slowing down the vlogs

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Tj Hunt

4 måneder siden

love you guys, thanks for sticking with us through this time
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Christopher Cortez
Christopher Cortez 2 måneder siden
el pollo
el pollo 4 måneder siden
my sister doesn't like that you use a straw for a sip top on your starbucks orders claiming that you are a turtle killer and she told me to copy and paste this in every video so here we go. She promised me she'll buy me merch untill this gets noticed
W3 The Dreamrz
W3 The Dreamrz 4 måneder siden
Bro you need to clamp down the hose under that manifold cause it will blow off again. It’s because that hose when NA is under vacuum, but with the jdl kit it will be under boost. 🤙🏻
Kel 4 måneder siden
He looks like he's 40. They say white people age like shit
Darrin Murley
Darrin Murley 4 måneder siden
Triple R Camping Resort
Triple R Camping Resort 4 måneder siden
In our thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted when you can.
Pimped Mobility Project
Pimped Mobility Project 4 måneder siden
No need to apologise, Sabrina is your priority and everyone understands
Rydnorth 4 måneder siden
Always here for you guys ❤️❤️
braden v
braden v 4 måneder siden
Hope the surgery goes week and take as much time needed her health is more important than vlogs hope just say safe and prays out to y'all ❤️🙏🏼
Chimen Vang
Chimen Vang 4 måneder siden
thats how you know Kalv is asian 😅😂😂 I mean I think he is at least lmao
Zander Montana
Zander Montana 4 måneder siden
TJ YOU SHOULD BUILD THE R8 FOR THE CANNONBALL. i know you talked a lot about the c8 roadtrip and how much you loved it why not build a car for it
Imaginary Friend
Imaginary Friend 4 måneder siden
Teej We got your back Dude, Family comes first Bro, Sabrina needs you, Sending Lots of love and Best wishes all the way across the Pond, Get well FAST Sabrina xx
Julian Estrada
Julian Estrada 4 måneder siden
Hunt & co with the Rocks & Grass 🤫😜🤣
vil Gizmo
vil Gizmo 4 måneder siden
Take care Tj and Sabrina ❤Sabrina i hope you have a speedy recovery
dave gubbiotti
dave gubbiotti 4 måneder siden
No problem teeg, prayers for the both of you.Family comes first.!Sabrina Prayers Get well soon,and have a healthy steady recovery! 🙏❤️❤️
Jeff Mac
Jeff Mac 4 måneder siden
TJ take the time off us subs will be fine. Sabrina best wishes.
WillyKDM 4 måneder siden
Dr.Detective 😂😂😂
justin koestler
justin koestler 4 måneder siden
Been through this process, wishing Sabrina the best and good on you for taking the step away from vlogs to take care of her. #hereforlife
Matthew Yap
Matthew Yap 4 måneder siden
What phone strap is Calvin wearing? Been looking for one like that!
Marvelhunter013 4 måneder siden
1. ❤❤ the backyard 2. I send my love and positive energy to you and Sabrina, you guys can get through this💯💯💯💯❤❤
johnny dutch
johnny dutch 4 måneder siden
That little Filipino boy got him a gold chain!
Nick G
Nick G 4 måneder siden
At 5:28 is it me or did TJ laugh like Burt Reynolds?
Maurice Conger
Maurice Conger 4 måneder siden
he did say he was only doing daily vlogs until the end of August!!! 🤷🏾‍♂️
Wayne 4 måneder siden
Family first. We will be here when you return.
Patrick Morlock
Patrick Morlock 4 måneder siden
Cancer has claimed the life of multiple people in my family including my own mother. Take your time and spend time with Sabrina she needs all the support she can get to push through this. I’ll be praying for y’all! I wish y’all the best 🙌🏼❤️
It's Manny
It's Manny 4 måneder siden
Robert Dailey
Robert Dailey 4 måneder siden
It's right for you to be able to step back whenever you want. I will be praying for you and for Sabrina surgery. When I lived in Escondido and then later San Marcos I used to go to North County Christian Center. You might want to ask them for extended prayer for Sabrina's surgery. I also used to attend Merlin Carothers Church, praise Center where I was a deacon for years. Prayers are headed your way.
hendrik jan
hendrik jan 4 måneder siden
Dont be sorry for not daily vlogging. just film when you want. we will watch anyways
supa blazed
supa blazed 4 måneder siden
I dont normally comment at all but u do what u gotta do family is always first especially when it ur lady. And she seems pretty damn cool
10k subs With 1 video
10k subs With 1 video 4 måneder siden
Take as much time off as you want. We’re here for you tj.
Dark Father
Dark Father 4 måneder siden
Thoughts and prayers for Sabrina and the family.
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 4 måneder siden
I need that dog mat for my wagon!
NoootABigDeal 4 måneder siden
dude if you stepped away completely, for however long, i think everyone would understand. real life > work life. take care of yourself my guy
BecauseRaceCars 4 måneder siden
Hope all goes well man
Infinity Fade
Infinity Fade 4 måneder siden
Props to the doctor detective
DynastyCC 4 måneder siden
DDTV Calvin
tony tj
tony tj 4 måneder siden
Main thing is that that you look after family. We all got your girl in our prays.
Tristan Case
Tristan Case 4 måneder siden
just subbed bud take your time man !
Kevin Stratton
Kevin Stratton 4 måneder siden
Teej true fans totally get it, do what you gotta do brother we got you.
Konstantinos Goulis
Konstantinos Goulis 4 måneder siden
I think you should have a schedule for your uploads and never daily vlog again because i have heard that it is bad for the vloggers mental health
LightningBudda 4 måneder siden
Take all the time you need Teej we got you family first we’re going to be here when u come back more power to you
Dylan Ybarra
Dylan Ybarra 4 måneder siden
Prayers go out to both of y’all !
Steven Farmer
Steven Farmer 4 måneder siden
Health is more important than the vlogs. Take the time to be supportive of her. We will be here when you get back.
echo man
echo man 4 måneder siden
Bro hes literly siting on top of the engine lol toes chillin and all
echo man
echo man 4 måneder siden
Forgot the cars",people matter more, take care of your wife and remember shes more important just remember that mr TJ
Dayton 4 måneder siden
Pray her surgery went well! God bless!
Repent Ye Productions
Repent Ye Productions 4 måneder siden
She needs to get rid of that phone it gives off radiation and causes cancer
Repent Ye Productions
Repent Ye Productions 4 måneder siden
I'll be praying for you and your girl teej
Alex Dag
Alex Dag 4 måneder siden
You got all the support stay strong , wish you the best
L Clark
L Clark 4 måneder siden
We appreciate everything you do Tj, God bless you and Sabrina . Come back whenever you feel it’s right !
Karlis Lubavs
Karlis Lubavs 4 måneder siden
I hope it all went well. It's a scary thing to deal with for sure, but I'm sure at that age it really flips you upside down. On a lighter note, I watched Calvin's Twitch stream. Seemed like a lot of people like talking about his butt. Interesting group of fans you guys got.
Subscribe Now
Subscribe Now 4 måneder siden
Get well We will be here an we all will 🙏
Darrin Luft
Darrin Luft 4 måneder siden
Don’t worry about anybody else. Just be there for Sabrina and take care of her. Thoughts and prayers for both of you.
William Cote
William Cote 4 måneder siden
Prayers to you and Sabrina
Marcus Carpenter
Marcus Carpenter 4 måneder siden
I’m still waiting for the vid where tj says he finally proposed
Charlie D.
Charlie D. 4 måneder siden
Your doing what is right, and we all should understand that. Praying for a quick recovery for Sabrina!
Boosted And Bagged
Boosted And Bagged 4 måneder siden
Hey man go ahead and hang back on the vids and take care of your woman! The vids can wait all the "real ones" will understand and understand why!
TheCarKids 4 måneder siden
Take as much time off as you need to. It doesn’t matter how long you go without uploading because it’s for a much more important reason and we will all be praying for Sabrina!
Jenny Loughry
Jenny Loughry 4 måneder siden
Thinking of Sabrina and you during these anxious times!!
Todd 4 måneder siden
Sending thoughts and prayers for Sabrina. Take care of her and you.
Jacob Grider
Jacob Grider 4 måneder siden
Thoughts and prayers going out to Sabrina, the doctors, her family, and you brotha! Stay strong!!
Raymond Kyruana
Raymond Kyruana 4 måneder siden
That's the right move! We're with you no matter what
Bryan Nugget
Bryan Nugget 4 måneder siden
She lost weight!
deputydog35 4 måneder siden
TJ you’re doing the right thing! We will be here when you’re ready to get back at it! Take care of yourself and your Queen! Prayers 🙏 and good thoughts with you both and the family! God Bless you guys!!
Ashir Hussain
Ashir Hussain 4 måneder siden
You take care of her our prayers with both of you she got this🤘🏻
Adrian Dorr
Adrian Dorr 4 måneder siden
Teej, wishing you and Sabrina all the best of luck over the coming days and weeks. look after her, your yourtube family will be waiting when you're ready to come back.
Russell Long
Russell Long 4 måneder siden
Also we need jet tags and merch #F***Cancer to support you guys, proceeds go to operations
WILLIE LANDERS 4 måneder siden
We keep you in our thoughts
Russell Long
Russell Long 4 måneder siden
Keep moving forward teej we will be here waiting, give us a heads up on insta when you’re ready. Thoughts and prayers for Sabrina that everything goes well and they remove more than originally thought possible.
Jan Hoving
Jan Hoving 4 måneder siden
Take your time
Jess Meranda
Jess Meranda 4 måneder siden
Prayers for Sabrina teej, stay strong
Charlie Gross
Charlie Gross 4 måneder siden
Stay strong Teej good luck Sabrina ❤️
keala hau
keala hau 4 måneder siden
Much love to you both from Tahiti...tell me if you wanna come...
Ryan Hamann
Ryan Hamann 4 måneder siden
Ive been through years in takes alot to talk about a issue you cant control. Shes amazing.
ruan recente
ruan recente 4 måneder siden
Best of luck to Sabrina
FAL ahmed
FAL ahmed 4 måneder siden
It’s okay take as long as you want praying for Sabrina hope she gets better soon :)
Junior Ken Villadoz Tribiana
Junior Ken Villadoz Tribiana 4 måneder siden
Stay strong yall 💪
Kris 13lue
Kris 13lue 4 måneder siden
If you get an editor you wouldn’t be as tired and you could enjoy making content
The Hogue's from Victoria BC
The Hogue's from Victoria BC 4 måneder siden
Just wanted to send some love. From my family we are keeping both of you in our thoughts. Wishing you guys all the best.
Huawei P30pro
Huawei P30pro 4 måneder siden
Hope for the best for sabrina
Nytrex 4 måneder siden
Bro calvs monkey toes helps him in the wild here known as the engine bay
Miguel Remedios
Miguel Remedios 4 måneder siden
Best luck for Sabrina
Navpreet Singh Sidhu
Navpreet Singh Sidhu 4 måneder siden
Praying for her speedy recovery stay strong man❤️
Boi Boy
Boi Boy 4 måneder siden
Yo you are a king so take a break, you deserve it. We are all here for you
Eric Perkinson
Eric Perkinson 4 måneder siden
Farmaceuticals 4 måneder siden
Calvin the Doctective at your service
Eric Perkinson
Eric Perkinson 4 måneder siden
If y’all need employees for the landscaping company LET ME KNOW😂😂😂😂
Eric Perkinson
Eric Perkinson 4 måneder siden
Eric Perkinson
Eric Perkinson 4 måneder siden
Eric Perkinson
Eric Perkinson 4 måneder siden
I WISH TJ WOULDVE WENT LOOK AT THEM TOESSS BOOOOOOOOOYYYYY @ 4:35😂😂😂😂😂😂when Calvin was standing on the engine
Moctify 4 måneder siden
Day 1 : asking TJ to make a low rider build Like so he can see 👀
Brickhouse boxmodz
Brickhouse boxmodz 4 måneder siden
Sprayers 🙏🏼
Mad Azzy
Mad Azzy 4 måneder siden
Tj, your priorities are right where they should be. This surgery is no joke but I will share that my son went through the same ten years ago and is doing great! You guys will conquer this together and we are praying for a speedy recovery. 🙏🏼
Timothy McCaffrey
Timothy McCaffrey 4 måneder siden
Chris Kattan Mr. Peepers
Joseph Ventura
Joseph Ventura 4 måneder siden
Great video love the sound effect from golfing.
mayke cabrera
mayke cabrera 4 måneder siden
Hope everything goes well with sabrinas surgery.. blessings.. take ur time homie..
Joseph Ventura
Joseph Ventura 4 måneder siden
You will always have my support
Logan Brightwell
Logan Brightwell 4 måneder siden
ItsTemporary 4 måneder siden
tj get an editor it would make your life so much easier
isaac gallegos
isaac gallegos 4 måneder siden
your priorities are right where they need to be we are all praying for you and Sabrina we all wish the best for y'all
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