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Tj Hunt

4 måneder siden

After 2 months of rebuilding a Crashed Audi R8, we take it out for its first test drive!
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Josue Sanitize your
Josue Sanitize your 3 måneder siden
"like that's bad" 😂😂😂 had me dead
Hillary Rabanes
Hillary Rabanes 3 måneder siden
Get A carbon steering weeling bro. Good vid.
el pollo
el pollo 3 måneder siden
my sister doesn't like that you use a straw for a sip top on your starbucks orders claiming that you are a turtle killer and she told me to copy and paste this in every video so here we go. She promised me she'll buy me merch untill this gets noticed
Jadon Heider
Jadon Heider 3 måneder siden
you wont wide body that r8 you wont do it. I guarentee your to chicken to wide body it. Did someone say wide body r8 i dont think TJ did becuase he wont do it....
CallMe Nyell
CallMe Nyell 3 måneder siden
I wonder if its the same engine use in huracan or same v10 but different..
Ronaldo Romero
Ronaldo Romero 3 måneder siden
he’s gonna twin turbo it, calling it now. September 20th, 2020
Sg_car _enthusiast
Sg_car _enthusiast 4 måneder siden
Teej you forgot to install the 1016 industries side skirts
Scott Kelley
Scott Kelley 4 måneder siden
Not taking tire stickers off = littering
ThatOneCel _
ThatOneCel _ 4 måneder siden
Oh this R8 is straight fire I love it
bullet 206
bullet 206 4 måneder siden
the very next day i think TJ is selling it! LOL
Nick Davila
Nick Davila 4 måneder siden
You really should take those stickers off tho 😂
SpaceBarbarian 4 måneder siden
Letsss goooooo!!!
Enmanuel Garcia
Enmanuel Garcia 4 måneder siden
TacosWithQueso 4 måneder siden
Love the Sponcer valvoline on a audi vid, when audi recommends Castrol
Tim Arndt
Tim Arndt 4 måneder siden
Bro that R8 is sick heck, well done... you guys rock! Still praying for Sabrina and all of the family on both sides! Gods a healer, it's His character to be that! Mad respect for taking the time she needs from you!
DesertStar 4 måneder siden
Smh I can find these for 30k-70k all day
Jordan 4 måneder siden
What do you get from Starbucks
Dan B
Dan B 4 måneder siden
Why does that Asian guy always wear a woman’s hand bag? Is it to carry drugs?
akidim13 4 måneder siden
I would literally eat my own ass then ever use valvoline
Jake McKeown
Jake McKeown 4 måneder siden
I already know you’re going to twin turbo it after drive the sheepy tt r8.
Hemi vs. Ninja
Hemi vs. Ninja 4 måneder siden
Come on Calvin you know needle nose pliers were not the proper tool for that job a simple spring tool would’ve prevented all that.
St Peter Photography and Video
St Peter Photography and Video 4 måneder siden
Sounds amazing
Samuel C.
Samuel C. 4 måneder siden
Excelligent 4 måneder siden
"bang-gir" banger
wavy. 4 måneder siden
So u gon twin turbo it or what
Smile_uwokeup _2day
Smile_uwokeup _2day 4 måneder siden
Nice ride that’s rebuild n sounds great. Did ya fix da coolant issues
Lawrence Park
Lawrence Park 4 måneder siden
Surprise Calvin by giving him the car
HoLee Fok
HoLee Fok 4 måneder siden
now this is some sick ass content. tell yo boy dustin to learn from you finish a project before starting another project
martytube821 4 måneder siden
Not sure i like the dark fenders, hood is fine.
Mob Joe
Mob Joe 4 måneder siden
90k to rebuild it? And thats cheap?? Plus what you bought it for you could have bought one thats not wrecked
Matthew Villa
Matthew Villa 4 måneder siden
Mid season finale 😂
Qc Ti-Xav
Qc Ti-Xav 4 måneder siden
Dude this R8 looks awesome af tabarnak
Demetrey Slivko
Demetrey Slivko 4 måneder siden
Didn’t wanna say it but I told you, literally when you were making your parts list and explaining what you were ordering I said you should order a wheel bearing cause it took a hit during the accident. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Bernard Tipuric
Bernard Tipuric 4 måneder siden
Not gonna lie, you talk ALOT
Chris Slack
Chris Slack 4 måneder siden
Horrible, you had ruined the styling
420 Seahawker
420 Seahawker 4 måneder siden
That thing is sick! Nice job!
Ian Behm
Ian Behm 4 måneder siden
You should compete in Drag Week next year... would be interesting to see you compete instead of seeing builds with no real goals. Or even Gridlife, just a thought
Sammy Wittenberg
Sammy Wittenberg 4 måneder siden
And that was the last time teej will ever drive this car.
Matt harrison
Matt harrison 4 måneder siden
"what we have coming is gonna be some bangers" let me guess sheepy race turbo kit ... shock
Brad Fries
Brad Fries 4 måneder siden
What’s up with the black FD? That’s sick
Student Aaron Cruz
Student Aaron Cruz 4 måneder siden
Isn’t the worlds cheapest Audi R8 I was looking for 6 minutes and found one for $66,000
Mason Kramer
Mason Kramer 4 måneder siden
He thinks he is slick having a 7 minute video with a 5 minute ad. lol
Stradgirl 4 måneder siden
It's not even close to the worlds cheapest r8 lmao. There are some on my area in Canada for 70k CAD - about 53k usd, great shape, low miles. These cars are probably the single worst super car to buy in terms of depreciation
Chris M
Chris M 4 måneder siden
Check the rotor heat shield on the inside
Alex 4 måneder siden
Don’t lie, nobody uses valvoline unless they’re being paid to.
Audiacious 4 måneder siden
Not the cheapest r8 but def cheapest 2017+ v10 lol
Jediel Colon
Jediel Colon 4 måneder siden
Yey now a tt kit from sheepy race:)
Micah Christie
Micah Christie 4 måneder siden
Why tf didn’t he do a squared wheel setup on an awd car...
NCH Suite
NCH Suite 4 måneder siden
Carbon bonnet looks shit on this car
Goku Just Sayin
Goku Just Sayin 4 måneder siden
@Tj Hunt Had a similar issue with my FR-S wheel bearings, like rolling on sand and rattling with a hum at high speed....especially in front. Replaced All 4 Wheel-hub Bearings, and added Stainless Steel Studs
Bryan delgado
Bryan delgado 4 måneder siden
whats the word on the C8 ??
Raashid K
Raashid K 4 måneder siden
Its been 2 and a half months??? Seemed so much shorter haha.. keep up the good work tho!🙏
Dan Trombley
Dan Trombley 4 måneder siden
Literally a hurrican!!
X_XDAVID 4 måneder siden
Lets go R8 looks amazing nicely done tj and friends
GoFast Firebird
GoFast Firebird 4 måneder siden
Rare car ?????
Kies Motorsports
Kies Motorsports 4 måneder siden
That’s so awesome! I was driving an R8 the other day and have a crazy respect for that car!
SLR HARDY 4 måneder siden
Nice sea lion impression TJ
Paul harvey
Paul harvey 4 måneder siden
hey teeej... 400z is comming out are you gonna buy that car? hahahaha
Paul Rupert Mortel
Paul Rupert Mortel 4 måneder siden
Wait for Whistlindiesel's wreck R8 soon! Buy it then rebuild it! 😂
Cristian Oliveira
Cristian Oliveira 4 måneder siden
Teej, you can buy a used v10 r8 for like 65-70k...
CHIVAN B 4 måneder siden
Weres the c8 at?
Gordon Fair
Gordon Fair 4 måneder siden
Every time i watch your videos i spend the rest of the day vibing to the song stuch in my head like "MY FRIENDS TOLD ME"🎶🎶😂😂
Vilen B
Vilen B 4 måneder siden
Why this gave me Stradman vibes 😂 you need to stop drinking too many energy drinks my G
R3RS 4 måneder siden yeah this is 79,000 euros and red looks better XD
RXSE-ll 4 måneder siden
Twin turbo the R8
Routine Kings
Routine Kings 4 måneder siden
Idk about the hood tbh
ROBSYKES99 4 måneder siden
Please for the love of god will you paint the front grill black
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis 4 måneder siden
With 20 grand in parts overnight from Germany
JEEPNATION 4 måneder siden
Worlds cheapest? Have u ever heard of Samcrac who got everything in total of $40k
Danny Laxus
Danny Laxus 4 måneder siden
Has it really been 2 and a half months😂👀
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 4 måneder siden
Don't call it a Huracan, it's better than that
Mike Hardeman
Mike Hardeman 4 måneder siden
I smell a 1000hp twin turbo kit for the R8 in the future.
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez 4 måneder siden
Have anybody told you you look like Messi And how is your girlfriend or wife?
J K 4 måneder siden
Next video super special? The C8 Twin turbo is finally done?!
Rebecca Currie
Rebecca Currie 4 måneder siden
Cheapest? Nah - I know someone that picked up a better deal ;)
Hurricane Lawrence
Hurricane Lawrence 4 måneder siden
Cop a black mesh grille and smoke the twilights n she’s golden
Kevin Noble
Kevin Noble 4 måneder siden
how many damn cars do you have? holy shit
Khy Guy
Khy Guy 4 måneder siden
I wish I could own the cars and work on them while getting paid for doing so
Kieran Wade
Kieran Wade 4 måneder siden
Not the world's cheapest by far
Collin Poe
Collin Poe 4 måneder siden
Who tf dislikes teej’s vlogs
Chris Tucka
Chris Tucka 4 måneder siden
How much you guys think it cost?....😏
Godspeed's Journey
Godspeed's Journey 4 måneder siden
Almost done just need to paint the carbine
Lucca 4 måneder siden
Sounds LOUD AF
Russ Derouin
Russ Derouin 4 måneder siden
Congrats Teej on the build! All the best in health to Sabrina :)
Elijah Slonksnis
Elijah Slonksnis 4 måneder siden
Much love
Jacob CW
Jacob CW 4 måneder siden
Logan Sanford
Logan Sanford 4 måneder siden
I’ve actually seen an r8 for under 70k at Phillips auto in Newport Beach California.
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia 4 måneder siden
Sheepey time
CJ PLAYS10 4 måneder siden
The R8 shirt better be haft way off to 😂
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 4 måneder siden
I'm not a fan of carbon hoods espicially above the wheels on the side doesn't look right. Are you going to paint or wrap the hood sides so it looks like wings and matches the side of the car?
Derrick&6Strings 4 måneder siden
White out the hood pleaseeee. Bothers me so much how it reaches over onto the fenders
Minel Fazlic
Minel Fazlic 4 måneder siden
Did nobody watch the last add? Amazing
shanesz 4 måneder siden
now only the painting is remaining?
Dominic Newton
Dominic Newton 4 måneder siden
Damn no more “peace out and keep moving forward”?? 😔
S L U M B E R 3 måneder siden
Is all about the money now lol it was a act
Yuval Sapir
Yuval Sapir 4 måneder siden
What is the model of those safety glasses??
gssngr 4 måneder siden
Please paint that hood.
I like big boost
I like big boost 4 måneder siden
1:42 wtf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 pls stop
On Sell
On Sell 4 måneder siden
Anyone else not like how the hood looks?
Thor Gaming
Thor Gaming 4 måneder siden
Your wrong that's not the cheapest r8, my brother got one for $75k last year. It has about 15,000 miles on it.
Number 1 Billie eilish stan
Number 1 Billie eilish stan 4 måneder siden
How much on the car totall?
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10:03 SCAM! Part 2, Testing Chinese Body Armor...
The negativity.
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