Surprising my Girlfriend with New Car Mods!

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Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

Check out to see all details, products, and everything OMO related that Valvoline offers for your vehicle!
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Shane Fesler
Shane Fesler 5 måneder siden
I remember in HS when TJ used to do daily vlogs and I would b sitting in my 7th period and like clockwork 2:30 vlogs would come out to the point where I called it “tj time” keep it up dude ur doing great!🤙🏽
Bryan conchi
Bryan conchi 5 måneder siden
Bro same 😂 exept i dint call it tj time 😂
Ryan Kasko
Ryan Kasko 5 måneder siden
Same! I would always be sitting in class and would wait for a Tj video. Bro throwback to Calvins garage days.
xxRandomMikexx 5 måneder siden
Back in sophomore year my friend and I would watch him in our English class... second year in college and we still talk about the videos everyday
Joe Maddox
Joe Maddox 5 måneder siden
Millionaire kids can vlog like he do!
Lightskinn Adam
Lightskinn Adam Måned siden
You think that Rudy’s rub is good, wait till you actually eat at Rudy’s BBQ😨🤤
Rogelio Torres
Rogelio Torres 3 måneder siden
Ima try cooking my ribs like that, let’s see how they turn out 👌🏽
Dturnn t
Dturnn t 4 måneder siden
That’s yo chocolate “Nama” chocolate
Deejay Mercado
Deejay Mercado 4 måneder siden
I hope you’ll get a 911 one day TJ!
Ares 4 måneder siden
Well this video made me spend about a grand on watches. Fuck sakes.
Ogknav 4 måneder siden
This dude said coin
ClayK-47 4 måneder siden
after you season both sides of your ribs, transfer it to the baking sheet, and then transfer it straight into the trash can because that's NOT how you cook ribs! KEKW
Curtis Martinow
Curtis Martinow 4 måneder siden
TJ money can't buy happiness but keep moving forward with what you have in life and the people you share it with
Mr. Banana
Mr. Banana 4 måneder siden
Idk about yall but I'm digging the cooking segment in the vlogs lately
ST313 4 måneder siden
Whole video sponsors
Thomas Phayboun
Thomas Phayboun 4 måneder siden
Hey T, where can I get a chauffer like the one you have??? Wanna share? #CalvinJokes
Eric Jonkman
Eric Jonkman 4 måneder siden
I've literally been using Meguiars gold class car wash for 8 years now. Amazing stuff, the lather that soap has is unmatched
Metro Bobberton
Metro Bobberton 4 måneder siden
3:46 he’s right some simp really spoiled it
carcrazynik 4 måneder siden
I wonder how many sponsors TJ can cram into each video?
israel1 4 måneder siden
Tj ask the guy DMAXRYNO got that did his shop and hoods for some of his friends
darkherosolidox 4 måneder siden
All the simps, ruined good stuff for the rest of us, that can keep our mouths shut.
坂本ゆうだい 4 måneder siden
生チョコレートうまそう 32GTR紹介してた人は日本人かな?
Patrik Abrenica
Patrik Abrenica 4 måneder siden
Hey TJ do you use Valvoline in all your cars?
I hope you get hit by a truck
I hope you get hit by a truck 4 måneder siden
Calvin= Glizzy Gladiator
Howee 4 måneder siden
If you don’t watch these vlogs till the end who are you? Ain’t no follower of teej
Don Skeels
Don Skeels 4 måneder siden
Love the videos man! Watch them daily. Try out Spicy Danos for rub next time!
Gerald Hall
Gerald Hall 4 måneder siden
WAP action 😂😂😂😂
Ahmad Faiz
Ahmad Faiz 4 måneder siden
Buy a new camera WITH AUTO FOCUS
Brian Epping
Brian Epping 4 måneder siden
2:30 used to be my “bathroom break” at work back in the day
Tristin Tyler
Tristin Tyler 4 måneder siden
Tj are you still twin turboing the R8.
strikerm70 4 måneder siden
You don’t rub your seasoning in? Especially on the sides? I’ll never understand this 😂
KHL Photo
KHL Photo 4 måneder siden
Tj switch up the olive oil on your ribs to yellow mustard. It will change your life also if you wanna try a great new rub check out casa m spice co. Get the "whole hog" for pork. And the chain reaction for everything else.
zay 4 måneder siden
Nothin but a million views after this video
Rydnorth 4 måneder siden
Will you be attending any car shows this season like Tuner Evo? Or is everything on pause for you cause of covid?
Rydnorth 4 måneder siden
Buddy just called us simps 😂 haha
Rydnorth 4 måneder siden
Daily vlogs are back baby! Love it 🔥🔥 hope your having a great day dude!
Future Boosted
Future Boosted 4 måneder siden
Familie Freriks
Familie Freriks 4 måneder siden
You really need a new steering wheel for the supra
_boy_rey 16
_boy_rey 16 4 måneder siden
I’s funny cuz I just watch another video from illuminate and top ranked guy where there too
Angel Rios
Angel Rios 4 måneder siden
A little WAP action 🤣🤣
Abraham Robles
Abraham Robles 4 måneder siden
El niñooooooooooo lol TJ bring it back lol
Jeremy Duncan
Jeremy Duncan 4 måneder siden
Here is a thought TJ. Surprise her with a Ring....
Uninfluenced 4 måneder siden
LMFAO Simps.. HRE Wheels are so Bad A$$..
DragonTesticles 4 måneder siden
As an european I failed the ribs horribly by putting them in 300 CELCIUS for 2 hours. Damn son.
Daniel Lundmark
Daniel Lundmark 4 måneder siden
this is the fifth year i have watched to end on every video. It's like a routin to watch your vids now :)
Brandon&Jessica Guthrie
Brandon&Jessica Guthrie 4 måneder siden
David cho is got good art work
Jorge Castillo
Jorge Castillo 4 måneder siden
is that Peroxide?
rolin morningowl
rolin morningowl 4 måneder siden
MWF @2:30 OG's remember
Niko Albo
Niko Albo 4 måneder siden
CTEK MUS 4.3 TEST&CHARGE is the best one I use it for my bmw and also works for exotics like lambo Ferrari RR etc
StarWarsFreak2111 4 måneder siden
Rudy's Rub comes from the Texas BBQ restaurant Rudy's. Love that place, if you're ever in Texas give it a try. 10 out of 10 would recommend!!!
Juan _resendiz
Juan _resendiz 4 måneder siden
Is tj talking about selling the og Miley 💔💔
REvAMP 7 4 måneder siden
Hey Teej, what brand of wheels are those. Keep up the awesome vids!
MangoLokito 4 måneder siden
Teej ain’t lying about the simps lmaooo
UnkoDakine JB
UnkoDakine JB 4 måneder siden
teejj bud, you should get your shop wall done by marko he should be local in the san diego area :))
Cruz O Garcia
Cruz O Garcia 4 måneder siden
Bro u always wear a Hoody in Cali. When you coming to Iowa?
SLUGAKARL 4 måneder siden
RAD Dan reminds me of Jessie from TF&TF, he is so humble and passionate. We all need a friend like that when working on ours cars!
iIVI INSTiiNCT 4 måneder siden
Out of all of Tj hats that meguiars hat is probably the best
Alexander Gil
Alexander Gil 4 måneder siden
Nice watch what brand is that 😂😂 :56
Ad Sims
Ad Sims 4 måneder siden
Everyday thank God
Ramon Bencosme
Ramon Bencosme 4 måneder siden
Niño is very sleepy lol 😂
Andrew Vargas
Andrew Vargas 4 måneder siden
huge WAPpage 😭😭😭😂
Thuumin Joker
Thuumin Joker 5 måneder siden
only the true OG's saw the mouth was
Charlie Nance
Charlie Nance 5 måneder siden
Armani, Jake Paul's friend does art
Oli A
Oli A 5 måneder siden
You call 4 HRE rims a upgrade? That is cosmetic , that is not even a upgrade If you want a upgrade source 4 rimac motors as well as Shit tons of lithium batterys and pop em in the Porsche
Timothy Jones
Timothy Jones 5 måneder siden
Calvin tryna catch the Glizzies lol
Tristan Begay
Tristan Begay 5 måneder siden
Damn Tj you should start a cooking show
Justin Verity
Justin Verity 5 måneder siden
So i read the title at first glance "Suprising my new girlfriend with car mods!"
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez 5 måneder siden
Tj call Calvin a chach for me 🤣
Ant so Gifted
Ant so Gifted 5 måneder siden
I don’t think the boys are ready for the engagement video
Braeden H
Braeden H 5 måneder siden
Absolutely excited for the daily vlogs they always are motivational!!!
Timothy Truoy
Timothy Truoy 5 måneder siden
Yes sir kings auto body shop
TenHeadLife 5 måneder siden
That is the highest dude ever filmed. Lol
Ryan Cunningham
Ryan Cunningham 5 måneder siden
Yo tj get ahold of hecz or hector Rodriguez if you can he did graffiti back in the day and I’m sure he knows someone
Isaac Rogers
Isaac Rogers 5 måneder siden
hey man what colour code was the grey on ur brz
David Rangel
David Rangel 5 måneder siden
They be astronomically expensive on graffiti because they tryna eat off your table Teej. Taking advantage of someone who has more blessings than the average Joe.
Ross J. Frahm
Ross J. Frahm 5 måneder siden
I no longer need my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Irvin Escobedo
Irvin Escobedo 5 måneder siden
Where is the secrete recipe did you cut it from the video?!?!?! And I saw you at oside I tried to catch up but couldn't! 😒
Bling Sanchez 1204
Bling Sanchez 1204 5 måneder siden
6:10 there a bag of Cheetos the funny thing is that I was eating Cheetos while watching this
Mauricio Izarraraz
Mauricio Izarraraz 5 måneder siden
Sabrinas parents house is an EGGLOO🤣 fucking teej😂
Caleb Deetlefs
Caleb Deetlefs 5 måneder siden
You should try and get @marko to do some graffiti art in your shop
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life 5 måneder siden
I fucking love Rad Dan he seems like a Stoner. Man, I want the drink bundle!
Evan Williams
Evan Williams 5 måneder siden
Great vid TJ can’t wait to see how the Porsche looks with the HRE’S 🤤🤤
Randy Ramirez
Randy Ramirez 5 måneder siden
gotta RUB the rub in and season the edges too
Sytrekk 5 måneder siden
teej ask H3CZ from optic, now chicago huntsman but he did some wall art before and is a youtubing entrepreneur as well
Kordell Allan
Kordell Allan 5 måneder siden
Ask @Dmaxryno about the guy that did his "WORKFORIT" mural I'm his shop. Looks really really good.
turbo Flacko
turbo Flacko 5 måneder siden
Damn sunn. That chocolate looks blessed ! Like velvet 🤩cocoa powder i wonder is it creamy inside
Jc Hedrick
Jc Hedrick 5 måneder siden
Teeg make an update video for your AR
Yitrix 5 måneder siden
I’m guessing R101 in tinted clear over polished. Look very similar to my HRE
L to the P
L to the P 5 måneder siden
Oven baked ribs? You sir are criminal who has disrespected the meat.
FromTheMitt 5 måneder siden
Oooooohhhhhh daily vlogs coming back boys let’s gooooooo! TEEG and Doctor everyday!
juan gonzalez
juan gonzalez 5 måneder siden
TJ you should talk to MARKO . He also does NOpost and kills the art and customization world . I believe he lives in San Diego
Kole Hunter
Kole Hunter 5 måneder siden
Stop blue balling us haha
MosesTv 5 måneder siden
Wap action 😂😂🗣
Zuno 5 måneder siden
Yo TJ I just moved to SoCal from Chicago. Take me for a ride in one of the whips! You won’t!!
Fernando De La Mata
Fernando De La Mata 5 måneder siden
11:08 brooo listen to her, she knows 😂👌🏻
theGenshi_ 5 måneder siden
Man I just wanna know where I can buy that Nama chocolate. Can’t order it online fam.
Vadim Pak
Vadim Pak 5 måneder siden
David dobrik?
Chandler Smith
Chandler Smith 5 måneder siden
tj hunt you should buy a sony a7iii or a7siii it has dual sd car slots so if u get one corrupted the other still has the files!
Arvin Brian D
Arvin Brian D 5 måneder siden
Royce chocolate is really good ❤️
ChilledEthos 5 måneder siden
I love how Red Pill TJ is. Dustin W. should take some notes - he’s already asking his wife for permission... cringe
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 5 måneder siden
More car content. Less jacking it
Matthew Piscalko
Matthew Piscalko 5 måneder siden
Love your vids keep up the great work
Kurtis Bower
Kurtis Bower 5 måneder siden
Still here at the end buddy!!
Seren Kidd
Seren Kidd 5 måneder siden
supra and lambo in garage porsche and lambo audi and lambo rx7 and supra best garage setups
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