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Tj Hunt

4 måneder siden

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Doc Dama
Doc Dama Måned siden
So i haven't watched your vlogs in years because since my 350z died, I haven't been in the car scene. Although I still haven't came back, I feel like im back in it watching your vlogs. I love how you are still the same person and I love how the vlogs are still exciting to watch. Good to be back watching these videos! Side note, please put Han in your vlogs if he will let you hahaha
Unknown Måned siden
Y didn’t TJ tell his girlfriend her mask is the wrong way down
Evloftis 2 måneder siden
pretty Awesome ty
David Do Yo Dance
David Do Yo Dance 2 måneder siden
To his own father: “Give me the key you Chachhh” 🤣🤣
tomtheeagle1 2 måneder siden
Describing oneself as "charismatic" is really wankerish!
brandon barrios
brandon barrios 3 måneder siden
8:51 the way he was creasing the shoes hurt me
Eraclio Flores
Eraclio Flores 3 måneder siden
W the white cement 5s... TOUGH
Kyle White
Kyle White 3 måneder siden
6:05 "Wizec Package"... Bruh. It's pronounced like "Vy-sock". Weissach Package. Lol sorry, I'm a Porsche fanboy (even though I can't afford one unless I somehow win the lottery, lmao).
beardianity 3 måneder siden
Seeing you and ur dad warms the heart bro.
Tony Perullo
Tony Perullo 3 måneder siden
I thought your father was the dude at throtle lmaooo that’s crazy
Madern 3 måneder siden
The dudes that simped out can really have this L.
I know im super late tot the party. But WOW TJ and dad look alike
Bobby Dazzler
Bobby Dazzler 3 måneder siden
I really feel like this is sad.
Gangelo Garcillas
Gangelo Garcillas 4 måneder siden
Thomas Jr. Hunt??? My mind is disbelief
Dhilan Shah
Dhilan Shah 4 måneder siden
the RED
getting 1000 subs with 6 videos
getting 1000 subs with 6 videos 4 måneder siden
To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe😇, read my name✈️
Conrad Pinkston
Conrad Pinkston 4 måneder siden
At 10:00 in the video all I could think of from their reactions was The Claw!!!! from Toy Story.
Walter FJK
Walter FJK 4 måneder siden
Always love the TJ and Sabrina vlogs! 🔥👏🔥👏
Stephen Kohtz
Stephen Kohtz 4 måneder siden
Definately not the boys!!! Just a bunch of snitch a$$ 🐩es. They wondering why the can't get 🐈. Don't be a dirty 🐀, have a little respect for yourself! 🤏🏻🤷🏼‍♂️🤪🤣
Naseerullah Khan
Naseerullah Khan 4 måneder siden
I thought you bought it for him or at least paid some portion of the money...
Zemora 4 måneder siden
ohhhhh doctorrr
Daryl Wiggins
Daryl Wiggins 4 måneder siden
Didn’t know tj wore Jordan’s
David Bentley
David Bentley 4 måneder siden
hahaha the disappointment in his voice when she said no
Den Kaensan
Den Kaensan 4 måneder siden
“Me and my dad aren’t close” Calls him a chach 😂😂😂
Edgar Castro
Edgar Castro 4 måneder siden
Tj really called his dad a choch 😂
Fran The Car Man
Fran The Car Man 4 måneder siden
Anyone else love how he calls it a car addiction
Carl B
Carl B 4 måneder siden
Yo, you should read the ingredients on that Velveeta shit. It's really really bad. Make better food decisions brahhhhh
Swayside Speedyboi
Swayside Speedyboi 4 måneder siden
Whoever simped and snitched can come catch a fade❌❌❌💀
Richard Haas
Richard Haas 4 måneder siden
Couple of immature losers .
Jayden-trey Williams
Jayden-trey Williams 4 måneder siden
hey hey I'm a dad but I have a CLA45 AMG, I'm 25 tho. 😂
Kybon 4 måneder siden
I loved this video it’s was so wholesome between Sabrina being so happy and TJ helping out his dad
Act Nasty
Act Nasty 4 måneder siden
Meanwhile my dad has had an mr2, mk4 supra, gs400, srt10 viper truck, ISF, and i was too young to drive any of them.......... feelsbadman lol
Act Nasty
Act Nasty 4 måneder siden
I watch some of your videos with my dad hes the one who got me into cars! I went to car shows with him as a baby lol
Thomas B
Thomas B 4 måneder siden
Can I adopt you. My kids don't even know I am alive. hahahaha
Maxgglol 4 måneder siden
Fastest street legal car on the numbering is koeningseeg
It's Manny
It's Manny 4 måneder siden
Robert Marx
Robert Marx 4 måneder siden
Spend time with your Dad, unfortunately he won't outlive you and you'll miss him when he's gone!
Michael Shannon
Michael Shannon 4 måneder siden
Yo teej, i know you were joking about the organic and gmo but eating healthy non processed foods not only makes you feel better physically but also mentally. Eating healthy paired with exercise will help for a long life. Thank you for you everything you do. Keep moving forward
Brian Guevara
Brian Guevara 4 måneder siden
LMFAOOO “Give me the key you CHOCH”
Brian Guevara
Brian Guevara 4 måneder siden
Hey Hey Heyyyyyy, the OG’s ain’t neva snitch 🤙🏼
King V.I.P. Sauvage Legend
King V.I.P. Sauvage Legend 4 måneder siden
Awesome thing I didn’t brought that up damn can’t always have new surprises for someone that does you NOpost..
Parm Pandher
Parm Pandher 4 måneder siden
I needa see TJ n Mickey on the ice clappin some bardownskis again
Roggy Rog
Roggy Rog 4 måneder siden
Thank you for sharing
Roggy Rog
Roggy Rog 4 måneder siden
That’s awesome #TJHUNTARMY4LYFE
Tom Pearson
Tom Pearson 4 måneder siden
You look just like your dad
Albatros Rexha
Albatros Rexha 4 måneder siden
“Give me the keys you CHACH”
CWB Gaming
CWB Gaming 4 måneder siden
Ur dad shoulda done had his dream car before u had a Lamborghini 🤣🤣
Joy Couple
Joy Couple 4 måneder siden
Simon Romero
Simon Romero 4 måneder siden
Respect and take care of ur Elders and blessings will respect u ever
Kevdogg 4 måneder siden
And I'm still over here eating cup noodles because I'm so poor
Evo Richie
Evo Richie 4 måneder siden
AYOO I never simped and the only people I'll simp for is my wife
Guy Bean
Guy Bean 4 måneder siden
"I've Eaten only mac and cheese for 17 years"
Estrada100 4 måneder siden
tj looks like his dad
Rydnorth 4 måneder siden
My dream is to do this for my father one day 🥺❤️
aweszme 4 måneder siden
They got him😂😂
Jon vegard stølen
Jon vegard stølen 4 måneder siden
For a brand new Porsche in norway it costs around $125 000🤢 its so cheap in the us
Hermann Arminius
Hermann Arminius 4 måneder siden
Porsch - A....please. People go by what you say, so we gotta keep it legit
Korrze 4 måneder siden
"we're not that close" "DAAAAMNN DAD YOU'RE BALLIN OUT HERE"
Jeremiah 4 måneder siden
TJ: "Are you naked!?" Sabrina: "I don't know, am I!?" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
scott hartgrove
scott hartgrove 4 måneder siden
That was awesome Tj, thanks for sharing
Joe Maddox
Joe Maddox 4 måneder siden
When your dad loaned you $1 million so you buy him a car with some of it
Joe Maddox
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The science Of training
The science Of training 4 måneder siden
Big respect to tj and his dad. You can see how much you are like him
Thomas Daly
Thomas Daly 4 måneder siden
Bruh sabrina had her mask upside down like the entire time & i hated it
shady 4 måneder siden
does TJ stands for Thomas Junior?
Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson 4 måneder siden
Too much of the girlfriend.
luckyx se7en
luckyx se7en 4 måneder siden
Why didn't you buy it for him then cheap ass
GrimazuriX 4 måneder siden
What is the color on the brz?
Dangerfy_3 4 måneder siden
Good move TJ my dad is an asshole but he look after me very well so I always have his back.
Ire 4 måneder siden
TEEG we need more of your dad in the vlogs. You bonding with your dad in this video was nice and wholesome. keep up the magic my friend. Cheers!
Hemi vs. Ninja
Hemi vs. Ninja 4 måneder siden
Damn that huracan performante was some heat that grey sheesh 🤤🤤🤤🤤.... if only the doors went up 🤦🏾‍♂️
Matthew Byrnes
Matthew Byrnes 4 måneder siden
Hey Tj Hunt, come on you didnt think there would be some Simps out there. Thursty for Sabrina, dobbing you in to get brownie points.
Ire 4 måneder siden
how dare you guys make my man Teeg say the F BOMB! @7:25 lmfao you simps got my dead laughing 😂🤣😂
Tyler Marini
Tyler Marini 4 måneder siden
Sabrina in a mask be hittin different 🔥
Frederik B
Frederik B 4 måneder siden
ahaha the sport chrono (the clock in the middle) has a compass function
Geoffrey Beach
Geoffrey Beach 4 måneder siden
TJs next car GT3
Savannah Atkins
Savannah Atkins 4 måneder siden
My dads the same way,he’s always driven older used cars and works hard to provide for everyone. He finally got himself a 2019 f150 and it’s his baby!! It made me so happy to see him happy(:
Francisco Espinoza
Francisco Espinoza 4 måneder siden
Caught the Stradman reference Teej. Thought it was funny. Keep up the awesome videos man!
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 4 måneder siden
i can't believe the 138 haters out there... TJ i am actually your father my dream car is... :)
Dan Pavloff
Dan Pavloff 4 måneder siden
Super cool!!
Luis Alanis
Luis Alanis 4 måneder siden
Give me the keys you chach 🤣
bos200409 4 måneder siden
my 2007 Audi does that with the headlights
Chad Martin
Chad Martin 4 måneder siden
this was a great video. it felt like a real day in the life instead of scripted.
UnWrecked 4 måneder siden
1:55 adjustments were made
Todd Brown
Todd Brown 4 måneder siden
I love that If you ever buy an Aston Martin, you’ll probably replay the clip of you guys looking at it and you saying “stop farting Sabrina” lmao
Davindra King
Davindra King 4 måneder siden
Dw tj i aint simp
For Rich Or Pour
For Rich Or Pour 4 måneder siden
You two are adorable lol
Daniel Pannunzio
Daniel Pannunzio 4 måneder siden
I wish I could give this video a million likes, great video Teeeg it really got to my heart I just needed to call my DAD after viewing it.... 😍😭
Colin Murray
Colin Murray 4 måneder siden
Awesome couple! Great vLog with your dad! Love Sabrina, 'Is it a compass'! #yes!!
JB MEDIA 4 måneder siden
Pepe Pepofski
Pepe Pepofski 4 måneder siden
"While many people pronounce “Porsche” as “Porsh,” that is incorrect. The correct way to pronounce “Porsche” is actually as a two-syllable word: “Por-shuh.”"
mohammed Fazal
mohammed Fazal 4 måneder siden
tj good job love u
Luke Slater
Luke Slater 4 måneder siden
Nice to see your Dad in your Vlog Teeg👌🏻. Congrats to him on the Cayenne👍🏻👍🏻.
2mic 4 måneder siden
Why every interior in us is red 😬
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 4 måneder siden
I feel disappointed and sorry for all the simps... I really liked how you told us a secret
RzR RG 4 måneder siden
Hey don’t touch her like that 9:02 👍🏽🎶🎶🎶
Palmbay Bali
Palmbay Bali 4 måneder siden
What about your brother? Guess you need to find Dude goes deep in the jungle finding world class waves like a navy seal! He rips too! Both of you have the same drive and qualities! Stoked he is one of my homies!
Soysauce7 4 måneder siden
btw she runs like a man.
Tommy White
Tommy White 4 måneder siden
Would be very cool to see farther hunts reaction in the supra...
israel1 4 måneder siden
Tj get double sun roofs on Sabrinas cat
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