WRECKED Audi R8 Driving and goes to the Frame Shop!

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Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

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Tesla 167
Tesla 167 3 måneder siden
'Here We Are On Then Day, I've Lost Count' - TJ Hunt 2020
Frikki E
Frikki E 5 måneder siden
Kona means woman in icelandic, greetings from iceland! Prayers to sabrina
Alan Alvarez
Alan Alvarez 5 måneder siden
Seventh Gear
Seventh Gear 5 måneder siden
Crazy how low the floor is without a seat.
Matt Kobus
Matt Kobus 5 måneder siden
No fucks given that’s a vw boi😂😂
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion 5 måneder siden
5:54 TJ looks like a 16year old kid moving his DAD car
Project EETFUK
Project EETFUK 5 måneder siden
7:27 kevin its look like a kid hahahahahahaha
Soarer Dave
Soarer Dave 5 måneder siden
Good lord, that cold start.
René Estrada
René Estrada 5 måneder siden
New music makes the vids even better 👌🏼
Rydnorth 5 måneder siden
the beats tho!!
ZL Ning
ZL Ning 5 måneder siden
TJ, I'm a really big big fan of you, your channel and also a big fan of Audi R8s but I would love to see you rebuild a GT3 RS. I would be a great addition to your garage man. Hope you put it in consideration.
Armando Galindo
Armando Galindo 5 måneder siden
Y’all probably balding lol uglies
DardisGSXR 5 måneder siden
Sounds like caliper carrier is loose or pads are moving while braking
Sunk15 Gameing
Sunk15 Gameing 5 måneder siden
J You
William Park
William Park 5 måneder siden
Hey Tejay, have faith on what's going on with Sabrina, were all in it with you !!!!!!!! anyway I am William Park from Burbank who wants a fairly new car from Japan mainly a Nissan Skyline R34 or a KENMERRY, you want my address, I'll give it to you, 7916 via Magdalena Burbank C.a 91504-1303.
JAE2K 5 måneder siden
lol driving without a seat makes yall look like little kids hahaha
Davis Wiggins
Davis Wiggins 5 måneder siden
Yo I really want that shirt
GeppSync 5 måneder siden
My dog's name is Kona :)
Ganjatraining 5 måneder siden
I love how at 8:49 those 2 Cappuccinos fit in 1 spot
Mason Dash Garcia
Mason Dash Garcia 5 måneder siden
How much did you get it?
Ismael Rios
Ismael Rios 5 måneder siden
I don’t think I’ve ever seen them use a torque wrench. And I’ve followed some tutorials.... I wonder how many bolts I’ve left lose 💀
Yung Dro
Yung Dro 5 måneder siden
Is Calvin trying to be the new mr T
Antonio Neri
Antonio Neri 5 måneder siden
Who else was scared about the rear glass hitting the the garage door
Zyko tek
Zyko tek 5 måneder siden
7:17 small boi
Dillan Minnie
Dillan Minnie 5 måneder siden
Dude cancer is no joke its a difficult journey personally went through this sort of thing with my grandfather not even a full year ago and ill keep you guys in my prairs and just be positive and keep moving forward.
Laskco 5 måneder siden
I've been using Keeps for almost a year now and I'm still losing hair lmfao
BiG Cheese
BiG Cheese 4 måneder siden
NEROJAN Ravichandran
NEROJAN Ravichandran 5 måneder siden
Lovin' the new tunes Teej!
A S 5 måneder siden
Joshua L
Joshua L 5 måneder siden
Rattle from exhaust flap? Kinda like the old n54 335i’s?
MANNY D 5 måneder siden
Whos 280z is that???
Myyoutubechannel 5 måneder siden
sounds like a bent tie rod . pretty sure it is
liam sexton
liam sexton 5 måneder siden
The new build music is groovy af. KEEP FIGHTING, SABRINA!!!!
Relieved_Rolex 5 måneder siden
0:06 into the video just an ice cream truck in the background ok throttle
Josh Fenner
Josh Fenner 5 måneder siden
Who's out here straight vibin to the tune at the start 🤣
Flat Speed
Flat Speed 5 måneder siden
Calvin looks so small without the seat I the R8
NYC KING 5 måneder siden
It's the bushings on the suspension
Louis McGonigal
Louis McGonigal 5 måneder siden
Cannot wait to see this at sheepie racing for that extra sauce
I am The Hammer
I am The Hammer 5 måneder siden
Wheels being used for transportation Huh, you don't say?
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 5 måneder siden
Teej burns those ugly headphone calv stays wearing
FiRsT465 5 måneder siden
Calvin looks so tiny in that thing xD
Pyreeh 5 måneder siden
You got to switch the exhaust up
FreaKy 5 måneder siden
*The R8 starts up* Me: IS THAT A TOMEII DAHHH!!!
kangy kangy
kangy kangy 5 måneder siden
wouldn't it be nice
TGlade 5 måneder siden
StreetHunter R8 coming soon??🤔🤔🤔
Shawn Jalbert
Shawn Jalbert 5 måneder siden
yo teej. i ain’t go no pubes should i buy keeps 😂
Austin Finch
Austin Finch 5 måneder siden
I need the shirt
Momo 5 måneder siden
I thought Calvin was short before, but he vanished with no seat lol (sorry bro )
Asatora 5 måneder siden
6:04 cameraman got done
Milli Road
Milli Road 5 måneder siden
Please Twin Turbo this build!
Jacob Durepos
Jacob Durepos 5 måneder siden
You forgot to say keep moving forward
Nick Cloud
Nick Cloud 5 måneder siden
The clunk noise could be coming from the axle. In the crash it could've been damaged. Edit: 10 seconds after posting tj says it's possibly the axle.🤦‍♂️
Zahid Arifi
Zahid Arifi 5 måneder siden
Yo make a street hunter kit for this beast.
TED_ 5 måneder siden
Why do I feel like Calvin is carrying a gun all the time
KE 5 måneder siden
For tj every car related thing is just down the street lol
Dilan Oliveras
Dilan Oliveras 5 måneder siden
I've been dying to see this video but I had to save it to now,when the hurricane is hitting to calm my anxiety
HARDMAN99 5 måneder siden
Maybe needs an electronic ABS Bleed on the brakes
joseph A-rt
joseph A-rt 5 måneder siden
That music at the beginning had me dancing 😂😂......thanks for that TJ
Redmon05 5 måneder siden
Sabrina. The real MVP.
ethan mccormack
ethan mccormack 5 måneder siden
Yo homie I don’t work on Audi’s but sounds like u have some air in your brake lines so u should probably do a break flush and that might fix your pedal feel
Mohammed Amhadouch
Mohammed Amhadouch 5 måneder siden
Im bold at the age of 26 😂😂😂
Nismospoolin 5 måneder siden
Weirdly enough i enjoy TJ's videos more that Calv has an understanding of twitch emotes xD I can relate to it better. Might just be me but i enjoy it. :)
Kaptive Media
Kaptive Media 5 måneder siden
@tjhunt this new style vid with the music etc..... keep it up its hella fresh :)
Salimji26 5 måneder siden
I see you Calvin flexing those biceps
LemonHead_gaming 5 måneder siden
Car: STARTS Me: daaammmnn
Eemeli Kemppainen
Eemeli Kemppainen 5 måneder siden
That kona&blue t-shirt is 🔥🔥
It's Manny
It's Manny 5 måneder siden
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 5 måneder siden
The new music hits different
Aaron Coleman
Aaron Coleman 5 måneder siden
Love the background music 🎧
Pkeniukokito 5 måneder siden
Yo teej, sometimes when working with steering knuckle etcs, make sure they are torque to spec, even a little difference will make it loose over time
kshitij tulsian
kshitij tulsian 5 måneder siden
What about the crack on the firewall
All Star Drivers 952
All Star Drivers 952 5 måneder siden
It has a bad rear right axel
All Star Drivers 952
All Star Drivers 952 5 måneder siden
Just got far enough in video to see the issue. I knew it man
Kai Woods
Kai Woods 5 måneder siden
Why does that car make Kevin look so tiny
Kurt Andrei
Kurt Andrei 5 måneder siden
Larry Cockrell
Larry Cockrell 5 måneder siden
Imagine waking up knowing you have a garage full of cars you've built and get to drive. That's the dream I have, The Audi looks good so far TJ, Hope Sabrina is doing well and stay safe man !
stephen bartels
stephen bartels 5 måneder siden
Is the input shaft binding up?
Haydenisbrad _
Haydenisbrad _ 5 måneder siden
Never use this music again
BillsOverChillsTV 5 måneder siden
much love to all of hunt and co and throtl, these are tough times but all nearly 2 million of us are praying for sabrina
Ricardo Azenha
Ricardo Azenha 5 måneder siden
TJ hunt ... " air suspension is LIT !" also TJ Hunt " every air suspension car he has, full of air pump noises and sensor problems ....
Aryan EXE.
Aryan EXE. 5 måneder siden
Hey Teej, just saying that always wearing a hat can cause baldness
Patrick Pirszel
Patrick Pirszel 5 måneder siden
Please release those shirts haha
Maximiliaan33 5 måneder siden
the music is 🔥🔥💯
Dan 5 måneder siden
Are there no torque wrenches available in the US? Every single bolt has a torque spec from the manufacturer.
Mr Z
Mr Z 5 måneder siden
When you let your baby sit on your lap and handle the steering wheel .. calv
MysticEllisstuff 5 måneder siden
He’s so tiny
ZackTheMuffinMan 5 måneder siden
Jordan Harrington
Jordan Harrington 5 måneder siden
It’s for sure a blown axle bc when I blew my axle on my Mazda 3 it sounded just like that
TWINK THE TROLL 5 måneder siden
Love seeing the midget guy kelvin in the vids!
Caden Stewart
Caden Stewart 5 måneder siden
So we’re not gonna talk about the datson before he gets in the Supra
Senior cortezz
Senior cortezz 5 måneder siden
6:55 kalvin looks like a five year old driving a car because there’s no seat 😂
Alex De Waal
Alex De Waal 5 måneder siden
Loving the new stryle Teeg
imiloa waipa
imiloa waipa 5 måneder siden
“Keep moving forward”???
Scott Stallworth
Scott Stallworth 5 måneder siden
Tj with the banging time laps music, an sending positive vides yalls way.
Michael Tierney
Michael Tierney 5 måneder siden
Calvin with the guns DAYUM stay on that corona workout brother! And stay up teej the #huntfam is here for you
DV WHITE 5 måneder siden
Y’all go to my channel check out my first video first time NOpost, show me some love help me out like it up tell me what y’all think
Jim 5 måneder siden
Yo Ricky! Love Throl
Hazriel Arrafi Muhammad
Hazriel Arrafi Muhammad 5 måneder siden
Have a question Where you guys find a imported car? Are there like website for imported cars
Miguel Felipe
Miguel Felipe 5 måneder siden
Maybe it’s the caliper
Tesla DIY
Tesla DIY 5 måneder siden
Couple times i had my lug nuts not completely tighten and it makes that clicking sound too
Joe Smartballs
Joe Smartballs 5 måneder siden
I don't know about your frame shop. But I went to a college, and they had a laser guided thing that measured points on the car to make sure it was straight. It was I-CAR collision repair classes. I wouldn't let someone eyeball it is all I'm advising. A professional is going to have the right tools. I-CAR certified shops are supposed to be the best, highest trained for insurance. Insurance companies prefer I-CAR shops. Do your own research, cheers.
Jiyana's Household
Jiyana's Household 5 måneder siden
Keep moving forward TJ, loving every second of this build .... !
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