The Real Reason Why I Ditched My Air Suspenion...

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Tj Hunt

3 måneder siden

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Cody Goodnow
Cody Goodnow 26 dager siden
Teej just go with Airlift
Eli Williamson
Eli Williamson 26 dager siden
Maango nos ftb
Shutozoku 2 måneder siden
This is BMW not Toyota cuz it BMW engine
akaSRi 2 måneder siden
you’re low, not static
Mitsubie Jose
Mitsubie Jose 2 måneder siden
@Flyyairr @papiflyy said he’s got free air struts with your name on them hit his ig up bro his air suspension kit is 🔥 I run it on my sti 🤙🏼
Captain Cannabis
Captain Cannabis 2 måneder siden
I choose which gas stations i go to specifically based upon whether they have the Mango Nos. If they aint got it, then they aint gettin my money.
Furious Pcs
Furious Pcs 2 måneder siden
TJ should start his own air management company
Disgruntledhobo 3 måneder siden
I agree the mango is the best. especially now that Monster discontinued theirs
Old King Cole
Old King Cole 3 måneder siden
You should powdercoat the turbo some wild color
Almawash2q8 3 måneder siden
Your supra is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Camron Henthorn
Camron Henthorn 3 måneder siden
Need to drop another 1.5 to 2 inches to be a static boi 🤣💯
Nathan Countyrman
Nathan Countyrman 3 måneder siden
I’m legit drinking a mango monster 😂
Nathan Countyrman
Nathan Countyrman 3 måneder siden
I’m super surprised he didn’t pick up bags from another company’s bags
Dylan Vodry
Dylan Vodry 3 måneder siden
Street hunter 350z
Ahmed Al-mawlani
Ahmed Al-mawlani 3 måneder siden
Tj owns all different type of cars non are domestic tho
nic dicinoski
nic dicinoski 3 måneder siden
Tj you did the right thing by switching to static coils because accuair went bankrupt
Bengiii 007
Bengiii 007 3 måneder siden
This is lowered not static
hellcat523 3 måneder siden
Air Lift Performance makes incredible stuff.The 3P system will work perfectly with your existing bags.
Roman Izek
Roman Izek 3 måneder siden
i have less than an inch of ground clearance and daily just fine over speed bumps. all about that angle IG to see @akuuma.sennpaai
Freddy 3 måneder siden
plz say to nos energy drink to get some of their cans over to norway haha havent seen 1 nos can here
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion 3 måneder siden
When the Supra have a better wrap than the Lambo :D
It's Manny
It's Manny 3 måneder siden
Nicholas Davey
Nicholas Davey 3 måneder siden
nice liper
static mz3
static mz3 3 måneder siden
Must feel good working on a new car
Reighner Gargantos
Reighner Gargantos 3 måneder siden
Ya'll needa go aircups like me. They ride soooo good. Drive static and air up for speed bumps
Eric Fernandez
Eric Fernandez 3 måneder siden
Airlift performance makes a management that’s literally plug and play btw
Ben __
Ben __ 3 måneder siden
Just get some new bags 🤣
Rogelio orocio
Rogelio orocio 3 måneder siden
do more truck videos
BMW Royal
BMW Royal 3 måneder siden
Before you go back to air please try some proper coil overs on one of your cars
Nico Dolciato
Nico Dolciato 3 måneder siden
All the air ride guys have to justify why they buy it. Bottom line it makes sense in some applications, others it doesn't...
Joe Maddox
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Jarrett Jackson
Jarrett Jackson 3 måneder siden
Keep moving forward Tj you make good volg
SadBoy Thirty
SadBoy Thirty 3 måneder siden
Best NOS flavor is Cherry and I can’t find any anywhere
РОМАН РАСПОПИН 3 måneder siden
ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ПОМОГИТЕ СПАСИБО ! ПОМОГИ ВСЮ ПЛАНЕТУ РАЗДАЙТЕ РЕЗЮМЕ ВСЮ СТРАНУ ! Малообеспеченный ИНВАЛИД мечтает ПРИНЕТЬ В ПОДАРОК НЕНУЖНЫЙ ХОЗЯЙНУ !!! Я детский церебральный паралич помогите большой помощь - серьёзное дело, в хорошем состояний.. Не примите« А ПОМОГИТЕ» Не сочтите за наглость, но другого выхода нет. ( Помогите ПОПОЛНИТЬ СБЕРБАНК СЧЁТ 40817810430001847471 ) Надеюсь мир не без добрых людей - ДАЙ БОГ ЗДОРОВЬЯ ТОМУ, КТО ИСПОЛНИТ МОЮ МЕЧТУ ! И БОГ ВОЗНОГРАДИТ ВАС )) СПАСИБО ЗА ПОНИМАНИЕ !!
BMW Royal
BMW Royal 3 måneder siden
Finally realizing coil overs are simply better lol
steven castonguay
steven castonguay 3 måneder siden
Make carbon bits for a 2013+ 370z base and touring models pleaseeeeeeee
Mel Official
Mel Official 3 måneder siden
Get a 335i...
H Mouj
H Mouj 3 måneder siden
please put tire lettering on the R8
Jacob Seale
Jacob Seale 3 måneder siden
You wanna just like... mod my 2012 mustang
Unknown Destiny Fabrication
Unknown Destiny Fabrication 3 måneder siden
Crazy how people think that’s a big turbo.
Angelo Jimenez
Angelo Jimenez 3 måneder siden
I can’t be the only one to think Calvins Supra looks better.
Irving Rodriguez
Irving Rodriguez 3 måneder siden
Jaybruhh 3 måneder siden
*_Get those guard protectors that protect the bottom of the rear and from bumpers so they dont ever actually scrape._*
adrian lopez
adrian lopez 3 måneder siden
Should just take the mark 4 instead lol
Paul Vincent De Leon
Paul Vincent De Leon 3 måneder siden
ohhh yeah!
Jason Hopkins
Jason Hopkins 3 måneder siden
James Thomas
James Thomas 3 måneder siden
Where's the rx7 at? Been a while since we've seen it
The J Media
The J Media 3 måneder siden
The hks hipermax looks amazing! We are currently running bc racing coilovers on the 2020 supra but we are contemplating switching it to the hks springs!
The J Media
The J Media 3 måneder siden
Static > Air
Michael Harlan
Michael Harlan 3 måneder siden
Damn. That R8 is mean in the background. You guys did such a great job with it 👍
Brayden Mann
Brayden Mann 3 måneder siden
What's sup TJ how are you doing
chrisgalactic beats
chrisgalactic beats 3 måneder siden
First video I saw of you TJ was you installing a cat back on the BRZ in Calvin's garage. Now you got this super dope Supra + a lot of other legendary Japanese cars. It's been awesome to see you grow!
Ryan Rebensdorf
Ryan Rebensdorf 3 måneder siden
Accuair is back now though...hahaha
DanyoIzumo 3 måneder siden
I’m one of those that’s too scared to wide body my Supra but excited to see the front lip
emir zumrut
emir zumrut 3 måneder siden
Air suspensions are not for real drivers !!! change my mind (:
Encrypted 97
Encrypted 97 3 måneder siden
I ain't gonna lie, tj got a point with that nitro mango nos
Matic Kerš
Matic Kerš 3 måneder siden
Is this Supra ugly or what whit this body kit. 🤮🤮
TheGreggstopher 3 måneder siden
new outro tune is sick teej!
Ron9_ 3 måneder siden
It's nice seeing Danny back in the vids :-)
Joseph Mundy
Joseph Mundy 3 måneder siden
You didn’t show how the car sat? Scared you were gonna get roasted in the comments?
Gursimar Singh
Gursimar Singh 3 måneder siden
c8 wheels in the back 👁👄👁
Dorian Yates
Dorian Yates 3 måneder siden
air is trash unless you only doing stance not performance
supbirdy 3 måneder siden
hipermax's yeeee
KENT 3 måneder siden
@The J Media he won't reply to you, he thinks he's big and doesn't reply to plebs
The J Media
The J Media 3 måneder siden
Considering getting hks hipermax on our 2020 supra too! How do you like yours?
BringMeThyPizza 3 måneder siden
Nos fruit punch is the best. Mango 2nd.
RICHARD Hernandez
RICHARD Hernandez 3 måneder siden
Abel Alfaro
Abel Alfaro 3 måneder siden
This is lowered..not..static
Irvin Ortega
Irvin Ortega 3 måneder siden
Mickey talking crap from across the shop is my spirit animal lol
Austin Carlson
Austin Carlson 3 måneder siden
I'd be hitting up HRE for some diff rimps
Suhpreme_v7 3 måneder siden
Looks like a garret g35-1050, there’s one that got tuned in Illinois making 900hp
Llulian Giron Aguirre
Llulian Giron Aguirre 3 måneder siden
Do you guys know the video that TJ mentioned the recipe for the ribs he was making in the oven?? It was a couple weeks ago I think
Mat Donnelly
Mat Donnelly 3 måneder siden
lol wat now saying "mango" the same way we do in Australia.... haha don't tell me you read that semi-troll comment from before... haha b0$$
Drina Dayz
Drina Dayz 3 måneder siden
Arnott purchased Accuair assets out of Bankruptcy. So Accuair is coming back, this is still very new and not alot of information yet
Роман Брюхачёв
Роман Брюхачёв 3 måneder siden
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
LEP Automotive
LEP Automotive 3 måneder siden
Boy if you call yourself the widebody and bags "king" again, I'm unsubscribing.
Jake 3 måneder siden
have a look at air lift performance
Myluckydaniel 3 måneder siden
I like the grape flavor one
TheElectrik_Pulse 3 måneder siden
Accuair is coming back, the assets were bought out and they are moving to Florida
velibor vladic
velibor vladic 3 måneder siden
Utah gots them Mangoes on every corner 😁
Lightning Star
Lightning Star 3 måneder siden
Tj talk to Goonzquad for the lip for their Supra #goonzquad #tjhunt
Evan Field
Evan Field 3 måneder siden
With the Garrett turbo the transmission is going to start acting up
ChainZ 3 måneder siden
As i know teeg he didnt torque down anything to its specs. Just impact and done... Huge mistake
Jose Munoz
Jose Munoz 3 måneder siden
Damn dude, big ol' single boosty snail lol, the gaps are coming for everyone lol
Steven Shattuck
Steven Shattuck 3 måneder siden
Should have gone with airlift. Accuair sucks
Joshua Picillo
Joshua Picillo 3 måneder siden
Look into air cups
Joshua Picillo
Joshua Picillo 3 måneder siden
I got one of the mangos the other morning 🔥🔥🔥
Penguin of Death
Penguin of Death 3 måneder siden
"The Real Reason Why I Ditched My Air Suspenion..." Er...because you can't spell suspension..?
Pablo 3 måneder siden
weTj ndicela undithengele iMk1 golf
Rosean Williams
Rosean Williams 3 måneder siden
Wheres the c8
Anthonie Perez
Anthonie Perez 3 måneder siden
Just put air lift performance
Saifuddien Hamzad
Saifuddien Hamzad 3 måneder siden
That86guy Patrick
That86guy Patrick 3 måneder siden
Just get air lift smh
Yoosteen 3 måneder siden
4:00 Danny: "Dude that's pretty good! It might settle though, that's the problem" **Teej Walking Over And Glares At Danny** Teej's Thoughts: I should have said that! Gosh, he stole my line that I didn't think of first. Wait, I know! I'll act like I didn't hear him, I'll repeat the line, but I'll make it more suspenseful! Ya! Teej: "tHe tHiNg iS, iTs pErFeCt, bUt iTs gOttA sEttLe."
teanna felder
teanna felder 3 måneder siden
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
Grayson Graddy
Grayson Graddy 3 måneder siden
s u s p e n i o n
Jamaun0048 3 måneder siden
I really dont like the supra color now man i really want to see something like a mango color or a two tone white with red hue in it
Mikosch Cabral
Mikosch Cabral 3 måneder siden
The r8 in d back looks so freaking mean😍
Zane Clark
Zane Clark 3 måneder siden
Dude I’ve been scavenging everywhere for a good stock of nos and my local market literally has every single flavor I’m in heaven 😇
frieddayfriday 3 måneder siden
it's all easier if you have all the right tools.
MR TOO SWIFT 3 måneder siden
Dude i miss danny
daboy12s 3 måneder siden
She's a big boy?
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