Our Fight against Brain Cancer

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Tj Hunt

6 måneder siden

Keep Moving Forward. Thank you all for your love and support.
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Amy Hedrington
Amy Hedrington 2 måneder siden
Sending prayers. Keep the positive attitude!
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris 3 måneder siden
Good luck
SOHAN GOYAL 3 måneder siden
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Patrick Oscuri Media
Patrick Oscuri Media 3 måneder siden
Get well soon! You're an awesome person ❤
A W 3 måneder siden
DOUBLE A DIESEL 4 måneder siden
Praying for you guys! :) The outlook you two have shows how strong you are. Fight the good fight.
Lucy Davies
Lucy Davies 4 måneder siden
Really sorry to hear your story, sending love! My friend Iain also had no symptoms at all in fact he only found out when he was being tested during a clinical trial. His is now terminal but he is doing some amazing charity work in the mean time. nopost.info/throw/tZ3LgYfemJdplsk/video
Zach 4 måneder siden
So sorry to hear about the Brain Cancer, lost my brother this year to brain cancer. Always keep Positive!!
Adam poole
Adam poole 4 måneder siden
Hey TJ we do care we are one big family brother to anyone that doesn't get outa here
Khang Hoang
Khang Hoang 4 måneder siden
i hope you guys get through this
UnaPistola 5 måneder siden
Name it Toby
Geoffrey Ellis
Geoffrey Ellis 5 måneder siden
BiG Cheese
BiG Cheese 5 måneder siden
10:53 😂😂 @ him using security cam footage of two black guys plottin to break in.
Jess Zlatarich
Jess Zlatarich 5 måneder siden
Korea has an amazing treatment for brain cancer. I know of a lot of Australians who would rather fly there than go through with surgery. Would be a good idea to maybe look into that if it hasn't already been suggested
Michael Price
Michael Price 5 måneder siden
I cant get over your bravery and the attitude you have towards it. It really hits me hard. Really hard. Im just praying to the universe that everything WILL be ok. Your both a true inspiration and i love you both.
Anthony Fennell
Anthony Fennell 5 måneder siden
We care about these kinda videos! We like to watch your vlogs and those aren't about cars, this is the same thing but even better because we get to really get a look into your life.
Westess 5 måneder siden
Keep striving and stay strong
Hillary Bauer
Hillary Bauer 5 måneder siden
you shuld make a sbrina strong merch
Jackie's Groove
Jackie's Groove 5 måneder siden
Hey girl sending God‘s blessings to you! Prayers are with you every single day I have been living with MS for 23 years and every day we wake up we need to be thankful! Continue to love TJ and your fur babies prayers up!
K J 5 måneder siden
Haven’t watch tj in months and see this wtf??? Man I hope Sabrina gets better
Father of 5
Father of 5 5 måneder siden
Prayers for you
Zorgs' 5 måneder siden
Look into Northwest Biotheraputics on DCVAX-L
Christopher Mosley
Christopher Mosley 5 måneder siden
BE strong we are all here for you guys we love you.
Eli 5 måneder siden
I haven't watch Tj videos for about a year or so, but i hope you kick Brain Cancers butt and hopefully it doesn't come back.
Nick and Sarah Layton
Nick and Sarah Layton 5 måneder siden
Stay strong guys wishing you the best
J Bryant
J Bryant 5 måneder siden
You got this. My girl is dealing with Ms, cancer, and was told won't walk again. But she fought and live strong.
Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan 5 måneder siden
My mom has MS. She had a rough time and a lot of trouble walking. I'm not going to say this will work for your girlfriend, but for my mom, she went on a raw food diet, she is almost back to normal with occasional flare-ups. She was supposed to never walk again either. So maybe do some research on the raw food diet, good luck!
alex mendoza
alex mendoza 5 måneder siden
Keep moving forward!!
alex mendoza
alex mendoza 5 måneder siden
Much love Sabrina praying for you two stay strong you got this!!!
Mm 5 måneder siden
If you dislike hope you get karma, tj & sabrina want to send positive vibes & be honest with everyone. We’re here for Sabrina 👍
mohamad rooei
mohamad rooei 5 måneder siden
Wow she is so strong about it. You will be okay just dont think about it mind contol is the first step to getting rid of this cancer the more you stress about it the lower your immune system will get. We will pray for you 👼👼👼
Randy Jacobson
Randy Jacobson 5 måneder siden
It should be named 2020... or Blip
TJ Givens
TJ Givens 5 måneder siden
I’m crying...I have missed so much. I’m so sorry to hear this. We’re all pulling for you. Sending you all the love and prayers. Good, positive thoughts! Stay strong 💪🏽 ❤️
Craig Farquhar
Craig Farquhar 5 måneder siden
❤️ 🙏🏻 from scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
myprincessfocus 5 måneder siden
You guys will get through this sabrina is strong u are strong u will beat cancers ass no question all of us as ur subbys love u guys remember every grey cloud has a silver lining u will find it just keep moving forward prayers heading to sabrina and u tj
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 5 måneder siden
You’ll get through this❤️ and name it Karen
Peak Performance Reviews
Peak Performance Reviews 5 måneder siden
Prayers always guys! Much love to you both guys! What an amazing lady Sabrina is ❤️
J 5 måneder siden
I wish you the best ❤️
ryan miller
ryan miller 5 måneder siden
Wish this was a pr stunt, god speed
Mason Jones
Mason Jones 5 måneder siden
Keep moving forward TJ. Just gotta conquer each day. Whatever that looks like.
Ian Zuczuski
Ian Zuczuski 5 måneder siden
My step mom has lupus, I have cerbal palsey but I have family that has died from that but also we just push threw everyday and don't let it beat us.
Doser Diesel
Doser Diesel 5 måneder siden
What is the need to tell the world is this not a private thing just family should know? or is this a youtube thing tell the world for hits and views.. If its the 2nd one you guys are scumbags and no one should feel sorry for her..
LiyV 5 måneder siden
I dont really keep up with tj videos but i hope you get that s2000 remove asap and everything goes well. Xoxo ♥️ “Seguir Avanzando”
Matt Kobus
Matt Kobus 5 måneder siden
Sabraina perfect name👌🏼
Chris Van Deventer
Chris Van Deventer 5 måneder siden
thanks for this amazing video..Good luck and prayers go out..i have been diagnosed with brain cancer last year on my birthday for the 2nd time at 24 years old first time i was 5 so i know it's not nice and not to be joked about i support you guys fully. love the videos keep it up
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion 5 måneder siden
❤❤❤❤❤❤ We are with you Sabrina
1992Hoffman 5 måneder siden
Wow TJ sorry to hear that I've gotten a little behind on your videos this was first of me hearing about it. I'll keep both of you in prayers 🙏🙏🙏 and pray for Sabrina a speedy recovery!!!
carbonkings 5 måneder siden
Keep moving forward and name the brain tumor new out tro
Allen Kirby
Allen Kirby 5 måneder siden
Aye brotha I hope everything gets better!! Ik what your going through bud! I lost my uncle aka my best friend to brain cancer a few years ago!! But again Ik how you feel bubba
Jimmy Crackorn
Jimmy Crackorn 5 måneder siden
I’m very sorry to hear this but before you go under the knife.... please research Dr. Anthony Holland PhD and watch his TedX talk on resonant frequency destroying cancer cells. A treatment like that will be able to help
Goth panda
Goth panda 5 måneder siden
I recently lost someone really close to me due to a rare brain tumor.. ill pray for you and I know she will watch over you and help you along your path of recovery❤ stay positive beautiful
Jim Pond Music
Jim Pond Music 5 måneder siden
Sabrina, while you really don't know me, I've known you most of your life through your Dad. My prayers are with you and I am impressed with your amazing attitude! Blessings!
Christian Velarde
Christian Velarde 5 måneder siden
My mom had brain cancer when I was in 1st grade. She had breast cancer when I was a freshman in high school. She had Thyroid Cancer Junior year in high school. Now, I graduated from CSUF and she has a tumor in her spine that spread to her brain. She is still alive and strong today. Keep fighting. If she survived all that, you can too!
Brad Miller
Brad Miller 5 måneder siden
I give you a lot of shit, because I just don't like you much, but damn girl look at you, getting all right in my feels and shit. Hope it all works out for you, forreals.
Josh B
Josh B 5 måneder siden
subbed and will be supporting the channel and watching the full ads to support the income as much as possible.. hope it all works out.
Jeremy Anthony
Jeremy Anthony 5 måneder siden
stay strong girl. This is the first time iv'e came across your channel and i can't believe you're going through all this. You're beautiful, you're strong , and you're so positive about things in life.
Jeremy Anthony
Jeremy Anthony 5 måneder siden
omg. I am so sorry to hear that. you don't look that old either. my thought and prayers go out to you..
leo_islow 5 måneder siden
City of hope! My sister just became cancer free this year! City of Hope is the best to go to.
DBrutxL 5 måneder siden
name it brian.
Jay Dix
Jay Dix 5 måneder siden
Sabrina, get on Rick Simpson oil ASAP! It has been proven to cure cancer. I am in the cannabis industry and can help source some for you in your area, or even make it for you. Sending positive vibes your way. Be well soon.
Michael Wiebe
Michael Wiebe 5 måneder siden
You guys are amazing and a real inspiration! Keep staying strong and being brave. Love and prayers that everything goes beyond well.
SNKHDxKV 5 måneder siden
Six days later. I find myself rewatching this video after hearing that my best friend mri results came back with a tumor in her ear. Shes 19. good news is they caught it early on.
Felipe Libreros
Felipe Libreros 5 måneder siden
It should be named Nancy!
Nolan Canale
Nolan Canale 5 måneder siden
Love u guys yall in my prayers
thewikwakdj 5 måneder siden
For a name, it sounds like a Norman.
Antony Cordero
Antony Cordero 5 måneder siden
Name the tumor “niño” I’m sure Calvin would be glad he got rid of that name😂
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 5 måneder siden
Love you Sabrina 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Soarer Dave
Soarer Dave 5 måneder siden
Name it Meat, so when y’all beat it..
simonbarsinister100 5 måneder siden
Name it Karen
Shannon Rose
Shannon Rose 5 måneder siden
This video popped up on my Playlist while I was playing my Xbox and listening in the background. The moment you said brain tumor, I paused and paid complete attention to this video! Firstly. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I couldn't imagine what your going through and this news must have scared the living shit out of you. I just want to thank you for sharing this video and being honest for yourself. What's really resonated with me is the following suggest. I can only imagine that you are covered from a medical point of view, my suggestion is.. If there's any short fall or cash to pay in. Please start a FundMe account where we can donate to your cause. Having lost friends to cancer, I know the value of life and I know the journey cancer puts patients through and how hard it is so if there's anyway we can contribute if you need it. God bless you and stay positive
Jariel Severino
Jariel Severino 5 måneder siden
Makwana Prashant
Makwana Prashant 5 måneder siden
Lots of love & prayers for you guys..... everything's gonna get better. Gonna kick that cancers butt....💪 Get well very very soon wishes 🙏
ProBrew 5 måneder siden
you got this, we will all be here when you drop the cancer free vid.
Robert Fleming
Robert Fleming 5 måneder siden
Good Luck! Sending so many positive thoughts for you. Go full send on overcoming this challenge!
MindstormMusic 5 måneder siden
Keep moving forward ;)
austin brighton
austin brighton 5 måneder siden
Sending all positive thoughts! My father is a survivor of brain cancer and he told me strong mindset makes all the difference! Hope for the best Sabrina! My mother knows some of the best Doctors so feel free to ask me anything if you have question! Wish all the best!
Joe Maddox
Joe Maddox 5 måneder siden
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Shaniece Epler
Shaniece Epler 5 måneder siden
Keep strong girl and my prayers go out to you guys I get it's hard getting diagnosed with serious stuff at a young age but I was diagnosed with graves disease at 18 currently 19 still fighting it and everything else I got going on but you got this god created us women to be strong and powerful so you got this!!!
Timmy McGainey
Timmy McGainey 5 måneder siden
We should name it ‘titan’ so your surgeon could do the attack on titan
Mags Eh
Mags Eh 5 måneder siden
Your beautiful. Know that. x
Κωστας Μπακουρας
Κωστας Μπακουρας 5 måneder siden
no RX7 content :(
Kelly Cleary
Kelly Cleary 5 måneder siden
Prayers 🙏
Justin Zanone
Justin Zanone 5 måneder siden
Strongly recommend Dr Allan Friedman (neurosurgeon) and Dr Henry Friedman (neuro-onc) at Duke University Medical Center.. Durham, NC world renowned neurosurgeon. highest possible recommendation........
Chris Newby
Chris Newby 5 måneder siden
Unfortunate diagnosis, live life to the fullest everyday, one day at a time and you will get through it :)
Mitchell Hunter
Mitchell Hunter 5 måneder siden
What kind of fucking loser would dislike this video? People are so disgusting. Prayers to you both! You guys will be okay. Sometimes life isn't okay but I super respect your positivity. That tumor about to catch Sabrina's hands! 🤣 Side question for Sabrina and TJ.....Aliens....Have you been seeing all that shit lately?! What do you guys think? Thought I'd end my comment with a fun question. Much love your way guys!
Chasedalight 5 måneder siden
Stay strong
Sergio Contreras
Sergio Contreras 5 måneder siden
Call it timmy the tumor..like timmy turner
Adem Reasoner
Adem Reasoner 5 måneder siden
boomer the tumor. i will pray 4u btw. good luck
Twisted Throttle
Twisted Throttle 5 måneder siden
Name it evan
Christopher Ferguson
Christopher Ferguson 5 måneder siden
My dad was 38 when he was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma. Given a 6 month expectancy. He made it 7 years before it took him. Advances have come so far from 2006. Keep hope up high and enjoy the small things in life.
r1dge5000 5 måneder siden
I lost my mum to brain cancer in February. It was glioblastoma. She lost her ability to speak/ communicate early on due to the cancers position in her brain. It's hard to see someone you enjoy watching on NOpost go through a similar process. I was hesitant to share this due to the less than ideal outcome of my situation maybe scaring you. But I'm looking forward to seeing you guys knock it out. Do what you gotta do TJ, make videos, don't make videos, spill your heart to us, or don't. I appreciated the update from Sabrina. Your viewers here genuinely appreciate you,your personality, Sabrina and her personality, your friends/family and their personalities. Your audience will always be here chilling.
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 5 måneder siden
Now it the time buddy put a ring on that
Cullen Hammett
Cullen Hammett 5 måneder siden
Mayo Clinic saved my moms life
Bobby Beeton
Bobby Beeton 5 måneder siden
Thoughts r with you guys
Erik Busscher
Erik Busscher 5 måneder siden
Wow! Just crying my eyes out. Your strength is so inspiring. Wish you all the best. You got this!! ❤️
Z33 Garage
Z33 Garage 5 måneder siden
I wish you both the best. My wife is deathly asthmatic so I can somewhat relate to some of the stress you all must be feeling as we got to the ER at least 2x a month if not more.
guywithFX 5 måneder siden
Name it Matrix. After the old Toyota... Learned a lot from it, remember what it was like, but going to move forward and be your best self in the next chapter/car/stage/moment. :) Love ya Sabrina!!!
Bryan McGuire
Bryan McGuire 5 måneder siden
I love it when your real about things brother I love seeing the real shit that's going on in your lifes because it makes us all feel like we are apart of your lifes and I want to see more of the real stuff that goes on in your life for sure brother
Thanushanth Christy Joy
Thanushanth Christy Joy 5 måneder siden
Keep fighting sabrina❤
Bradey Verhaeghe
Bradey Verhaeghe 5 måneder siden
Stay strong, you can beat this. Heart goes out to you both.
Emic Moto
Emic Moto 5 måneder siden
call it NUGGET
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