Flying 700 Miles and Buying a Car we’ve Never seen!

  Ganger 425,354

Tj Hunt

5 måneder siden

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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Jared Collins
Jared Collins Måned siden
Where is the update?!
Gerardo Soto
Gerardo Soto 2 måneder siden
All about the 335is
D.G. Garage
D.G. Garage 4 måneder siden
E92 to be exact and pls don't do a single turbo on the n54 sav yourself a headache
dsuther13 4 måneder siden
Wait what!? Idk how you think that’s underpriced!? Should’ve only paid around 6-7k max
Nathan Jackson
Nathan Jackson 4 måneder siden
Video is on recommend a month after it came out?
helal saleh
helal saleh 4 måneder siden
Rally Sport_ 5.3
Rally Sport_ 5.3 5 måneder siden
What is the song at 14:01
Rally Sport_ 5.3
Rally Sport_ 5.3 5 måneder siden
Another awesome vlog with the hunt gang
Demetrious Hayden Jr.
Demetrious Hayden Jr. 5 måneder siden
My boy came down to the bay
Cerriously 5 måneder siden
Wow what a spec. I have an e92 335xi in florida rn but im looking to get another one here in la. I want one with a red interior so bad but they’re so much more
ZedericJay 5 måneder siden
Heard the song at the view and immediately thought of peter McKinnon lol. Dope vid teej!
Cody Gandy
Cody Gandy 5 måneder siden
teeg ur video making is becoming superb
Jo P.
Jo P. 5 måneder siden
Soo cool that you guys did this, you posted the same day I left to go get my truck!!!!! I flew 800 miles to the middle of no where Ohio to get my new truck!!! It was great to do this and to get away. Congrats Kevin!!!!!!!
Fritzer 5 måneder siden
Great, now E92s are going to get more popular before I can buy and build my E92 single top mount build. Great.
manuel gonzalez
manuel gonzalez 5 måneder siden
You should've stopped by the garlic city gilroy lol so I could've seen the bmw beast car
Young Beaner
Young Beaner 5 måneder siden
I thought that was an E92 not an E90
Agustin Cuellar
Agustin Cuellar 5 måneder siden
thinking about doing the same thing for a c5 z06 except I gotta catch a flight some SF to SD lol should I do it?
alcantji 5 måneder siden
what happened to Kevins other 335i?
Simon Fozzy
Simon Fozzy 5 måneder siden
Looks like I went on vacation at the wrong time. I work in Alameda like 5 minutes from that naval base😂 Congrats Kev!
Malachi Barnes
Malachi Barnes 5 måneder siden
I love this style of video
a1 a2
a1 a2 5 måneder siden
Just bought my dream car gray e92 N54 for 10.5k with 39k miles
Jim O'Hara
Jim O'Hara 5 måneder siden
It’s so hard to find a decent manual of these. Just bought e92 montego blue 328i manual sight unseen and shipped it 2500 miles to me.
Rydnorth 5 måneder siden
This vlog is dope 🔥🔥🔥
John Livingston
John Livingston 5 måneder siden
Omg I’ve been waiting for this moment for a 335i project hell ya!
Dagan Beugger
Dagan Beugger 5 måneder siden
TJ please get a gc8 build going!!
Jason B
Jason B 5 måneder siden
Hey, TJ, cool video. What kind of drone do you use?
CK_ONE 5 måneder siden
I really enjoyed this style of vlog. Need more like this
JaCory Jiles
JaCory Jiles 5 måneder siden
What's good with them rim's TJ lol I want them
otfjuju 5 måneder siden
street hunter lip kits for it ?🤔🔥🔥🔥🔥
Christopher 5 måneder siden
I know how you guys felt there because the same thing happened to me and my dad. We saw a car for sale 300 miles away from us on craigslist. We just texted the guy and said we were interested and the guy was so nice we thought it was a scam. That afternoon we drove all the way to look at it and the deal fell through!
Nkz M
Nkz M 5 måneder siden
Anyone know the song @16:20 ?
12w0 5 måneder siden
hey! sf definitely has a summer! its just missing this year thats all. and the Full House is called the Painted Ladies. Not sure where tf you went TJ!
B1gDave2010 Gaming
B1gDave2010 Gaming 5 måneder siden
This video is a proper vibe!
Mason Stamps
Mason Stamps 5 måneder siden
Love the edit. Nice to have a change of scenery
Subi Driver
Subi Driver 5 måneder siden
He said bomb at an airport
Doc Studios
Doc Studios 5 måneder siden
So crazy to see a car that I own on this channel. It’s been my dream car for a while now and I was lucky enough to get one for my first car🙏🏼
Joe Epton
Joe Epton 5 måneder siden
NAS Alameda. I was stationed there on the Abraham Lincoln in the early 90s
Omar Garrido
Omar Garrido 5 måneder siden
What a lucky guy
Ho Lo
Ho Lo 5 måneder siden
My guess is that u guys r going to LBW the car 🤔🤔
Chase Myles
Chase Myles 5 måneder siden
Damn, $8500 USD? That ain't cheap. Sold my 09 335 for $8,100 last year with 70,000 miles!
mick hodgson
mick hodgson 5 måneder siden
Looking forward to this content. You’ve got to race Adam LZ’s 335i for sure. From your fan in Nottingham, England.
G00R00 5 måneder siden
This mask is killing me
Uninfluenced 5 måneder siden
You hit that Casey Neistat Style on the head.. Awesome edit great video keep killing the game man
cfq. TuFaNuF
cfq. TuFaNuF 5 måneder siden
Full House Was Lame Bro lmao!
Callum Ryker
Callum Ryker 5 måneder siden
That airfield is where Mythbusters did a bunch of their project
Azilou 5 måneder siden
These’s n54 are underrated, they have a lot of power potential, they’re like the 2jz from german😎 Enjoy the 335i
ChangNYC 5 måneder siden
something about this vlog just hit differently!! so good !!
Yuna 5 måneder siden
I have the same color, a 2007, black leather interior, and I absolutely love it. And I am so sorry you had to journey to that hellhole that is SF, owner of the 3 series knows that car is worthless in Northern California as there is little to no place to drive it. I’m in SoCal now and I love all the space to drive around in my 3 series. Congrats on the pickup, the 335 is happy to leave SF as I was.
gswhoops15 5 måneder siden
You were probably thinking of the "Painted Ladies" location for the fullhouse house on Steiner and Hayes. SF Native here.
Matrix Cloud
Matrix Cloud 5 måneder siden
That is a pretty bad deal on the car, I don’t understand why you think that’s a good deal
Kami Shah
Kami Shah 5 måneder siden
Don’t you guys in America get m sport packages
Brandon Johndon
Brandon Johndon 5 måneder siden
Remember when TJ did his videos on the top floor of a parking garage
Retriever 5 måneder siden
Jurny 5 måneder siden
That N54 will keep up with most anything with a few mods
kabeer 5 måneder siden
who else yawned 16:42
Lo_Entertainment 5 måneder siden
By far gayest most cringe vidya
Dadinirt mendoza
Dadinirt mendoza 5 måneder siden fix up this 911 please
Bobby Tran
Bobby Tran 5 måneder siden
Honestly, kind of digging this vlog style!
RS Motor Vehicles SS
RS Motor Vehicles SS 5 måneder siden
Really liked the documentary style in this video. Awesome content dude!
Boosted E90
Boosted E90 5 måneder siden
Ronald Medford
Ronald Medford 5 måneder siden
Not car related but what nikes is tj wearing 9:59
Merkin 5 måneder siden
Can find a 335i N54 maybe not those specs for at least sport package for like 6k
Wilson Runnels
Wilson Runnels 5 måneder siden
2:18 my guy is a dog lmao
pjr 5 måneder siden
65 is cold?
Giorgi Agadjanov
Giorgi Agadjanov 5 måneder siden
Congratulations! I hope everyone gets their dream car!
JOSHBOOZY 5 måneder siden
Bilal 5 måneder siden
rick baks
rick baks 5 måneder siden
8500 wtf in the netherlands its more like 18-20 in that condicion
Jordan Hines
Jordan Hines 5 måneder siden
You went to plow! I love plow.
Freedom Sky
Freedom Sky 5 måneder siden
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz 5 måneder siden
Yeah this video was dope your edit and filming is up there bro
tyler j
tyler j 5 måneder siden
teej you do own a bmw, the z4 that u put ur widebody on, hahahahahahaahah
Amit Sagoo
Amit Sagoo 5 måneder siden
You can buy this car in Canada for 8500 Cad with half the miles
jaryt h
jaryt h 5 måneder siden
That island is Alcatraz
Chris Horne
Chris Horne 5 måneder siden
TJ - Bro - You messed up on the breakfast. One block over to Plow next time.
Crypto Vault
Crypto Vault 5 måneder siden
Usually there’s like 20 cars at the naval base hava
gage McQueen
gage McQueen 5 måneder siden
grew up right next to the Alameda Naval Base :)
Dan C
Dan C 5 måneder siden
TJ Neistat with that intro right there
J-A Vlogs
J-A Vlogs 5 måneder siden
what the a m3 heck NO get a 335i n54>s65
J-A Vlogs
J-A Vlogs 5 måneder siden
safa mossawi
safa mossawi 5 måneder siden
Lol that’s a nice L 124k miles for 8500🤣🤣🤣 I’m selling mine that looks nicer with 50k miles same price
Isaac Shapiro
Isaac Shapiro 5 måneder siden
Efren jose
Efren jose 5 måneder siden
This video is at that legit 10 out of 10 quality level
Jashua Cruz
Jashua Cruz 5 måneder siden
I LOVE the fact that TJ can get excited over a $8,500 BMW while owning, Lambos, C8, Supra. He truly stays humble and is just a genuine car guy. Love it 🤘🏻🖤
Cha Boii Luke
Cha Boii Luke 5 måneder siden
I really missed Tj's cinematic shots
cabby0ttogaming 5 måneder siden
im getting some casey kneistat vibes
Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz 5 måneder siden
If I can be honest, I like this. Back to basics. I understand why and how you got to where you are and I enjoy seeing you grow, but these basic builds (meaning none exotic cars) makes me feel at home, rather then seeing your video and feeling disconnected. (No shame, happy for you either way young king) 👊🏻
Mr Tiny
Mr Tiny 5 måneder siden
Who else yawned wen tj yawned 🤔
Wr3x 5 måneder siden
You really need to fix your music, for you videos!
lele.1352 5 måneder siden
Amazing video 🙏🏻
Ronnie Contreras
Ronnie Contreras 5 måneder siden
That’s not very smart to travel 😔
Tylor Montgomery
Tylor Montgomery 5 måneder siden
One of the best car buying trips is when me and my buddy drove 620km to get his imported Honda acty truck and the 620km back in one day and it being only a 60hp vehicle it took forever on the hilly highway 🤣👌🏾
PancakeLover 5 måneder siden
Does Tj not know how to wear a mask?
Julius Govers
Julius Govers 5 måneder siden
Tryna make a viral buzzfeed video or something.
Luke9224 5 måneder siden
Yo Tj I love the vlog style this was sick
jcampbell240z 5 måneder siden
Loving the Casey niestat vibe of these edits. Keep up that great work.
aj rodriguez
aj rodriguez 5 måneder siden
Big single turboooooo
RuThLeZz 5 måneder siden
we dont have to go there its just my childhood dream
Sam Coombes
Sam Coombes 5 måneder siden
Do an E90/92/93 M3 TJ - that'd be sick!
M H81
M H81 5 måneder siden
I just bought a 06 Benz R500 For $5000 And he knocked some money off because the navigation isn't working. But the car only has 89,000 miles Good Buy I think
Sharp Eye101
Sharp Eye101 5 måneder siden
13:20 beatiful nice foxbody in the back
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