Surprising My Girlfriend with her Dream Car!!!

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Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

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TC Dag siden
The best gift is one where the recipient would LOVE it but doesn’t want to spend the money. You’re a good guy.
chet man
chet man Dag siden
I’m so sorry about your girlfriend hope she makes it though
Reflexzz XT
Reflexzz XT 3 dager siden
Anyway he will have the car:)
David Carpenter
David Carpenter 4 dager siden
Big T just purse holding like the gentleman he is
Ruben Rivera
Ruben Rivera 6 dager siden
I’m five months late but this is great bro prayers for ya girl man I wish y’all the best
vegask2 6 dager siden
You are such a simp!
bobbyoty 8 dager siden
great present. drive safe
Road Hog
Road Hog 10 dager siden
Wait, Sabrina lost her license and sold her car, so he buys her his dream car!? Makes perfect sense to me.
Ben Susak
Ben Susak 10 dager siden
He said "low end from like 0 to 80,000". 80,000 dollars is not low end hahaha
Joseph Bernal Warren
Joseph Bernal Warren 11 dager siden
Sorry for girlfriend
Ab G.
Ab G. 11 dager siden
Not even his wife whata simp.
Eric Gagne
Eric Gagne 12 dager siden
bro hook Sabrinas dad with a new whip!
Jaguar Black
Jaguar Black 13 dager siden
You should of just hand over the keys when she said: "I don't believe you, you're lying".
wormer66 15 dager siden
i mean like... im 32.... get a pension from the air force of $1800 a month... im now an engineer for Aptiv (delphi) and even with those incomes i still couldnt afford to buy a girl this car on a whim... like ... what do you DO that you can afford this?
jesus Saucedo
jesus Saucedo 16 dager siden
We all know she whipped it afterwards
Ross Coats
Ross Coats 17 dager siden
nice chassis, shame about the "boat race"
Ross Coats
Ross Coats 17 dager siden
Nice footage of her shiter getting out the car lol, I would have a seizure aswell looking at that doup everyday, quality.
GERstarBROT 18 dager siden
Uhh. That's so adorable. I wish you both the best, really seems like you two are a great couple.
Donald Lewis
Donald Lewis 18 dager siden
You are a real Man!
Vinnie Mitchell
Vinnie Mitchell 19 dager siden
That's a beautiful car God bless and congratulations
Vinnie Mitchell
Vinnie Mitchell 19 dager siden
I seen this in the recommended an i only watched it because of the thumbnail an i stayed because of what you did an i liked the video an i subscribed an i will keep her in prayers an your family's as well
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 20 dager siden
Is there an electric Macan? since when
Mark Newell
Mark Newell 20 dager siden
Congrats 4 month late like. but just found the channel watching back just to be odd
Balebs Bracken
Balebs Bracken 20 dager siden
Hey man, hope you’re wife makes a swift recovery. Prayers are with you guys
Cars in the Wild
Cars in the Wild 20 dager siden
How does the 2017 have the updated screen?
Carlos Santillan
Carlos Santillan 21 dag siden
Andy Lineberry
Andy Lineberry 29 dager siden
"We can tune it." 😂 There we go!
Bruce De Taeye
Bruce De Taeye Måned siden
@TJ Hunt?Sorry to hear about Sabrina!How is she actually doing?Is it something bad?Or are there options to remove it or something?If you dont want to share it,no problem!I just heard it yesterday in the video about your new house,and just wanted to know if everything is ok,if you want to share that off course!I’m so sorry that she has to go through that,especially at such a young age!Wish her all the best,and I hope she stays strong!And I wish you the best to,I know it cant be easy for you as well!Best wishes for both of you!Keep living life to the fullest!💪👏
LuluDemon Måned siden
I've always been curious. When you buy your gf a car, what are the tax implications?
Payam Listens
Payam Listens Måned siden
Video next week just says "I got arrested for my Taycan test drive..."
Jayvohnni Aim
Jayvohnni Aim Måned siden
Hey bro bro! I love your videos, inspired me to start my channel in January 2021! My girlfriend also has a brain tumor, is there anywhere you recommend to possibly help with her condition since you firsthand are close with someone who has roughly the same condition
frix film
frix film Måned siden
There is a crown in heaven for you.
Matt Mauchline
Matt Mauchline Måned siden
that was a very cool thing you did for your girlfriend. by buying that car for her
mrboomy Måned siden
you win free blo*jobs every day for 1 year Congratulations !
Dane Perry
Dane Perry Måned siden
Pleasure of having money, buying a love one the car of her dreams. Hope she is doing well did she get her license back. All the best to Tj and and his lady.
Ladislav München
Ladislav München Måned siden
Always the same videos.....are you kidding me? Is that true ? Bla bla.... I don't believe these kind of videos are real.
pirinoli98 Måned siden
Slobodan Brnjic
Slobodan Brnjic Måned siden
Jack each other off like normal 🤣
Smush Måned siden
Amazes me that such an expensive and comparatively new car to my 2011 Megane still requires you to put a key into the dash, mine never leaves my pocket
returnedfavor Måned siden
Aaww that was cute :)
Ethan Daley
Ethan Daley Måned siden
“Jack each other off like normal” ummm say what now
Ethan Marttinen
Ethan Marttinen Måned siden
What does this dude do for a job just youtube?
Jerrmz Måned siden
he works at area 51
Hugh Tran
Hugh Tran Måned siden
Congrats Sabrina! :) TJ, you the man!
Lauren Måned siden
I hope she’ll feel better soon!! 🥺
Internet Gangsta
Internet Gangsta Måned siden
I love how nonchalant her pops is 😂 “did you know about this” *nods yes “are you serious *nod no
mjrity_yuuki 2 måneder siden
can you get me my dream car too lol?
CRWND 2 måneder siden
Why she didnt kiss you ?? XD
Shawn Lack
Shawn Lack 2 måneder siden
The smile on her dads face is priceless, if you know the feeling, you know, Tj is much appreciated
Bedford 2 måneder siden
My wife tells me if its not "New" then its not good enough basically.
Evloftis 2 måneder siden
way to go TJ awesome way to take care of your Lady!!!
Thin Blue Line Family
Thin Blue Line Family 2 måneder siden
Great video? It's so nice to see that she was so happy. May Jesus Christ continue to bless you and your family and may he heal you. I pray that you are well and better now. I stumbled upon this video looking to mod my BMW. But I haven't seen such a wonderful display of unconditional love in a long time. God bless you and your families. Shalom and Shalom
kenneth march
kenneth march 2 måneder siden
might want to blurr the tag laying in the back but congrats
A sad kid
A sad kid 2 måneder siden
Her : i dont believe it The guy wearing the black shirt : WYM u dont believe it 😂😂😂
Sean logie
Sean logie 2 måneder siden
Clean your camera lens
Blaze 2 måneder siden
Why does Calvin where is Apple Watch Like he is in the military
Fizzor 2 måneder siden
That electric car is great, until you can't turn it off, get out or control it.
ahsaaan100 2 måneder siden
Most precious most beneficial most satisfying gift is for everyone tell everyone watch on NOpost dr zakir naik and get heaven in minutes
spex357 2 måneder siden
What a smashing Girlfriend, I had one of those once.
ULSTERISBRITISH 1690 2 måneder siden
wheres the Husky?? feel better sabrina. going through health disaster myself atm. it fuckin sucks get healthy and get behind the wheel ASAP of your new meep Murp lol
Mo-hammad Abunaser
Mo-hammad Abunaser 2 måneder siden
Techinkkkaalllyyyy the Taycan has 2 gears
EG Williams
EG Williams 2 måneder siden
Yo TJ that was epic. I just found your channel a couple of videos ago and that was epic. Sabrina is gorgeous and her reaction was truly that of shock. Sorry to hear about her condition and praying she gets better soon. She truly is part of your channel. Take care and God bless to both of you especially the love of your life Sabrina. I'll be praying for her and a healthy outcome.
Ril Dank
Ril Dank 2 måneder siden
Wait... Is it her dream car or his dream car ? 🙄
apflesk 2 måneder siden
”It’s like the fastest one I’ve driven in the low end.” Hey man, it’s not the fastest you’ve ever driven, use the word quickest pleeeeeeease!!
Riseyee 2 måneder siden
Luc Sergerie
Luc Sergerie 2 måneder siden
Copy cat.....sooooo anoying
John Boy
John Boy 2 måneder siden
11:12 "I have No words...."........... Ummmmmm........ How about a simple THANK YOU! ......... Sweetheart..... 😕
phantommaggotxxx 2 måneder siden
This entire thing was awesome. But when she said, " should we send it" That was the spot LOL That said, How are they gonna call that ECar a Turbo? smh...
Blagovest Vlahov
Blagovest Vlahov 2 måneder siden
good job
jd jr
jd jr 2 måneder siden
Hope she is doing better! prayers
Jonas Loges
Jonas Loges 2 måneder siden
Good job man. It's great to see you guys (and the likes of you guys) giving presents to the ones you love :-)
/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)
/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) 2 måneder siden
Man, and I thought I was good surprising my wife with some flowers!!
The real Sharps
The real Sharps 3 måneder siden
so cool I own part of that, being a subscriber.. when can I get a turn.
KS Crypto
KS Crypto 3 måneder siden
@Tj HUNT look into DUKE University for Brain Tumor treatment using polio injected directly... it is the cutting edge.. Thank me later!
Louie Tzepher
Louie Tzepher 3 måneder siden
To my fellas out there, i am not sure who this guy is or why this video was recommended to me but i am going to give you some advice, DO NOT become like this guy; find a wife and shower your wife with everything, girlfriends have limits. If i had a nickel for every time a woman came to see me or my friends in a nice car that her boyfriend bought her or owned and that car ended up being desecrated man oh man. Dude, you always have to remember, there are guys out there is is richer, more famous, better looking, more charming, than you, women are just like men, if the opportunity arise, they will take it when their is no real commitment.
DS-Peti 3 måneder siden
Dirty lens, omg :D :D :D
Buckr Alabdulrahman
Buckr Alabdulrahman 3 måneder siden
I love these kind of videos, but I think you should have bought her a tesla. (Safer)
Hrishikesh Dutta
Hrishikesh Dutta 3 måneder siden
I hope she gets well soon and you two live happily ever after. Gods bless you both
Dro 408 SJ
Dro 408 SJ 3 måneder siden
her dad wants to drive that beauty lol
Jack Boudreau
Jack Boudreau 3 måneder siden
15:24 “10 out of 10, would recommend” 😭🤣
Oliver Heyer
Oliver Heyer 3 måneder siden
it’s kind of loveless how you guys pronounce Porsche - it’s called Porscheeee - like it is a dodge and not a dod.
Bmw M
Bmw M 3 måneder siden
it has 2 gears tho lol
aiden young
aiden young 3 måneder siden
a brain tumor that is cancerous no offense but tumors are cancer not cancerous you also said since it isnt a turbo it has better gas mileage that pissed me off just turbo if anything takes less gas cause its feeding more oxygen for the fire you stick to supercars stay out of actually good engines that include forced air induction
Fernando VILLARREAL 3 måneder siden
I drove a friend's... I love them.
Valentin león
Valentin león 3 måneder siden
i bought my Ex wife a Macan turbo, and she didn`t even blink, she did`t like it, well that`s probably i am divorced now 😒.
mrBDeye 3 måneder siden
Only a beta male gives a car to girlfriend. Why? He is insecure and knows by her character she will go to another boy.
Michael Tudda
Michael Tudda 3 måneder siden
waste of cash.
Shon Bowdan
Shon Bowdan 3 måneder siden
Awesome job bro...That is absolutely cool that you've done that..Nice job man
mmahdi shamkhali
mmahdi shamkhali 3 måneder siden
Why do not our gfs surprise us with our dream car??? In all the word just bfs are gifting gfs car or ..... it is not equality.🤐
Pfan12000 3 måneder siden
Please wear your seatbelt properly during Taycan test drive!
James Shavers Woodworks
James Shavers Woodworks 3 måneder siden
My mom struggled with a cancerous brain tumor, Glioblastoma Stage 4. Tell your girlfriend to draw close to the Lord. Only He can sustain her and help her as she goes through this. I’ll be sure to add her to my prayer list! Brother J
rocket almighty beats
rocket almighty beats 3 måneder siden
mans went 110 in a 30 LMAO trippin
1Ruff Rican
1Ruff Rican 3 måneder siden
Very cool
Zarko petkovic
Zarko petkovic 3 måneder siden
SUΔ 3 måneder siden
simping to the next level. How you gonna buy your "girlfriend" a Porsche?
Craig Niemann
Craig Niemann 3 måneder siden
Job well done for your love! Blessings to you both.
Willie Davismckennie
Willie Davismckennie 3 måneder siden
Nice surprise for her, but why are you driving it home instead of her ?
Austin Sassenberg
Austin Sassenberg 3 måneder siden
All you have to do is change the rims then it would look 10x better
Vis Major
Vis Major 3 måneder siden
You really changed your girlfriend top for the tumbnail? How cheap that is, omfg.
XclusiveLunatic 3 måneder siden
she got her license taken away because of her seizure and so you got her a car lol
junky jink
junky jink 3 måneder siden
Sabrina kick that tumors ass god spped for a fast recovery and TJ ur the man bro u made a grown ass man cry dude lol great vid
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