600HP Subaru BRZ Built Motor First Start Up!

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Tj Hunt

Måned siden

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Espo Nation
Espo Nation 19 dager siden
I want a Subaru without being part of Vape Nation.
BluenoseIXMR 24 dager siden
You can seat the rings in 20-30 minutes on the dyno 🤦‍♂️
Alfonso Torres Castillo
Alfonso Torres Castillo 29 dager siden
Tj what’s your favorite hockey team?
Rydnorth Måned siden
Hales Måned siden
Bruh the sound 🤤🤤🤤
Lifox Wz
Lifox Wz Måned siden
Me excited I got my 94 integra for to hit 400 who
Pineda's Entertainment
Pineda's Entertainment Måned siden
Whats the limit on the manual transmission, CV axle, and diff? Anyone know? Im running crawford kit but unsure if i should upgrade engine if any of those gives out
Issa Maverick
Issa Maverick Måned siden
Brz are slow tho
Cristians San Martin
Cristians San Martin Måned siden
What engine is in the BRZ? I'm a noob so jus curious
Madison Jay
Madison Jay Måned siden
57? R u serious it 18° out in mass
Anthony Di Salvo
Anthony Di Salvo Måned siden
The Subaru is back, hell yeah, been waiting for this video to surface on NOpost. Glad the car is running again
Miguel Alvarez
Miguel Alvarez Måned siden
Blue light is a scam and here is the video to prove that it is nopost.info/throw/s9GrjG7Hy4Gpcqc/video
Dylan Swartwood
Dylan Swartwood Måned siden
it’s 20° here and we just got a foot and a half of snow and it’s still snowing 😂
Mathias Håkonsson
Mathias Håkonsson Måned siden
Tj the glasses don’t matter when you have green lazer pointing into you’re eyes! 😢 Move the lazer my dude
PanDulce Måned siden
Calvin needs to just go bald already
The only bagged car now 👀
Hard Scoped
Hard Scoped Måned siden
The prodigal son returns
Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards Måned siden
How tf did miley get resurrected so fast wtf lol was NOT expecting that!!
cody madison
cody madison Måned siden
a brz in 600 hp is just mouthwatering to even think of...i think im in love
Mason owen
Mason owen Måned siden
Miley’s the best looking car to date of teej’s... correct me if I’m wrong
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez Måned siden
calvins fade is booty
Mohamed Eshmawy
Mohamed Eshmawy Måned siden
does anyone know what engine is in the brz?
死神Yujirō Måned siden
That's fast enough for drifting 👍
Steve F
Steve F Måned siden
Just saying, Shmee150 does a video Every day All year! You know how hard it is to do it for 25 days, try 365! 🇬🇧👍
22ddavyd Måned siden
8:59 Sabrina: “don’t show my feet 🦶🏼 in the background whatever u do” 😂😂😂
nick Dean
nick Dean Måned siden
Tj you should get the brz sti manifold
GHOUL Skye Måned siden
Guess who’s back Miley’s back back again
Will Acay
Will Acay Måned siden
When Washington’s avg. hasn’t gotten over 40° in a week😭
Gearbangin 101
Gearbangin 101 Måned siden
Tj I love everything of what you do but PLEASE what ever you do don’t take the bags off of Miley🥺🥺🥺even if something bag wise messes up
Zay Deleon
Zay Deleon Måned siden
Bro where can I get that wing
ybs brando
ybs brando Måned siden
beautiful car
Tim Måned siden
When you where talking about the movement glasses and you showed your computer monitor for a quick sec with the GTR background I completely forgot you owned one before. Is that your GTR or someone else’s on the computer?
Efren jose
Efren jose Måned siden
Rip for calvins fade
Neil Naude
Neil Naude Måned siden
Miley is the best looking brz if have ever seen!
Cole Benson
Cole Benson Måned siden
Teeg ur chillin with hot long the vlogs are
Le chefy Balls
Le chefy Balls Måned siden
Why not just ls or Barra swap
Jeremy Robbins
Jeremy Robbins Måned siden
Only one choice in this world matters: 1) Will you build YOUR kingdom and serve yourself as you prop yourself up. 2) Will you serve God and submit to His Kingdom. Serving others than yourself. Get to know Jesus before it is too late.
evokur Måned siden
600 wheel and not using forged rods? spooky
Jordan Payne
Jordan Payne Måned siden
You mentioned the power to weight ratio of the turbo S. You definitely bought a turbo S from west coast customs
Tamoor Ahmad
Tamoor Ahmad Måned siden
Hire an editor to make it easier
Randy Plaisance
Randy Plaisance Måned siden
Idk what to be more hype about the hockey or brz 😅
JCM -_-
JCM -_- Måned siden
Anyone else think he should do a cross country road trip with the brz to break it in and have some fun with it
Lukas Frizell
Lukas Frizell Måned siden
TJ bro lovin' all your work and great to see you rocking the lzmfg face mask from FD Atlanta. The brz looks so hot great to see it running again. #keepmovingforward
Tundraoutdooradventures Måned siden
Jeff Jordan
Jeff Jordan Måned siden
Call of duty, seriously bro I thought you were gonna say a hour or so of sleep?
Jeff Jordan
Jeff Jordan Måned siden
But bro I’m all the way up in north east PA, pretty sure you are in like Cali, or fl somewhere?
5murf Sti
5murf Sti Måned siden
Did I say I didn’t like the brz? I change my mind 😍
AWBurd Måned siden
I would love to see tj get into grip racing with the BRZ and maybe the r8
DIFFLE Måned siden
think hes gonna go static on miley to????
Daniel Ibrahim
Daniel Ibrahim Måned siden
Now please hurry up and race Greg Peters from The Car Passion Channel in his 420hp Miata!!! 🏎🏎🏎
shaun54 Måned siden
Any reason why your tuner doesnt want to run the new engine in on the dyno? Best way to do it & how most performance workshops will run in any engine these days, you can literally watch it breath less & less as the rings bed in.
Jacob Hunt
Jacob Hunt Måned siden
lol her is like 20 degrees out here, tj its 57, me in colorado lol its acually 20 rn
But I’m Fast In Corners Though ™️
But I’m Fast In Corners Though ™️ Måned siden
Oh baby 🥺
Alexander Mchugh
Alexander Mchugh Måned siden
Yellow tinted lenses*
wylie marquis
wylie marquis Måned siden
Buy the old r35 grr back 👀👀
ludrich Inocente
ludrich Inocente Måned siden
Mkv and c8 and Rx-7 is sitting there like are we dead to you ?!
Tyr Måned siden
Idk why the tac gauge being in the glove box is so baller but it is
Christopher Brewington
Christopher Brewington Måned siden
Do a drag race of all your cars at ounce. like so he does it you know you wanna see it
Bilal Madatov
Bilal Madatov Måned siden
jay18t03 Måned siden
That GTR wallpaper though!!!
Izran Khan
Izran Khan Måned siden
honestly if you have a two minute video or a one minute if you have the brz or rx7 or any og cars in it for even i second than props to you cuz you have made my day
Mark Måned siden
Damn Calvins fade is FUCKED UP
Cyrus Almeria
Cyrus Almeria Måned siden
finally Miley is back!🔥♥️♥️💯
KCars Måned siden
Dang that thing is gonna be ripping! Can’t wait to see her all broken in
Evan pelkey
Evan pelkey Måned siden
In a world filled with brzs and more wide body brzs but I can say Miley is my favorite brz
FEE_lo Måned siden
So ridiculous 😂😂😂. I give it two laps before it overheats 😂😂😂.
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez Måned siden
Sabrina complaining about being cold : wears thin sweater with nothing under , not even fully zipped up Great job! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Owen Tomlinson
Owen Tomlinson Måned siden
The car that started it all.
Boosted John
Boosted John Måned siden
Can vouch for everything he said about vlogmas at the end. If I can do it, you can do it 🤙🏼
Michael Benson
Michael Benson Måned siden
600hp on stock brz transmission?
c0nstrictor Måned siden
I’m thinking about building a widebody MKV Supra in a couple years. Could you do a video on the whole build and list all the components you’re putting in? Or if you already have a video, please give me a link. Thanks!!
nicholas sutherland
nicholas sutherland Måned siden
It’s interesting how everyone has their own way of a engine breakin
Cliff Huxtable
Cliff Huxtable Måned siden
If you’re gonna make a video for every day of December, then make them worth it.. not some dumb ass I’m pregnant video......
Kevin B
Kevin B Måned siden
How many rings dose Calvin have on dam
zavcorvette Måned siden
Your BRZ looks badass!!!!
Tyler Floyd
Tyler Floyd Måned siden
You should vlog all day and all night of straight driving the Brz everywhere to see how many miles you can put on it in 24hrs
_ KREDS Måned siden
Super cool
Jester Lobo
Jester Lobo Måned siden
that is my dream car idk why LOL
Car Life Culture.- Tristen.C
Car Life Culture.- Tristen.C Måned siden
Ouuuu he do be slaying those glasses
_Machine_ Måned siden
so is anyone going to tell tj the whole 1000mile break in thing that people tell them to do is a thing of the past? i literallt broke in my motor on the dyno. then went straight to full pulls. the whole drive around break in period isn't really needed.
Josh Zantingh
Josh Zantingh Måned siden
Don’t worry about the short vlogs TJ I’m just happy there is a video everyday don’t sweat that they’re shorter videos
Josh Zantingh
Josh Zantingh Måned siden
Let’s be real TJ is a true Canadian
Speed Up
Speed Up Måned siden
Get a genesis coupe and make it the ultimate sleeper
zip_tie_ designs
zip_tie_ designs Måned siden
not a fan of boxers, but that engine sounds sic af!!!!!
Adrian Does It
Adrian Does It Måned siden
who did that man Calvin like that ? 💈✂️
Joseph Doyle
Joseph Doyle Måned siden
Rawdog Sabrina for the vlog
craigerss123 Måned siden
See! There’s always a place in your heart for a Subaru.
craigerss123 Måned siden
Is that a Mac valve under the hood?
The Real Cigar Jefe
The Real Cigar Jefe Måned siden
Sounds like my John Deere Zero Turn
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson Måned siden
the og's remember the old hockey vlogs
Tharushika Malalage
Tharushika Malalage Måned siden
Wait!!!!! Did Alex buy the Venti??????????
Jerry Yu
Jerry Yu Måned siden
no you want to go through different speeds not all types of RPM ranges. You should stay below 4000rpm.
Isaac Sinai
Isaac Sinai Måned siden
every teej vlogmas "this must be the shortest video in a day" but i still wanna see you guys even if it's 5min vlog😂😭😭
Nick Fancher
Nick Fancher Måned siden
Just wondering what kind of dyno that is.... 600 wheel on that set up is....well honestly it doesn’t seem possible. I know tons of people even on e85 big turbo and closed deck built motor.... you really can’t get 600 wheel... would LOVE to see it do that on a legit calibrated dyno... also I can’t remember if the did a fully built transmission on his last motor rebuild...but if they didn’t there is absolutely NO way that a stock trans would hold this power. Not talking about the clutch... the internals of the trans. If anyone has a true 600 wheel FRS/brz/86 send me your build sheet
Anxo Måned siden
Austin Lyons
Austin Lyons Måned siden
Much colder in the bay 😂😂
Paraouty Ackmez
Paraouty Ackmez Måned siden
full send project?
Martin Arenas
Martin Arenas Måned siden
Lambo sold to Alex from sheepey
Kellen Canning
Kellen Canning Måned siden
Still gotta say!! The BRZ is the sexiest out pf them all!!
JCG Garage
JCG Garage Måned siden
That’s why your engine is blowing 💀😂 overprice tunes for sure that will blow your car.
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