The Most Insane Aventador Purchase yet...

  Ganger 392,209

Tj Hunt

2 måneder siden

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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

Matthew Garrelhas
Matthew Garrelhas Måned siden
Do the Calipers in the same colour
Andy Wang
Andy Wang Måned siden
I love watching the boys hangout at home xD. Kevin looking dope in that turtle neck
rayhaan301 Måned siden
teej, we going to need you to do another NZ trip my boys got some hidden gems that will make you loos your mind....#futurecollab. Speaking it to reality.
Christian Holien
Christian Holien Måned siden
Aye bro don’t lie man we’ve seen the pipes and the bongs ;)
Rydnorth Måned siden
Ladies and Gentlemen!!!
Evloftis 2 måneder siden
wheels look like crap on it
pyrosrockthisworld 2 måneder siden
dont care about a shitty fruitphone
Ris3n Gaud
Ris3n Gaud 2 måneder siden
no disrespect tj but at least try to match colors just a little c'mon man 😅😅😅
I Th3 L3g3nd
I Th3 L3g3nd 2 måneder siden
Thumbs down only because of the sorry ass apple phone
Tabion Jacobs
Tabion Jacobs 2 måneder siden
White calipers
Jeff Garro
Jeff Garro 2 måneder siden
Keep the calipers yellow. Match the inside of the door and door frame when you open the doors.
VH0220 2 måneder siden
Sick af
Walter FJK
Walter FJK 2 måneder siden
Those wheels😍😍🥰🥰
coolinRULES 2 måneder siden
U know ur a country boy when theirs a lambo and a 2020 Supra in shot and ur focusing more on the OBS 98 Silverado in the background boiiiii I want one TJ do a truck build pleaseeee or just delete n tune and straight pipe the dirtymax
Kshitij Rana
Kshitij Rana 2 måneder siden
I think full bronze would look better hmm
Kabain Griffin
Kabain Griffin 2 måneder siden
You have turned to shit this is like fast and furious nice jdm street cars to lambos and exotic cars poo
Kevin Yech
Kevin Yech 2 måneder siden
Best taste in wheels on NOpost
Padilla Zeus
Padilla Zeus 2 måneder siden
wrap the orange markers?? doesnt fit with car
Dental and Others
Dental and Others 2 måneder siden
It bothers me the way he says Aventador. You need to say it like the stradman!
bradyn miller
bradyn miller 2 måneder siden
Every other build is amazing, but I can’t get behind this one. To each is there own, but man that looks awful
Josue Sanitize your
Josue Sanitize your 2 måneder siden
"yeah cus i stretch my shit son" 😂
matthew anderson
matthew anderson 2 måneder siden
It looks like you gave autistic design duty to stradman
matthew anderson
matthew anderson 2 måneder siden
Calvin needs a high chair in the high country
Mitch Oakley
Mitch Oakley 2 måneder siden
Angel Bracamonte
Angel Bracamonte 2 måneder siden
White bud
ciskeee 2 måneder siden
@tj_hunt please wrap your inners
Jorge Guaman
Jorge Guaman 2 måneder siden
Micky was the highlight of this video 😂. I STRETCH my shit homie haha
ImSJPC 2 måneder siden
Silver or black calipers, I don’t think any other accenting colour would work
Port City 209
Port City 209 2 måneder siden
13:43 jumba high af
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown 2 måneder siden
black or white callipers
memsybabe 2 måneder siden
Door jams need black wrap. Otherwise, damn, I'm jealous.. 😉🙏🗽
luckyx se7en
luckyx se7en 2 måneder siden
EtiDal 2 måneder siden
Ugly AF
Lawrence Gee
Lawrence Gee 2 måneder siden
Benedict and Calvin always have some fire fits lol
Bur-D 2 måneder siden
The bronze is perfect....the polished should've been black
Tracy Grady
Tracy Grady 2 måneder siden
The wheels look kinda small but that could be because it's not lowered or maybe it's just my eyes either way the car is still hard af
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone 2 måneder siden
Nardo grey calipers
Cooking In Halifax
Cooking In Halifax 2 måneder siden
They’re ugly bud!
alexis betancourt
alexis betancourt 2 måneder siden
Tj why rose gold wheels
Alfonso Soldado
Alfonso Soldado 2 måneder siden
“Cuz I stretch my shit son”😂😂😂
Andrew Denson
Andrew Denson 2 måneder siden
Mannn what is Calvin wearing 😂😂😂😂😂
Adam Antonacci
Adam Antonacci 2 måneder siden
Polished calibers
MrSaint23 2 måneder siden
Benedict always dresses like a yukaza character 😂😂
Gio 2 måneder siden
stop cappin teej we all know you do be sparkin up do
K H 2 måneder siden
Must be nice to consider 60 degrees cold
Autistic SuperCarNut
Autistic SuperCarNut 2 måneder siden
Shitty music
King Vant
King Vant 2 måneder siden
ToxikkOverAll 2 måneder siden
White for sure man 🤟🏽
beardianity 2 måneder siden
Apparently 99 degrees is cold to yall in cali because I was leaving riverside and I saw a guy in a bomber jacket...walking.. in all black clothing, I bout lost it 😂😂
Sachin Sukhu
Sachin Sukhu 2 måneder siden
Anthony Chhieu
Anthony Chhieu 2 måneder siden
Can’t you use the usb-c block from the 11 pro on the 12 pro?
Mr H
Mr H 2 måneder siden
How about an aqua blue or turquoise caliper?
Jesse Gonzales
Jesse Gonzales 2 måneder siden
I’ll be honest here, I didn’t know if the wheels would work when you showed them but after you put them on the car, OMG!!!! Those wheels and color combo look so sick.
Scott Shipley
Scott Shipley 2 måneder siden
You should leave the brakes yellow to match the inside of the doors 🤣
young boy Denny
young boy Denny 2 måneder siden
These wheels ain’t it bruh !
DADBODSZN610 2 måneder siden
Does anyone know an email or contact info for tj? I got something big planned and I’m 99.999% sure he’s going to love it!
Pascal Schlieker
Pascal Schlieker 2 måneder siden
Make it Matt Grey would look sick with the wheels doe.
Wrap Virus
Wrap Virus 2 måneder siden
I'm not a fan of new rims at all 😏 sorry 😑
Derek Purdy
Derek Purdy 2 måneder siden
You have a tire machine in the shop, you never use it. So wanna sell it?
Mamadou Cisse
Mamadou Cisse 2 måneder siden
White calipers with purple lettering!!
John Abrahamsson
John Abrahamsson 2 måneder siden
Black calipers
Sti 04
Sti 04 2 måneder siden
It really do be looking nice tho , love it
Ryan Colburn
Ryan Colburn 2 måneder siden
Damnit now I've gotta go get a cat named Jaws lol
mang luccas
mang luccas 2 måneder siden
Black wheels yes Bronse no
Mirza Atras
Mirza Atras 2 måneder siden
noo dont white calipers
Byron Kwan
Byron Kwan 2 måneder siden
the wheels look so garbo man
crezik100 2 måneder siden
Alistair Davey
Alistair Davey 2 måneder siden
Cmon bro gotta fix those door sills man
officialTHREETWENTYdotcom 2 måneder siden
TJ, at 73 degrees: "It do be getting cold though." Me: Laughing in Canadian.
JD JD Måned siden
Eh ehh eh that eh?
heavyarms11 2 måneder siden
Calipers looks fine, Barney is purple and green, not purple and yellow, ezpz
William R
William R 2 måneder siden
White calipers
Marcus Alvarez
Marcus Alvarez 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one that thinks the wheels don’t look that good with the car ?
Kabby Exclusive
Kabby Exclusive 2 måneder siden
we want more supra content 😭
Jordan Diciocco
Jordan Diciocco 2 måneder siden
TJ don't you have a tire machine and balancer? we want to see you put em on!
Juan Duran
Juan Duran 2 måneder siden
Chrome calipers
Midnight Shift
Midnight Shift 2 måneder siden
Barney is purple and green. Purple and yellow/gold is Lakers pride...
Rafael Chipeco
Rafael Chipeco 2 måneder siden
green calipers for that Barney spec
Prakash Roy
Prakash Roy 2 måneder siden
Looks perfect!
Chris Eliante
Chris Eliante 2 måneder siden
Reminds me of a bio hazard logo
Aries Rose
Aries Rose 2 måneder siden
a metallic grey caliper
Adam Arends
Adam Arends 2 måneder siden
need an sv spoiler
Gerardo Capua Jr
Gerardo Capua Jr 2 måneder siden
lmao that ain't cold. it's single digits up here in alaska💀
Skye C
Skye C 2 måneder siden
Leira Cannagars ! ! !
Alexander Zoubul
Alexander Zoubul 2 måneder siden
Me when it was under 40 degrease almost all day in VA Teej: 73 it’s getting cold
Blake Drummond
Blake Drummond 2 måneder siden
@2:11 When GTA becomes real life
Speeding Edge Reviews
Speeding Edge Reviews 2 måneder siden
Oliva Serie G, best bang for the buck bud!
Slidzy 2 måneder siden
It doesn't works for me :/
Bobby Mcilvenna
Bobby Mcilvenna 2 måneder siden
Do blue calipers!
Abderrahmene Belacel
Abderrahmene Belacel 2 måneder siden
White calipers for sure
Kevin F.
Kevin F. 2 måneder siden
Not digging it
Leo Jaeger
Leo Jaeger 2 måneder siden
Does TJ really have a TL shirt on...
One_amazing_350z 2 måneder siden
these wheels are FIRE!!!!!
jdmeg6951 2 måneder siden
Imma send you a 24 vinyl sticker for the doors. #kobe
jason villagran
jason villagran 2 måneder siden
When is he going to stop call the truck a car
Jay VEL 2 måneder siden
I’d say keep the yellow calipers teej. It didn’t hit me until Calvin opened the door and I saw the yellow/purple combo... definitely mamba vibes and it’s only right for Lakers being 2020 champs. #forkobe
Trumpington Fanhurst
Trumpington Fanhurst 2 måneder siden
The old wheels looked better
Jamal Lasha
Jamal Lasha 2 måneder siden
There is NOTHING yellow on Barney tho.
John Schembri
John Schembri 2 måneder siden
16 minutes of talking shit. I'll stick with my uk channels
Justin Dover
Justin Dover 2 måneder siden
YOUR IPHONE 11 has the box for your iPhone 12 hook up a shout-out
SantoroTv 2 måneder siden
needs a wing tho
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