumba tokin big doinks.
Thatguywithnopancreas 3 måneder siden
Emelia would of put a 200shot on it and launched it till the bottom end blew apart for fun..
AutoBez 313
AutoBez 313 3 måneder siden
For the algorithm 🚗 🚘
JDM HAWTBOI 3 måneder siden
I see y'all were puffin dat ganja at the end there👀💀😂
Chrisss de la Denali
Chrisss de la Denali 3 måneder siden
Sounds like one of those log rolercoaster
Sören B.
Sören B. 3 måneder siden
4 adverts in 8 minutes. That engine must be expensive...
memories. 3 måneder siden
among us with the squad would be nice :P
V 3 måneder siden
K24 swap it
V 3 måneder siden
Or an f20c from the s2k so it would be easier to swap as its rwd from the factory With boost obvs ;)
TheToyShop 3 måneder siden
Gotta love interference engines tj lol ❤️
Darrin Murley
Darrin Murley 3 måneder siden
Ben Jarrell
Ben Jarrell 3 måneder siden
yessss keeping the FA-20 whoop whoop
ElevenBravo 3 måneder siden
My 04 sti also had horrible rod knock, we finally sent it to the shop 2 days ago and it was making around 350 wheel. We’re rebuilding it w forged internals and tuning it to 480 while it’s there. New transmission too and changing fuel injectors to run e85 and the turbo too. I’m really excited. No one asked lol I just felt like sharing
Angelo Jimenez
Angelo Jimenez 3 måneder siden
Kevin Lowkey smoking weed is fire
Joshua Herrera
Joshua Herrera 3 måneder siden
What Is Kev Jumba Puffing On At 5:33 lmaoooo!!
Terrell Bryan
Terrell Bryan 3 måneder siden
Drop a 458 motor in it 👀👀👀
Giovanni Gutierrez
Giovanni Gutierrez 3 måneder siden
If I had the money for a crazy swap and if it's possible to swap... I'll go with a Porsche motor from a gt3
javier morales
javier morales 3 måneder siden
Yo tj sponser my build and donate me your turbo set up 👍🏻🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Brandon B
Brandon B 3 måneder siden
Sounds like my clothes washer when it’s full lol
FROSTTwoLT 3 måneder siden
Sounds terrible 🤦🏾‍♂️
ThatFiEk 3 måneder siden
Another FA wow
Small guy Car reviews
Small guy Car reviews 3 måneder siden
Can I buy it
PsychoMiko 3 måneder siden
Kevin is that Fat friend everyone has that hugs a pillow when hanging.......
SEAN SAUCEDA 3 måneder siden
You should put a V-8 in the BRZ
Leonard Vaquero
Leonard Vaquero 3 måneder siden
Wow I think my BRZ is headed down the same road 😭 help..
Mr. Alpha 13
Mr. Alpha 13 3 måneder siden
Tj’s face when he realizes a matrix motor makes the same if not more than a fa20
Jakey bo
Jakey bo 3 måneder siden
An RB25 swap would be awesome
Michael Snoddy
Michael Snoddy 3 måneder siden
Miley sounds like a diesel.
Integrafreak1 3 måneder siden
Its getting a Velosger engine LITTY Clittt
mike savich
mike savich 3 måneder siden
Little squirter ----- Tree shirts coming soon
reconbeatz 3 måneder siden
Is the rx 7 always on the lift? Like is that its home?
TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid
TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid 3 måneder siden
FA22, edelbrock blower + turbo kit
phil smith
phil smith 3 måneder siden
Btar Doja
Btar Doja 3 måneder siden
Tj hunt always dope videos and good vibes...
Matt J
Matt J 3 måneder siden
lil squirt 😂😂😂😂
Ryan Tolk
Ryan Tolk 3 måneder siden
Beautiful... just beautiful z
im Schwaggy
im Schwaggy 3 måneder siden
i know tj's gonna be on the couch after she sees the end of the video uploaded lmao
TC_LUIS18 3 måneder siden
She squarted 🤢
jon Hardiman
jon Hardiman 3 måneder siden
You should have asked her if she recommends either the Gallo 12 or the Gallo 24
Super Thicc Boi
Super Thicc Boi 3 måneder siden
Is that a mower
Steven Munne
Steven Munne 3 måneder siden
TJ! You should definitely put a Gallo 24 in there
Benjamin Rolfsen
Benjamin Rolfsen 3 måneder siden
Ls or 2jz
Russell Patey
Russell Patey 3 måneder siden
I like her! She's a good Wom!!! Squirtle squirt ing squirtish squirt LOL Ewwwwww!!!!
Rori paddison
Rori paddison 3 måneder siden
End of this was chaos bud
Ext0rti0nist. 3 måneder siden
*rotary swap it*
Jordan Payne
Jordan Payne 3 måneder siden
GR Yaris lets gooooooooo
Alleksandar 3 måneder siden
LS or 2JZ
Ziyaad 3 måneder siden
Micky should do another build with th like the rx7
J VIC 3 måneder siden
Bo Corley
Bo Corley 3 måneder siden
So bill ya I thinks it’s just the tune. He’s a masta.. couple computer clicks and she should be good 😏🤪
Altezza Spiritus
Altezza Spiritus 3 måneder siden
Are you still using the Wish tool set in your trailer???
Adam Routley
Adam Routley 3 måneder siden
Balcony bants for the win!!
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 3 måneder siden
Is jumba toking a doob?
Supremo j21
Supremo j21 3 måneder siden
@Tj Hunt why would u sell it thats were u started just fix it keep it
Purple Potato
Purple Potato 3 måneder siden
twin turbo fa22
Nickolas Gutierrez
Nickolas Gutierrez 3 måneder siden
Sabrina and Kevin talking about farts. And she goes: "ok so it was a little squirter" lmao Sabrina really do be one of the boys tho
Old man my ass !
Old man my ass ! 3 måneder siden
Must be nice to have friends
The Dudeprime
The Dudeprime 3 måneder siden
Teej should’ve gone with the new closed deck fa20 from subie performance, easy 1000hp
THE ORANGE DEN GARAGE 3 måneder siden
Hey TJ how are you doing man? Just wondering what the software or company is that created your end screen. We want to upgrade ours. Thanks TJ and keep up the always awesome content!
2step And rotary
2step And rotary 3 måneder siden
Btw Sabrina trolled me when she said rotary for the brz
2step And rotary
2step And rotary 3 måneder siden
20b Yaris
Matheus Ferreira
Matheus Ferreira 3 måneder siden
Rb26 it bro
Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale 3 måneder siden
I think we need some lil' squirter merch! Maybe a jet tag?
Haoran Chen
Haoran Chen 3 måneder siden
Ya, no way that TJ is selling of trading the hero car of this channel
Monem Azhar Anik
Monem Azhar Anik 3 måneder siden
Rotary Matrix time
Hattmicks28 3 måneder siden
Yes!!! Get back on the ice!!! I haven't played ice in months! Definitely need to play again soon
themza912 3 måneder siden
Your girlfriend has brain cancer (hopefully that is a had), but you engage with people you don't spend time with and don't wear a mask? Idk bro, seems pretty irresponsible to me.
BIG D GARFISH 3 måneder siden
Sell the car! Lamest out of the fleet
Plus 3 måneder siden
Watch him be putting a ls or sum in there
Street Speed 600
Street Speed 600 3 måneder siden
TJ, i would DE-STROKE the engine, overbore the cylinders, bigger cams, bigger turbo and more boost.
ItsVerixcity 3 måneder siden
yo y’all smoking that loud huh? 😏
J Lind
J Lind 3 måneder siden
She should have said "A Gallo 12 or Gallo 24!" Hope you get the reference. :-)
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 3 måneder siden
2j in matrix, dont be scared chicken legs
Kristyan Figueroa
Kristyan Figueroa 3 måneder siden
Tj when are you gonna do a build your self ordering parts and you building it all up the 350z dosnt count you had dan build it
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